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An old woman attacks a dangerous bank robber and a few minutes later he was arrested by the police. Yesterday an old woman helped the police to arrest a man in Zaragoza. The man had robbed a bank, but he couldn’t escape e because a brave old woman started to attack him and finally he was arrested by the police. He was a teacher of a high school called “La Azucarera”. His name is José Antonio. This robbery hasn’t been the only one that this man has committed, he had robbed more than three different banks before. We have interrogated the old woman and this is what she told us: • Journalist: What time was it? • Mrs. Philips: I think it was about at half past twelve in the morning when a strange man came into the bank. • Journalist: What happened when the strange man came into the bank? • Mrs. Philips: Suddenly the man took out a pistol from his jacket. He started to aim at everybody and shouted: I want all the money! If I don’t get it in less than three minutes, I will shoot someone! • Journalist: Did the bankers give him all the money? • Mrs. Philips: Yes, he did. We all were very frightened, especially the bankers, because they thought that he was going to kill them, so they gave him all the money. • Journalist: And then what did you do? • Mrs. Philips: When the robber turned round and was putting the money into a metal suitcase I saw him and thought: This is my opportunity, he can’t see me, so I can do it. After that I ran towards him and started to hit him on his head with my walking stick. While I was hitting him the bankers phoned the police and finally they arrived in less than five minutes. While the police were going to the bank, the bankers and the other people that were there helped me to held the robber. • Journalist: Do you know him? • Mrs. Philips: No, I don’t know him, but the police officer talk to me about the him. The told me that he was a teacher, he is called José Antonio. He has committed more than three different robberies and I feel very lucky. • Journalist: Thank you, your information is really good.


Interrogation Yesterday a thief entered the teachers’ room and he stole


Antonio Ardanuy’s computer. The police are still investigating the theft, they were asking teacher, but they decided to ask students. Five days have passed since the theft. Today the police is going to interrogate me, I’m going to go the police station. Jose Antonio is here, he doesn’t suspect me, I’m a good student. The interrogate begins. Police: are you a thief? I: no, I’m not. Police: Where were you at half past ten? I: I was playing football with my friends. Police: Did you see a thief? I: No, I didn’t, but I saw a person in the teachers’ room Police: What did he look like? I: He had short, dark hair. He was slim and he was wearing a tracksuit and trainers. Police: Thank you. That’s very helpful. You can leave now. I: Ok, bye.

Jose María, he was an expert thief. One month after the robbery, we still didn’t think that Jose María Next week, the police arrested

was a thief.

Martínez Martín, Sergio / 2ºD


Last week…

ME- Hello! My name is Noelia and I would like to report a crime. POLICE OFFICER- Yeah, sure! Could you tell me about it? Well…the thing is that last week I saw my technology teacher comitting a crime. His name is JOSÉ


What type of crime? He tried to steal a gold necklace from a shop. Ok, but…how could you see him? I’m not proud of it but I followed him. Why? Well, actually I don’t mind. Now the most important thing is we must find him. What does he look like? Mmm…he was wearing black clothes the day of the crime, but he usually wears a shirt with jeans and a pair of black shoes. He’s also got white hair. All right! I’ve written all the information you’ve told me. If you discover anything else, don’t doubt and tell me again. Ok! I hope you won’t tell JOSÉ

ANTONIO about who told you everything until he confesses. I’m a bit confused at the

moment. Yes, don’t worry! After two days… Good morning JOSÉ

ANTONIO, I have to ask you some questions. If you answer the truth we’ll finish sooner and

everything will be easier, ok? JOSÉ ANTONIO- Yes! Did you steal a gold necklace two days ago? No! Well, yes but…I felt obliged to do that! Why did you do it? Because it was my wife’s birthday and I didn’t have enough money to buy her something really beautiful, like that amazing necklace! I don’t agree with you because you can show her how much you love your wife without expensive jewellery. You can write a letter to her expressing your feelings…it’s also more romantic I think! Yes, it’s better! But, what can I do now? I don’t want to go to prison! I’ve got an idea! If you give me the necklace I will take it to the shop and you won’t go to prison. But, you’ll write your wife a letter, the most romantic letter a woman could imagine! Yes, I’ll do that! Thank you very much! I’m very grateful to you! 

Noelia Martínez 2ºD

The theft. ·Police officer. What time was it? ·Marta. It was about three o’clock in the afternoon. I was in my school because I forgot a book. ·Police officer. What did you see? ·Marta .I saw two teachers in my class. ·Police officer. What were they doing? ·Marta. They were stealing the ball that Laura gave to Brian , they were stealing the dictionaries too. ·Police officer. What did they look like? ·Marta. The first teacher had long , brown hair. She was slim .I think she was Maria Eugenia, the Sciences teacher. ·Police officer. What about the second teacher? ·Marta. He was tall. He had short, white hair and he was wearing old, brown trousers and a brown T-shirt. I think he was Jose Antonio, the Technology teacher. ·Police officer .Thank you. That’s very helpful.

Marta Lázaro 2ºD

Pollice Officer Hello, do you know about the murder? John

Yes, I was the witness.

Pollice Officer OK, we’re going to begin. Where were you when the murderer arrive? John

I was in the park with my friends but it was late and they went to their houses but I stayed there because I was waiting my father.

Pollice Officer What time was it? John

It was about half past nine at night.

Pollice Officer OK, you said that DANIEL ORDUÑA, the victim ran past you. John

Yes, and then, the murderer, with a weapon in her hand, pursued him.

Pollice Officer You didn’t phone the police, right? Why? John

Yes, it’s true. I didn’t phone the police because I was phoning and the murderer told me that If I phoned the police, she was going to kill me too.

Pollice Officer And what did you see? John

I saw two girls. One of them was the murderer and the other one was her helper. While the helper was holding the victim the murderer killed him. In those moments, my father came and we went home running. He said that I had to come here

Pollice Officer What did they look like? John

The two were wearing pink jackets and jeans, they were young and one of them had long, brown hair. The other’s hair was short and blond.

Pollice Officer OK, thanks you helped us a lot. If the criminals say you soMething, please, tell it us John

OK, bye.

Lidia Roncal 2º B



Brian (police)

– Hi Hector! This is a very important robbery, and you must tell us all the information that you know.

Héctor Esteban – OK. Brian (police)

– What time were you cycling on the


Héctor Esteban

– It was three o´clock. I was going to my house to have lunch.

Brian (police) Héctor Esteban Brian (police) Héctor Esteban

– Yeah, what did you see? – I saw three boys. – What were they doing?

– They were driving a Ferrary very fast and the car didn´t have the registration number.

Brian (police) Héctor Esteban

– What did they look like?

Brian (police)

– What about the second and the

– The first man had long, fair hair. He was fat and he was wearing a new, yellow jacket. third man?

Héctor Esteban

– The second and the third man were twins. They had short, curly hair and they were wearing a red T– shirt and a black jacket.

Brian (police)

– OK. Thank you. We have three suspects: Enrique, Rubén and Romero. We are going to find them. Daniel Romero 2ºD

Last night a mysterious man stole the car of the English teacher, Laura Lopez. The principal suspect is the high school’s secretary. Now, he is in the interrogation. Detective: Which is your full name? Suspect: My full name is Javier Lopez. Detective: Well, and where do you live? Suspect: Why do you want to know it? Detective: I ask the questions here! Suspect: Ok, ok, I live near the shopping center., in number forty- three. Detective: Last night a mysterious man stole the BMW of the English teacher, Laura. Suspect: I don’t know anything about this fact. Detective: You’re lying! What were you doing on Sunday night at twelve o’clock? Suspect: I was sending text messages to a friend. Detective: Which friend? Suspect: My friend is a car seller who is in ruins. Detective: Give me your mobile phone with the text message. Suspect: Never! Detective: If you don’t give it to me, you will go to jail. Suspect: Ok, ok, I stole the car! I did it to help my friend to get some money! Detective: I know that you are the thief because I have witnesses who saw you and they described you: you’re bigger than the Maths teacher and you’re smaller than the head teacher. Stealing the car of a person is more serious than vandalism. But it isn’t the most serious crime. Suspect: Now, I will go to jail, right? Detective: You and your friend are going to go to jail. Suspect: But, how else did the witnesses describe me? Detective: They said you’re a tall, fat, old man. Suspect: Fat and old? That’s a lie! Hmmm... Detective: You shouldn’t have stolen the car, now you must go to jail.


MURDER OR ACCIDENT? On Thursday night, my friends and I saw Rosalía Capaces, our History teacher. She was going into the high school. The next day the headmaster appeared dead on the stair of the high school. The police interviewed me: Police: What time did you see teacher Rosalía? Celia: It was about half past ten at night. Police: What were you doing last night? Celia: My friends and I were doing some homework at Lucia’s house. When we were going to our houses, we saw Rosalía. Police: What was she doing? Celia: She was going into the high school. We called her through the gates, but she started running. Police: Thank you. Later they interviewed Rosalía: Police: Why were you in the high school last night? Rosalía: I wanted to print the History exams for Friday because I didn’t have any ink in my printer and class 2ºB are going to have the exam today, but I didn’t murder the headmaster. Police: You can’t do this, it is a crime to go into schools at night, but if you help us to solve the murder of the headmaster, you won’t go to prison. Rosalía: OK, thanks Police: Did you see the headmaster? Rosalía: Yes, when I was printing the exams, I heard a noise. Then on the stairs I saw the corpse of the headmaster. I didn’t see any poison or blood in his body. I was scared and I went home. In the police dramas people always accuse the person who discovers the corpse. Police: OK, thanks. On Friday afternoon the police said that it was an accident. The headmaster got locked in the high school and when he heard the noise of the printer, he ran down the stairs, but he fell over and he bumped his head. Celia Lafuente 2º B



We wanted go to the cinema.

POLICE BRIAN: Ok, what did you see? LAURA: Isaw two men. POLICE BRIAN: What were they doing? LAURA: The first man came into the bank. While he was robbing the bank, the second man pushed my best friend

HECTOR and then the two men stole his AUDI A6.

POLICE BRIAN: What did the look like? LAURA: The first man was tall. He was wearing a big,blue and old, grey jeans. He had short, fair hair. POLICE BRIAN: Ok. Tell my about the second man LAURA: He was shorter than the first man, he had short, curly hair. He was wearing an black sweatshirt and big,old grey jeans. POLICE BRIAN: Thank you. That´s very helpful.


Brian Cristo 2ºD

Yesterday, the police found a corpse in Azucarera high school.

Jesús Ángel, the head master, is dead. THE SUSPECTS ARE:

Laura, the English teacher. She is tall and slim. When Jesus died, she was going home. Laura and Jesus didn’t get on well.

José Antonio, the technology teacher. His ex- wife Mary

and the head master love each other. Jesus is more handsome, intelligent and richer than José Antonio. He´s the tallest suspect but the fattest. José Antonio was going to the cinema by car. He was speeding. The police took a photo of him. However, the photo was blurred.

Rosalía, the Geography and History teacher. She’s Jesus’ sister. She’s the oldest. She will have a lot of money now. She envies him. When Jesus died, she was in the sports center. She always goes to the gym on Friday evenings. She’s the shortest suspect. Police Officer: You must tell us if you have information about the crime. Angela: I’m afraid of the killer. The killer is one of my teachers. Police Officer: Don’t worry! What did you see? Angela: I was walking with friends. It was about five o’clock when I heard a scream and a shot. I hid behind a car. Five minutes later, the killer ran out of the school. Police Officer: What did that person look like? Angela: The murderer had curly hair, was tall and slim. She was wearing green trainers, jeans and a T-shirt. Police Officer: Thank you. That’s very helpful.

Jose Antonio Laura


Ángela Labrador García 2ºB



What time were you walking past the cinema? It was about six o’clock because the film began at half past six. What did you see? I saw four criminals, three men and one woman. What were they doing? They were in a car; their speed was 230 km/h. What did they look like? The first man had curly hair, he was tall, and he had blue eyes and freckles. The second man had straight hair, a tattoo and he was well-built. The other man looked like the most dangerous. The woman was well-built too with long and dark hair; green eyes and she had a tattoo on her arm. The tattoo was new. How did you know that the tattoo was new? Because she is my English teacher, her name is



Laura Lòpez.

What happened then? They went very fast so they crashed with another car. The man of the other car died and the second man was in hospital because he has got a broken leg but nothing else. What were they doing when you saw them? They were drinking of the bottles.

Two men went to prison but Laura and the other man didn’t do anything.


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