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Community Health Guide

Erie St. Clair – sarnia-lambton

Your source for information about VON Canada programs and services, as well as other services available in the community.

Contents Our Vision and Mission.................... 4

Private Care Services........................ 9

Nursing Services............................... 4

Support VON................................. 10

VON Workplace Wellness................. 5

Chronic Pain Program.................... 11

Home Support Services.......................... 6

Foot Care Program........................ 12

Visiting Nurses, Shift Nursing

Private Home Support Services, Volunteer Visiting

Adult Day Program........................... 7 Occupational Therapy....................... 7 Caregiver Respite Visiting Program... 8 SMART (Seniors Maintaining Active Roles Together)...................... 9


Charitable Giving, Volunteers

Student Nutrition Program............ 13 Prenatal Education........................ 13 Directory of Services..................... 14 Community Partners..................... 15 Index of Community Advertisers... 15

Dear Reader, The Community Health Guide has been developed to inform the local community of the health care services provided by VON Sarnia-Lambton. Our teams of dedicated and passionate staff are ready to help you find solutions that fit your needs as a client or caregiver. VON offers home care, personal support, and community support services to enhance each client’s quality of life by providing them with the personal assistance and support needed to make them comfortable in their own home. What sets VON apart in the home health care industry? • V ON is a not-for-profit health care organization and registered charity that cares for all ages and stages of life. VON believes that all people have the right to quality home health care regardless of their ability to pay; • V ON services are guided by a profound sense of respect for individuals and their right to make choices about and participate in their own care. Our objective is to promote independence in the home and family members are encouraged to be partners in the planning and delivery of care; • V ON Canada is accredited by Accreditation Canada which gives you the peace of mind knowing that you and your family are receiving the highest quality of care available; Already a VON client? Thank you for being a part of our family. We invite you to read this guide to learn about all the services we offer in case we can assist you further. If you are not a VON client we invite you to read this guide to find out how we can help your family, or pass it on to someone you know that may need our services. How can you help your community? VON relies on the support of our community in the form of volunteers, individual donors and corporate donors. Please read page 11 for more details. We look forward to serving you and the Sarnia-Lambton community.

Andrew Ward District Executive Director VON Erie St. Clair

VON Erie St. Clair Community Health Guide – Sarnia-Lambton


Our Mission and Vision VISION: VON will be Canada’s leading charitable organization addressing community health and social needs.

MISSION: VON, a charity guided by the principles of primary health care, works in partnership with Canadians for a healthier society through: 1. L eadership in community-based care 2. Delivery of innovative comprehensive health and social services 3. Influence in the delivery of health social policy


Respect Participation Responsiveness Courage

Nursing Services

Visiting Nurses The VON nurse works together with clients, caregivers, and health care professionals to assess the individual’s health care needs and develop a personal plan of care to meet those needs. All of the highly committed, caring, nurses employed by VON are registered professionals, knowledgeable and experienced in all aspects of community health care to meet your needs.

Visiting Nurses provide service in the following areas: • • • • • • •


ealth Assessment and Care Planning H Wound / Ostomy Care Diabetes Management Chronic Disease Management Cancer Care Post Surgical / Hospitalization Follow-up Palliative Care

• • • • • • •

I V / Infusion Therapy In-Home Foot Care Medication Management Health Education Wellness Clinics School Services Pharmacological Contracts

Shift Nursing VON shift nursing service provides, 4-12 hour shifts, registered nurses that enable individuals to be cared for in the comforts of their own home. As a member of the health care team, the VON nurse works closely with physicians and other health care providers to assist individuals to meet their health care needs. VON shift nursing services can be purchased privately or may be funded through insurance, or government sources if eligible. * Private Care options available

VON Workplace Wellness

Our workplace wellness programs are customized to meet the needs of your business. A healthier workplace leads to greater employee satisfaction and well being, decreased benefit costs to your organization, increased productivity. Who wouldn’t want to work for a supportive and productive workplace? Workplace wellness programs can save you money and return up to $8.00 for every dollar invested according to the Industrial Accident Association. Von VON can help you design the right program for your workplace. Our nurses have the knowledge and expertise as well as the necessary equipment to start your business on the road to success.

Our programs cover an array of topics such as: • Glucose screening for diabetes • Cholesterol screening • Blood pressure screening

• Smoking cessation • Flu vaccination • Mask fit testing

If you would like more information on how we can support your wellness initiatives contact us at 1-855-285-2990.

VON Erie St. Clair Community Health Guide – Sarnia-Lambton


Home Support Services

Home Support Services are available to individuals living in their home, or a rest or retirement home when they require short or long term assistance with bathing, dressing, incontinent care, assistance with mobility, meal prep, post surgical care, palliative care and end of life care. The services are provided by certified Personal Support Workers (PSW) that obtained their education from a recognized college. The services are contracted through the Erie St. Clair Community Access Centre which follows the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care (MOHLTC) guidelines for service. If an individual requires more assistance than what can be provided through the CCAC, private services can be purchased through the Insurance Company (when the policy allows), the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) or through private billing to the individual. Private services are provided in a variety of settings including home, rest and retirement homes, nursing homes and hospital. If you would like more information on how these services can be obtained contact VON at 1-855285-2990. * Private Care options available

Volunteer Visiting After living successful and productive lives many seniors are surprised to find themselves lonely and isolated. If their spouse is gone or their drivers license is no longer valid, if health is failing or mobility is diminished seniors often discover it is increasingly hard to get out and generate new relationships. This is where the VON Volunteer Visiting program can step in. We provide muchneeded friendship and support to seniors who find themselves disconnecting socially. The Volunteer Visiting Program is free of charge. Volunteers are matched with clients after a Coordinator assesses the needs and interests of the client. They may visit in the home, play cards, run errands, go for coffee or sit under the bridge and watch the boats go by. The volunteer is not coming to do work for the client but to be a friend. They provide a listening ear, a comfortable presence and a joyful heart. Self-referrals and referrals from all other sources are welcome. Volunteers are carefully screened before being matched with a client. Give us a call at 519-542-2310!


Sarnia Adult Day Program

The VON Adult Day Program benefits adults with Alzheimer Disease, dementia or cognitive impairment living in the community. The daily programming is based on the principles of Montessori Methods for Dementia to provide a safe, error free environment where the focus is on the individual abilities and not the disabilities. The program provides social, therapeutic and recreational activities with a hot lunch, snacks and refreshments. The program benefits the caregivers with daytime respite and caregiver support ongoing as needed. Activities are planned to improve cognitive function, mobility/strength and delay or prevent admission to a nursing home. Assistance is provided with activities of daily living including toileting, incontinent care, and medication reminders. Clients are observed daily by staff for any changes so the caregivers can contact the family MD to avoid Emergency Room visits. The fee of $15.00 per day includes a hot lunch, snacks, refreshments and outings in the summer months as weather permits. Additional “free” services include Blood Pressure screening, clipping/ filing of fingernails, and Foot Care. Flu Clinics are scheduled in the fall on site for clients and family. Transportation is the responsibility of the family and can be purchased through Red Cross or Lambton Elderly Outreach if the caregiver is unable to drive the client to the program. Program hours: Monday to Friday 9 to 3. Closed on statutory holidays and during Christmas holidays. If you would like more information contact us at 519-332-8621 or 519-542-2310.

Occupational Therapy Occupational Therapists (OT’s) support people of all ages to participate in day to day living by helping them to do what they need and want to do in life. In our Adult Community Care Program, we assist clients to restore or maintain independent self care (toileting, bathing, and dressing), home making, leisure activities and vocational pursuits following illness, injury or surgery. For the elderly adult, the goal is often to remain safely in the family home as long as possible. OT’s assist people to move safely though the home by recommending equipment or home adaptations for toilet, shower or bath tubs and more! By creating personal strategies to maximize safety and improve independence our goal is to support clients in achieving what they want to enhance their quality of life. In our School Support Program we work with students, their parents and teachers to support the development of independent self care (including self regulation, hygiene, feeding, and dressing skills), maximize engagement and participation in play and social activities and optimize learning. VON Erie St. Clair Community Health Guide – Sarnia-Lambton


In the school program we strive to set our students up for success. Through identifying blocks or barriers as well as strengths and learning styles we teach students to understand how they work to promote life and learning success. Typically students are referred when experiencing challenges with: • • • •

a ttention and concentration understanding and remembering what they see sitting posture and getting their body to do what they want getting their hands to do what they want for printing, cutting and manipulating small building toys or fasteners on clothing • coping with overstimulation experiencing the classroom and other environments as too loud, too bright, and too much OT’s help you do what you want to do, teach you how to use your strengths (which you already have) to create bridges over barriers so you can get back on your way to success. * Private Care options available

Caregiver Respite Visiting Program

At some point in our lives most people find themselves in the role of caring for an aging parent or spouse. While it is a privilege to care for our loved ones it is also tiring and stressful. Many caregivers find themselves without enough of their “own” time to complete banking, shopping, or attend to their personal needs. VON volunteers in the Caregiver Respite program will spend quality time with clients each week so caregiver time away can be worry free. The Caregiver Respite program is free of charge. Volunteers are matched with clients after a Coordinator assesses the needs and interests of the client and the caregiver. They may visit in the home, go for a walk or even out for a cup of coffee if that is appropriate for the client. The volunteer is not coming to do work for the client but to be a friend and to give the caregiver a break. Volunteers who visit clients with dementia complete a training program before they are matched. This program is ideal when clients cannot be left alone but is also helpful when clients are in the early stages of dementia and are still living alone. Self-referrals and referrals from all other sources are welcome. Volunteers are carefully screened before being matched with a client. Give us a call at 519-542-2310!


SMART (Seniors Maintaining Active Roles Together) The VON SMART (Senior’s Maintaining Active Roles Together)® program is a research and evidence based exercise and falls prevention program provided by VON Erie St. Clair under the direction of the ESC LHIN and the Ministry of Health. Currently there are three components to the program: SMART In-Home: The VON SMART In-Home is a volunteerled exercise and falls prevention education intervention, aimed at engaging home-bound older adults (55 years of age and older) in physical activity, regardless of their physical impairments. The Program is intended for seniors who are unable to attend traditional community fitness programs due to barriers such as limited mobility, lack of transportation, limited financial resources, and poor health. The VON SMART Instructors teach participants 10 simple, yet progressive exercises that have been carefully designed to maintain or increase mobility and independence. The Service is delivered one on one in client’s home or residence. Referrals to the program can be made by but are not limited to Physician, Self, Family Member, OT, PT, GEM Nurses. SMART is offered at no charge to participants. SMART in Rest and Retirement Homes: A certified fitness instructor facilitates an hour long exercise class in Rest and Retirement homes in Sarnia-Lambton. In addition to the prescribed components of Cardiovascular Conditioning, Strength Training, Muscle Endurance, Balance/ Power and Stretching/Relaxation there is also an educational component which focuses on the main reasons for falls and appropriate intervention strategies to reduce that risk. Referrals to the program can be made by but are not limited to Director of Care, CCAC, OT, PT, Physician, Self, Family Member. SMART is offered at no charge to participants. VON SMART classes are delivered by Lambton Elderly Outreach (LEO) in Sarnia-Lambton.

PRIVATE CARE SERVICES Extra support for you or a loved one Maintaining Independence as we age is important to us all. Sometimes remaining active in our homes means needing that extra one-on-one support to live independently. At VON we deliver more than health care, we bring peace of mind. That means that when extra care is needed we are there with valuable services tailored to individual needs and budgets. Our trained staff of nurses, personal support workers and other support professionals is available to make up the difference between what is provided and what you need. Private Care Nursing is available for the following programs in Sarnia-Lambton: • Visiting Nursing • Personal Support Services • Occupational Therapy • Shift Nursing • Respite Care • Footcare Call 1-855-285-2990 Option 4, or email us at, if you would like to know more about VON Private Care Services and we will take the time to understand your needs and explain how we can help. VON Erie St. Clair Community Health Guide – Sarnia-Lambton


Support VON? Charitable Giving Did you know VON Sarnia-Lambton is a charitable organization? We rely on donations and community support to develop and maintain our existing services; serve clients who cannot afford to pay; and develop new services in response to the ever-changing needs of our community. Every gift stays in our community to help someone in need of our help. Please keep VON in mind when you are reviewing your charitable giving or call the Fund Development Coordinator at 519-542-2310 to learn more!

Volunteers Are you looking for a fulfilling volunteer opportunity in Sarnia-Lambton? Volunteers enrich the lives of those they help by providing a warm smile and a friendly face. At VON, volunteers are valued, respected and appreciated! Make a Difference in someone’s life! To learn more about these opportunities visit or email

Volunteer Opportunities: • • • • • •


Volunteer Visiting Community Corporation Board of Directors Fundraising Volunteer Footcare Office Volunteer SMART Seniors Exercise In-Home Program

Chronic Pain Program Chronic Pain Management Assessment & Referral Program Mission: Evolve and Implement an individualized, multidisciplinary team approach for clients living with chronic pain, to obtain efficient access to health care services, while enriching quality of life through empowerment. The VON Erie St. Clair Chronic Pain Management Assessment & Referral Program (CPMARP) is a LHIN funded program that aims to service people living in the areas Windsor- Essex, ChathamKent and Sarnia-Lambton. The program provides services to people who are experiencing nonmalignant chronic pain and provide them with pain management options and resources. Chronic pain affects all aspect of our lives, both physically and mentally. That is why the CPMARP clinical team is diverse with different disciplines and your pain will be examined or explored by any or by all of our clinicians. The Nurse Practitioner and/or Registered Nurse will review your pain history, your completed diagnostic imaging and your medications. They will also review your past and present medical interventions and their effectiveness. A focused physical examination will be done when necessary. Their findings will allow them to provide to both you and your healthcare provider medically based treatment options. Some possible examples of recommendations could include medication changes, various therapies, referral to specialists and specialized procedures. The Occupational Therapist will explore how pain affects your day to day function, and will provide you with any resources to help improve your function including self-management strategies to help you live a more engaged life. An OT can identify activities or behaviours that aggravate pain and will recommend alternatives. Alternatives may include the teaching and the use of adaptive equipment like the use of a walker, a cane, or a reacher. Assistive devices will allow you to better function with the least amount of pain. Other potential recommendations may include the use of community wellness programs that will allow for exercise, strength or physiotherapy. The Social Worker will provide support and education on how pain affects your life to help you cope with the daily stress of living with chronic pain. Linking you to organizations that have supportive services for people living with chronic pain may be a recommendation provided to you. To participate in the CPMARP program it is necessary for you to be referred by either your primary health care provider or by a community health care agency. In addition you must also be deemed eligible.

To be eligible you must have: • Non cancer related pain • Not be considered end of life (palliative comfort care) • And must have chronic pain greater than 3 consecutive months. Please have your primary health care provider call 1-855-419-5200 to request a referral form. All clients must be referred. Once VON receives your referral, you will be contacted by the program’s Intake department and

VON Erie St. Clair Community Health Guide – Sarnia-Lambton


the necessary process will begin. You will be scheduled with the necessary appointments and assessed at any one of our assessment locations. • • • • •

VON Windsor Essex Site-4520 Rhodes Drive, Suite 400, Windsor VON Chatham Kent Site-103-405 Riverview Drive, Chatham VON Sarnia Lambton-1705 London Line, Sarnia VON Nurse Practitioner Led Clinic-330 Notre Dame, Suite 200, Belle River The Hospice of Windsor and Essex County, 6038 Empress, Windsor

You will then be on your way to a personalized careplan and/or recommendation designed for you and your pain management needs. Let the VON Chronic Pain Management Assessment & Referral Program assist you with your pain management needs. Should you have any questions or inquiries you are welcome to call the Program Intake line at 519254-4866 ext 6234 or toll free at 1-855-419-5200 option 4, Monday through Friday between the working hours of 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m *Due to efficient processes, we are proud to note that on average, all clients within our Erie St. Clair District are seen by a clinical member of the team between 2-3 weeks upon referral acceptance.

Foot Care Program

Our specially trained foot care nurses provide hands-on foot care at our VON clinics, including: • • • • • • •

ssessment; A Clipping and filing of toe nails; Treatment of corns, calluses, ingrown nails, thickened nails; Padding as necessary; Preventative foot care for high risk clients with diabetes, arthritis and circulation problems; Referral to doctors, podiatrists or other health care professionals as necessary; Health teaching.

Call 519-542-2310 and press 0 for clinic locations and times. If you are unable to attend one of our VON Foot Care Clinics, a nurse can provide foot care in your home. Call 855-285-2990 to schedule a home visit. * Private Care options available


Student Nutrition Program

Ontario Student Nutrition Program, South West Region The Student Nutrition Program (SNP) in Lambton County helps make sure that all children and youth are ready to learn by making healthy food available in schools. SNPs are running in many schools across Lambton County and are offering fresh and healthy food including fruits and vegetables, whole grains, milk and dairy products, and much more! To find out more about Student Nutrition Programs in Lambton County visit or contact (519) 344-2062 x 2011

Prenatal Education VON “Welcome to Parenting” Online Program An all-new online prenatal and parenting program that offers parents everything they need to know about pregnancy, labour and delivery, post partum, newborn care, breastfeeding and parenting. A range of learning experiences and interactive discussions create a variable and enjoyable learning experience. Experienced prenatal and parenting educators respond to online questions at any phase of parents’ learning. Parents can participate in a number of chat sessions that are facilitated by a Welcome to Parenting professional. Content is reviewed and updated annually by a panel of experts and has been tested and approved by parents to be. Cost of Online Modules: $60.00 Starting August 1, visit and click on Windsor > Programs > Prenatal Education to register or for more information.

VON Erie St. Clair Community Health Guide – Sarnia-Lambton


VON Erie St. Clair Directory of Services Chatham Kent

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Workplace Wellness Programs

Home Support Services

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Chronic Pain Program

Student Nutrition Program

Prenatal Program

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Caregiver Respite

• •

Meals on Wheels


Supportive Housing

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NPLC Belle River

VON Chatham Kent Site 190 Stanley Ave., Suite 100 Chatham, ON N7M 3J3 Phone....................................519-352-5515 Fax........................................ 519-352-2466

VON Windsor Essex Site 4520 Rhodes Drive, Suite 400, Windsor, ON N8W 5C2 Phone...................................519-254-4866 Fax........................................ 519-254-1588

VON Sarnia Lambton Site 1705 London Line Sarnia, ON N7W 1B2 Phone................................... 519-542-2310 Fax.........................................519-542-1160

VON NPLC Belle River 330 Notre Dame Street, Belle River, ON N0R 1A0 Phone................................... 519-728-9116


VON NPLC Pelee Island 1047 West Shore Road, Pelee Island, ON N0R 1M0 Phone....................................519-724-2160 Fax.........................................519-724-2371

VON Erie St. Clair Community Partners

Index of Community Advertisers Bob Bailey MPP.............................................18

Legate & Associates......................................16

Fairwinds Lodge............................................17

Medical Motion Inc......................................16

Fleck Law........................................................15

Northgate Pharmacy....................................18

Great Lakes Dental........................................16

S&R Seniors Living........................................19

Lambton Audiology Associates..................20

Vision Nursing and Rest Home...................18

Lambton Elderly Outreach...........................18

VON Erie St. Clair Community Health Guide – Sarnia-Lambton



Motion inc. Serving the Sarnia and Chatham-Kent area

Gentle Dentistry Gentle Dentistry FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY 519-383-9900


Smile Makeovers, Crowns, Smile Makeovers, Makeovers, Crowns, Smile Crowns, Veneers, Invisalign & MORE! Veneers, Veneers, Invisalign Invisalign & & MORE! MORE!

One Dentist Looking After You One One Dentist Looking After You OneDentist DentistLooking LookingAfter AfterYou You

1323 Michigan Ave., Unit B 1323 1323 Michigan Michigan Ave., Ave., Unit Unit B B

(519) 542-3427 ~ 1323 Michigan Ave., Unit B (519) (519) 542-3427 542-3427 ~ ~

(519) 542-3427

• Power Wheelchairs • Wheelchairs • Walkers • Scooters • Porch Lifts • Stairlifts • Vehicle Modifications • Hospital Beds • Lift Chairs • Commodes • Medical Supplies • Manual Wheelchairs • Power Beds • Canes • Grab Bars • Door opener • Patient Lifts • Pool Lifts • Ostamy Supplies • Commpression Stockings • Bath Seating • Circulation Boosters

Give us a try today and you won’t be disappointed!

1362 Lambton Mall Rd.Sarnia, ON N7S 5A1


Improve circulation

to your legs and feet, help maintain muscle strength, flexibility and promote healthy bones by exercising regularly.




We understand that the idea of change can sometimes be overwhelming. But the right kind of change can revitalize, reinvigorate and renew. If you have considered retirement living but are uncertain about making the change, pay us a visit to learn about the carefree lifestyle that awaits at Fairwinds Lodge. VISIT US TODAY FOR A COMPLIMENTARY LUNCH AND TOUR. THIS IS RETIREMENT LIVING AS IT SHOULD BE.

1218 Michigan Avenue Sarnia, Ontario N7S 6L1 519.542.8814

VON Erie St. Clair Community Health Guide – Sarnia-Lambton


BOB BAILEY MPP – Sarnia-Lambton


Constituency Office:

“For those who prefer to live at home.”

805 Christina St. North Suite 102 Point Edward, ON N7V 1X6

Specializing in service for the elderly and those with disabilities Home Maintenance Respite Care Caregiver Support Services Home Help

Accessible Transportation Personal Care Meals on Wheels Client Intervention & Assistance

Group Exercise Classes Seniors’ Luncheons Driver Refresher Course

519-845-1353 Toll free: 1-800-265-0203

Tel: 519-337-0051 Email:


’74 INC.


offering long-term care, convalescent care, respite services and retirement home

Contact Nancy for a tour of our home ...

519.336.6551 • • 229 Wellington St., Sarnia, Ontario


Experience the


‘It’s All About Choice’ Seniors Apartments


Independent Living


Enriched Care

Landmark Village

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Rosewood Manor

1370 L’Heritage Drive, Sarnia

170 Front Street, Sarnia

711 Indian Road, Sarnia




Marquis East

Twin Lakes Terrace

840 Trillium Park, Sarnia

1310 Murphy Road, Sarnia



VON Erie St. Clair Community Health Guide – Sarnia-Lambton


VON Erie St. Clair – Sarnia-Lambton Site Community Health Guide  

VON Erie St. Clair – Sarnia-Lambton Site Community Health Guide