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Patient Handbook 2019-2020

Georgian Bay General Hospital www.gbgh.on.ca

Midland Site: 1112 St. Andrew’s Drive Mailing Address: P.O. Box 760, Midland, ON L4R 4P4 Phone: (705) 526-1300

Welcome Dear Patients and Families, Welcome to Georgian Bay General Hospital (GBGH). We are a community hospital, dedicated to improving the health of the communities we serve. While with us, we want to make sure you have the most positive experience possible. If there’s anything our care team can do to improve your experience, please let us know. You can speak to one of our managers or staff to provide feedback about what we’re doing well or where we can improve. As part of our commitment to ensuring you have a positive experience, this handbook has been created to provide you and your loved ones with important information about your safety, the hospital and its services. It will answer many questions you may have regarding spiritual care, personal identification and belongings while in the hospital, television/telephone service and discharge information. We hope this patient handbook answers many of your questions while at GBGH. Please don’t hesitate to ask a member of your care team if you have additional requests, especially if it is something that can be addressed immediately during your stay. This is an important part of our commitment to provide Exceptional Care, Every Person, Every Time. Sincerely, Sincerely, Gail Hunt, President & CEO Georgian Bay General Hospital




Table of Contents Keeping You Safe

Valuables & Personal Belongings…… 18

Infection Prevention & Handwashing… 4

Leaving the Hospital

Medications……………………………….. 5

Heading Home…………………………. 19

Pain Mangement…………………………. 7

Discharge Planning……………………. 20

Falls Prevention & Safety………………… 7

Paying Your Bill………………………….. 20

During Your Stay

Additional Safety Measures…………….. 9 Identification………………………………. 11

Patient & Family Experience

Consent for Treatment…………………... 12

Your Health Care - Be Involved……... 21

Your Wishes Matter……………………….. 12

Patient Compliments & Concerns….. 22

Allergies…………………………………….. 13

Values Compass……………………….. 23

Building Alarms……………………………. 13

Code of Conduct……………………… 24

Leaving Your Patient Care Unit………... 13

Family Presence (Visiting Hours)…….. 24

Services During Your Stay

Protecting Your Privacy……………….. 25

Accommodation…………………………. 15 Food Services & Coffee Bar……………. 16

About Your Hospital

Gift Shop……………………………………. 16

GBGH’s Mission, Vision and Values…. 26

Language Services………………………. 16

Patient & Family Advisory Council….. 27

Parking……………………………………… 16

Volunteers……………………………….. 28

Photos & Video……………………………. 17

GBGH Foundation……………………… 29

Smoking…………………………………….. 17 Spiritual & Religious Care……………….. 17 Television, Phone & Internet Service….. 17


Exceptional Care, Every Person, Every Time





KEEPING YOU SAFE DURING YOUR STAY MEDICATIONS The GBGH nurses, physicians, pharmacists and pharmacy technicians work to prevent medication errors by reviewing your medications with you. They ensure medications are ordered correctly and all changes are clearly communicated to you throughout your stay and at discharge. Expect to be asked about your medications several times. It is part of our process to ensure your safety. You can help in four ways: 1)

Please bring in an up-to-date list of medications (if you have one) and all your medications, as they may be used in the medication review process. Please include prescription and over-the-counter medications, inhalers, creams, eye drops and medicated patches. We may ask you to provide your own medication during your stay if we do not stock the medication. We also ask you provide your own eye drops, inhalers and creams to prevent waste of these products. All of your personal medications will be stored securely and returned to you when you are discharged.

2) Do not take your own personal medications in hospital unless directed to do so. 3) Tell us about allergies or bad reactions to food or medications. 4)

Ask Five Questions about your medications Changes to your medications may be required during your stay. Help us ensure your safety at discharge, or anytime during your admission, by asking the five questions listed in the poster on the next page. You can also request to speak to a pharmacist during your stay.

Always ask about any medication you don’t recognize before you take it.

Exceptional Care, Every Person, Every Time



QUESTIONS TO ASK ABOUT YOUR MEDICATIONS when you see your doctor, nurse, or pharmacist.

Keep your medication record up to date. Remember to include:

Ask your doctor, nurse or pharmacist to review all your medications to see if any can be stopped or reduced.

Š 2016 ISMP Canada

drug allergies vitamins and minerals herbal/natural products all medications including non-prescription products

Visit safemedicationuse.ca for more information.



KEEPING YOU SAFE DURING YOUR STAY MANAGING YOUR PAIN We want to ensure you are comfortable during your stay and managing your pain is an important aspect of doing this. Staff members will ask you about your pain, and may ask you to use a face chart to rate your pain on a scale of 0 to 10. A rating of 0 means no pain and a rating of 10 means the worst pain you’ve ever had. There are many ways to control pain and these options can be discussed with your health care team.

FALLS PREVENTION & SAFETY While you are a patient here at GBGH, we will work with you to help prevent falls. We will review your risk of falling when you are first admitted to the hospital and at any time a concern arises which may increase your risk, such as a change in your health. We do this so we can take steps to prevent a fall.

More than one third of individuals 65 years or older experience a fall when in the hospital and the risk of experiencing a fall increases with more risk factors an individual has and if you have a history of falls or cognitive impairment (www.saferhealthcarenow.ca)

Exceptional Care, Every Person, Every Time


Dear patients, family and friends, If a patient is wearing an orange armband it means they are at risk of falling. Here’s how you can help prevent falls: Ensure the bedside table and all belongings are within reach.

Ensure walking aids are within reach.

Help the patient if they need help with anything, including going to the washroom (and stay with them until the patient is done).

Remind patients to sit at the side of their bed before standing up. This prevents patients from getting dizzy. Ensure the call bell is within reach.

Ensure patients have good fitting footwear or non-slip socks . Speak to the care team and ask what else can be done to help!




ADDITIONAL SAFETY MEASURES PRESSURE ULCER PREVENTION What can you do to help prevent a pressure ulcer before / during a hospital stay? You and your family members are important to the prevention and care of a pressure wound. You can help by: 1. Keeping skin healthy • Check your skin – look for changes in colour, temperature, sensation/pain, moisture, texture, intactness, swelling. Make staff aware of changes (Staff will also assess your skin routinely) • Wash and dry thoroughly after bathing, washing and toileting • Take extra care if you have problems with leaking urine or stool ƒƒUse barrier creams ƒƒWash with mild cleaner and warm water ƒƒUse absorbent pads or briefs ƒƒPat dry, do not rub • Keep skin moisturized • Make sure there are dressings on wounds or problem areas • Try not to scratch • Keep clothing and bedding free from creases 2. Let staff know on admission of previous ulcers or concerning areas for you 3. Listening to your body • Get up for meals • Get up to use the bathroom • Stay out of bed if you can • Re-position as much as possible • Use pillows to raise your heels off the bed • Report any pain or discomfort to staff – especially if it’s restricting your movement • Use equipment to help move yourself • Use supportive cushioning aids to relieve/reduce pressure 4. Looking after the inside • Talk to your team about smoking cessation • Maintain a healthy weight • Drink more and keep hydrated • Eat well and eat enough – make sure you are getting enough calories and protein • Keep your blood sugar under control if you have diabetes • Ask about extra vitamins and minerals 5. Let staff know if you want more information

Exceptional Care, Every Person, Every Time


BLOOD CLOT SYMPTOMS Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT): Blood clot in the leg or, less often, in the arm. Symptoms of DVT include: • Mild to severe pain • Swelling • Discoloration • Warmth that may involve the foot, ankle, calf, entire leg or arm. Pulmonary Embolism(PE): Blood clot in lung Symptoms of PE include: • Shortness of breath • Unexplained rapid heart rate • Chest pain (may be more severe with deep breaths and/or unexplained cough, may cough up blood) Be sure to report any of these symptoms to your nurse and/or physician. At GBGH we work to prevent blood clots by assessing each patient’s risk of developing a clot and providing blood thinners, usually by a daily injection and/ or compression stockings as required.

IDENTIFICATION STAFF IDENTIFICATION All GBGH staff, physicians, volunteers and students wear an identification badge that provides you with their name, position and photo identification. Please feel free to question any person providing care that is not displaying their photo identification.




PATIENT IDENTIFICATION – EXPECT US TO CHECK Staff must correctly identify you before providing care.

EXPECT US TO CHECK Expect that we will check your identity by asking for your first and last name and your birth date or by looking at your identification armband. Expect that we will check your identification whenever we perform a treatment or procedure, give medication, collect a specimen or deliver your meal tray.

Checking every patients’ identity every time is safe practice.

Please do not remove your identification bracelet. If it becomes lost or damaged, please tell your nurse.

Exceptional Care, Every Person, Every Time


Consent for Treatment When you are admitted to the hospital, part of your care may include tests such as X-rays, urine tests, blood tests, etc. that normally happen during a patient’s hospital stay. Your doctor or health professional will explain other procedures that are more involved. You may be asked to give verbal or written consent for these tests or procedures.

YOUR WISHES MATTER People rarely plan to become ill. It is important that your physician and other members of the health care team understand your wishes around the type of care you would like to receive if you were to become critically ill or lose your ability to make decisions. Please provide a copy of any advance care planning documents you may have to a member of your care team. These documents will be kept confidential and recorded in your permanent medical record. For more information, check out the Advance Care Planning Workbook – Ontario Edition available at https://www.makingmywishesknown.ca/

Resuscitation Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) is a group of treatments used when a person stops breathing or when their heart stops beating. CPR is made up of different treatments, these include: chest compressions, application of energy to re-organize the heart rhythm, insertion of a breathing tube and ventilation support. You may choose to have all of these treatments done, some of these treatments, or none of these treatments. At GBGH, all patients will receive CPR unless they have informed their healthcare team they do not wish to receive CPR. While CPR can save lives, it may not be beneficial for all patients. In some cases, it may even be harmful. Talk to your doctor about your treatment options. Patients who do not wish to receive CPR will receive supportive care. Supportive care looks different for every patient, but may include intravenous fluids, antibiotics, oxygen, medications and nonpharmacological treatments to manage pain, shortness of breath, anxiety and restlessness.

Substitute Decision Makers We recommend you speak with your loved ones about your wishes and know who would make decisions on your behalf if you were to become unable to make decisions. It is important that you appoint someone whom you trust to speak for you. The Powers of Attorney booklet published by the Ministry of the Attorney General is available upon request. Please advise your health care team if you would like assistance with this process. Always bring a copy of your most recent Power of Attorney to the hospital.



KEEPING YOU SAFE DURING YOUR STAY Organ and Tissue Donation Gifts of organs and tissue can help save and transform the life of another person. GBGH works in partnership with the Trillium Gift of Life Network to honour each patient’s wishes regarding organ and tissue donation at the end of life. You can express your wishes related to organ and tissue donation by registering online through the Trillium Gift of Life Network website beadonor.ca. It only takes two minutes and all you need is your health care number! Please communicate your wishes with your family and loved ones.

ALLERGIES Perfumes & Scents

To protect patients and staff with allergies and asthma, GBGH promotes a “Scent Free” environment. Please do not wear scented products, essential oils, or perfumes, and encourage your visitors to respect this policy.


To protect patients and staff with allergies to latex, balloons made of latex are not permitted in the hospital. Only foil balloons are permitted.


To protect staff and patients with allergies, strong scented flowers such as lilies, hiacynth etc. are not permitted in the hospital.

BUILDING ALARMS At times we test the fire alarm system in the hospital. Please do not be concerned. These tests and drills are part of our safety program. When you hear the alarm, all doors will be closed until the “all clear” signal is announced. Staff use the red and white markers on the doors to indicate whether a room has been checked. Your nurse will keep you informed. Each patient room has different ways to alert staff about your care and safety. Examples include your heart monitor, bed alarms and medicine pumps. If an alarm is sounding and no staff has attended to it, please tell a nurse or push your call bell.

LEAVING YOUR PATIENT CARE UNIT If you do need to leave your patient care unit, please inform a member of your care team. If there is an emergency or a physician arrives to see you, we need to be able to locate you quickly. We recommend a family member or friend accompany you.

Exceptional Care, Every Person, Every Time


There are many benefits to getting out of bed while in hospital




Improved breathing

Getting out of bed can help prevent bed sores

Improved mood

Improved ability to cough up secretions

Improved sleep Less confusion

Improved ability to fight infections



Improved appetite

More stable blood pressure

Less weakness

Improved circulation

Prevents loss of strength

Less risk of choking when eating


Less pain in joints

Here’s what you can do:   

Sit up for all your meals Sit up in a chair when you have visitors Walk around the unit either with help (if you are at risk of falling) or by yourself (if able) Do bed exercises on your own throughout the day

Not sure what is safe for you to do?

Before starting a new activity, always ask a member of your care team.

Adapted from the University Health Network’s Patient Education brochure.





ACCOMMODATION Our hospital has standard (ward – three to four patients), semi-private (two patients) and private rooms. The Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) pays for standard accommodation only. If you request and receive a room upgrade and provide insurance information, your claim will be directly submitted to your insurance company. If no insurance information is provided, you will be billed directly. Any rejections or balance from your insurance company will be billed to you directly. Each inpatient is required to fill out responsibility for payment form. Preferred accommodation may also be paid directly by Visa, MasterCard, debit or cash at Switchboard, Emergency Registration or the Finance department (ext. 5134). Because of our high bed occupancy rate, we may not always be able to give you your preferred room accommodation. If your preferred room does become available, you will be transferred. Your insurance company is not charged until you are placed in the preferred accommodation you have requested. GBGH has a mixed gender policy in our ward rooms which means that there may be times when males and females will share the rooms. You will be notified if this is the case. During your stay, you may have to be moved for medical reasons for an emergency admission. Please be assured this is only done when absolutely

Exceptional Care, Every Person, Every Time


necessary to assist a patient who is in greater need of the bed you currently occupy. If this happens, we will try to transfer you to the room you want as soon as possible. It is important to note that the same quality of care is provided regardless of the type of room.

FOOD SERVICES & COFFEE BAR There is a coffee bar operated by GBGH Volunteers, located in the front lobby. The hours of operation are: • 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. - Monday to Friday • 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. - Saturday and Sunday The hospital cafeteria is open from 9:30 – 10:30 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m., Monday to Friday. Vending machines are available at the main entrance and the emergency entrance.

GIFT SHOP The GBGH Volunteers operate a gift shop in the front lobby with 100% of profits donated to the hospital. The shops offer gift items, clothing, flower arrangements, toiletries, snacks, sleepwear and cards. Revenue generated by volunteer businesses such as the gift shop, coffee bar and vending machine help support the equipment needs of the hospital. Gift shop hours: Monday to Friday: 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. Saturday and Sunday: 12:00 – 4:00 p.m.

LANGUAGE SERVICES GBGH has access to 24/7 over-the-phone interpretation services to communicate with patients and family who speak other languages. Please ask a member of your care team if you need this service. If French is a patient’s first language, in many cases we can accommodate them immediately.

PARKING Paid parking is available. If you are visiting the hospital frequently, you can purchase weekly and monthly passes at a discount. These passes can be purchased at the parking machines located in the main entrance and the emergency department. Fees for parking directly benefit patient care services, including purchasing equipment for the hospital.



SERVICES DURING YOUR STAY PHOTOS & VIDEOS GBGH is under 24 hour video surveillance both inside and outside the building for safety and security reasons. The use of video or audio recording devices (including cell phones) is prohibited without consent. Staff members, credentialed staff and volunteers have the right to refuse being photographed, filmed or recorded. Do not take photos or videos or any recordings of staff, volunteers or credentialed staff without their permission. Please also be considerate of other patients’ privacy.

SMOKING GBGH is a smoke and vape-free hospital. Smoking and vaping is not permitted inside or outside the building on hospital premises. There are NO designated smoking areas anywhere on hospital property. Patients can ask their nurse and/ or physician about smoking cessation and/or support during their stay.

SPIRITUAL AND RELIGIOUS CARE While you are a patient at GBGH, a chaplain is available to you and your family. The chaplain is an understanding listener and spiritual counsellor, regardless of denomination. Please ask your nurse to arrange a visit or contact the on-call chaplain at 705717-7623. Visits from your own clergy can also be arranged. GBGH also has an Indigenous Patient Navigator on staff for First Nation, Métis and Inuit (FNMI) patients. Please ask a member of your care team to contact the Indigenous Patient Navigator. A quiet room/chapel is available on the Level 1 of the hospital and a traditional healing room is available on the Level 2 for smudging ceremonies or quiet reflection.

TELEVISION/PHONE/INTERNET SERVICES & ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES Television and phone service can be purchased using the bedside units in each room. Instructions for the use of these services can also be found on the bedside unit. Incoming calls are at no charge to patients (i.e. you don’t have to order phone service to receive incoming calls). These services are provided to GBGH by HealthHub and a phone number for assistance is posted on each terminal.

Exceptional Care, Every Person, Every Time


For internet, GBGH has a Guest Wi-Fi service. Using your device, you will be directed to a page where you can pay online (PayPal) to connect to the service. There is a pay phone located inside the main entrance. Electrical appliances such as hair dryers and electric razors must be approved by our maintenance staff .

VALUABLES & PERSONAL BELONGINGS VALUABLES Please leave jewelry, wallets, purses and other valuables in the care of your family or at home. Do not bring credit cards or large sums of money with you to the hospital. If you must bring personal belongings, valuables, jewelry and/or money and they are kept in your room, they are the patient’s responsibility. The hospital does not assume responsibility for clothing, money, dentures, eye glasses, hearing aids or other personal belongings retained by the patient while on hospital premises. If no one is available to take valuables home, please notify staff and your valuables will be placed in an envelope and locked in the hospital safe.

PERSONAL BELONGINGS Please bring your health card, and a second piece of photo ID, proof of any other hospital insurance you may have, advance directives and power of attorney documents. Personal toiletries are not provided by the hospital. Do bring your own pajamas or night gowns if you prefer. Non-slip slippers and shoes are a must for comfort and safety. Non-slip slippers may also be available for sale in the Gift Shop.





HEADING HOME In your room there is a whiteboard with important information, including the names of your nurse, doctor, goals/messages and a colour-coded symbol and date to indicate when your care team anticipates you will be ready for discharge. If your colour is RED your discharge date is more than three days away If your colour is YELLOW your discharge date is one to three days away. If your colour is GREEN your discharge is 24 hours (or less) away. Your cooperation in making the appropriate arrangements for your discharge, such as transportation, is appreciated. Your nurse and the Patient Flow Navigator (PFN) are available to work with you, to determine the support and assistance you will need. Having transportation arranged in advance is important as it allows for patients waiting in the Emergency department to be admitted in a timely manner. Prior to discharge, ask your nurse for any of your personal medications. (Also see poster on page 10 for questions to ask about your medications.)

Exceptional Care, Every Person, Every Time


Please visit the cashier/switchboard (main entrance) before leaving to pay any charges not covered by your insurance. You should also pick up any valuables secured by your care team for safekeeping. Out-of-country patients are required to pay all outstanding charges at the time of discharge.

DISCHARGE PLANNING GBGH provides services and coordination to help you plan for your health care needs upon discharge from hospital. Your nurse, the Patient Flow Navigator (PFN), and Home and Community Care providers will determine the support and assistance you will need at home. The goal is for you to be able to return home. If you have questions about your health AFTER you have been discharged from hospital: • Speak to your family physician or nurse practitioner • Call Telehealth Ontario at 1-866-797-0000 to speak to a Registered Nurse • Call Home and Community Care at 705-721-8010 or toll free at 1-888-721- 2222 to discuss your home care needs and services • http://www.nsmlhin.on.ca/resources.aspx via Healthlinks Paying Your Bill GBGH has a variety of payment options to pay your bill. Accepted methods of payment • Cheque: Payment by cheque, payable Georgian Bay General Hospital, can be mailed directly to Accounts Receivable (Georgian Bay General Hospital – Accounts Receivable P.O. Box 760, Midland, ON L4R 4P4). Reference your account number on the cheque or enclose the stub from the statement. • Credit card: You can now pay with your VISA®, MasterCard® and American Express®online. Please see cashier hours of operation below. • Pre-authorized payments: Pre-authorized payments may be arranged. Call us at (705) 526-1300 x1502 to set up an account. You will be asked to reference your account number. • Cash and Interac® – Payments by cash and Interac® will now be accepted. Please see cashier hours of operation below. • International wire transfers: Call us at (705) 526-1300 x1502 for wire transfer payment information. Cashier Hours of Operation Reception/Switchboard: • Monday to Friday from 7:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. • Weekends from 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. • Emergency Department: • 8:00 p.m. – 7:00 a.m.






While you are a patient at GBGH you may be asked if and how you would like to participate in your care. We encourage our patients to speak up if you have questions and take part in decisions about your care. You should understand as much as you can about any: • Medical problem you have • Treatment or procedure that you will have • Medicine you should take and how to take it

2. Tell a member of your care team about past illnesses and your current health condition. 3. If you don’t have all your medicines or a list of them with you, ask a family member to provide this information. 4. Tell a member of your healthcare team if you have ever had an allergic reaction to any medicine or food. Before your care team gives you any medicine, they need to know if you could have a bad reaction to it.

Exceptional Care, Every Person, Every Time



When you are getting ready to go home from the hospital, you will be given a discharge summary with details about your stay and instructions to continue recovering at home. Please don’t hesitate to ask as many questions as you need to understand: • What treatment you received; • Whether you have to pick up a prescription before you go home; • What kind of transportation you will need to get home; • The type of care you will need at home and if you will need someone to stay with you; • What symptoms to watch for and who to call if something does not feel right; • What medicine you must take; • When you can go back to normal activities; • What follow-up appointments you will need.

PATIENT COMPLIMENTS & CONCERNS GBGH is committed to improving the quality of service we provide. We value your feedback and suggestions regarding our facility, staff and services. If you have a compliment, concern or complaint, please feel free to share it with the staff providing your care. If you prefer, you may speak to the Manager of the program or service if you are not comfortable speaking with the staff. You may also contact GBGH’s Patient Relations Coordinator at 705-526-1300 ext. 5642 or PatientRelations@gbgh.on.ca. A Patient Relations Coordinator will: • Listen to your concerns • Communicate the issues/concerns to the most appropriate individual of the care team to ensure they are addressed and facilitate a timely response to you • Receive compliments/comments and shares these with the healthcare team and administration • Advocate on your behalf and ensure escalation of your concerns when required The Patient Relations Coordinator will work with you to review your concerns with the goal of reaching a reasonable resolution. This could mean an appropriate member of the Senior Team may be brought in, a meeting with the entire team may be arranged or the Chief of Staff/Service may be asked to deal with the concern. The Patient Relations Coordinator will act as an ongoing point of contact. The time needed to review a concern varies and you will be informed and updated within 72 hours of the initial complaint.




Exceptional Care, Every Person, Every Time


CODE OF CONDUCT GBGH has zero tolerance for violence and harassment. The hospital is a place of compassion, healing and respect. Any form of violence is unacceptable, including: • Verbal abuse • A threat to cause physical injury • Physical assault • Sexual assault GBGH will take appropriate measures in situations of abuse, threats, aggression or violence, including asking individuals to leave the premises or contacting the police.

FAMILY PRESENCE (VISITING HOURS) Family presence is welcome 24 hours a day based on patient preference. Nobody knows a patient better than their loved ones. Patients and their families should have the freedom to decide when they want to visit together based on their needs and schedules. Family presence may be restricted to protect the privacy and rights of patients. If we need to interrupt family presence to provide patient care, you may be asked to leave the room. The number of visitors permitted at the bedside will be decided in collaboration with the patient, family and care team. Family/guests coming to GBGH after-hours (between 10:00 p.m. - 6:00 a.m.) will use the Emergency department entrance. Quiet times have been designated for the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. every day to promote a restful, healing environment for our patients.



PATIENT & FAMILY EXPERIENCE PROTECTING YOUR PRIVACY GBGH Privacy office is committed to protecting the privacy of personal health information(PHI) or personal information(PI) under the custody or control of GBGH in accordance with Ontario’s Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA), you share with us. When you receive care at GBGH, we collect personal information about you which includes your name, date of birth, address, health history, records of your visit and the care that you received. We will collect your information directly from you or someone with the legal authority to consent for you. We will only collect as much information as is necessary to meet the purpose of the collection. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us at: Phone: 705-526-1300 ext. 5153 Email: gbghprivacy@gbgh.on.ca Mail:

Health Records/Privacy Georgian Bay General Hospital P.O. Box 760 Midland ON L4R 4P4

Exceptional Care, Every Person, Every Time





Quality & Safety


Accountability & Inclusiveness & Sustainability

gement & Inclusiveness 26 gic Direction

Improving the Health of the Communities We Serve



Exceptional Care Every Person Every Time

Respect Accountability Excellence Compassion


ABOUT YOUR HOSPITAL PATIENT & FAMILY ADVISORY COUNCIL The perspective of patients and families is essential to our decision-making process at GBGH. The development of this handbook is one of the many projects with which our Patient & Family Advisory Council (PFAC) has been involved. We are always looking for new members to provide their unique perspective based on their experience at our hospital. Our PFAC is seeking members who are committed to investing their time in making our hospital better for patients and families. By sharing their GBGH stories and thinking beyond their personal experience, our PFAC members provide valuable feedback about how we can improve the care we offer. If you are interested in becoming a member of GBGH’s PFAC, please contact: Patient Relations Coordinator 705-526-1300 ext. 5642 PatientRelations@gbgh.on.ca The application form can be downloaded from www.gbgh.on.ca (click on the Patient and Family Advisory Council tab), completed and submitted. Thank you for considering this valuable opportunity to shape the care GBGH provides our patients and families .

Exceptional Care, Every Person, Every Time


GBGH VOLUNTEERS During your stay, you will encounter many hospital volunteers – recognized by their blue jackets. Volunteers assist staff, patients and visitors throughout the hospital in a variety of departments. GBGH’s volunteers are a friendly face and helpful resource to patients and families from the moment they walk in our doors. GBGH Volunteers are also active in fundraising, by operating the gift shop and coffee bar, staging special events and other fundraising activities. These activities are very successful in raising funds to be invested back into the hospital. How to Apply: Volunteer application forms may be picked up at the following locations: • Gift Shop • Coffee Bar • Emergency department volunteer desk • Switchboard (main entrance) • Main entrance information desk An application form can also be downloaded from our website – www.gbgh. on.ca (under Join Our Teams) and once completed, returned to the Gift Shop or Switchboard.




“I’d like to thank all the people who treated us that day. The triage nurse for rushing us in so quickly, the doctor for taking the best care of us and the hospital for being so close.” ~ Sabrina Staunton and her son Eli, emergency pediatric patient

If a team member made a difference in your life, show your appreciation by making a donation in their honour to our Heartfelt Thanks Tribute Program. Your gift today will help ensure exceptional care, for every person, every time. Please give today to help the next patient in need.

www.gbghf.ca/HeartfeltThanks 705-526-GIVE (4483)

Exceptional Care, Every Person, Every Time






Exceptional Care, Every Person, Every Time



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Call today to see how we can help you and your loved ones, both at home and in a facility, receive the best one-on-one care!

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Trust our family to help yours. Cremations | Funerals | Memorials Celebrations of Life | Preplanning options 705.526.6551 I info@carsonfuneralhomes.com CarsonFuneralHomes.com


• Back Care, Supports & Braces • Compression Products & Services CONTRIBUTING ADVERTISERS • CPAP Products & Consultations • Walkers, Rollators and Scooters • Bathroom Safety Products • Ostomy & Incontinence Products Visit ourtoOakville location to speak Find a wide range of product and services Find a wide range of enhance product and yourservices comfortto and well-being, so that our expert staff today! enhance your comfort and well-being, soand thatindependent. you can stay active you can stay active and independent. • Back Care, Supports & Braces

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Back Care, Supports & Braces • Compression Products & Services Compression Products & Services • CPAP Products & Consultations CPAP Products & Consultations • Walkers, Rollators and Scooters Walkers, Rollators •and ScootersSafety Products Bathroom Bathroom Safety Products • Ostomy & Incontinence Products Ostomy & Incontinence Products Visit our Oakville location to speak to one of Visit out our Barrie Oakville locationtotospeak speak to one of of ourto expert staff Visit location one ourtoday! expert staff today! our expert staff today!

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448 Speers Road - (905) 844-1445

Earn and Spend PC Optimum points Earn and Spendon PCalmost Optimum points in-store* anything on almost anything in-store*

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Please remember that visitors are not to visit at any time if they feel ill in any way, with fever, headache, sore throat, chills, cough, muscle aches, etc.

Exceptional Care, Every Person, Every Time



The Place Where Our Vision Began

Is Now YOUR Home!




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"Look At Me Now!" Living The Life At Bayfield House It's Time For You To Join Me!

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Formerly Barrie and Owen Sound Prosthetics & Orthotics

A Place to Call Home • • • • • • • •

Nurses 24-7 Dietitians / Red Seal Chef Special Family Dining Rooms Beauty Salon Special Events Monthly Excursions Chapel Services Celebration Hall...& More!

“Enjoying Life Together”

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Custom Orthopaedic Bracing

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Lynn Stone

Funeral Homes

Cremation Centre Inc.

Michael J. Stone Kim Birley Debbie Craddock

an affordable funeral alternative

Susan P. LeClair Owner • Operator

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Funeral Directors

Pre-Arranged and Pre-Paid Funeral Planning Cremation Services

15 Yonge Street South, Elmvale (705) 322-2732 Fax: (705) 322-2901 www.lynnstonefuneralhome.com Agent for SANDERSON MONUMENT CO.




Assisting you with Estate Administration, Powers of Attorney & Wills

Meeting the needs of the most vulnerable

Midland 705.526.2231

Serving our clients. Strengthening our communities. Penetanguishene Elmvale 705.549.3114 705.322.1671

We offer a variety of programs for our elderly, physically or mentally disabled community members.

For more information, or to become a volunteer, please call or email:

705-721-3313 simcoe@redcross.ca

Exceptional Care, Every Person, Every Time

See this publication and more at:

patient directory .ca

Quality Healthcare http://patientdirectory.ca Publications


• A ride to your appointments • Hot or frozen meals delivered to your door • A weekly friendly visitor • A daily call to break the solitude


Lakeside is Quality Focused

Respite & Short Stay Accommodations Recuperating from surgery, family going away on vacation, need a place to stay, let it be Lakeside. Whether it be for a few days, a week or a month, Lakeside can accommodate your needs. Home cooked meals, housekeeping and laundry all done for you – sit back and relax. • furnished suites • TV and telephone service • 3 nutritious, well balanced meals • linen & personal laundry done weekly • bathing assistance • dispensation of medication • vitals monitored • emergency call system in each suite • personal emergency pendant • Sunday Church service • daily activities and social events

985 Innisfil Beach Road | Innisfil, ON 705.431.8105 | www.lakesideretirement.ca




Your Health Care - Be Involved

Exceptional Care, Every Person, Every Time


What I Need to Know Before I Go Home Ward or unit where I was treated: ________________________________________________________ Doctors who treated me:_______________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ Health problem I was treated for: ________________________________________________________ Medical treatment I received: ___________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ Instructions for my care at home: ________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ What should I eat and drink?____________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ What should I avoid eating and drinking? __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ What activities can I do? _______________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ What activities should I avoid? __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ When can I go back to work or resume normal activities? ______________________________________ Name of medicine I am taking: __________________________________________________________ How to take the medicine: _____________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ Follow-up appointments: __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ Phone numbers to call if I have questions or problems: _______________________________________




Other important information: ___________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________





Exceptional Care, Every Person, Every Time


Your Health Care Be Involved

Be involved in your health care. Speak up if you have questions or concerns about your care. Tell a member of your health care team about your past illnesses and your current health condition. Bring all of your medicines with you when you go to the hospital or to a medical appointment. Tell a member of your health care team if you have ever had an allergic or bad reaction to any medicine or food. Make sure you know what to do when you go home from the hospital or from your medical appointment.

Funding for this project was provided by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care


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Georgian Bay General Hospital Patient Handbook  

Georgian Bay General Hospital Patient Handbook

Georgian Bay General Hospital Patient Handbook  

Georgian Bay General Hospital Patient Handbook