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TheThe latest latest technology technology andand world-class world-class physicians physicians are important. are important. We We havehave those. those. ButBut excellence excellence in healthcare in healthcare means means more more thanthan that.that. It means getting youyou healthy andand backback home as quickly as possible It means getting healthy home as quickly as possible so you cancan keepkeep working on your backstroke. so you working on your backstroke. That’ s excellence. That’ s Mary Washington Healthcare. That’ s excellence. That’ s Mary Washington Healthcare.

Mary Washington Mary Washington Healthcare Healthcare is a fully is aintegrated, fully integrated, regional regional medical medical system system providing providing inpatient inpatient and and outpatient outpatient care through care through over 40 over facilities 40 facilities and services and services located located on several on several medical medical campuses. campuses. We We specialize specialize in providing in providing innovative, innovative, award-winning, award-winning, qualityquality care including care including trauma trauma and emergency and emergency services, services, orthopedics, orthopedics, cardiovascular, cardiovascular, stroke,stroke, cancer, cancer, gastrointestinal gastrointestinal disorders, disorders, rehabilitation, rehabilitation, home-based home-based services, services, woundwound care, behavioral care, behavioral health,health, roboticrobotic surgery, surgery, sleep sleep and wake and wake disorders, disorders, and chronic and chronic diseases. diseases. Visit us Visit online us online to learn to more learn more aboutabout the many the many programs programs and services and services we offer weour offer community. our community.

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