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How Advancements in Technology Effects the Sex Lives of People? When looking at how modern advancements in technology are effecting our sex lives, many details must be taken into consideration. Each advancement in technology has positive and negative applications, so the impact often isn't clear until sometime using it has passed.

Relationship between Sex and Technology Sex and technology have always been intertwined. For example the bed, condoms, vibrators, lubricants, scented oils, massage tools, and erotic clothing, all were invented for the purpose of use in sensually related arts or activities. Much of medical science and research still stems from needs that cater to sexual reproduction, sexual disorders and sexually transmitted diseases. Arts and architecture were designed to display the ancient tantric sex rituals in carved temple walls in India.

Advancements in Technology People are using the Internet to meet, date, socialize and network for everything, including sexual activities. Live streaming and webcams are being used by many people, often in place of actual interaction face to face. Many people are using online capabilities to view, film, and distribute adult videos and pornography. All these abilities are within the capability of anyone with a computer, Internet access, a webcam, and the ability to use them skillfully. This is true of anyone, no matter what the person's age.

How Technology Effects the Sex Lives of People? Technology is having both positive and negative impacts on modern sex lives, it really depends on the individual and their choices when using technology. What is good or bad, can be argued. It will vary greatly on how the person uses technology and why they utilize it.

What Are the Positive Sides? For many people, isolation is a huge problem socially. The Internet allows many people to be more socially active, who would normally not have daily human contact. People can meet and date online, sometimes across continental barriers and speaking different languages. Finding love is hard, so this offers a wider range of people that maybe compatible. Many people are finding social outlets through modern technology that were never available in the last century.

What Can Be the Dangerous Negative Sides?

Online prostitution has flourished due to social networking, online dating and personal ads. This has led to a new age of sex crimes and other related problems. Stalking is another potential problem stemming from some online social networking. Viewing pornography can become addictive. Continual stimulation to more shocking, violent and hardcore sex online, can lead to obsessions and fixations on sexually deviant activities. At the same time, many people who view pornography satisfy curiosities without acting upon them. So the subject is still up for greater debate.

What Studies Say? In a 2012 study from the University of Gothenburg, in Sweden sampled over 1900 people, about technology and sex. The study found that 62 % of women and 70 % of men used modern technology in their sex lives. This included social networks, online dating, video pornography, and erotic gaming. Men used computers for online videos, but also were more likely to research sexual health problems, if they had private access online. Women were equally likely to engage in sexually deviant behavior, as men.

What Are the Do’s and Don’ts? Adults should be able to monitor themselves. The do's and don'ts of today have not really changed with the advent of new technologies. Do make sure you feel safe with someone, don't go out with someone you barely know alone. Do use protection to be safe sexually, don't engage in risky behavior unnecessarily. Do engage in sex with someone that you love, don't have sex with just anyone. Do treat people with respect sexually, don't force anyone to have sex. It's kind of simple, if you think about it.

In Conclusion It remains important to be aware, how sex can improve your health and creates connection for many people. As we expand our possibilities sexually through technology, it must be understood that human contact is still our ultimate goal. If we can use modern technology to enhance our sex lives, then it should also bring more solid intimacy and greater self-fulfillment in life. Sex is not the primary focus of anything in life. It must be sexuality that comes with compassion, empathy and love foremost. Only then does technology play its proper role.

How advancements in technology effects the sex lives of people