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Daycares in Brooklyn Nurturing Cognitive Development in Young Children According to a study conducted by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD), children attending quality childcares were found to have higher cognitive functioning and better vocabulary, which were fundamental in inculcating language development in students. Many other studies observing the impact of daycares in stimulating a child’s development also relate the nurturing environment of daycares with better vocabulary scores in preschool and beyond. Such outcomes are not only crucial in revealing the importance of early childhood programs, but also give respite to many parents who are constantly torn between the countless choices of childcares and home-based programs available for their children.

In order to have a deeper understanding of the impact of daycare settings on early childhood, it is necessary to evaluate various daycare activities that influence a child’s growth. Some note-worthy activities of daycares in Brooklyn areHands-on Activities While it is no surprise that physical activities have a positive influence on the mental health of children and adults alike, many early childhood programs consider physical and mental development of the child as two separate entities. However, daycares in Brooklyn aim to integrate movement and physical activity with cognitive development through various hands-on learning activities. These activities allow children to learn by touching, moving, listening and talking. It not only activates multiple areas of a child’s brain, but also develops fine-motor skills in them. Through hands-on activities, children also learn to take pride in their work and develop a lifelong desire for learning and exploring. Puzzles and building blocks are some of the popular hands-on activities in daycares. Play

As per the American Academy of Pediatrics, play stimulates imagination, helps expand dexterity and fosters physical, cognitive and emotional development in young children. In Brooklyn, daycares organize engaging group activities that provide an outlet for children to create, explore and learn. Such activities also allow children to interact with their peers, which develops confidence and communication skills in them.

Daycares in Brooklyn Nurturing Cognitive Development in Young Children  

Children attending quality childcares are found to have higher cognitive functioning and better vocabulary which greatly aids their developm...

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