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da Hobboz

Look out Hobgoblins have taken over the Word of Hashut!


Vol III-No. 10 Autumn 2010




The ezine for Hobgoblin generals everywhere!

This time around TwilightCo makes the leap from the grind of slaving away on interior art to the cover of the Word of Hashut. In my opinion well deserved. Poor, poor Bretonnian Knight... getting killed by a hobgoblin? Doesnt get any lower then that does it? -Willmark

Wordz of Upcoming da Hobgobz bashes! Vol III No. 10-

Autumn 2010! Editorial Editor-in-Chief: Willmark Editing Goddess: Sojourn Content Editor: Cornixt Assistant Editor: Swissdictator Submissions Coordinator: Maul Production Graphic Design Willmark, Xander WoH Logo Design: Xander ‘eavy Hat Logo Design: TwilightCo Artwork Cover Artist: TwilightCo Back Cover Artist: Forgefire Artistic Slaves: Baggronor, Forgefire, Grupax, Igorvet, Ishkur Cinderhat, M3lvin, Malorn, Matt Birdoff, Skink, TwilightCo, Xander

Golden Hat Xiv! November 2010

ArtisanS Contest X December 2010 The Word of Hashut Issue 11 Winter 2010 Saturday, December 25, 2010 Year End Awards - 2010 January 2011 Note as always all dates are tentative subject to change).

Writers Ancient History, Border Reiver, Grimstonefire, Marell le Fou, Thommy H, Snowblizz, Willmark

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Issue 10- The Word of Hashut– 3

All da Stuff! PAGE 1- Front Cover

A poor, poor Bretonnian knights gets his juts rewards.... By TwilightCo

PAGE 5- The Slave Pen

The Slaves are at it again, attempting to answer your questions.

PAGE 6- Wordz of da Big Boss

PAGE 60-62- Tactik’s O’ da Ladz

PAGE 8-11- Warhammer Forge is born!

PAGE 66-69- Wordz o’ da Ladz

PAGE 18-21-Gamesday Baltimore

PAGE 70-72 - Sneaky Gitz Workshopz

PAGE 26-28-da Big Canon

PAGE 78-79 - 8th Edition Warhammer Ravening Hordes FAQs

The Dark lord deals this time with Hohgoblin mania.

The Dawi Zharr return to the World of Warhammer!

Willmark takes us through the trials and travails of his Gamesday 2010 expereince in Baltimore Maryland, USA.

Ancient History returns with another of his great articles , this time on hobgoblin lore.

PAGE 30-36-Shadow and Flame

Yet another epic installment of Baggronor’s masterpieceShadow and Flame.

Border Reiver stops in again from his home lair to inlighten us on the tactics of hobgoblins.

This quarter’s focus drops on our resident wordsmioth at Chaos Dwarfs Online- Thommy H.

Everyone’s favorite backstabbers make a reappaerance in the Word of Hahsut with a step-by-step on how to create them, this time by Snoblizz.

Chaos Dwarfs Online FAQs for the Ravening Hordes PDF Chaos Dwarf list.

PAGE 90-93- Bloodbowl

Chaos Dwarf Teams for the Game of Bloodbowl.

PAGE 38-50-Man ‘O War

Battle on the high seas as Chaos Dwarfs square off against the High Elfs by Marell le Fou.

PAGE 52-53- da Stunty Forge

Battle on the high seas as Chaos Dwarfs square off against the High Elfs by Marell le Fou.

PAGE 58-59 - Wordz of a Stunty

This quarter’s focus drops on our resident wordsmioth at Chaos Dwarfs Online- Thommy H. Issue 10- The Word of Hashut– 4

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da Slavez Pen

Letters from the Forum And answered by our intrepid hobgoblins... send it to

SLAVE! Lower your stoop and step quickly! Next time I ask you to do something it had best be completed before you take another breath, lest it be your last. Fetch the 50 casks empty casks from the Slavers’ Guild and deliver them to Thugman’s Brewery. And don’t even think about asking the other slaves what this is for. Keep your head about you around the Slavers’ Guild and make haste, or I will see to it personally that your head will finds a new home - in the gutters outside Thugman’s Brewery. Now step-to! The very sight of you makes my fresh crawl, you loathesome creature. ~Nicodemus the Indefatigable, Grand Imperious Dungeon Master, Keeper of Dawi Zharr Laws and Order, Watcher of The Cataract and Arch Lord Forgemaster of Zharr Grungron Ankor Pffft! We don hav’ listen to you lotz, dis issue da ladz and me take over!

Dear lousy worthless gits, I hear that Skaven slaves are more useful than you lot, and that they are far more effective. What have you to say about that?! Twitchtail the Mad Demz loozey rat things? Well wez know for a fax dat the ladz and the orgz could take them to the caverns and wup them but good. Dear Slave Pen, I’m working on a magic poison that will make us, Dawi Zarr stronger and more skilled then ever. I’m not going to tell you where it’s all about (alright, I’ll give you hint: it has something to do with mutations), but the problem is that it’s not finished yet, I need to test it on natural hobgoblin slave with an as big as possible brain (for a slave). And... Well, you can write, so I thought... Does it fit for you to come to the temple tomorrow ? Wargot, great sorcerrer of Hashut Da tenplez? Yo mean whrez that big Boss Stunties gather? Of coursez we will willz if menaz no cleaning and washiz da templz floors foa change. Whtz happened? Mez and Stub Nose shoot the giant arrow thinz. Weza went to sleep one night almost a season ago and woke up the next day and the arrow thing was a bit more frail. Like an old slave. I told the boss thar stub Nose damaged it. Haz not seen him since. Still don’t knoz what happenzed. Muzzle Face (Maul’s Whipping Hobo) (Looks around shiftly, more so then usual for a hobgoblin). Wazzzin’t me or any ‘o da ladz in this crew. I heard olde Magrott knewz something with dat ganz.

Issue 10- The Word of Hashut– 5

Wordz of da Big Boss! What’s this some sort of “take over” for the Word of Hashut? Ok, just who let the hobgoblins get in control? I sure know it wasn’t me.

Protests aside I thought it would be fun to do a “take over” issue of the Word of Hashut. The genesis for this idea was actually for Issue #3 of the Word of Hashut back in the Fall of 2008. At this time however it didn’t really make too much sense as the ezine was just getting off the ground back and we were only a couple of issues in. For nearly two years I would push the release out it out further and further until finally here we are. It was ain interesting wait for just the right time and much like doing the Arena of Death match up and the Flags of War in Issue #6 I wondered would another ezine beat us to the punch. An important thing to keep in mind is that playing with all hobgoblins is something that will not be for everyone, nor is it entirely feasible. But that is the beauty of it. As I alluded in my editorial last quarter that sometimes the best games of Warhammer are the ones where you don’t worry about points or balance and just play. So what could be more wacky or fun they playing at a disadvantage and not worry about whether you win. Dovetailing with that is my actual experience with 8th edition Warhammer. For the first time in years I actually got a game in and I had a blast. 8th edition Warhammer has a decidedly 3rd edition feel to me; more random and less “playing the rules”. If this is what GW was trying for then they definitely hit the mark quite nicely by my estimation. I know some of the power gamers and rules lawyers are wailing and gnashing their teeth right about now, but I find that comical. As it stands right now this is the rules we have for the next 3-4 years and I’m fine with them. About the only thing I don’t like is no longer guessing at ranges for artillery, I always enjoyed the randomness of that. Onwards to other news its getting into the later portions of the year and by the next time I write in this space the year will be winding down. On the horizon is 2011 and the continued rumors of a Fantasy Division from Forgeworld. What that means for us who knows but as I write this about a month out from our publication deadline I can’t help but wonder if Forgeworld’s plans include Chaos Dwarfs; lets hope so. Also this brings me to a sore point about the Winter Issue of the Word of Hashut: the winter issue is typically the most difficult to produce due to the nature of the holidays themselves. So I ask in advance that everyone working towards the winter issue make sure you take extra effort to get your stuff in on time or preferably before. So until December keep getting those games of 8th edition Warhammer in and doing so it keeps our presence out there and know to the larger gaming community that might not have any idea of what chaos dwarfs are.

Editor-in-Chief of the Word of Hashut Issue 10- The Word of Hashut– 6

The Return of the Dawi


The Return of the Dawi


Issue 10- The Word of Hashut– 11

G Sneaky it By Iamahobgoblin

By Willmark Issue 10- The Word of Hashut– 12


By Ghost

By David Hansevi @

By Nicodemus Issue 10- The Word of Hashut– 13

GOLD- Ishkur Cinderhat

GaA m e s D a y B a l t i Report By Willmark

into a Treekin plus a Treeman and got ripped to shreds! One nice spot was my Black Orc General and his unit of Black Orcs tearing the throat out of a dryad unit that had moved through a wood and got poison attacks!

A Gathering of Dawi Zharr


ell its that time once again, seems like just a year ago I headed to Gamesday 2009 in Toronto to visit with Xander, Vexxus and Sojourn. This time it was the plan to head southwards towards the Washington DC area and visist by buddies Jeff and Dave (in from Rhode Island) along with seeing Xander and Vexxus. For me I was relieved to get on the road on Friday the 20th as if you’ve read the site for the last few months youíll know that I have not being doing to well health wise and my son has had a few injuries and a surgery to boot. Suffice of to say things started out good, but it seems the fickle Chaos Gods had some torments in mind, namely the start of a cold? In August? Surely the chaos gods are cruel. Anyways after a 6 hour drive I made it to Rockville Maryland where I would be staying with Jeff. Dave had already flown in earlier and they were engaged in playing a game of Warhammer when I pulled in. What a better why to kick off the weekend! Luckily for me they finished up and it was off to dinner, and then back to Jeff ’s for another game of Warhammer which was to prove to be my first. As all my armies are packed away in preparation for a move we played with Jeff ’s armies: Jeff commanding his Wood Elves and I took over the Orcs and Goblins. Despite some good initial success and spot on rolls with the artillery dice it was not to be, as my horde unit of Boyz ran

After a light breakfast I donned my Chaos Dwarfs T-shirt and we headed out despite my starting to feel worse (what rotten timing) as the last time I had seen Dave was 5 years ago. A ½ hour drive and we were parked in Baltimore and heading into the convention center. The lines were long, but they moved very fast. And it no short time we were inside.

The place is truly massive and GW took up an impressive amount of space. As if on queue the group of 40k gamers off to the left engaged in the prerequisite WAAAGGGAH!! The three of us made our way through the displays of terrain and minis in the open areas and looks at some of the art. One thing that was noticeable right off the bat was the long line at the Forgeworld store, the Store set up this time around was massive. At first Jeff and I being veterans of Gamesday 2008 in Baltimore we just perused the store and hoped that there would be a “Fire sale” at the end of the day like there was last time (in 2008 I got my dwarf battalion boaxed set- 60% off!), but alas this time it was not to be. From there we made our way over to the special guests of which I recognized John Blanche and Jermey Vetock. We milled around and talked with the lads who were very accommodating. One thing that was readily apparent was that the staffers might have been under order not to say too much. I could be mistaken, but it seemed that they were holding back, almost evasive? Even the models that were on display were underwhelming with but a handful of minis from the Isle of Blood: only high elves which being a high elf player too I was fine with and none of the Skaven, at least not that I saw anyways. From there we ate lunch and thatís when I started loosing my voice. Making our way over to the Chaos Dwarfs table I met up with Vex and Xander

Issue 10- The Word of Hashut– 18

imore 2010 who were busy working away and promoting the website with gusto. The table looked great and the cool thing was there were a lot of people stopping by and taking cards with the website url on it. Ryanamandaanna was there as well taking photos and videos which he has posted here forum/showthread.php?tid=8086 My one big regret was that I was not able to help out Vex and Xander more. I did get to spend some time talking to folks at the table and chatting about Chaos Dwarfs but my voice was getting even worse (by about 5 PM I could barely talk above a whisper). My buddies who were off in the Forgeworld line now returned and we made our way through the rest of the club tables. There were some cool ones but if one was truly objective the Chaos Dwarf Table really stood out as

Realizing that the line would get long soon for the Golden Daemon minis we made our way upstairs to check them out. The line was not that long at that time and we were able to look everything over in a relatively short amount of time. To be quite honest there were some nice paint jobs, but nothing that stood out to me as so amazing that to say that some of our best modelers and painters on this site couldnít hold their own. My one irritation here were some of the tools that wandered in without waiting in line. Around this time we got to see some of the costume folks including two sisters of battle. The best were the Space Marine (to scale no less) and the Chaos Terminator. There was also an Ork Boy with animatronics that GW had set up that was pretty cool. The next few hours would be devoted to terrain and model building. Unlike 2008 and 2009 I went to the mini builds first. The pickings were all about chaos; either 40k or Fantasy Battle so with that I mind I decided to not try for something chaos dwarf related as the time constraints meant that it would be exceptionally tough. Another thing its a tough task to model with only clippers and glue! With that I mind I set out to make baroque style chaos warriors, not with the intentions of getting as many bitz on them as I say many people doing ,but to try and make them like “chaos space marines” the judges were unimpressed. From there I went and joined Jeff and Dave at the terrain tables. As it was the second to last session of the day the pickings were a bit slim, add to the fact that pieces were being “ìliberated” by folks during the day; Anyways I started off with a single idea in my mind but based on the parts available I switched gears and made a shrine rather quickly with the parts that I had available. Jeff and Dave likely wise got struck in and Jeff made a rather impressive 3 story ruined structure.

Dave, Mark (Willmark) and Jeff.. (combined years of Warhammer? Too much to count!) being one of the better ones; kudos to the lads for such a sweet setup and representing Chaos Dwarfs Online so well. From there we swung back around and viewed the minis from the Special Guests again and made sure we got some photos with the space marine statue!

Issue 10- The Word of Hashut– 19

tired from the days travails and did not get another game of Warhammer in unfortunately. I was feeling like crap by this point. However we talked a lot about the game, gaming in general and spent time catching up. Even with only seeing them occasionally over the last few years we always seem to mesh and pick up right where we left off. Truly I have been blessed to have both in my life for as long as I have.

In no short time it was time for the Forgeworld session so it was back upstairs. Tony Cottrell was the speaker and if you know about Forgeworld you know who he is. He was a great speaker and very funny and self-effacing. The entire presentation was all about the Imperial Armor books and 40k, which befits their focus. The Q&A session at the end became quickly mired in the excruciating detail of every tiny detail that only 40k players could get too ;) such as when will X shoulder pad appear (asked multiple times no less). Finally one of us asked about the rumors of a Fantasy Division for Forgeworld. Here Tony paused and it was evident that he was considering his words quite carefully. All he basically said was stay tuned which to me meant Gamesday UK; see below).

Sunday morning we had breakfast at a coffee shop and then said our goodbyes which is always sad as I only get see these my oldest, best friends every once and a while (Dave was flying out later). From there it was the drive back, which went pretty fast with no major traffic issues. All in all it was fun and a great time to catch up with friends (I just which I felt better and could have spent more time with Vex and Xander). The highlights were seeing every one and I think my favorite part was making terrain and minis with my buddies. It was fun as I had no idea what I would make and it just came together in each case it just kind of of happened as I sat down and

After that it was one more quick swing through the store: I had successfully avoided buying Space Hulk, Talisman and starting a new Space Marine army. Iíve been contemplating Dark Angels and some of the bits for them. I have a feeling that aside from revamping my Chaos Dwarf army for 8th once we move to our new house itís going to be either a new High Elf army or a Dark Angels armyÖ. Or more likely both. From there it was stashing our goodies in Jeffís car and dinner at Baltimore harbor. At dinner we got into a lengthy discussion about George RR Martinís Song of Ice and Fire series which we all love! Yep we are geeks, god love us so. After the ride back to DC we were all pretty

looked at what I had available to work with. This is just as well as I have always preferred the hobby accepts of the game more. As I noted above my biggest complaint about Gamesday 2010 (aside from getting a cold) was

Issue 10- The Word of Hashut– 20

the fact that it was blatantly obvious that GW was not giving away anything about future releases, and that they were saving up announcements for Gamesday UK. (Please realize that I wrote this at the end of August/ beginning of September so obviously events of Gamesday UK will make this somewhat dated news. And as a further update obviously something big came out, see above! That wraps it up for this Gamesday report. Next year Gamesday is in Chicago and itĂ­s a further drive for me, even cutting through Cananda. Swissdictaor and I have discussed it and we will have to see what the future brings for 2011. (As a postcript my camera malfunctioned during photo imports and I lost a vast number of the shots I had taken... Did I mention the Chaos Gods seem to love toying with me lately?)

Issue 10- The Word of Hashut– 21

By warh

By Slambo

Issue 10- The Word of Hashut– 23

By Bolg

By M3lvin Issue 10- The Word of Hashut– 24

By Slim

Hobboz! Issue 10- The Word of Hashut– 25

da Big Canon!

Hobgoblins By Ancient History


n the world of Warhammer Fantasy, hobgoblins are a breed of Greenskins like their cousins, the Snotlings, Goblins, Orcs, and Gnoblars. They are reviled

by their kin for an ancient treachery, and so synonymous with backstabbing that they have literally evolved a bony plate on their back to protect them from the blades of their fellows. Almost unheard of in the Old World, some of the Hobgoblin race willingly serves the Chaos Dwarf empire as assassins and overseers, while others ride the wild steppes of the East, mounted on great wolves and answering to the khans. The original Warhammer concept of the hobgoblin is ill-defined, but appears to owe substantially to Tolkein’s The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, and possibly something to the earliest editions of Dungeons & Dragons, though this is difficult to say with any certainty. Tolkein had initially made the error, in translating the hobgoblin from English folklore into his fantasy milieu, of mistaking them for greater goblins, when in fact the hobgoblin was originally a lesser breed—closer to a Snotling! In the Beginning, there was…Throg Hobgoblins had been included as some of the C-series blisters of the early 1980s, around the time of the original Chaos Dwarf models. The distinctions from goblins and orcs were initially minor—in size, the Hobgoblins were similar to Great Goblins and Orcs, the principal difference was that several Hobgoblin models had oriental bent from the start, sometimes armed with naginatas, oriental-style rocket launchers, and wearing facsimiles of laquered armor and helmets—but aside from the name there was little to distinguish them. Aside from the name, 1983’s Citadel Compendium included Hobgoblins as “goblinoids” subject to animosity like other Greenskins. The hobgoblin concept and their backstory began to gel with the release of The Mighty Throg and his Hobgoblin Despoilers of the Darklands (1985). After the Goblin Wars, Throg—along with many other Goblins, Orcs, and Hobgoblins—was driven east across the World’s Edge Mountains into the Dark Lands, a desolate land of constant volcanic activity and steaming tar pits. Throg carved out a small empire in the western Dark Lands and raided the Dwarfs, until eventually he was slain… and possibly eaten by his mates. Throg is little remembered today, but he and his Regiment of Renown set the stage for later Hobgoblin developments, by tying them in to background material that serendipitously overlapped with the early Chaos Dwarf Renegades. Still, by 1987—when Rogue Trader became

Warhammer 40K, and Warhammer was heading into it’s 3rd edition—the hobgoblins were marginalized, present as only a skeleton list in Warhammer Armies (1988), their models no longer in production. The de-emphasis on Hobgoblins probably led to their exclusion from Warhammer 40K, and the subsequent development of the Ork army background without the Hobgoblins might explain their continued limited appearances in Warhammer Fantasy. Whatever the reason, Hobgoblins would have to wait until Warhammer 4th Edition and the revitalization of the Chaos Dwarfs by Rick Priestly before making a return to the game.

Slaves and Slit Throats White Dwarf Presents: Chaos Dwarfs (1994) recreated the Hobgoblins almost from scratch. Like with Chaos Dwarfs, Priestly took the bare bones of their background stories and used it as the basis for his own recreation. From this point on, the fate of Hobgoblins in Warhammer Fantasy was almost entirely tied to that of Chaos Dwarfs. The Hobgoblins presented in this book and World of Warhammer (1995) are the most treacherous Greenskins, taller than Goblins but less burly than Orcs, and untrusted by everyone, even other goblinoids. During the height of the Black Orc Rebellion, it was the hobgoblins that betrayed the Black Orcs, selling themselves into servitude in order to protect their own green hides, and the rebellion was put down, the Black Orcs driven into the west. For this, the Hobgoblins became the slave overseers of the Chaos Dwarfs—and earned

Issue 10- The Word of Hashut– 27

the enmity of all other Greenskins. To the north and east of Zharr-Naggrund lay the mountain clefts of Gash Kadrak, the Vale of Woe, home to a tribe of Hobgoblins that were reviled even by their backstabbing kin, the Sneaky Gits. Hobgoblin “cavalry” rode massive wolves, like their Goblin kin, and gave birth to notorious “heroes” like Gorduz Backstabber. The Hobgobla Khanate Wolf-riding goblins were essentially created out of whole cloth by Tolkein, and the earliest hobgoblin models didn’t ride wolves—they used wardogs called Hobhounds—but the original, oriental aspect of the Hobgoblins and the Hobgoblin Wolf Riders used by the Chaos Dwarf armies were fused together in the latter days of Warhammer 5th Edition to create the concept of a Mongol-styled Hobgoblin civilization. White Dwarf #231 (US numbering, 1999) provided the harbingers of these nomadic Greenskins in the form of two Regiments of Renown: Ghazak Khan, the Terror of the East and Oglah Khan’s Wolfboyz.

article presents both presentations of Hobgoblins as equally valid—some are slaves to the Chaos Dwarfs in the Dark Lands, others are a mighty nomadic empire of wolfboyz. The nomadic Hobgoblins are known to have raided from Kislev to Cathay in their travels, under the auspices of the Hobgobla Khan—a title that passes regularly as the old Hobgobla Khan falls in battle or is assassinated (a fairly regular event); only Morcar Khan the Cunning managed to die of old age! The Hobgoblin tribes of the steps are also said to have shamans, like other Greenskins, and be able to bind wind daemons—a reference to Ghazak Khan’s infamous magical helm.

The new background described the Great Steppe beyond the Dark Lands, leading to far Cathay, and dominated by nomadic, wolfriding Hobgoblin tribes led by khans. These nomadic Hobgoblins, unlike the other tribes in the Dark Lands, are not allied with or servants of the Chaos Dwarfs, though they raid caravans in the Dark Lands and trade slaves with the Dawi’Zharr. The khan of khans was the Hobgobla Khan, who sent Ghazak Khan to the Old World as a mercenary general and to learn the tactics of the armies there. Oglah Khan, in a similar vein, was a disgraced warlord fleeing the wrath of the Hobgobla Khan, and who sold his spears to the highest bidder from his former master’s domain. These two regiments made their way into Warhammer 6th Edition via Warhammer Chronicles 2003 and Warhammer Chronicles 2004, but for the most part, such as in Ogre Kingdoms (2005), Hobgoblins were only mentioned in connection with Chaos Dwarfs, and to the time of this writing remain obscure. Uncanonical—but Interesting! The first edition of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (1987), based on Warhammer 2nd Edition did include hobgoblins, along with half-orcs, gnomes, fimir, and other races ultimately cut from the game. By far the most development of the Hobgoblins’ background recently has been in Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2nd Edition, through the Old World Bestiary (2005). The

Hobgoblins have also appeared in Blood Bowl on the Chaos Dwarf team. The cheap, disposable, and dirty-playing Hobgoblins linemen are considered one of the team’s great strengths, with the particular back-stabbing nature of the Sneaky Gits transformed into an advantage when fouling on the field of play. Hobgoblin Star Players have included such dastards as Rashnak Backstabber and Dodgee Gitface. Of course, the Hobgoblins also serve the Chaos Dwarf in another way—as cheerleaders. Now that’s really uncanonical!

Issue 10- The Word of Hashut– 28

            

  

 

                  

                                    

                                                                                         

                                 

                                  

                                     

   

We stock a wide range of Warhammer, WH40k and Hobby supplies. Including bits from the Island of Blood box set. It will be expanded at the earliest opportunity to include good quality scenery/basing products. Issue 10- The Word of Hashut– 29

of the White Cliffs High Elves vs. Chaos Dwarfs - 1200 pts By Marell le Fou (NOTE: This was originally to appear in the Word of Hashut #9, but you know how these things go sometimes. – Willmark) A Dragonship rides the waves like no other ship does across the vast oceans of the world. In front of the two powerful bows, the Dragonblade rams seemed to settle even in the spray thrown up by the bright bow. The rune blade remained dry and bright immaculate, drops of water stick literally on their surface. The metal was so polished and shiny when they were created, centuries earlier that they gleam even now. The fleet of Ulthuan, at least a small component of its fleet, was going to war. Aboard the ship was Dolvór of Tolern, a young admiral on his first mission. He could not dream of anything better. His family, among the most noble of the kingdom, had predisposed him from birth to a position of responsibility. He joined the crew of the Shard of Iridshaar few weeks earlier and had immediately reorganized the crew according to his own liking. And now, just days after the dastardly machines of deformed dwarfs have been reported - Dolvór refused to call them “ships” - the fleet had set sail, determined to nullify the threat however minor it is. Before the council, Dolvór stood up first and asked immediately the mission to be assigned to him for he longed to go to battle and prove his worth. Therefore they were there now, off the coast of jagged ice of Norsca. In this part of the Old World the influence chaos was keenly felt, perhaps more then anywhere else. It was here that caft of

the vile Chaos Dwarfs had been clearly identified to the north by the crew of a Hawkship patrol. Once sighted and confirmed beyond a doubt the Chaos Dwarfs sailed south in hopes of finding a passage to the human lands. Although the fate of these humans were totally unimportant to Dolvór, it was appropriate to seize any opportunity to show the omnipotence of the Elven Fleet to inferior races. But in their pursuit the Chaos Dwarfs were lost along the bleak shores of Norsca. The Hawkships came back from patrol again and again with no luck. They had already visited a number of fjords and passed along from an impressive number of small islands that dotted the coast to no avail. Still, they returned empty-handed. But not this time, after several weeks of pursuit the small runic mirrors used to communicate remotely within the fleet shone with a crimson light. The enemy had finally been found at last. Dolvór immediately gave orders to tighten the wind closer and set sail in direction of the coast. He slid his telescope from its silk case while the vessel was turned in the breeze and redoubled its speed heading towards the shores. On the pristine white of it, Dolvór easily spotted dots topped with plumes of black oily smoke, pitifully trying to move in the waters of a fjord. The High Elf turned and spoke to his second. “Send immediately a Hawkship to report the news of our victory in Ulthuan. The noble Elf nodded and disappeared. “We will not wait for their pathetic hulks come to us, or we will still be here next year”, murmured Dolvór for himself. A smirk curled his thin lips as he watched the enemy again. A day of glory that was offered them and determined not to waste it he went to the master helmsman. “Set on them right away, let them feel the power of

Issue 10- The Word of Hashut– 38

our blades...” While the vast rocky cliffs rose from both sides of the bridge, Dolvór looked with satisfaction at the suddenly panicked movements of enemy small skiffs. They gathered piteously, no doubt they hoped to fight! Dolvór’s smile suddenly froze. A crevice hidden by a rocky outcrop suddenly released a huge mass of blackened metal spewing thick smoke consists of oil not completely burned and ashes. Then a second, then another two... The silhouette of guns of unimaginable size began to turn in their direction. The High Elf Admiral had heard the stories submitted by sailors, of ships equipped with weapons capable of changing the sea itself into a deluge of fire to a staggering scope. Dolvór had rejected this nonsense with a dismissive shrug.

Forward Finally, I see the fleet of High Elves again. The reason being was that I played them myself not so long ago. For this occasion this sea battle will be agasints the Chaos Dwarfs, adapted to hold onto and crush the opponent. Thus a clash against the Navy of Ulthuan to be had and a bloody one at that thanks to the extreme nature of some of its power and weapons in its arsenal. The battle will not be easy because it takes place in a narrow fjord: my table is narrow (1m10 to 2m) and my ships cannot hope to wage a guerrilla style battle, which it excels in usually. We’ll have to get into contact or nearly so in order to prevail in order to win which is not the High Elf fleet’s forte; rather it is a severe disadvantage for me as my ship is fragile compared to most opponents in Man O War.

The admiral signaled to all his fleet to remember that he commanded the best ships in the world. On both sides of the Elven fleet, the cliffs were close, dangerously close pushing the squadrons to operate closer to the narrow strip of water.

For this scenario we have greatly limited the quantity of islands for this battle. Its alos important to note that my opponent had only one battle to his credit prior.

Perhaps he had erred, finally ...

Scenario There isn’t one here… it’s a good old-fashioned

The Fleets

High-Elves fleet - 1200 pts • 1 Dragonship (admiral ship with “Surgeon” shipcard and wardancers onboard) • 1 Eagleship (with “Master Gunner” ship card and wardancers onboard) • 4 Squadrons of Hawkships. • 1 Wizard Lord of the Grey College. • 2 Shipcards. Chaos-Dwarves fleet - 1200 pts • 2 Thunderfire Battlebarge (including admiral ship). • 2 Great Leveller Battlebarge. • 2 Squadrons of Hull-breakers. • 1 Squadron of Death-Rollers. • 1 Chaos Lord Sorcerer Note: We had both forgotten the ship card that goes with the admiral ship for free.

Thunderfire Battlebarges Thunderfire Battlebarges feature immense Thunderfire Rocket Batteries at the fore of the ship, which fire twenty foot long rockets of volatile ammunition, some of the most terrible weapons of the Old World.

Issue 10- The Word of Hashut– 39

death match. Strategy and deployment Given the narrowness of the table, I could not hope to circulate around the enemy fleet and harass him as the high elves are accustomed. Also there will be little or no possible escape. I imagine a strategy based on a lateral movement by placing my four squadrons of Hawkships on either side of the table. I plan to advance the left squadrons ahead, and then cross to the other side of the table quickly as soon as the first squadrons of my opponent show the tip of their nose. The squadron will continue its movement in the left circle back among my ships after the quick attack. Then, the right side will be ready to make a second circular passage to the left to pick off any enemy ships still afloat.

My opponent has put forward his squadrons of small vessels; both of my larger ships will be ready to pick them at any time. Especially the Dragonship is the scourge of opponents that can sustain a small quantity of damage under the waterline. I also plan to seize the first opportunity for the Hawkships to dive through enemy lines to reach the Great Levellers. This will mean one way or another that they will have to pass very near the Hull-Breaker squadrons at one time or another, and we know the risks of doing that. But hitting the enemy long ranged ships is one of my main objectives as my small vessels are too fragile to sustain fire from the destruction that the Chaos Dwarf fleet is sure to bring.

Great Leveller Battlebarges Great Leveller Battlebarges are so named for the massive mortars mounted in their bows, whose massive iron cannonballs grow red-hot and cause massive waves and a deluge of boiling steam and spray when the land-more than enough to snap in two any ships in the vicinity.

For his part, the Chaos Dwarfs admiral placed its fleet online by putting forward his smaller vessels to prevent me from getting around. This has a two-fold advantage for the Chaos Dwarfs as it makes it tougher to keep the High Elf ships at long range and will work to nullify keeping them well protected on the other hand. Turn 1: Initiative to the Chaos Dwarfs The Chaos sorcerer fails to launch Death Surge and loses a level of power due to the backlash. The High Elf Wizard does not launch any spell. As planed, I start the beginning of my movement by moving my squadron of Hawkships on the left who will drive them to the right of the table, bearing the same time - I hope - my opponent squadrons. If it is possible to cross, I hope my way quickly to attack the Trembler barges, but it will not be easy. Any stop in range of the HullBreakers and I’m done.

Issue 10- The Word of Hashut– 40

For their part, the chaos dwarfs moving slowly and keep their initial formation.

Turn 2: Initiative to the High Elfs The High Elf Wizard tries to launch “Ghosts” but again stumbles on the deck, this time after a large wave and missed his invocation. The Wizard of Chaos does not try again any spells.

Turn 2: Initiative to High-Elves The High Elf Wizard tries to launch a “Strike Storm” on the enemy admiral ship, but fails in his invocation; he must have caught his feet in a The Chaos Dwarfs have continued their advance, line laying around on deck. The Wizard of Chaos sending the Thunder-Rollers on the forefront. does not try any spells. They are preparing to cross the strait between two large icebergs. I do not know what to make of all this movement, unaccustomed to maneuver my 30 On the left, as expected, the Hawks advance, cm (that’s consequences of playing Orcs last ready to tack toward the center to attack time). I join my two Hawkships squadron so Thunder-Rollers, or to pass between Hullthey can attack all at once when they turn toward Breaker. Meanwhile, two of them send fourth the center. fire from their ballista on the lead ship of the squadron in front, damaging the machinery of a The Chaos Dwarfs are progressing slowly but Hull-Breaker and reducing its speed of 7.5 cm. surely, especially the Thunder-Rollers who rush to meet the High-Elves. Their advance The Eagleship performs a first movement in a straight line allows them 7.5 cm further and sends a volley on the Thunder-Rollers, movement. One wonders however if it is wise to particularly successful thanks to the experience do so? of the gunners (Master Gunner ship card). The hit enemy ship lose both his both weapons and its superstructure takes a blow. That should cool the ardor of those rash skiffs. I move my Dragonship to use my blades to be able to use the Dragon blades, if the small vessels of the Chaos Dwarfs still persist in their arrogance. The ships attacked can’t fight back because their attacks can only hand-to-hand, of course, but the Trembler Barge makes for them, literally igniting the sea area in the middle of my more advanced Hawkship squadron on the left of the battlefield. A slight deviation saves happily one of the two vessels involved. After estimating the distance separating me from the Great Levellers, I move my two main ships. Of course, this does not correspond to my strategy, but the Dragonship is particularly suitable against smaller ships and ThunderRollers. As my opponent has advanced by 22.5 cm, full steam ahead in a straight line away of the rest of the fleet this presents an opportunity. It would be a shame not to have something to welcome them, as they should if they continue their folly. The chaos dwarfs cross icebergs, advancing in a perfect formation, ejecting oily water in their wake after cooling their machinery.

Here is the situation at the end of the turn. Turn 3: Initiative to the Chaos Dwarfs The Wizard of Chaos cast “Howling Spirit”, but the High Elf Wizard dispels it. In return the High Elf Wizard tries to launch “Ulthuan Chill Bones “, but is suddenly seasick and ran to the railing; again with a failed attempt. On the right, the first squadron of Hawkships advance to face the Hull-Breakers flagship, smashing his hammer, his bow and burning his engines, thereby depriving him of his weapon and a good part of his capacity for movement. The Thunder-rollers optimistically rush to past the strait formed by two large icebergs, crossing in a daring maneuver in order to be able to shoot

Issue 10- The Word of Hashut– 41

and despite the cries of rage of their occupants, the rest of the squadron as a whole is properly skewered on runic blades elves and sent to the bottom. The Chaos Dwarfs response is obviously tremendous. Although it is at its far range, the Great Leveller manages to send one of its shells spraying an iceberg and damages the castle of the enemy flagship.

at enemy ships. One of the Hawkships on the right of the admiral’s ship and the Eagleship take one shot each, that only light damage the Hawkship. Outraged that ignoble dwarfs marked by chaos and ill seafarers can send extra shots in his beautiful white ship the High Elf Admiral orders his ship with the powerful Dragon Blade Rams towards intruders. However, things do not go quite as planned for the High Elves as the Chaos Dwarf ship’s hull is surprisingly strong and resilient. The Dragon Blades grind against the thick sheets of iron on the enemy ship without being able to pierce it. But what the blade fails to do the Wardancers do admirably: The ship of Chaos Dwarfs is quickly overwhelmed and properly emptied of its crew without firing a shot in return.

The High Elf Admiral thrown to the deck by the shock notes to pay closer attention to the stories of sailors and allows himself to think that the effects of arsenal Dwarf Chaos may not have been overstated. It will not be the last time he has proof of that this day. On the right, the second squadron of Hawkships joined the first one and addressed a few new shots to the Hull-Breaker squadron, without inflicting damage. In retrospect, I think I’d have done better to leave them behind for the left squadrons, but at the time I preferred to move to eventually cover my Dragonship and threaten the Hull-Breakers to distract them from it. The Hawkships still within reach of the second Thunderfire Battlebarge and are again targeted and shot before they could move. It’s a mistake

Meanwhile the Dragonship is still in its first movement. Invoking the rule of the flash boarding allows the vessel to depart in the same round with only a moderate loss of half of its second movement. With that the experienced crew of the flagship of the High Elfs is back on board in a flash and manage to contact successively the two other ships of the squadron after passing the empty shell of the first. Given the proximity of the vessels of the Chaos Dwarfs and the difficulty of maneuvering for the Dragonship, we agree that a single blade contacts the hull of the Thunder-Rollers. Unfortunately for the Chaos Dwarfs this is more than sufficient Issue 10- The Word of Hashut– 42

to have moved them before the Dragonship ... When the flames and the smoke clears, one of them ends up sinking while another received damage to his mast and castle. (Yeah… Thunderfire Battlebarges vs Hawkships? We all saw that one coming. Willmark). Determined to avenge themselves the seafarers of the Hawkships go all out. I am making a huge mistake in suddenly deciding that enemy Hull-Breakers have already acted this turn and that they do not represent a threat anymore. Without a doubt, driven by the desire to slip between the vessels of the fleet, I send them all to slalom between vessels of my enemies equipped with spurs. Of course I manage to send powerful shots to the Great Leveler, but the price of this error is elevated. A moment later the Hull-Breakers pivot on themselves and shatter the fragile shell of my Hawkships using their powerful steam rams. The second squadron of Hawkships arrived too late to prevent the massacre but takes action on the Chaos Dwarfs to avenge their brothers. The nearest vessel is the flagship and is literally pockmarked with blasts from the High Elf weaponry and his machinery and bow destroyed. A particularly powerful blow spit Net the Captain, provoking a war of succession on board. While the most committed candidate shoot ends at close rivals who might try to bite him instead, the vessel is deprived of fire and movement until the end of the next round. Again in response, the Admiral’s Thunderfire Barge sends its rockets to smash against a Hawkship newly arrived. It is almost destroyed with ten impacts and is turned into a useless hulk, losing its two ballista, half its hull and its castle. High Elf bodies litter the waves from the assault.

The Hawkships on the left perform a rotational movement towards the center, highlighting a passage for the admiral Thunderfire Battlebarge. No fewer than six shots are sent, and all are just bounce off barely scratching the powerful shield of the infernal machinery of the Chaos Dwarfs. Frustrated, but fearing the effectiveness of enemy Hull-Breakers, the Hawkships close to the enormous enemy ship determined to take the risk of a collision to overcome the enemy and attack the Great Leveler behind him. Determined not to let this outrage go unpunished, the second Thunderfire Battlebarge of the Chaos Dwarves sends a volley of rockets on the Hawkships. Again a piece of the mast and castle that is shattered by the impact of six rockets on the smaller High Elf ships. A severe blow to be sure, but one which does not decrease the firepower or maneuverability of the Elves.

The end of the turn arrives with these already impressive shots. Turn 4: Initiative to the High Elfs Forcibly returned to the deck by the Admiral the High Elf Wizard is summoned to finally demonstrate his usefulness and managed under threat, to launch an Aura of Growth on the Hawkship destroyed by the enemy. Encouraged by this first spell cast correctly, the High Elf Wizard also manages to counter the Sea of Plague launched by his rival. Issue 10- The Word of Hashut– 43

The Dragonblade rams on the prows of the Dragonship Shard of Iridshaar shine with a thousand lights emerging from the other side of the split hulls while one of the Great Levelers is a victim of a shooting incident and devoid of attacks for the round despite an original move backward to keep the enemy in its firing range. The glorious Dragonship is quickly protected by a screen of Hawkships separating her from the central Thunderfire Battlebarge which is targeted at the same time. The bow broke out in several pieces with debris causing the death of many crewmembers, reducing to three the Chaos Dwarfs still aboard. On the right the Hawkships began their attack in a pincer movement sending a shot on the Hull-Breakers before continuing their movement towards the center of the battle zone. One of the vessels targeted loses the power of impact of his ship, and the other two see their machines targeted again. The critical hits that emerge cause a crack under the waterline in one and a fire at the other, but they are still all afloat. Abused and too far away to do anything better and constantly under fire for two rounds by the elves, the Hull-Breakers surge forward and somehow one of them managed to contact one of the Hawkships who had sent them a salvo. The shot is unable to pierce the hull which resists, but the ship of the Dwarfs Chaos forces press its advantage by continuing to hit the Hawkships, pushing it onto an other member of the squadron and massacring its small crew. These movements have dangerously brought the Hull-Breakers near the Dragonship, which swiftly departs and passes through the two vessels remaining.

Taking her turn the second Great Leveler sends a powerful blast to the flagship of the High Elves. But it is a victim of its random effectiveness with the shot is deflected and landing on the HullBreaker who had disposed of the crewmembers of the Hawkship! Damage is slight but the boiler of the smaller vessel bursts depriving it of half its movement. The Eagleship mingles in the bitter fighting by sending a triple volley of its ballista to the HullBreaker still smoking before emptying its crew and sending some sailors control the abandoned Hawkship. We don’t like Chaos Dwarfs who kill elves with axes here! The flagship of the Chaos Dwarfs returns fire on one of the Hawkships protecting the Dragonship but failed to harm it in the slightest. The end of the turn arrives. The HullBreaker which was captured is scuttled with the markers of its counterpart (suffering a succession crisis) are removed and the piece is back on board (no doubt under the threat of a blunderbuss). (Is there another way to motivate reluctant Dawi Zharr in a battle? If there is I haven’t heard of it. – Willmark)

Issue 10- The Word of Hashut– 44

and two critical hits are received. The shelsl literally straddles the hull causing watersprouts to be thrown high into the air and just miss sinking the ship. As a side effect art of the crew was killed instantly on impact. Realizing that his own survival and that of his ship are at stake, Admiral High Elf puts aside his dreams of boarding the enemy flagship and hid behind

Tour 5: Initiative to the Chaos Dwarfs The Wizard of Chaos launches Wind of Chaos, which is dissipated by the rival High Elf Wizard. The latter slides on a piece of ice that fell from an iceberg in the battle and failed to launch Vermin Plague. In brief moment of contemplation while the battle rages on the High Elf Admiral briefly entertains the idea of throwing the High Elf Wizard overboard into the cold water…

By Loki

The round starts in the ultra-violence that the Chaos Dwarfs are so fond of with a successful firing of a Great Leveler Barge. The Dragonship and the Hawkship are lost in a nearby explosion of monumental fire, which ignites the flagship of the High Elves and damage the smaller vessel thereby depriving her of one ballista. The Hawkships who had taken the risk of closing to the enemy flagship are rewarded for their temerity as they finally come in and send fire into the powerful Great Leveler still intact behind enemy lines. The shots cause extensive damage destroying the stern, the machines and blowing up the reserve ammunition. In a loud, crackling metal shriek the hull gives way on all sides and two waterways are caused but the somehow the ship remains afloat. Ignoring the smaller vessels which in any case are too close to be targeted the Battle Barge that had failed to fire in the previous round shows its power by sending a new blow to the Dragonship

Thunder Rollers Thunder-rollers are an ingenious Chaos Dwarf craft that uses two steam boilers and a great iron roller mounted on steel arms and covered with long spikes. The ship builds up a considerable head of steam and rams into opposing craft, the iron roller tearing through the other ship’s hull with terrible force.

Issue 10- The Word of Hashut– 45

causes damage and cause one ignites a fire and the death of the crew killed by an explosion. The Elvish vessel is left floating without a crew, but the rest of the squadron gives back blow for blow with the huge vessel of the Chaos Dwarfs. A lucky shot to the stern causes a massive rupture of the hull that sinks the ship in few minutes.

the Great Leveler. With both hidden by the imposing mass and in a perfect position for striking the next round (which will not happen because it’s getting late, but hey ...). Incidentally, she sent a shot on target and causes a critical hit again but unfortunately is only rewarded by a single fire in the bow. The Chaos Dwarf ’s Admiral on his Thunderfire Barge dispatches a new volley of rockets on one of the Hawkhips which shows signs of dwarven engineering by against all odds resists six impacts.

The Hull-Breakers retaliate by attacking the Hawkships who dared not damage their flagship, and thus the two collide. The hulls of the enemy ships hold and the Chaos Dwarfs rush to the assault but are repulsed by the Elves selling their lives dearly for their ship. The Hull-Breaker is left adrift. As night falls and it is not possible to properly align a shot despite the fires that burn. Oil on the surface of the sea, dirty icebergs and explosions that are still abound along the huge hull of the Thunderfire Battlebarge as it sinks. Both fleets were separate but it ios clear that victory belongs to the High Elfs.

The first squadron of Hawkships on the right began a journey to the battle zone despite the temporary loss of crew due to a Hull-Breaker. They maneuver and succeed in targeting the enemy flagship and fire destroying the entire enemy machinery. The Chaos Dwarfs admiral is caught in a storm of rage and kills his chief mechanic on the spot. Finding themselves deprived of motion it increasingly looks like victory now clearly belongs to his enemies. The second Thunderfire Battlebarge rotates on itself in a grinding of gears to send off one more salvo to one of the Hawkships. This is the same target attacked in the previous round a volley of rockets. The Thunderfire Battlebarge

Issue 10- The Word of Hashut– 46

End of Game While the High Elfs have had one extra turn in which to act it was unnecessary as it might otherwise show that the arsenal of Chaos Dwarfs could still fight back. But with only small squadrons of ships left to the Chaos Dwarfs to nullify their opponents larger ships still left, victory was clearly on the side of the High Elfs as shown by the distribution of victory points. HIGH ELFS: 20 CHAOS DWARFS: 6 Debriefing Had there been another turn the Dragondship would havey attacked the Great Leveller barge. The Eagleship would have slipped between the first two Hull-Breakers sending three shots, before continuing to move forward and board the third one. The Hawkships would have been free to attack the flagship of the chaos dwarfs and sink it with a reasonable chance. For their part the Chaos Dwarfs were able to very severely damage the Dragonship, which does not float more than one point below the waterline. But the Eagleship was still intact and many Hawkships too; impossible to make them all disappear in one turn unless a miracle happened in rolling the dice. For the second game and first with the fleet of Chaos Dwarfs my opponent has conceded much committed some classic blunders with a new fleet. The targets of his weaponry should have been used against an opponent who deserved it more (the Thunderfire against Hawksipss and, conversely the Great Leveller against the Dragonship. However the Chaos Dwarf movements were carried out with intelligence and cohesion, the loss of ThunderRollers aside. As predicted everything more or less happened according to plan, perhaps even better than I expected in terms of the narrowness of the table. I also gained and even further appreciation of the Hawkships who have held to their perfect role in spearheading the fleet. Similarly, the Dragonship proved as strong as hoped, but really fragile in the general melee of boarding actions and the like.

My tacitics and battle plan were not fully implemented and primarily because of that mistake it cost me a squadron of Hawkships at once. The ability of these vessels to cross the table in its width very quickly proved to be very interesting to choose a target among all those that were within reach. It also helps behind an enemy unit, especially when it is effective at melee as Hull-Breakers are.

By Loki

Hull-Destroyers Hull-destroyers are smaller, faster ships fitted with great steam-powered rams that run the length of the ship. When brought to bear on an enemy ship, these weapons are like battering rams, hammering the hulls again and again.

Issue 10- The Word of Hashut– 47

I was frustrated at having finally unable to break through the enemy earlier in the game and send my ships yet fast to tangle with the Great Leveller Battlebarges. Thus I constantly remained within range of their powerful guns. Maybe I would been better off having engaged the enemy, made a U-turn at full speed in order to remove a portion of the fleet of these powerful barges. My opponent would have had to let me choose between him slipping through his fingers or move his fleet and with the slight movement of 10 cm, leaving his two mighty ships behind him. It will be something to try for next time.

Issue 10- The Word of Hashut– 48

NOTE: The rules for the Chaos Dwarf fleet orginally appeared in the Man ‘O War Plague Fleet.

Permission to photocopy ship data cards for personal use only was granted by Games Workshop for Plague Fleet in 1993. All rights reserved by Games Workshop. Reproduced here without permission.

d The Slave-Hurler is a fiendish invention, utilising the bodies of troublesome slaves, both living and dead. After all, why should a dead slave be thrown aside as scrap when it can be thrown at the enemy!

The shackled slaves are mounted onto sharp curved spikes, the metal piercing their lower back and holding them in place in excruciating pain The rare few that live to see the machine rotate them to the front firing position will have given up all thoughts of escape. Death will be their only escape now, as their bodies are thrown high into the air the comfort of no longer being impaled on the cursed mach will be very short lived… Slave-Hurler

Slave-Hurler Crew

…………………………………………….. M 4

WS 3

BS 3

S 3

T 7 3

W 3 1

I 2

A 1

100 points

Ld 6

Number of Crew: 3 Hobgoblins Equipment: Hand Weapon Range: 48” Strength: 4

Armour Save Modifier: -1

This war machine fires in a special way, the rules are described in full below. When it fires, nominate a target within range and line of sight a

The hurled slave inflicts a variable number of hits depending on the number of ranks of the target unit. Roll D3 for every rank the target unit make. If the Slave-Hurler hits a unit in the flank, count the rows of models as ‘ranks’ for this purpose. Casualties are allocated as with normal shooting hits. If firing at a target that does not have ranks, it inflicts D3 hits. The Slave-Hurler is affected by Loss of Crew in the same way as a Bolt Thrower.

da Stunty Forge



and roll to hit as normal.

t has, this is the total number of rolls to Wound you should


The Slave Hurler By Grimstonefire

Warhammer z w e N U

nless you have been living under a rock or if you have been hanging out with Tallhat* you know full well that 8th edition Warhammer is now out with the monster I-could slay-a-troll with it hardbound rulebook and the upcoming Isle of Blood rule set. This new starter boxed set contains the starters for Skaven and High Elf armies. While not quite as nice a starter set for use as the Battle for Skull Pass it is still useful none-the-less. A thought I just had is the fact that Battle for Skull Pass sets can probably be procured much cheaper now as they are set for the previous edition of the game. As a High Elf player as well (shhhhhh don’t tell anyone) I’m leaning more towards the Isle of Blood set rather then the hardcover for my own purchase or perhaps as a Christmas gift.


or more details on the Island of Blood and more be sure to download Episode #8 of Chaos Dwarf Radio, hosted by Hashut’s Blessing.

If you haven’t looked through the rules yet the hard cover its filled with tons of fluff in addition to the rules. My only criticism of the book is the binding: it’s a bit flimsy and I’m unsure of how the binding is going to stand up over the years; time will tell. I have a fair amount of knowledge in this arena so you heard it here first! So with all this said the basis of our game is now out and by the time you read this the Isle of Blood should actually be out. Willmark (*In jest for the real old timers on the site) Issue 10- The Word of Hashut– 54

By Clam

By CheTralfara

By Urgat

Issue 10- The Word of Hashut– 55

Black Dwarf Warband By spetswalshe

Issue 10- The Word of Hashut– 56

Da Ladz! By smokemeakipper

By Golder Goldeater Issue 10- The Word of Hashut– 57

Wordz of a Chaos Stunty Member Spotlight ask for it from my parents, but I did and I got it. It -Thommy Hwas the 2nd Edition box set (with the single-pose Who are you?

My name is Thomas Hunt and I live in Cambridgeshire in the UK. I’m originally from the rural county of Shropshire, by way of Aberystwyth in Wales, where I went to university, eventually emerging with a degree in English Literature. I met my fiancée Emma at Aber (though she wasn’t my fiancée at first, of course) and we came to this part of the world after graduation because of her work she got a job as a zookeeper down here. Sadly, that didn’t work out so well for her so she changed career and now we both work for the NHS (National Health Service, for non-natives) in a large hospital down here. She’s a lab assistant in the microbiology department, while I’m an office worker in the Occupational Health department. It might take too much space to explain what that is, so suffice to say that I am all that’s stopping Cambridgeshire becoming a postapocalyptic, disease-ridden wasteland infested with mutant cannibal tribes. Despite the picture above this article, I have no formal training in ninjitsu.

How long have you been war gaming?

A long time, comparatively speaking. I’ve always been fascinated by toys and miniatures, and I had some friends from early childhood who played Games Workshop games, as well as D&D and lots of other things. A very formative memory for me was playing (literally playing like a child, not with rules and dice) with a friend’s brother’s copy of Heroquest. For years I wanted to have a copy of my own but by the time I was old enough to have had it, it was long out-ofproduction. I got the last laugh when I bought it on eBay years later though. You can see some of the figures from that game in my armies. I started GW games with Warhammer 40,000 in 1998. I have no idea what specifically made me

Marines and the Battle for Armageddon booklet) and I was still too young to understand the rules, but I made up some of my own and eventually managed to figure them out. For a few years I bought almost every game GW made (Gorkamorka, Warhammer Fantasy, Mordheim, Battlefleet Gothic, Epic 40,000 and probably some more I’ve forgotten) but I was a) bad at playing b) bad at painting and c) lazy. In time, I just grew out of it and discovered girls and beer. Once I had both mastered the art of excessive alcohol consumption and realised that it made me no more attractive to women, I returned to the hobby. I stuck with 40K at first but one fateful day, a friend asked me if I wanted to play some good old fashioned Warhammer with him... and so...

Why Chaos Dwarfs?

Back in 1998, Chaos Dwarfs weren’t the obscure army they would one day become. In fact, the first issue of White Dwarf I ever read was issue 200, which featured Chaos Dwarfs in the battle report. When I started playing Warhammer, Chaos Dwarfs were no more unusual than any other army and, after dabbling briefly with Bretonnians, I decided to collect an army of them for myself. Less than a year later, they were discontinued. Sad face. On the plus side, I did manage to pick up a load of stuff half price in the clearance sale. Happy face. Years later, when my friend said, “do you want to play Warhammer?” (or words to that effect) it just so happened that the only models I had with me in my flat at uni that could be forged into a full army were my good old Chaos Dwarfs. So, gripped by a sudden mania, I batch painted the entire army. Some trawls on eBay led to me bolstering a few units and adding a few other things and, before I knew it, I was collecting Chaos Dwarfs again. Soon after, I stumbled across CDO, and the rest was history. Why do I like them? Well, apart from the fact that they were all I had to hand, the obscure nature of the army now appeals to me a great deal. I like the huge blank canvas we have as a community to pretty much do what we like. Vampire Counts or Lizardmen have room for interpretation, but you’re generally stuck with the model range as it is, and too much deviation is just being obtuse. With Chaos

Issue 10- The Word of Hashut– 58

Dwarfs, you have no choice but to innovate. Even if you stick to the ‘official’ models, you have to trawl eBay to get good deals. It always takes effort to play Chaos Dwarfs, and that effort is usually rewarded by a unique army. I’m also a big fan of the background, because ancient Mesopotamia fascinates me. This is a civilisation that’s over four thousand years old. To us, two thousand years ago is ancient history it’s so long ago that many people believe God physically manifested and was walking around and talking to people. Well, the Sumerian and Akkadian civilisations are that much older again! They are half-remembered myths to ourhalfremembered myths, and that kind of deep past is amazing to me. I love that there were people living their lives, building homes and families, starting empires and waging wars, so long ago we can’t even imagine it. I try to inject that same sense of antiquity into my own Chaos Dwarf background.

Why did you choose to build your army like you did? My army is fairly normal ñ there’s no complicated conversions or green stuff work, and there’s no strong visual theme like in the armies belonging to Snotling, Ishkur or Baggronor. Instead, my army is a big mix of styles. I have hats and masks and regular Dwarfs with an evil paintjob to trick you into thinking they’re Dawi’Zharr! The truth is that when I started my army I was at uni and I didn’t have the time, money or resources to do anything too special. I think my more recent armies, which benefit from much more focused attention, are much more strongly themed and I’d love to start my Chaos Dwarfs again if I could! In fact, I have already stripped my Bull Centaurs ahead of repainting them, and I plan to buy more figures soon, so watch this space I guess! Since I now have every unit from the Ravening Hordes list, I have the luxury of experimenting, and maybe I’ll make some units from my own book now.

convince doubters? Well, you can make your own Daemonic Engines, it’s got loads of cool background, great artwork and amazing miniatures from all over the community and I wrote it, so you know it must be awesome.

What models interest you as a collector?

I like any models that are great. I don’t just collect for armies, though I like to have something to do with the figures I buy. My favourite figures are often made by smaller companies like Hasslefree and Heresy. For my Bretonnians, I also dabbled with historical miniatures, particularly from the Perrys (since they sculpted the entire 5th Edition Bretonnian range, which my army is based around anyway).

What do you listen to while painting?

Well I paint in my living room and, since I don’t live alone, I mostly listen to the TV! It’s nice to have some music playing in the background, but I don’t usually have much of a soundtrack to my figures or armies. I find I get more inspiration from looking at other painted figures, or from things I’ve read. Anyone who’s looked at my showcase threads will know that I write a lot of background for my armies, and I think it’s important that every unit should tell a story. All my armies are somehow hotbeds of intrigue and betrayal, with the unit champions feuding with one another and trying to usurp the general ñ my Chaos Dwarfs are no exception, of course!

And what’s in store for the future?

More toys. Always more toys. My fiancée is starting some Beastmen to complement her Wood Elves, and I’m on the cusp of starting a new army of my own. I’m keeping exactly what it is under my hat, but it’s going to be themed to fit with my Bretonnians, so keep an eye on the Off Topic Showcase forum...

Your own book, eh?

Yes, you may have heard of it, since Xander was kind enough to announce it on the main site! As of the time of writing, it’s still a kind of WIP, but I’m still immensely pleased with it and with the reaction it’s gotten on the forums. It’s probably not for everyone but, for my money, it’s the closest the Chaos Dwarfs have ever had to a ‘real’ Armies book in fifteen years. As much as I respect the Indy GT book, I happen to think mine is better (but I would say that...) and I’d love for anyone who hasn’t read it to check it out and tell me what they think. It should be easy to find on the CDO forums. What can I say to

By Thommy H

Issue 10- The Word of Hashut– 59

Taciks o' da Lad Raising a Hobgoblin Horde! By Border Reiver

(I want to commend Border Reiver on writing this as I knew it would not be an easy task. Its important to point out that if you are going to be playing a hobgoblin only army its most likely only going to be with friends at home rather then at a tournament. So with that in mind why not try it out. Sometimes the most fun are games where its not balanced. – Willmark)


obgoblins. The word invokes visions of weedy minions, poorly equipped and useful only as cannonfodder for the all conquering armies of the Chaos Dwarfs. This image is propaganda put forth by the Council of Zharr Naggrund to conceal the truth from Chaos Dwarf society, and by extension the rest of the Old World. The truth is that the hobgoblins are perhaps the most successful race in the Old World, controlling more territory than any other nation state or race. The old Chaos Dwarf army book hinted at the vast numbers of hobgoblins that live beyond the mountains of Mourn, and the fifth edition Dogs of War book referred to the great horde of the Hobgobla Khan, which when drawn up for battle stretched from horizon to horizon, and this line was again repeated in the propaganda rag White Dwarf when they introduced the mercenary general Ghazak Khan and Oglah Khan’s Wolfboyz. In earlier incarnations of the game it was much more evident, and Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying keeps it fresh.

It’s only been since the advent of sixth edition that we have been forced to form an army with a large core of Chaos Dwarfs. Let’s look at how what we can do now to make a hobgoblin horde, and even keep it within the Rules as Written.

With the advent of eighth edition, we need to make our armies with at least three units and not less than 25% of our army must be made up of Core units. Easy so far. Until you read that line in our .pdf that says that hobgoblin units don’t count towards your Core choices, meaning that in a legal 2,000 point army, we need 500 points of Chaos Dwarfs. The easy, or tournament legal way out would be to take 2 units of 20 great weapon armed chaos dwarf warriors with full command – done. But with your opponent’s permission you don’t need to do this, and should be able to make an all hobgoblin horde. Now, if we’re raising a Hobgoblin army we need some leaders – and we have exactly one option unless we go for some homebrew – the Hobgoblin Hero. Lets take a look at this chap now – a decent but not exceptional fighter, comparable to a human fighting hero, but with a slightly lower initiative and leadership so that he ends up very inexpensive. Coupled with good basic equipment options we can have a hero with heavy armour and a great weapon for less than 50 points to tag along with our infantry and bolster their fighting line. He can pick up a bow and make use of his decent BS, but generally this option is only taken by those who choose to go to battle on top of a giant wolf, because units of archers are generally not going to . Putting this lad on top of a wolf is a good way to get an extra pip of armour save, but can lead

Issue 10- The Word of Hashut– 60


to him being out of action when he accompanies the PBI if the flanks aren’t in base contact. We now have a plethora of magical kit to choose from, so it’s hard to decide on an optimum, standard magical kit list. I lean towards the Gold Sigil Sword to counter his low initiative at a low price, but other magical weapons are equally viable. I suppose you could give the hero the Hammer of Hashut, but I believe that this would fall under the category of “not in the spirit of the army”. There are a number of items that can serve to buff our treacherous git up, and I’m certain that most of you are already contemplating a number of options. Unfortunately, if we decide to go with a true hobgoblin horde we have no options for magic use. In this edition that doesn’t leave us as vulnerable to magic as before, given the way in which Dispel Dice are generated and the availability of items that provide Magic Resistance now. Our only options for having a spell caster of our own involve taking a Dark Emissary (who will eat up over half of our available allotment of hero points) or a Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer (who by virtue of having the highest leadership of all the characters will be your general), somewhat defeating the concept of a hobgoblin army.

cheap so that the loss of a unit does not reduce the overall effectiveness of the army. Large hordes of naked hobgoblins can be easily made very cheaply – a hundred naked hobgoblins can be yours for a mere 200 points. The biggest problem with a unit of naked hobgoblins is their low initiative which will mean that you will take casualties prior to being able to give them out. Having a large unit will allow you to maintain the number of attacks, and having a large number of ranks will make you steadfast, but Ld 6 is not a good guarantee to allow you to pass consistently. The best way to pass break tests is to not take them. The best way hobgoblins can do that is to reduce the number of casualties taken, which can only be done by wearing armour and carrying a shield. This will double the cost of the warrior, but will reduce the number of casualties taken by a factor of a least a third. Hobgoblin archers are quite average - average BS, S3 attacks and only a 24” range. Still its all you’ve got, so use it.

Now onto the bulk of the horde, the warriors themselves. The basic warriors are quite cheap, but have only average combat ability and no defensive equipment. Fortunately we can upgrade the basic warriors to improve their defensive ability light armour and shields, give them a mid range capability with bows, and can turn them into one of the most effective light cavalry units in the game by giving them giant wolves to ride. The unequipped hobgoblin, often referred to as a “naked”, has many uses particularly in minimum sized units. They can be used as meatshields, or to bait and redirect enemy units. Units of warriors intended for this purpose need to be kept

The best option hobgoblins have is their Wolfriders. Getting a second rank of attacks for the riders really increases the effectiveness of the unit, which is good because all the attacks are coming in at S3, hobgoblins having not yet grasped the technology of the long pointy stick. The mobility of fast cavalry gives a true hobgoblin army the opportunity to position itself to threaten its opponent and to restrict its tactical movement right from the beginning. Hobgoblin Wolf Riders need to be well equipped, as the minimum unit size makes the units too expensive to throw them away. Additionally, they are amongst the most resilient troops we can field with a 4+ save. Probably the best option we have for core troops. Moving on to special troops the choices are restricted to two options, Sneaky Gits and Bolt Throwers. Sneaky gits should be making a resurgence with the new rules and rightly so. The step up rule means that you’ll always get to deliver some poisoned attacks each turn, and if you have a horde of them, you have the potential to deliver 41 attacks from a

Issue 10- The Word of Hashut– 61

ten wide unit with a champion – not too shabby, and given the average S of this army, vital to getting a decent combat resolution. Watch out for their complete lack of armour, since this is combined with a low initiative it means that you will be taking casualties first, so with respect to unit sizes, go big or go home. Bolt throwers are our only option for war machines, and they are a decent choice. They are also the only way to get a ranged attack with more than S3. Take as many as you can to take advantage of them being a 2 for 1 choice (and really cheap).

try. Hopefully, combined with the static combat resolution provided by the infantry the enemy will break and run, allowing your faster Wolfriders to run them down. A sample army can look like this (using Ravening Hordes rules, and presuming I have my opponent’s permission to ignore the usual restriction on Hobgoblin Troops) Hero 1 – General with Heavy armour and shield, carrying the Sword of Swift Slaying, and a Dawnstone. Rides a Giant wolf – 108 pts Hero 2 – Heavy armour, Great weapon – 48 pts

If we’re keeping to a “hobgoblin only theme” then we have only one option for a rare choice – Oglah Khan’s Wolfriderz. All the benefits of kitted out Wolfriders, but with spears, and a hero who doesn’t count against our hero allotment what’s not to like?

Hero 3 – Heavy armour, Shield, rides a giant wolf, carrying the Shrieking Blade – 68 pts Hero 4 – Heavy armour, Shield, Ruby Ring of Ruin, Gold Sigil Sword - 86 pts

Tactically what do we do? It’s time to think like Attila the Hun. In his armies the infantry, although not as well written about as the cavalry was still there, as were war machines, and Al knew how to use everything to spank the civilized world and create a rep that’s lasted to today.

4 units of 10 Hobgoblins with no additional equipment – 80 pts

First, you send out the scouts, in our case minimally sized units of wolf riders with little more than bows, and maybe a musician. These are there to take advantage of the vanguard rule. These units get out on the flanks of the opposing army, challenging for key terrain features, threatening war machines and perhaps small missile units.

2 Units of 10 Wolfriders with bows and a musician – 300 pts

2 Units of 30 Hobgoblins with full command, light armour and Shield (Hero 4 goes in one) – 300 pts 1 Unit of 12 Archers with Bows at 60 pts

Follow on forces are the infantry, in both horde formations and in small sacrificial units to redirect enemy units and to redirect them into positions were our units are able to pounce on their flanks. Hordes are used to pin enemy formations in place for…. The reserve forces – fully kitted out Wolfriders (including full command) and Oglah Khan’s Wolfriders. These units are there to hit the flanks of any unit pinned in place by our infan-

1 Unit of 14 Wolfriders with full command, Light armour, Shields (The General and Hero 3 go here) – 212 pts 1 Unit of 50 Sneaky Gits with full command 280 pts 6 Bolt Throwers – 180 pts Oglah Khan and 14 Wolfboyz with Full command – 334 pts Total: 1,997 points # of Units: 14 drops # of Models: 227 hobgoblins

Issue 10- The Word of Hashut– 62

Issue 10- The Word of Hashut– 63

By Skink By Snotling By Tom Van Dyke

Issue 10- The Word of Hashut– 64

By Bolg

By Boggo

By tjub Issue 10- The Word of Hashut– 65

Wordz of da Ladz Member Fiction

The Hunter- Part I Wolf and Crow By Thommy H

“Easy, girl,” Andreas whispered as he eased his longbladed knife from its scabbard at his hip. He placed a firm hand against the horse’s flank and gave her a reassuring pat before bringing up his arm in a quick, expert movement and driving the weapon through her eyeball and deep into her brain. The animal let out a bellow of pain and pulled away sharply as Andreas smoothly steeped clear. With a desperate thrash, she fell over, convulsed in the dust once and then was still. Andreas looked down with a grim expression on his face before giving a brief salute, wiping off his knife and putting it back in its scabbard. “Shame,” was all he said. The horse – a rangy Norse cob named Eardsteappa that he had purchased before beginning this journey – had served him well, and he had become fond of her. But in recent weeks the conditions in this godsforsaken part of the world had begun to take its toll. It was hot and bleak, and there were flies everywhere. Not the same kind of flies he knew from his homeland of Talabecland either: they were hideous, fat things that seemed to move slowly through the foetid air, but were suddenly lightning fast whenever he tried to swat one away. One of them had managed to lay some eggs in a wound in Eardsteappa’s side that she had gotten from an encounter with a thorn thicket some days ago, and it had quickly become infected with hundreds of maggots. The mare was in obvious pain, and Andreas knew he had no choice but to euthanasia her. But it was still a shame. He half thought about burying her carcass – he had no wish to provide any fodder for the things that lived in this blighted land – but he had neither the tools nor the time, especially now that he would have to continue on foot. He had already looked through his pack and discarded anything he wasn’t sure he would need, leaving the actual killing to the last possible moment. Now there was nothing to do but carry on. He shouldered his bag and staggered under the weight. Liber-

ated though it was of all but the essentials, it was still annoyingly heavy. Andreas gritted his teeth, put one foot in front of the other, and started walking.

Andreas Von Jäger was a practical and straightforward man. He was renowned throughout Talabecland and the surrounding provinces as someone who could get the job done, so long as the price was right. He didn’t think, he didn’t ask questions, he just did what he was paid to do. He had hunted men through the depths of the Great Forest, he had put daggers between the ribs of the low- and highborn alike, he had lied, stolen and murdered without regret or even much thought. Dark rumours surrounded him back home just like the bloated flies in this foul country at the moment. Stories of him dispassionately flinging the young heir of Count Feurbach off the ramparts of Talabheim, or of his careful planting of a forbidden wyrdstone pendant in Captain Helbrecht’s breast pocket during a banquet in his honour that resulted in his swift execution were hushed by the beneficiaries of such events, but never enough to completely silent them. Andreas, for his part, never paid much attention to what people said and, if anyone dared to confront him, they would soon learn why they called him the Carrion Crow. Where Andreas Von Jäger went, death was never far behind and, like the scavenger of his epithet, he did what he did without passion or cruelty. He took no joy in his grim work or, indeed, in anything at all. “There is a man I want you to find,” the stranger had told him in the tavern. “How much is finding him worth to you?” Andreas asked baldly. The hooded figure just lifted a bag of coin by way of reply. He allowed Andreas to hold it, testing its weight, and the mercenary handed it straight back with a shrug. “A hefty price. Is he formidable or far away?” “Both.” “Then I’ll take double that amount.” “This amount and half again.” “Double,” Andreas persisted, “or I’m not interested. There are plenty of others who can pay my rates.” “Fine,” the stranger answered grudgingly, “double what’s in this purse. But I expect him brought back to

Issue 10- The Word of Hashut– 66

me alive.” “I make no guarantees about the target’s survival. Accidents happen. I won’t lose what I’m owed because he trips onto his own sword.” “This one won’t do that,” the stranger said darkly. “Where is he?” Andreas went on, not rising to any bait. “I don’t know.” “Then I’ll take triple.” “I don’t know exactly...but I can give you a direction. It shouldn’t be hard to find him. He’s distinctive, at least in that part of the world.” “What do you mean?” “Well, apart from you, he’ll probably be the only human within a thousand miles.” If this news alarmed Andreas, he didn’t show it. “Pay me up front, and I’ll go where he is and bring him back alive. Failing that, I’ll bring back his head as proof that I did my job.” “How do I know you can be trusted?” “I have personally killed over seventeen members of the Provincial Court, I have burned no less than six settlements to the ground, I have poisoned a dozen wells and sabotaged the axels of at least twenty wagons or carts. Did you know that?” “No...” “Exactly. I am not in this for glory. When you pay me, you get a service in return. Any of my previous employers would vouch for me if you could somehow force them to admit they knew who I was. So give me the money and you will get your man. That is all there is to it.” The hooded stranger looked around the tavern, but no one was paying attention – studiously so. He leaned forward. “All right then...the man you’re looking for is Tilean...” That was months ago now. Since then, Andreas had tracked his quarry halfway across the known world. His latest employer had indeed given him a direction, but not much else. So he’d gone east, through Kislev, picking up Eardsteappa on the way from a horse trader who was now reduced to selling the half-breed offspring of the mounts left behind by the Chaos-worshipping tribes that had swept past just a few years ago. He had gone up into the

mountains, fighting through blizzards and over glaciers, until he reached the other side and beheld the vast steppes that, he had been told, covered a stretch of land half a dozen times larger than the entire Empire. An entire kingdom could lose itself in this blank landscape – how was he supposed to find one man? But find him he would. The Carrion Crow always got his man. The steppes bordered on the Shadowlands, the Umbra Chaotica, and the taint of that place had a noticeable effect. No doubt the flies had some mutant strain in their ancestry, and the stifling heat could not be natural. Andreas thought about none of this though. He had an objective, and the pursuit of that was his only consideration. It would take him longer without a horse, so he began to formulate a plan. As a boy, Andreas had had no talent for letters or numbers. His mother thought he was a simpleton and wouldn’t apprentice him to any of the village’s tradesmen, so he laboured on the family farm. However, during those long, formative years of mindless toil he had perfected his real talents. Andreas could not read or write, nor add up numbers greater than he could count on his fingers and toes, but in the science of death he was a master. He had watched his fathers and uncles put down lame animals and slaughter the fat calves and pigs before market day. He had seen the tomcat hunt pigeons. He had stared for hours as the spiders in the barn devoured the flies. He became a student of nature, red in tooth and claw and, as he grew older, he began to experiment for himself. When the old farm had burned down in mysterious circumstances, with the entire Von Jäger family save Andreas himself somehow inside, apparently fast asleep, many had wondered what would happen to the poor, simple son who never said a word to anyone. Of course, he was long gone already. His plan was simple. He needed a horse, and there would be horses here because he knew Men lived here, but saw no towns. So they would move around and for that they would need horses. He just had to find them, and try to trade something. And if they wouldn’t trade, he would find a way to kill them and take a horse instead. It would not be hard. Every knot could be undone – or cut through. If Andreas had been more interested in learning about the world, he would have known that worse things than Men lived in the great Eastern Steppes. He would understand, as he struck out into the merciless depths of the endless plateau ahead of him beneath a flat grey sky, that a lone figure in the wilderness was too tempting a target for the scavengers that watched his every movement. And there are worse scavengers in the world than crows... By some he was called the Green Death, by others

Issue 10- The Word of Hashut– 67

the Scourge of the Steppes. He was responsible for the Massacre of Ming-Hu, he turned the tide with a timely flank charge during the Battle of Guhlan and slew General Ping’s chief eunuch bodyguard in personal combat. His name was a curse but, to Zagsnagga, he was just ‘Boss’. The wily, crookbacked Hobgoblin crouched low in his crude saddle, squinting against the glare to peer at the dot that made its way slowly across the huge expanse of plain. No one travelled alone in these lands, and Snagzagga was smart enough not to trust anyone brave enough to do exactly that. Obviously the dot knew something he didn’t. Next to him, Zitgit sniffed the air experimentally, his long nose twitching in the warm wind. “Smell dat?”

calling out to him now: the instinct to never trust his mates. The second they got back to camp, Zitgit or one of the others would dob him in to The Boss and then he’d end up strung up on the flagpole like poor old Fingstikka. He hadn’t stopped screaming for days, though that had probably had something to do with the rocks everyone kept throwing at him.



So what was he scared of more? A potential Chaos Champion with a grudge, or Azhan Khan skewering him alive? He’d heard a Human phrase from slave in Zharduk once: ‘better the devil you know’. Whoever had made that one up had obviously never met any Hobgoblins. “Ah, zog it,” Zagsnagga spat, kicking his wolf forward, back the way they had just come. *



Azhan Khan slowly ran a whetstone down the blade of his prized choppa. The fingers of Hobgoblins are nimZagsnagga lifted an eyebrow. Horse meant Man, ble compared to those of Orcs, and have more strength and Man meant Kurgan in this part of the world. A in them than Goblins. They would make good fighters lone tribesman with a dead horse behind him was if not for their treachery and cowardice, and Azhan bad news. A Chaos Champion perhaps, fresh from Khan was living proof of that. Like many others, he a sacrifice to one of his Gods. A favoured servant had been sent from the East by the Great Hobgobla like that would make short work of a band of Hob- Khan. These were uncertain times, with fell rumblings goblins. “Let’s get out of ‘ere,” Zagsnagga snarled, “I towards the north. Even across the steppes, word had don’ like da looks ov dis one bit.” He dug his knees come of the great gathering of the Chaos hordes in the into his wolf ’s flank and the agile creature turned Shadowlands, of the crowning of a new Everchosen smartly, finding purchase in the rock outcropping and the ruin of the Old World. Grand Cathay had that sheltered his band and then abruptly leaping to shut its borders, reinforcing the Great Bastion against the ground. Nine more wolves followed him, fallpossible attack from the Hung and Kurgan, but most of the horse tribes had galloped west to answer Archaing into formation as they headed in the opposite on’s call to glory. The Hobgoblin Hegemony was alone direction to the mysterious long figure, but then against the might of Cathay now, and the scraps left something made Zagsnagga slow and turn around by the Everchosen’s invasion made a far more tempting again slowly. The other Hobgoblins drew up their target. A lesser greenskin warlord would have surged own mounts, looking at him in confusion. from the wastes at the earliest opportunity hoping to crush all before him in an almighty Waaagh!, but HobNo one would blame Zagsnagga for running from a potential fight. He was a Hobgoblin, after all, and gobla Khan was too crafty for that. He sent envoys cowardice was a completely natural instinct for him. to Zharr-Naggrund, reaffirming ties with the Chaos No Hobgoblin worth his hump would willingly get Dwarfs and he dispatched mercenaries westward to ply into a fight he wasn’t absolutely sure he would win. their trade in Tilea and the Border Princes. And all the while, news came back to his court, and he waited for Every fibre of his pathetic little being was screamthe time to be ripe. ing at him to run away from whatever was coming towards them across the steppe, but he had new Azhan Khan knew it was not time yet. Hobgoblins instincts of late – instincts that came from The Boss: from Azhan Khan, who was like no Hobgob- are survivors. They wait for a foe to turn his back, and then they strike. They had become so good at such lin Zagsnagga had ever met. No one trusted them lads from the East; they weren’t proppa Hobgobbos. attacks of opportunity that their race had evolved a humped, bony back to ward off daggers – not that They were treacherous, but they were also bloodit ever did much good. Nature’s arms race had just thirsty. No Hobgoblin was bloodthirsty, except for blood that came from an enemy’s back, spilled only continued as it always does, with the assassins simply using sharper knives, or more virulent poisons. when he was looking the other way. Azhan Khan was different though. He was savage, and he didn’t But Azhan Khan was different. Some said there was like it when his warriors ran away from a fight. some Orc in his ancestry: something that had warped Switch sides, by all means, but don’t turn and flee. Normally, Zagsnagga wouldn’t even care, because of his killer instincts into something more savage and brutal. He was cunning, but he also possessed that rarcourse he’d lie and never tell The Boss they’d seen est of Hobgoblin traits: courage. He would fight any anyone. But there was another Hobgoblin instinct

Issue 10- The Word of Hashut– 68

foe, confident he would find a way to dispatch it. Oh, he would attack from behind when he could, and seek an underhanded solution if one presented itself, but it was his willingness to take risks that had made him so deadly. Who else could have discovered the weak spot in an Ogre’s lower abdomen that meant his warriors were able to kill the entirety of the Fangmaw Tribe with hardly any effort at all? Who else would have been insane enough to kill a Wyvern just to synthesise a new and crippling toxin from its sting? Who else would then use that toxin to not only kill his rival Yazak Khan, but his entire tribe and their wolves to boot? And it was precisely because Azhan Khan was such a willing proponent of the arts of death that he barely batted an eyelid when the Human dressed in black walked calmly into his camp, dragging behind him the bloody and half-dead shape of Zagsnagga, one of his most distrusted Wolfbosses. As a pile of green heads were dumped at his feet, all Azhan Khan did was slowly set aside his choppa and then crack his knuckles. “This maggot,” the stranger said, throwing the mewling Zagsnagga towards him, “tells me you know the man I’m looking for.” Azhan Khan narrowed his eyes as he looked the Man up and down. He had very little experience with Humans, but he recognised the way a predator moved. This one was a wolf, he just happened to have dressed himself up in soft, pink flesh. “You can’t lissen’ to anyfink a useless git like dat sez,” Azhan shrugged. “Did he lie?” “Maybe,” Azhan said with another elaborate shrug. “Fine.” Without hesitation, the Human pulled out a long knife and pulled Zagsnagga up to his feet. The Hobgoblin squealed and started begging for mercy, but the Human completely ignored him and drove the weapon into his throat. “I always make good on my threats,” he said by way of explanation.

“Not if you tell me what I need to know, no.” Azhan met the Man’s eyes. He wasn’t scared. In fact, he wasn’t anything. There was absolutely no trace of emotion that the Hobgoblin Chieftain could discern. He changed his mind about this Human: he wasn’t a wolf; he was a Hobgoblin. He didn’t kill for food, or for sport, he did it because it was all he knew how to do. The money or the chase or the glory were all just an excuse because, at the end of the day, you were born to a race so obsessed with murder that nature gave you a hump so you’d live long enough to get good at it. Azhan Khan found himself warming to this stranger. “Lemme guess,” he said after a while, “you’re lookin’ for an Oomie wiv a funny fin sword an’ ‘air allover ‘is face like dis...” Azhan held his hands up to his face so his long, bony fingers hung down from his cheeks like whiskers. “Dat about right?” “Yes. His name is Luca Gozzadini. I’ve been sent here to kill him.” Azhan laughed, but the Human didn’t join in. “Well, dat should make fer some interestin’ times. See, your friend just ‘appens to be a guest ov da Great Hobgobla Khan.” “Can you take me to this person?” No fear. Azhan reassured himself that maybe this odd Human just hadn’t heard of Hobgobla Khan because, as unconventional a Hobgoblin as Azhan Khan was, there was one thing that truly filled him with terror, and that was the wrath of the Great Khan. What kind of madman would court death like this? Azhan had to know. “Yeah, all right,” he shrugged, feigning nonchalance, “I’m goin’ dat way anyway.”

Azhan chuckled as he scratched his long nose and watched Zagsnagga bleeding out in the dirt at his feet. He’d always hated that little runt. “Lemme get dis straight,” he said, “you killed nine ov my ladz, then you walked into my camp in broad daylight an’ killed anuvver one right in front ov me, an’ you fink I’m gonna give you information about somefink?” “If you don’t, I’ll kill you too.” “No you won’t.”

Issue 10- The Word of Hashut– 69

Sneaky Works Creating Sneaky Gits Shopz HOBBY SECTION

By Snowblizz


Complexity Ratings The Word of Hashut uses a system of hats to represent how difficult a conversion or creation is in the the Hobby Section (Diabolic Furnaces). This shows up in the number of hats that a article has: 1 hat=easy, 4 hats=hard!

Part List:

• Skaven Plaguemonks (box comes with 20 vic… volunteers) • 40k Orks, Gretchin heads (certain appropriate ones) alternatively Goblin heads (any type you like will work) • “Green Stuff”or similar modelling putty. suggest before starting on creating your own Sneaky Gits that you read through the whole article first. The reason for this is you can always do stuff in a different order and there are some things that naturally work together. Armed with such knowledge beforehand means you’ll be better able to coordinate the cure time of the putty as well.



Before you Start

First up prepare the parts. Some people choose to skip this vital step to which I say “To each his (or her) own”, I guess, but I find it 100% better to scrape off mold-lines. This gives it a better overall visual appearance.


To tell a tail

It’s flu-season!

Don’t know if there’s any Rat-Flu yet, but these guys definitely have it. So bring out that trusty knife again and get vaccinating. You want to remove everything that points to the Skaven origin: boils, warts, icons and fur. There are also a couple of spikes here and there to remove and you might want to patch up some of the places where boils and spikes poke through the cloth. The picture shows some examples of what you might want to remove.

Plaguemonks are Skaven (surprising I know!) so unfortunately come with integral tails. We don’t want those so it’s time for some snip-snip action. As a thrifty Chaos Dwarf you might want to save the tails, I did (they’ll make great tentacles somewhere), so take some care while cutting. The cut at the base (a.) of the tail can always be green-stuffed back so go ahead. It is a straight cut “horizontally”, whatever that means in this case. But for the other end (b.) some care is required. I cut diagonally in at the base of the tail as this only puts damage to the hem of the cape, which won’t be noticed, on the finished model. Issue 10- The Word of Hashut– 71



Getting a head

One of the important things to consider are the heads. They really make or break the Hobgoblins. The Gretchin heads are a rather decent size. They also have long “bendy” noses. You’ll see why that’s important later. I recommend putting a pin in the back of the head first as it makes it easier to handle for sculpting and placing appropriately on the body. Make the pin longer than you need, you’ll trim it down later. You will also need to fill the gap at the back of the head.

Now Sneaky Gits have a leather (?) cap on them. It’s not difficult to make something with “greenstuff”. Take small sausage and start flattening it out. Cover the top and back of the head as well.


Now for a nose job; gently trim a bit (and I do mean a bit, no cutting, just scraping!) from below the nose. This is just to help it bend a bit easier. Now find a reasonably soft/hard surface, my wooden desk was ideal, and press the nose against it. Gives it a Hobgobbo-like “flat” nose.


Fancy footwork This is the “hardest” part. Skaven come with lucky (?) rat feet which are quite different from the classic Hobbos. Option 1. Ignore it, who can tell the difference from a distance anyway? Option 2. Cover the rat paws in greenstuff and make “regular” boots or some other kind of footwear for them. Option 3. Foot-transplant with the Goblin Wolfrider feet.


Putting it all together Time to put it all together. Well almost, you need to fill in the gap in the neck. If you followed my advice to read this through once first you have already done this part. There could also be some other minor touch-ups of the torsos. I made a belt buckle to hide a Skaven icon. You’ll notice that the arms are “paired”, look at the pommels (e.g. in the earlier picture). Here are some we prepared earlier These are my final models, well technically my first models, but they are the finals of… umm never mind. There you have it, easy and cheap (considering alternatives) Sneaky Gits for the thrifty Chaos Dwarf general. Happy converting! (Note: You can also find an article by Lord Archaon for creating Sneaky Gits from Issue #1 of the Word of Hashut- Willmark).

Issue 10- The Word of Hashut– 72

Cry havoc and let slip the Dogs of War!

Dogs of War Online Issue 10- The Word of Hashut– 73

Issue 10- The Word of Hashut– 74

Issue 10- The Word of Hashut– 75

In case you missed here is the Ravening Hordes update for Chaos Dwarf



CDO Update (October 2010) Although GW strives to ensure that their army books are perfect, sometimes mistakes do creep in. In addition, they occasionally print new versions of rules that require amendments to be made in older versions of the army books. Because the Chaos Dwarfs do not have a current Armies book, the members of Chaos Dwarfs Online have come up with these unofficial changes to bring the army up to date and into the 8th edition of Warhammer. This update is split into two sections: „Amendments‟ and „Frequently Asked Questions‟. The Amendments section describes any omissions from the Ravening Hordes list, clarifies issues, and brings the army list up to date with the latest version of the rules. The Frequently Asked Questions (or „FAQ‟) section answers commonly asked questions about the rules. Although you can mark corrections directly in the army list, this is by no means necessary – just keep a copy of the update with it. All page references relate to the 8th edition Warhammer rulebook.

AMENDMENTS  Chaos Dwarfs use the "Choosing Your Army" rules in the Warhammer rulebook.  Chaos Dwarf characters may choose common magic items from the Rulebook in addition to the ones in the Ravening Hordes list. A Lord choice may take up to 100 pts of magic items, and a Hero choice may take up to 50 points. 

Chaos Dwarfs are a Force of Destruction.

 Blunderbuss: The Blunderbuss is an „unusual shooting attack‟ (p. 99) that continues to follow its own unique shooting rules. For the purposes of the fire zone, ranks count if at least four models wide.  See Warhammer Armies: Orcs & Goblins for rules for Orcs, Goblins, and Black Orc units. Orc Arrer Boyz may also be taken as a Special choice. Big 'Uns and Black Orcs cannot have a Magic Standard.



 Hobgoblins, Orcs and Goblins follow the Animosity rules given in Warhammer Armies: Orcs and Goblins.  Replace the Great Taurus and Lammasu special rules with the following: “The Great Taurus has a 2+ ward save against Flaming Attacks, 4+ Scaly Skin, a Flaming Breath Weapon (Strength 3), is a Large Target, causes Terror, and can Fly. The Lammasu has Magic Resistance (2), is a Large Target, causes Terror, and can Fly.”  Hobgoblins do not count towards the 25% minimum Core required.  Ignore the special rules for Sneaky Gits lapping around.  All Chaos Dwarf war machines follow the war machine rules given in the main Rulebook and therefore have a number of wounds equal to their number of remaining crew members. Accordingly, adjust the profiles of the Death Rocket and the Hobgoblin Bolt Thrower to have 2 wounds instead of 3.  The Death Rocket uses the black powder war machine misfire chart.  The Earthshaker uses the black powder war machine misfire chart. Units in the Earthshaker's special area effect halve all of their movement (rounding fractions up) including random movement such as charging, pursuit, fleeing, etc.  Bull Centaurs count as cavalry in all respects, including the +1 armour save bonus. The only exception is that they can use two hand weapons as if they were infantry. Ignore the reference to unit strength.  Black Hammer of Hashut: replace “flammable targets” with “units with the Flammable special rule”.  The Obsidian Blade is renamed the Obsidian Axe. It is a different item from the Obsidian Blade described in the Rulebook. A Chaos Dwarf army may include both items if you wish.  Armour of the Furnace: replace “Wearer (and his mount) is immune to fire based attacks and

fs in 8th Edition Warhammer produced by Chaos Dwarfs Online. spells” with “Wearer (and his mount) have a 2+ ward save against Flaming Attacks”.  Banner of Slavery: replace “may re-roll any failed Psychology tests” with “may re-roll any failed Panic, Fear, Terror or Stupidity test”.  Troop Type Use the following table to determine the troop type of units in the army. Unit Black Orcs Bull Centaur Bull Centaur Hero Bull Centaur Lord Chaos Dwarf Hero Chaos Dwarf Lord Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer Lord Chaos Dwarf Warriors Death Rocket - Crew Earthshaker - Crew Goblins Great Taurus Hobgoblins Hobgoblin Bolt Thrower - Crew Hobgoblin Hero Hobgoblin Wolf Riders - Wolf Lammasu Orcs Sneaky Gits Wolf


Troop Type Infantry Cavalry Cavalry Cavalry Infantry Infantry Infantry Infantry War Machine War Machine Infantry Monster Infantry War Machine Infantry Cavalry Monster Infantry Infantry War Beast


FAQs Q. Can you fire Chaos Dwarf blunderbusses if there is a friendly unit in combat with an enemy in the zone of fire? A. No, they cannot fire if there are any friendly units in the fire zone. Also, they cannot shoot at units in combat, even if only enemy units are in the fire zone. Q. How do Chaos Dwarf blunderbusses perform a stand & shoot charge reaction? A. The rules are applied exactly as with any other unit. If the chargers start within the fire zone, then any models within the fire zone may be hit. If the chargers start outside the fire zone, shooting is resolved just within maximum range as normal – so in this case only the front rank of the charging unit will count as being in the fire zone. Q. Do Chaos Dwarf armies receive +2 to dispel? A. No. Chaos Dwarfs do not count as a Dwarf army so they do not get +2 to dispel attempts (p.37). Q. What size bases do models in the army use? A. Great Taurus and Lammasu are mounted on 50x50mm bases. All cavalry and war beast models are mounted on 25x50mm bases. All infantry models are mounted on 20x20mm bases except for Orcs and Black Orcs, which are mounted on 25x25mm bases. Last updated 21st October 2010.

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Da Rulez for da Wordz Rules To Live By, Or Else... .By Willmark


n an ongoing effort to make the publication and assembly of the Word of Hashut easy on the staff and myself (always a good thing!) I thought I would take a few moments on how we would like submissions sent in to help in the quick assembly of articles and pictures, and thereby cutting down on re-work, thus producing better articles, thus producing a better ezine! - Plain text and unformatted is preferred. If you must format simply make the paragraph headings bold. Don’t use a crazy font as this will have to be changed anyways. Use a plain font like Arial or Times. - Paragraphs. The best thing to do here is simply insert a single line of space between paragraphs. What this does is help facilitate the editing and formatting process. - A Point Size of 12 is preferred. Word Count: One thing that has made the process difficult is word count. In fact the varying word count is eating up a great deal of layout time. Traditional magazine have very strict guidelines in order to avoid this and we are going to have to adopt some. For starters try to keep your page count to an even number, multiples of two is a good guide. If you have pictures bear in mind that will take up space. If unsure of a page count of how long it will run in terms of layout contact me for guidance - Microsoft Word, Simple text files and PDFs work just fine for submissions, (If you are on a Mac I can take Pages files too). If you use OpenOffice or NeoOffice those will work as well. Basic point here is don’t use something obscure. - Spell-check and grammar check. Realizing that English is not everyone’s first language, I’d still ask that you run it through spell-check before you submit your article. Having someone else read it over is a good idea, as they will catch mistakes that you might not otherwise notice.

- For graphics make sure your resolution/pixel count is high enough. Nothing’s worse than trying to zoom tiny pictures. JPEG is preferred as I can change them into something else. If you have high quality PSDs or EPS let me know. - Take some time with any photos submitted; better quality makes for a better reading experience. - Cover submissions are a special case. If you want to do a cover contact me directly BEFORE you start out. I would hate to see someone waste time on one a piece of art and not have it see the light of day. - Artwork. Artwork is always appreciated, but keep in mind color artwork always takes precedence. That is not to say you cannot submit black & white, just make it your best effort. - Testament of the Dawi-Zharr- aka the member spotlight. We will contact you if we want a submission. This is not meant to be a slight to anyone, but generally it’s for the more well known posters on the site. That is not to say that we won’t consider it, but if you have been on the site for only 2 weeks... Simply is a case of become more active and perhaps we’ll do a spotlight on you! Keep an open mind. The Word of Hashut is published 4 times a year (hence it being called a quarterly) and it might be a bit of time before your art/ articles/what-have you see the webzine. Be patient. We have to balance articles submitted with the future and in the context of a particular e-zine. Next up: Revisions. Bear in mind we may very well ask you to revise an article before submission. Also bear in mind as part of the editorial process we may have to fix grammar, spelling and even rework passages. Don’t take this personal. It happens. Next point: the best place to send submissions is via my attention via PM. We can then work out the logistics of sending it to my email for larger files. I will not post it here in the webzine, if you need to get a hold of me you should know where to go to by now. In closing, if you follow these guidelines you run a greater chance of having your piece submitted. As always if there are any questions about the process please send me a PM.

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Hobgobs in Bloodbowl! Chaos Dwarf Blood Bowl Team

Chaos Dwarf Blood Bowl Team

Issue 10- The Word of Hashut– 84

By Mikkel Nyboe

By Geckilian

Issue 10- The Word of Hashut– 85

Chaos Dwarf Blood Bowl Team


Issue 11 of the Word of Hashut.. Coming for you.. December 2010

The Word of Hashut 10  

Chaos Dwarf Online's Issue #10 of the Word of Hashut.

The Word of Hashut 10  

Chaos Dwarf Online's Issue #10 of the Word of Hashut.