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The Poem 2011 A collection of poetry written by children across Solihull Presented by Lyndon School Humanities College

Participating Schools: Langley Secondary School Lode Heath School Hazel Oak School Chapel Fields Junior School Ulverley School Daylesford Infant School Valley Infant School Lyndon School Humanities College

Acknowledgments Printing of this anthology: courtesy of Jaguar Land Rover, Solihull Our thanks to our guests, compère, and judges: Councillor Ian Courts, The Mayor of Solihull And the Mayoress, Mrs Sheila Courts Richard Grant, aka Dreadlockalien, former Birmingham Poet Laureate Stacey Barnfield, editor Birmingham Mail Martin Hayes, Literacy Consultant and poet Lorna Meehan, poet, actor, playwright Kurly McGeachie, performance poet and workshop facilitator Laura Yates, freelance writer and workshop facilitator

A note from the project co-ordinator:

Lyndon School Humanities College is proud and delighted to be able to run this competition again, and having received over five hundred entries this year, it seems to be growing! The theme of ‘Horizons’ has been interpreted in a variety of ways, and we are sure that you will enjoy reading the poems and will be impressed by the quality of the work which the young poets of Solihull have produced. In the anthology the poems are arranged in the year-group categories in which they are to be judged; prizes will be awarded for the best written poem in each category and for the best performed poems at the launch event. Rowena Bailey, Specialist College and Community Co-ordinator

Poems by students in Years 2-4

Horizons are when you can stand on a mountain and you can see the shiny yellow sun and the dark blue sea.

Open fairs on the yellow sand and people walking quickly. Rescue people by the dark blue sea to watch the people in the dark blue sea

Ice cream shops and some huts to get dressed in Zooming high kites in the fast hot air Offices for the kind life guards to rest in Nets for the fishing people to fish in their big fishing boats to eat the big juicy fish Abigail, Year 2 Daylesford Infant School

MY HORIZON On my horizon I saw lots of trees. On my horizon I felt very calm and heard birds tweet. On my horizon I saw lots of clouds. Happiness fell into my eyes when I was watching the Sun rise on its own. The sun doesn’t rise when it’s winter or autumn it Only rises when it’s spring or summer. When the sun rises Lovely butterflies and bees go home don’t they? JOY Bonnie, Year 2 Dayelsford Infant School

The horizon from my school Brown brick houses frozen tall Spikey shiney sun hops in the air Sparkling cars like angels Black smelly smoke lazily blowing Big nests in the trees Blue sky in the air Buzzing wires Big hill racing across the sky Charlie, Year 3 Chapel Fields Junior School

Horses that are brown and huge Old hills that are bright green Rain clouds that are ready to burst down on the floor

In the green fields I can see fluffy cows Zip wires hanging from the tall trees Over the countryside I can see white clouds Nice fluffy sheep leaping with the flocks across the field

Shaunah, Year 2 Daylesford Infant School

High waves that crash against the solid hard rocks Orange fish that are stripy under the shiny sea Rocks that tumble in the shiny sea Inside the shiny sea I can see colourful fish Zipping seagulls that dive quickly to get their food Oceans are shiny Nasty sharks that bite you with their sharp teeth Ellis, Year 2 Daylesford Infant School

Horizon Horizon horizon Is such a wonderful sight It’s like watching a lovely bunch Of flowers growing over years and Years. For so long it grows until it dies. Horizon horizon is such a Lovely sight When it goes into The hillside and mountains and the soft Breeze blends. Yusuf , Year 2 Daylesford Infant School

Horizon Does the horizon keep Dreams and hopes Trapped inside with No reasonable Methods to escape? Does it keep The past safe so Nobody Can destroy it? Do horizons connect To each other, or Are they All separate From each other? What if the Horizon did hold Dreams and hopes Would we have the Ability to see them? What if the Horizon also held The past and future Could we See that too? What if The Horizon Was a Gateway? Could we Open that Door to The Grand New world?

Maybe past the Gateway is a Dream world where The dream fairies Live, perhaps? Or another vision of A land of Pixies and elves Who work as Hard as possible? Could the Horizon Be any Of These things? Or maybe Something that’s Not Mentioned here, I’ll just have to Wait and see

Connie, Year 4 Chapel Fields Junior School

Happy times ahead Ortm’s leaves Ripe apples Ice cream Zebras running Opening some presents Nanny’s birthday Spring time Scarlet, Year 2 Valley Infant School

The horizon from my school Tall elegant houses standing up Hot golden sun laughing Smooth round hill doing handstands Smelly smoke flying in the air Racing cars shining brightly Brown roof tops dropping down Hayal, Year 3 Chapel Fields Junior School


separate, Sea, break up, Divides, divorce, Blade, detach, Shiny, immobile, Static, future or past, unconscious, deep in your eyes. Aniket, Year 4 Chapel Fields Junior School

Happy times Otter watching Racing car Ice cream Zoo visit October leaves Nights in shining armour Sea life centre Adiyta, Year 2 Valley Infant School

Countryside Horizon The beautiful horizon Spreading its pretty colours around the giant world. I think horizons are the most beautiful thing in the world When I am at the beach I always lie down and Look at the horizon All the colours that I see In the horizon are yellow, pink and purple Tabi, Year 3 Chapel Fields Junior School

Happy time ahead

Orange juice Rock music Ice cream Zebra spotting Opening presents Night stars Sleeping with my favourite teddy Jessica, Year 2 Valley Infant School

Sea side horizons Gentle sea running in and out across the bay. Its saltiness is just like a playdough piece Cold and shiney just like a diamond. Green seaweed wriggles like a worm. Changing rooms say hello to each other. Hot dogs and burgers hot, hot, hot. Sea shells shimmer in the warm sun. Sand castles wobble and topple all day long. Buckets and spades give a helping hand To build tall things. Sabrina, Year 3 Chapel Fields Junior School

Happy times ahead October leaves Riding a motor bike Ice cream Zebra hunting Orange juice Noodles Summer holidays Nathan, Year 2 Valley Infant School

HORIZON Is the world getting fat Or am I getting skinnier? Is the world spinning Or am I getting dizzier? Is the sun coming up And down on, the horizon? At night the sun is minimized At the bottom of the screen Straight as a roman road Window sill of the world. A knife slit into the sky. Sky like a runway. Snail trails as straight As Indiana Jones’ whip. Straight as a wobbly crane A curtain of the world. Daniel, Year 4 Chapel Fields Junior School

Horizon Greetings horizon I want to have a word with you if you don’t mind….. Horizon do you have a curtain which will leads me to my future secrets or my past? Why is there a gap between the sand and the sea? Do you vanish into thin air without me knowing? Are you the edge of the world? Or the start of the future? Why do you keep running away from me? Why do animals vanish under your feet? Horizon honestly do you care? Zooming towards you I went But this time I cannot catch you Outstandingly you create power This makes us adore you oh horizon Do you have a secret, a secret to be shared…..? Horizon are you a silhouette Horizon do you vibrate Horizon why do you act so stern Horizon are you my friend Horizon I need to go, bye bye I hope I see you again Sedra, Year 4 Chapel Fields Junior School Horizon On the seaside horizon Shiney yellow sun bright and beautiful Children shouting louder and louder Wet sand shiney bright People pulling a rope on a boat Beautiful tall trees Blue sparkley waves Brown brilliant rocks Seagulls swimming in the sea Chloe, Year 3 Chapel Fields Junior School

Horizon What is the horizon’s secret? Do boats and ships really disappear into the untouched horizon? If I could just reach the horizon Maybe I could see my future. It remains a mystery Of who drew the line of the horizon. Horizon, the line of land and sky, The battle of moon and sun. But who will win the continuous battle? Or will anyone win? The horizon, like a cut line, So sky and land will have half of the world each The horizon, can never be touched, or can it? Mia, Year 4 Chapel Fields Junior School

HORIZONS What is behind the horizon? Is it the future or is it the past? If you want to find out, You’d better move fast. If you look out your window. You will see me for sure The sea and the sky Are playing tug of war. Benjamin, Year 4 Chapel Fields Junior School

Poems by students in Years 5-7 Horizons It may be a new start Or where sun meets sky, The resting place of the sun Or a personal target It’s a beautiful sight Maybe the end of the world, Or a strange new school In a new horizon Never ending Not able to reach it, A kaleidoscope of colours Beyond the eye can see! At the top of the school Then down to the bottom, From big kids to small Now feeling so low. Rollercoaster of emotions Of an amazing opportunity, That’s what horizons Mean to me?

Andrew, Year 6 Chapel Fields Junior School

Broaden your horizons Beyond the horizon lives a world A world of everlasting hope, This world is your future life, Your destiny. So broaden your horizons, Do what you think is best, And believe, Believe in yourself, Believe in the ones you love. Broaden your horizons. Megan B, Year 7 Langley Secondary School

My Horizon I love cooking, making and baking, I wanna be a masterchef I wanna be the best, better than the rest. I’ll dedicate my life to getting it right I’ve got the equipment to be brilliant I’m using my skills to fulfil my dreams Tasty dishes are my wishes I’ll make people go wow then I’ll take my bow Shaun, Year 7 Hazel Oak School

Horizons The line between land and sky Hope for the future Everlasting light beaming down But as the peaceful waves slowly crawl up The beach, The sun gradually sinks away Darkness fills the air The feeling of life suddenly turns to death. Megan W, Year 7 Langley Secondary School

Horizon Mystical Horizon, What lies beyond you? A fairytale land so far away? Mystical horizon, Do you hold the secret of the gate to heaven? Or a misty land not yet discovered? Beautiful Horizon A purple line beyond glittering sea and turquoise sky, Beautiful Horizon, Orange fire at sunset, Midnight blue at night Lonely Horizon, Does anyone ever visit you As you are so far away? I will visit you Horizon, One distant day. Rosemary, Year 7 Lode Heath School

My Horizon Destiny Birth and death My life I see from beginning to end Past, present and future Good times and bad all sink into my mind, All my dreams and nightmares become reality, My hopes and goals are like grains of sand; Never ending. Accomplishments and failures stay with me forever. The everlasting flame of belief and peace, I am at one with the world. Horizon! Harleen, Year 7 Langley Secondary School

The Horizon What truly is the horizon? I gently sigh. Really a place where the elements tie? How do we know What lies beyond, Miles and miles past one desolate pond? A place where long-lost dreams Come true, An open space for me and you. Who knows the truth behind this mystery? The horizon that knows the Earth’s ancient History What truly is the Horizon? I gently sigh. Really a place where the elements tie? Jade, Year 6 Ulverley School

Memories on the horizon As the sun sets along the horizon, Its beautiful golden rays Glistening on the deep blue water below, I see my life uncurl around me. I look behind and remember what has happened. My birth, my brother beside me. My first words, first steps. My first time alone, my first tears. My first day at nursery, at infant school, Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, Year 6. My old friends, my new ones. I turn around and look upon the horizon And wonder what awaits me in the future. Graduation? Marriage? Parenthood? Retirement? Will I watch my children walk away as they enter college? Or will I live alone all my life? Will I stay in contact with my friends and family? Or will I be afraid to say hello? Many memories have filled my mind with many feelings And they will be joined with many more in the future. Thomas, Year 7 Langley Secondary School

Horizon What lies beyond the spectrum of colours That makes the horizon so pleasant? Is it the charming world I always dreamed of Or a land full of death and despair? Is it the claret that glows in the sun Or everlasting ebony of which colour there is none? Is it the topaz spark that ignites my love Or the fiery crimson that feeds off my hate? Is it the life of a world long past birth Or is it death that shadows the earth? Is it a place where dreams can come true Or is it where our worst nightmares come to get you? Is it a love-filled place of pure serenity Or is it as violent as the merciless sea? What would become of us if into the horizon we go? Perhaps…perhaps we will never know.

Brandon, Year 6 Ulverley School

THE HORIZON As I glance across the beach, I stare beyond the horizon, I see an unfolding of clouds, A butter yellow curve setting tries to cast out all of its light, The horizon is what divides the earth, sea and sky. Mile upon endless mile, Clouds wispily journey off towards the right, The sand is now glistening golden, the sea is sparkling, As the sun leaves, you can see citrus colours floating through the sky. The lights from the city is a stunning view if you stand on the breezy mountains, The horizon is not inside or outside the world, You try to push it away but everything is still behind the horizon, Behind the horizon there is another horizon. Dusk leads me back home. Emily, Year 7 Lyndon School Humanities College


H Is for horizon and the beautiful pictures it lets us take. O Other people like the horizon for its views and the lakes R Is for rising as in the sun on the horizon I I like the sun when it rises, it is a prize to my eyes Z Is for the zebras that are crossing over the zoo road walking with the flies

O Orange, red, black they are the colours of the skies N New colours every time the skies come alive. Owen, Year 6 Ulverley School

Line of Life I look out in front of me, To see my destiny, To see my life right there, My future my dreams and cares That’s what’s on my horizon! There’s a flame inside of me, This flame is destiny, In the salty water of the future, I can see my picture, That’s what’s on my horizon! My life that’s in the future, May not be a pretty picture, The future: nobody knows what it will be So until it happens we’ll all have to wait and see That’s what’s on my horizon. As my vision comes to an end A dark wind blows which I didn’t intend The hand of death comes behind me In the blind spots I couldn’t see That’s what’s on my horizon! Ashdone, Year 7 Langley Secondary School

My Horizon I look forth and see my horizon, Full of hopes and all my dreams, I see myself a lively teacher, Or in a church a respected preacher. But I am scared of what will be, Are these jobs my destiny? I also hope for more love, less hate, But that won’t be my only fate. I would create a great African education, Where pupils have no limitation. I need to achieve challenges to fulfil this dream, To become a person that makes kids’ faces beam. Friends and faith helped me believe, That this is my only horizon. My only dream.

Morgan, Year 6 Ulverley School

HORIZON The golden sun is gone for today, The last glimmer, Shines on the crystal sea, yellow and oranges, last five minutes of heat, I treasure it, I can feel it on my face The Royal blue sea makes a bed for the sun, boats casting shadows, Peace and quiet Slowly disappearing Today’s light is going for everyone to sleep Hardly any sun left now What a beautiful day it was Wishing that tomorrow’s going to be the same The wind is getting stronger I look again The sea has come closer The sun is going …going…going… gone Time for us to sleep now….. Lucy, Year 7 Lyndon School Humanities College

THE ROAD TO CANTERBURY As I look along the horizon I can see Birds, bees and trees. It looks so far away and yet so near ‌ I can almost touch it and earlier on where I stood is now just gravel, stones and mud. If I look on the horizon I can see Other pilgrims waving at me. I can see it, the cathedral! but my legs are so tired the cobbles hurt my feet My head is pounding I just want to go to sleep. and earlier on where I stood is now just gravel, stones and mud. I now must journey on To see the light of the sun Minutes becoming hours Seeds becoming flowers Everything is full of life and earlier on where I stood is now just gravel, stones and mud. And as I look back along this Labyrinth, Of honey glazed fields And colourful surroundings I wish my children could see this beautiful sight and earlier on where I stood is now just gravel, stones and mud. Zoe, Year 7 Lyndon School Humanities College

The Horizon I’m taking in all of the features, Of all the wonderful creatures Looking at the periwinkle skies While watching the claret butterflies Sitting on the olive grass Makes me wonder how many people pass The wonderful place called the horizon Gazing at the lavender flowers Swaying gently in the wind It makes me want to sing! It took me days and days to travel and see it But I know it was worth the visit. I love only one place, The wonderful place called the horizon. The emerald green hills Fill me with thrills Spying on the birds and the bees Makes me beg on my knees To keep alive the history of The wonderful place called the horizon.

Sophie, Year 6 Ulverley School

HORIZONS Horizons, as far as my eye can see The last thing in my sight Just a beautiful explosion of colour You can never stand upon the horizon Always out of reach Always out of grasp It’s there all day Faint yet filled with colour It’s the end of my sight The curve of the world. It marks the day’s end and a beginning For someone else The burst of colour fills the dull Day sky and replaces it with stars And the arrival of the moon And the beginning of the day’s rest Nothing else to see Just colour and life That disappears behind the sea The dull lit streets greet its appearance As the day ends Another begins.

Rebecca, Year 7 Lode Heath School

Horizons The horizon is a magical sight to behold in the evening, Where past, present and future unite, The sun sets the night alight, You feel your soul drift slowly into the atmosphere, To merge with society, The dead become living, It’s a period where time pauses, Waiting with bated breath, Listening for the cry of the morning. If you look into the horizon, Abandoning your fears, A flickering candle, swaying, Amongst the calmness, There are no boundaries, Dreams become real, Nightmares become insignificant, A mirage of crimson, peach and gold, Light up my heart, Light up my soul. The swaying Boat, Unsteady feet, Rising waves, Nervous chatter, Then the eyes wander over, The horizon Silence all around, The horizon was a blanket of calmness, The sun smiles before disappearing, Until dawn the next day. Holly, Year 7 Langley Secondary School

The Line The line between sky and land The line between life and death The line of dark and light The line The line that keeps our dreams The line where we see our goals The line where the sun sets. The line. Benjamin, Year 7 Langley Secondary School

Horizons Horizons, An imaginary line that’s not really there, Looking at something that I will never reach, A line I will never touch, No matter how far I go, Something that isn’t there. Horizons, Thinking of a horizon, Is thinking of the beach, Not eating an ice-cream, But looking over at the sea, Calm, No waves, Just peaceful. Horizons, Also seen when looking far, A long distance Across fields perhaps, Maybe seen when walking a dog, Or just off for a stroll. But wherever it is, The beautiful horizon, Always makes me wonder is it Really something that isn’t there? Elise, Year 7 Lode Heath School

ON THE HORIZON …. As the day draws to a close The sunset begins. You’re feeling down like the world is against you. The sun sets and the night sky darkens, Out comes the stars, A tear trickles down your cheek No matter what they say, Don’t feel sad You’re perfect in everyway! The sun rises in the chilly breeze You think tomorrow will be the same as today, Tomorrow the same as yesterday, And yesterday same as today. Don’t be afraid After all – happiness is the key And never forget when the sun disappears, Tomorrow will be a new dawn, And the end of today’s chapter. You will make it through Whatever they do, You’re perfect in every way, Just like when the sky-line and sun meets the sea ….. On the perfect summer’s day. Georgia, Year 7 Lyndon School Humanities College

THE HORIZON Where the sea and sky meet. They will never part Like two vast giants bound together They signify Love And happiness It is So distant Yet so Close The horizon So amazing So wonderful So vast A new beginning A distant ending The horizon Joseph, Year 7 Lode Heath School

What lies beyond the horizon? What lies beyond the horizon? A delightful placid land Where tranquil rivers flow And blissful sun beams glow Upon the emerald grass I lay With the sun’s rays beating down on me With the dolphins vaulting out of the glistening sea The delicate flowers flourish The land, with our love, we nourish As the days pass by My dreams begin to fly As the candyfloss clouds tip toe across mountains The birds flutter within the fountains As I look out my window pane A feeling of contentment is what I gain What lies beyond the horizon Remains untold And it will take years for me to unfold. Isabelle and Cara, Year 6 Ulverley School

Poems by students in Years 8-11 Horizons For my horizon I want to teach PE To be a teacher I want to be I want to keep young people fit So that they don’t want to sit For my horizon I want to teach PE Tennis and football just you see Eat fruit and veg, that’s what I’ll shout Throw the sweets and crisps right out. Krena, Year 8 Hazel Oak School

Horizon Not far away Are my GCSEs On the horizon Closer and closer, they are coming to me Like the sun rising the morning Although the sun is rising The clouds are rising too But a nasty sight these clouds are They overpower the sun Like storm clouds They appear to me Dull and dark they are For they decide my future It’s all I can see It’s blinding me Oh what horrible GCSEs Ryan, Year 9 Lyndon School Humanities College

Horizon As dawn breaks The ray of light fills your heart Sensing the reality that destiny is awaiting Just beyond the horizon Something waits for you Just beyond the horizon Lies your destiny Where the clear indigo sky meets the vast ocean Where the colours submerge as one Revealing colours beyond your imagination There you’ll find your destiny. You will hear a whisper Carried on the breeze of the wind A whisper calling your name But panic not You will rise with it. Hold your head high For you shall be free Journey into the calmness For you will find your destiny. Seeking knowledge Is a trip Not a destination. So beyond the answer Hides another Beyond the horizon Is another So spread your wings And gracefully soar Fly so high without looking back That’s where you’ll find your destiny Your destiny of hopes.

Iqra, Year 9 Langley Secondary School

Horizon I can give you nourishment An orange, an apple Something to kill the dull ache in your stomach I can give you love A hug, a kiss An embrace that could stop time completely I can even give you a roof over your head A house, a mansion Something to warm the cold, harsh rain from dripping down your neck I can’t give you a thought A hope, a dream An inspiration which could make you a millionaire I can’t give you a talent An accomplishment, a skill, A sentence on your CV that’ll make a man in a suit Remember your name I can’t even give you friends A crush, a foe A handful of people who listen to you when the Sun burns out I can give you a horizon A future, a prospect Something you can finally be proud to call your own I can give you a chocolate A sweet, a mouthful A warm sugary square which can make everything seem rose tinted I can give you a horizon Love, compassion A future where you have a home, a life, a friend A horizon Sarah, Year 8 Lode Heath School

I know my horizon is art… It’s what I wanted to do from the start Paper, pencils, ruler and rubber are my tools I can create something really cool It’s a subject I love Looking down from above I see a rainbow of colour Red, Blue, Black, Green, Brown, Grey, Pink, Orange and Yellow Shades and tones which are really mellow Cartoons are my thing; They mean more than any bling. Candicia, Year 8 Hazel Oak School

Horizons Everyone sees an horizon in a slightly different way, Some see it as the sun rising at the beginning of each day, Its colours gleaming brightly as it shimmers on the sea, Oranges, reds, pinks and yellows, mirrored for all to see, Others see it as a brand new beginning, To put aside all their past sinning, To others it is seen as a brand new life, Where they can raise a family as husband and wife, Others see it as the sun going down as darkness masks the sky, As the moon disappears into the water, we all wonder….why? Boats set sail towards it, searching for its end, But never seem to reach their goal as they turn around each bend, Can we ever reach it, and if so what lies beyond? Could it be just simply a never ending pond? The one fact however that no-one can deny, Is that the horizon is the line that divides the earth and sky!

James, Year 8 Lode Heath School

My Horizon On my horizon I see a racing car With me at the wheel Going far A great big smile on my face As I win the race! But then I see a police car And they’ve got a dog Maybe it would be better If I could jog! Shaun, Year 8 Hazel Oak School

The Horizon Standing, looking out into the distance Watching the calm ocean waters All evidence of time slipping away Minute by minute The exquisite colours of the sunset Dancing and swirling together Displaying an amethyst colour in the sky As the sun disappears Behind the mystic blue sea, Rainbows of colours shoot across the sky Crimson then scarlet Azure then emerald. It seems like forever has been and gone But only a few minutes have passed It all happens so quickly, In the blink of an eye And at the start of a new day, Different colours appear Changing through time And never the same again Where the sea meets the sky It’s a magical place We call it the horizon.

Hannah, Year 9 Langley Secondary School

Horizon As the sun goes down on yet another day Finding its place as, the horizon guides the way But one day the sun will rise on a new start The day after your tears part As you wave goodbye to so many faces You don’t quite realise the amount of remaining spaces So many friends you made along the way But you don’t forget them just because it’s the last day Five years you spend creating who you are Now they are setting you free, with the belief you’ll go far You start on a path that is not set in stone You go which ever way you wish; you make the path your own As you move along the path teachers help to guide you As each person grows they make new memories too So as you wave goodbye hold onto your dreams Nothing is impossible no matter how hard it seems Even before you have to wave goodbye and you and your friends have parted Just remember your new horizons have already started.

Lauren, Year 11 Lyndon School Humanities College

Sunset Horizon The meeting of the earth, sky and sea was so refreshing It gave me a sense of finally being free Being allowed to act myself for once, The shoreline meandered serpent-like Both north and south for mile upon endless mile The distinct line between both natural wonders The sky leading to the upper atmosphere And the sea with the deepest lying beds The sea sparkled with glee before the setting sun Shades of green and aqua blue The compacted sand glistened golden Gently cooled by the descending sun Cirrus clouds gather as though to make a nest Adorning the sky each with its own design A seagull silhouetted from the reflected rays Slowly gracefully soars high above The giant orb slowly faded into the distant horizon Leaving behind a trail of vibrant colours Magenta pinks to glowing yellow tones It captured my eyes not wanting to let go I stood there in a momentary silence Night should never have to appear The fiery white moon was unsolicited My emotions were let to run wild As a gentle breeze whispered by Glad there’s no fear the sun will rise up With the new dawn shortly arising Bright in our heavens and tread blue skies It wheels silent in the vast wasting space Until tomorrow I shall wait to witness The requisite backdrop nature provided For a prodigious dusk And the dawn of a new drama in one’s life.

Katja, Year 9 Langley Secondary School

Horizon in Japan As I gaze into the horizon I watch the wave slowly destroy my town and people. I watch the wave slowly getting closer. I can’t move, I’m in That much shock. I know I’m going to die, I can Feel it coming. I have no family left, they have all Been swept away in the water One by One. A tear runs down my face as I watch the water wipe out my whole town. I have no option but to jump into the water. Nothing could Be worse than this. But A brave man grabs me and takes me to a high building. The water could not reach us, We were safe. When the water calmed A helicopter come and Took us to a Rescue Centre. Homeless people all around me. I sit and think, Maybe I was better Off dead. That way I would be With my family……. Adelle, Year 9 Lyndon School Humanities College

Horizon Footprints dotted across the golden sand Making a winding path to the saltwater sea Tones of green and blue soothe my soul The sky is a contrast of colours Much like the paints on a artist’s palette The sun’s reflection shivers on the water Rays of light in all directions Exotic breezes waving past I wish I never had to say goodbye Tomorrow I will wait for the rising Past the distant line The meeting of the land, sky and sea. Zoe, Year 9 Langley Secondary School

Absorbed Horizon As the soft breeze caresses my face. I turn and embrace the beauty like a mother to her child. The wave rushing across the water as if it’s a race. With the animals so free so wild. The sun reflecting off the crystal clear sea. The light bouncing off the water and hitting me like a wall. The sea smooth like silk but the might engulfing me. With the untouched environment the feeling makes the world feel small. The cool refreshing sea soaking up the sun as a sponge does. The spells of enchantment and emotion. With the sun about to plunge. The last glimpse of light is a treat as the sun tumbles to the ocean. With everything so dark the sun sleeps dreaming of the morning. The dawn creeping up it wakes up with all fires roaring. Ben, Year 8 Lode Heath School

Golden Skylines Sometimes You wake up And forget everything But remember life. You forget the constant voice of hunger Roaring down your ear Forget all the sights you’ve seen All the people you used to know All the scars, cuts and bruises That lie upon your skin Bearing a thousand memories That only you will remember. Forget the stench you wake up to The stench you live through The stench that burns your eyes Burns your nose Your skin. Forget the feel of your brothers ribs Digging into yours as he’s heavy in your arms Forget how you died mentally As you watched your mother die literally Because I know As the decay rots under my bare feet As I look out over the metal rooftops Through the misty layer over my eyes And I see the golden skyline hit my people My community My shanty town My life That we are not forgotten And I see hope. Charley, Year 8 Lyndon School Humanities College

The Horizon She sits alone, all by herself With tears streaming down her face. Her limbs ache and her body is bruised, Blood seeps from open wounds. Nobody is there and cares About the girl who never speaks But the deep within a hear that has never felt love There are hidden hopes and dreams. One day she’ll escape and one day she’ll fly Away from her miserable life She’ll answer to no one, she will be free And for the first time she will smile. The grass will be greener, the flowers will bloom And the sun will rise in the east. The birds will sing and the river runs free And finally she will smile. But as she lies in the dark, damp room She fears she will never get out. She will forever stay locked away From hope and away from light No! She cries she’s had enough, She is going to escape. The door has opened, now is her chance So she gets up and runs for her life It isn’t enough, she can’t go on And eventually she falls. She doesn’t get up, she closes her eyes And she lets the light consume her Her eyes flutter open, she is wearing a gown That’s white and is made of silk. She has escaped and she has flown Away from her miserable life. She answer to no one, she is free And for the first time she is happy The grass is green, the flowers bloom And the sun rises in the east. The birds sing and the river runs free And finally she can smile. This is what she wanted, what she felt in her heart And so she gazes at the rising sun. Her life complete, she sees them now Her hopes and dreams beyond the horizon. Jess, Year 9 Langley Secondary School

Horizon! As far as the eye can see, Golden sand, Beautiful waves, Crashing against the sea shore. The sea weed tangles through my toes, Splashing water as it goes. As I walk across the sandy beach, I know I’m not alone, but inside It feels like I’ve got nowhere to go! As I take my final stride I feel the heat Of the sand, I look out to the sunset and I remember The good times, And the bad! This is my horizon, The future’s in my hands! Hayley, Year 8 Lyndon School Humanities College

Horizons Poem A stranger once told me, In the pursuit of happiness, To turn to the horizon. For it is beautiful. Majestic For it is a friend. Forever Always looking after lost souls, But never Being looked after itself. Johnathon, Year 8 Lode Heath School

Horizons A horizon A thin line of possibilities Never-ending, So it seems. Life’s tightrope Racked with uncertainty At each step Wait a minute……… Where’s the safety net? Tightrope walking takes years of practice A lot of skill And good balance to master. Even ‘professionals’ make errors. There is no way of knowing What will happen next, Endless possibilities, Or problems All I want to know is Where’s my safety net? Who will catch me if I fall? I know who will catch me. I will. There is no safety net Just your own willpower to get back up Know what? The more you try, the easier it gets. Morgan, Year 8 Lode Heath School

The Horizon In the palm of my hand lay my little blue boat Silver ripples were made now it is afloat As the cracks in the sky let the sun shine through Parts of the rainbow can be seen red orange and blue The infinite sky was motionless overhead Only until the provoked sea birds fled Where the skyline met the sea It seemed like it was only a dream to be As my boat drifted further away It was soon becoming the end of the day The cold wet sand lay under my feet The whistling wind howled in the fading heat I could feel my ears starting to freeze My boat was put of trail in the wild breeze It was just then I began to forget Only now could I make it out as a smudged silhouette You cannot predict its journey Just hope the end doesn’t arrive early This horizon comes with no end Just eternity. Emma, Year 9 Langley Secondary School

Horizons As I watched the sun set On the dancing, navy sea I considered my options warily All laid out for me I was sitting there, On the coarse, damp sand, Watching birds flock to their nests Gripping my life in my broken hands Everything was there My own choices to make Studying my horizons For my own sake Katie, Year 8 Lode Heath School

Horizon Big ugly buildings, As far as the eye can see, Tall as skyscrapers, Dirty, boarded up, graffitied, broken. Blocks of shops, Lined up in a row, Fumes from factories, Drifting slowly upwards to the dirty sky, Polluted, foggy, smoky, grey. The trees all gone, No greenery left, Litter dropped on the streets, Cars parked stationary, Broken down, Smashed, confined, dusty, black. This is the horizon I can see, Buildings, factories, shops, cars. Charlotte, Year 8 Lyndon School Humanities College

Horizon I will take the night, I will fly away, I am a bird, An eagle of sorts. As far as my wings will take me, As high as the sky is willing, I am running away, To a better place. Follow me, In the night sky, Let your wings grow, And take you to a new horizon. Akbar, Year 8 Lode Heath School

The Horizon Serene, relaxing, safe Explosions of colour paints the skies The horizon, casts its spells Enchanting, so spell binding Its radiant appearance and Hypnotising beauty is all anyone Can see. So pure, welcoming Its mind blowing ways Like a thousand wishes Hugs and kisses Giving me inspiration Something I wish to never end But I know all wonderful Experiences must come to an End eventually. Just like life, so precious But isn’t evermore The sun has now vanished from sight. Though I search for that magnificent creature I don’t succeed. I know it hasn’t disappeared Forever though, I pray it hasn’t. Sun remains hidden for a while after, until it is needed again. Then it will once more dazzle Us, with its glorious glow. My god. My hero. Shannon, Year 9 Lyndon School Humanities College

Leaving School Leaving school Can’t wait! At last I’m free No teacher telling me what to do now BUT What am I going to do? How will I get the money? Oh oh Think, think Jake Err; ha I know what to do I’ll get a job, yeah that’s super I’ll be a carpenter Sawing wood Hammering nails Fixing joints Making things And the best thing….I’ll work hard and get a Promotion! And more money But I’ll miss my friends I want to see them But I got to work I hope I do A lot of things with my friends Go out Listen to music See new places I’m going to miss my childhood Ha ha I’m going to pass my driving test A speeding sparkling shiny car I get a Ferrari shiny red, redder than a cherry But I just need the money But If I get a job I have a boss, o oh it’s just going to be like school No, no, no, now I’m going to Scream like a mouse cornered by a cat Help!!!! Jake, Year 10 Lyndon School Humanities College

Horizons Red, Orange and Yellow So bold and so bright The sunset on the horizon The fading away light Letting the gentle waves Creep over my toes Trying to chase away The problems that arose Choices and decision To be finalised for forever Affecting me and the others For today and ever after ‘Broaden your horizons’ They all say to me But what if only Two choices are the ones I see? Making my decision while watching The different shades of amber But what if my choices won’t take Me to my ‘happy forever after’? Darkness envelops me It engulfs me in black I’ve made my decision There’s no going back

Riya, Year 9 Langley Secondary School

Planes on the horizon! The planes are coming! I could see them on the horizon They were loaded with bombs Bombs destined for our trench I thought about my life And what I would never do For when the planes come I will be no more I looked at the red sky The planes were closer now I looked at my comrade’s face He knew the bombs had our names on them We both knew it was over The planes were over us now The bombs were dropped I felt lots of pain as the darkness took over….. Daniel, Year 9 Lyndon School Humanities College

Horizons The sun bursts out onto my horizon, Every morning, always, You can’t look into it, But you know it’s there, That’s my horizon! A never ending roll of tape, “A metres’s length?” It’s more than that, More a never ending length, Stretching ear to ear, That’s my horizon! A horizon has ups and downs, Peaks and troughs, They sometimes feel like highs and lows, Screaming on the highs, Sighing on the lows, Like a rollercoaster ride…. That’s my horizon, That’s how I roll! Hannah, Year 8 Lode Heath School

Horizon, Horizon Horizon, horizon Like a never ending sunset The landscape The memories The warm weather beyond Rhythm to the beat As far as the ocean’s feet The romance The holidays Imagining you’re a star Watching your never ending past The cloudy sky The tip of a mountain A new life Which means a new beginning. Paige, Year 8 Lyndon School Humanities College

Horizon Sailing, sailing, just constantly Pulling my flag to the top of my boat Just hoping someone will see Then I begin to think how I got into a position like this. I had thought I would travel some of the world, But got lost on my way instead All I had was my precious, little boat A bag as a flag And as little food as possible. I began to give up hope Thinking would it be easier if I was dead? I was in the middle of nowhere, With no map and hardly any food. Then I looked up, There on the horizon The most magnificent, marvellous, thing I had seen… Land! It was beautiful It was deserted, couldn’t see anyone But I was just so grateful I was going to survive! Adam, Year 9 Lyndon School Humanities College

Horizon The horizon of life, A family, a husband, a wife? What will you choose? Diamonds and rubies? Or drugs and booze? Will you live large? Sleep in the gutter? Live in a flat filled with useless clutter? Will you drive a cab all day? Or save lives for low pay? It’s all up to you, The horizon of life. Gareth, Year 8 Lode Heath School

Leaving School. My school is nearly over‌ Will the future will be very hard for me? I will miss my childhood. Long lazy days I will miss my friends Funny, exciting, loyal friends. When I leave school A cruel, cruel world is waiting for me. Where can I work I want a job I want a flat I want money I want a 50 inch TV So many many things I want. But HOW. My horizon is a very scary place I like the things, the way now. Not the future. Ali, Year 10 Lyndon School Humanities College

Horizon People always tell me what life will be bringing All this talk of the future has got me thinking I always thought my future would be plain to see But I realise I have no idea what the future Holds in stall for me Should I be a courageous soldier for whom death Holds no fear Or an excellent songwriter whose melodies make The strongest of men shed a tear Or should I be an archaeologist unleashing the History of mankind Or a famous actor with films to make many Autographs to sign Perhaps I could be an artist a master Of the paints Or a best selling author in the list of all time Greats Many paths are spread before me I know I have to Choose But I don’t know which one I want to take I haven’t Got a clue. Perhaps one leads the things I desire to have: A great job, be a family provider But in honesty I have no idea what lies on my Horizon future  Horizon    Goals earth ambition Anon, Hazel Oak School

The Poem 2011  

A collection of poetry from children across Solihull

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