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11 February 2011 Langley School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects all its staff and volunteers to share this commitment

Dear Parents and Care Givers Further Mobile Telephones Reminder In recent weeks we have had an increasing number of students in breach of the rules regarding mobile ‘phones. Please be aware that: •

If a ‘phone is taken out within the school grounds it will be confiscated and a senior staff detention issued.

NB: If this is a repeat offence, the phone will need to be collected by a parent – on the understanding that the phone will not be brought into school again. The school cannot take responsibility for any loss or damage to phones whilst in school. Uniform Reminder May I clarify for all the expectations regarding specific aspects of our uniform: • • • • •

Shoes must be all black and of leather [no trainers or canvas shoes] Skirts must be of an appropriate length and material – not lycra Trousers must be grey / dark grey Hair must not be extreme in terms of colour or style, ie patterns and severely shaved hair will not be permitted Jumpers are the only knitwear garments permitted

Failure to comply will result in an appropriate sanction, until our expectations on uniform standards are met. Thank you for your continued support in maintaining our high standards of uniform, which is very much appreciated by all the staff. Basic Equipment Check Some students are arriving to lessons without the basic equipment. This is making it difficult for written tasks to be done, affecting the quality of presentation and disrupting the lesson for others. At the start of each day all students should have: Pen, Pencil, Ruler, Rubber and Calculator for Mathematics. May I thank you for your continued support regarding these matters. Mr D Evans Assistant Headteacher [i/c Pastoral]

Drugs Policy Information – also shared electronically this week As you will be aware from our Induction Handbook and as outlined in our Drugs Policy, the School and Governors are mindful of the growing problems in society regarding the availability of illegal drugs. It is always our intention to ensure that Langley remains a ‘drug free environment’. Please be aware that the Drugs Policy states: “Any student found bringing in, being in possession of or using illegal drugs in school will be excluded. This exclusion will almost certainly be PERMANENT.” We will continue to provide drugs education for all through PSHE, Science and through other curricular areas. Support and further guidance for individuals can also be provided if it is felt that a drugs related problem is affecting their health and general progress. We would welcome any specific feedback you have regarding our policy either via letter or e-mail. Students have been regularly reminded of our policy through assemblies and a cross section will also be consulted. May I take this opportunity to thank you for your anticipated support and feedback regarding this matter. Mr D Evans Assistant Headteacher [i/c Pastoral] Parking on and around the school site Whilst we would like to encourage as many students as possible to either walk or cycle to school and discourage cars from coming onto the school site, we appreciate that this is not always possible. In order to reduce the number of cars moving around the site at busy times and improve safety for both students and drivers, we would ask parents to use the designated parking area opposite the school when they drop off and pick up their children. We would like to thank the majority of parents for using this area, but remind the few that stop on the roadways that this is causing danger and frustration to others. We would also like to inform parents that officers will be outside the school entrance at various times over the next few months to enforce the ‘no parking on school markings’ regulations. Year 7 Sustainability Day Friday 4th February was a big day for Year 7. The LEPRA workout was a resounding success and the normal timetable was suspended to allow Year 7 to participate in a series of workshops designed to encourage us to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Visiting representatives from Severn Trent Water, CAFOD, RSPB, Christian Aid, Islamic Relief, Midlands Co-op, Vegan Society and SUSTAIN delivered a series of illuminating workshops to a responsive Year 7. The day was co-ordinated by

Sarah Lardner from Places Directorate at Solihull Council. Well done to all Year 7 delegates and others who supported the day. Mr TD Axe Deputy Headteacher Youth Parliament Candidate Langley held their Solihull Youth Parliament elections on Tuesday 8th February. Students could vote for a Member of Youth Parliament who will represent young people's views in Solihull at a local and national level. There was a good turnout of voters and thanks to Mrs Beck and David Wade in 10E for their help. Mrs C Johnson, Citizenship Co-ordinator An E-mailed ‘Postcard from Tanzania’ The following email was received and very much enjoyed in school recently. We thought that parents would also like to share this and hear how far afield the influence of Langley School is spreading:

Dear staff at Langley, I was a student at Langley from 1995-2000. After studying at Langley I went to Solihull Sixth Form College, followed by Bradford College to do a teaching degree. I stayed in Bradford and taught there for 4 years. I am currently working in Tanzania for 2 years with The Joshua Foundation as a mentor to student teachers in their teacher training college. The student teachers I mentor are based in Joshua Primary School in Magugu. This morning, as I was helping one of my students find books for his Geography lesson, I came accross some books with the Langley Secondary School stamp and address inside it! It was a lovely surprise! It’s amazing to think that both myself and the books have come from the same place in Solihull and have both ended up in the same place in the middle of Africa! It is nice to see them being put to use. I know that Kings Church in Solihull has links with The Joshua Foundation and my guess is that the books were sent over in one of their containers. Many thanks Sarah Jackson

Continued Request to Parents for Plastic Bottles Mr Tustain’s Funky Friday group need 1,500 2-litre plastic bottles to build Langley’s first ever eco-greenhouse! If you can help by providing pre-washed lemonade or pop bottles, please send them in with your child to Room 25, or hand them in at the main office FAO Mr Tustain. Thank you to everyone who has helped to provide bottles so far!

Congratulations to Dance Show participants Congratulations to everyone who helped create, organise or took part in the Dance Show on Wednesday 9th February. This was a wonderful event and the energy, enthusiasm and talent of the dancers was enjoyed by a most appreciative audience! Thank you to everyone involved. Overdue Library Books Can students check bags, lockers and at home for overdue library books and return them to the library, as a matter of urgency please – especially Year 11 students! Thank you. Nestlé Book Tokens This initiative continues and helps provide books for our school. Please cut these out from the tops of the Nestlé cereal boxes and bring into Mrs Beck in the library. Thank you for your continued support. Y9 Football Team Good luck to our Y9 Football Team, who will be playing in the Quarter Final of the West Midlands Cup next Tuesday, 15th February. The match is due to take place at home with kick-off at 2.45pm. Parents who wish to support are welcome to do so. Please go directly to the Back Field, to meet Mr McCallum, Head of PE. Thank you. Mr Sambhi’s Maths Puzzle – Spring term Question: Mr Sambhi knows that an item costing £20 will cost £20.43 after the VAT rise from 17.5% to 20%. He wants a quick way to work out the new cost of any item with the applied 2.5% increase in VAT. Mr Sambhi finds there is a top heavy fraction he can multiply any value by, which will give the cost with the new VAT applied. What is this top heavy fraction? [Give your answer in its simplest terms]. Send your answer with working either to or hand this in at room 23, remembering to include your name and maths group. Solutions from parents / carers are welcome!

Yours sincerely

Mr P Talbot Headteacher

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