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Unit X Re-Submission Unsung Heroes

This brief was all about unsung heroes. I started researching different areas and experiments and discovered that mice truly are unsung heroes, they are used in around 3 quarters of all Looking into the topic further I found that there has been a huge rise in mice used because they are being experiments and I discovered labratories who sell these mice via catalogues, like consumer products. I decided to link my work to PETA, who are an organisation campaigning against animal testing, to highlight the fact that mice are still creatures who feel the same pain as we do but are not treated with the same respect or value as other animals. I did this by linking them to consumer products such as iphones and cars, based on an advert I found in one of the catalogues advertising a new strain of mice.

Unit X Re-Submission Recipe Infographic

This brief was to create an instructional recipe without using text to describe it, other than in the key. I decided to create a pocket sized booklet that would be aimed at students, describing a very basic recipe using only computer symbols. The idea of the recipe booklet is simple, each page has a photograph of an ingredient and the symbols on that page describe what to do with that ingredient. As you progress through the booklet you progress through the different stages of the recipe, adding each ingredient over time.

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