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Those seminars, when you’re deciphering and challenging and thinking, those were great experiences.”

WEIGHTY WORDS Commonly known as “The Brick,” The Norton Anthology of English Literature (shown here, the 1975 edition) was a standard item in students’ backpacks throughout the 1970s and 1980s. Ideal for boning up on Wordsworth, and not a bad doorstop, either!


important for women. And I think having a woman teacher was probably very helpful.

SAT B-O-O-K Before tutoring centers and way before online SAT prep, there was… The Official SAT Study Guide. Whether your copy was dog-eared or barely opened, if you were a student in the 1970s through 1990s, you probably had one.

Why did you set out to start your own company?

I wanted to be in a position not only to invest but also to help those companies grow. I was lucky enough to find some partners who had some experience, and we’ve invested in over 50 companies, many of which have been acquired by large corporations. One is now a multi-billion-dollar market capitalization company listed on the New York Stock Exchange. What’s your experience as a woman in this industry?

Only 5 percent of partners of venture funds are women. So you stand out. We’ve built one of the largest women-owned venture funds in the U.S., so when someone comes to a meeting in our office, there’s often more women than men in the room. That’s so different in our field, and it’s a really fun experience to have and to have created.

BREAKING NEWS This mid-’70s edition of The Willistonian reports on the construction of the library—for a cool $2.1 million—as well as a new Student Handbook policy on the use of cutting-edge “tape recorders and record players” in dorm rooms.

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The Williston Northampton School Bulletin, Fall 2016  

The Williston Northampton School Bulletin, Fall 2016  

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