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Street Outreach

This may be hard to imagine, but living on the street can be more comfortable than staying in a homeless shelter. The street is safer than returning to an abusive relationship or a home filled with drugs and violence.

Many folks we meet on the streets are reluctant to seek help. Some think others are in greater need than they. Mental illness is prevalent — paranoia, for example, and not feeling safe in a confined area around other people. Some people have been dismissed from all shelters due to aggressive behavior.

Through Street Outreach, Willis Dady connects with those who may not desire services right now, or who may not know they qualify. We build relationships, offer information and make referrals where appropriate.

If and when clients are ready to take the next step — whatever that step is, toward housing or simply for more information — we’ll be there as a trusted advocate. Our role in outreach is to stay in contact until a person is ready for help.