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Getting a better job is NOT only about finding a company that will increase your salary and give your better benefits.

Your quest for a better job must begin with a PLAN.

Your plan should INCLUDE working with recruiters who can enhance your financial industry career.

Your plan should also include an EVALUATION of your job search to make sure it is truly effective.

FOLLOW each of the steps below to give yourself the best possible chance of climbing the corporate ladder.

Step #1 Do Not Be Afraid Of "Entry Level" Jobs

Entry level jobs are all DIFFERENT.

There are companies where workers who take entry level jobs have little chance of advancing.

However, there are other companies where even the highest executives had to start in the mailroom or distribution warehouse.

If you find a job that seems better than the one you currently have‌

‌ you should give it careful consideration before writing it off or assuming it is not worth your time.

Step #2 Edit Your Resume

Searching for jobs requires an UPDATED resume.

You will have much better luck searching for a job when you keep your resume CURRENT.

Reading up on what HR managers wants to see will help you to construct a resume that is current to your industry.

If you have not updated your resume, hiring managers can tell.

Step #3 Do Not Get Wrapped Up In Salary

There are times when you MUST take a job that does not pay your dream salary because the job gives you the future opportunity to make your dream salary.

A job that amounts to a lateral move could give you a better chance of advancement.

Also, you may find that there are more supportive people above you at a new company.

Step #4 Do Not Make Benefits A Dealbreaker

Every company on the planet has made CHANGES to their insurance and benefits programs.

If the benefits at a new company are comparable to your current benefits, you should still consider the job.

In the future, the economy will improve and benefits packages will likely IMPROVE across the board.

Step #5 Go Where The Customers Are

You could take a job in a SMALLER TOWN where the company has a practical monopoly on the community ‌

‌ or you could move to a large city where your new company is filling a void in the market.

No matter what you do, you must go WHERE THE CUSTOMERS are so that your new employer can survive.

Getting a better financial job requires that you FOLLOW each of the steps above.

Start with your resume, BUT finish with thoughtful consideration of every job offer.

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5 Steps for Landing a Better-Paying Position  
5 Steps for Landing a Better-Paying Position  

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