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The Shadows Of God's Love Psalm 91:1-14 He that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. The entire number of this Psalm speaks to all those who abide in the secret place of God's love, protection, grace and mercy. The God of all creation is believers' refuge, high tower, and the horn of his or her salvation (Psalm 18:2) and He delivers. In the OT He is seen as delivering His people from harm. In the NT He provides salvation through His Son Jesus Christ as Jesus is the only way back to God the Father. Psalm 23:1 speaks of God as the shepherd supplying all our need; in John 10:1-30 Christ, God's Son is spoken of as the good shepherd outlining all the things that a shepherd does for His sheep (people). God's attributes speaks of His uniqueness and goodness undergirded by His love, which was manifested in the greatest degree in providing salvation to all who believe in His Son. That being said, all humanity operates in God's love because He provides life sustaining necessities and without them there is no life. What a loving God? Let's close with this question, God provides the necessities of life to both the saved and unsaved, then why not believe in Jesus Christ, be saved and enjoy even greater blessings from the Lord? God's love surpasses all. Comments are welcome Author's contact

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The Shadow Of God's Love  
The Shadow Of God's Love  

This article looks at God providing life sustaining necessities to the saved and unsaved.