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The Slim-Fast Diet The Slim-Fast diet, and other similar counterparts, has been a popular choice for many years among people who are trying to lose weight. However, in order for the Slim-Fast diet to be successful, you must understand and follow the basic tenets of the diet. Continue reading to learn some of the basics.

Simply put, Slim-Fast is a nutritional supplement in the form of a milk-based shake. You can either purchase the shake pre-mixed in bottles, or in powder form to be mixed with skim milk at home. The shakes provide much of your daily requirements of protein and vitamins, while still being low in calories. In addition to the brand name Slim-Fast shakes, many grocery and health food stores offer a generic version which may be cheaper than the brand name version. Be sure to compare the nutritional content of the generic version to the real thing, so you know they're meeting the same needs. Also, watch out for Ensure and other similar drinks - these are high-calorie drinks intended for weight maintenance or gain.

Slim-Fast shakes are quite sweet and most people report that they find the taste enjoyable. They come in a wide variety of flavors, so you're sure to find something in their line that you like. Among the flavors offered are cappucino, milk chocolate, French vanilla, and strawberry. Generic versions generally are available in chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. Slim-Fast also offers low carb versions of their chocolate and vanilla flavors.

One concern many people have about Slim-Fast shakes is their use of artificial sweeteners and other chemical ingredients. Slim-Fast is sweetened with sucralose, the base ingredient for the calorie-free sweetener Splenda, along with regular sugar and acesulfame potassium. The low-carb versions, however, contain only sucralose as a sweetener. The shakes were originally offered without artificial sweeteners, but this was changed to reduce the number of calories per serving. If you are highly concerned about artificial sweeteners and preservatives, the Slim-Fast diet is probably not the one for you.

The Slim-Fast diet itself is very simple. You are allowed 1200 calories per day, in the form of three snacks, two shakes or meal replacement bars, and one meal. The three snacks should be no more than 100 calories each; this is the equivalent of 1 cup of grapes or unsweetened applesauce. Each of the shakes is approximately 200 calories; 80 calories for the low carb versions. The balanced daily meal should be approximately 500 calories. You can choose to eat the meal at any point during the day, but most people choose to have it in the evening.

While it is a diet that's hard to maintain in the long run, and it may become monotonous at times, the Slim-Fast diet is an excellent choice for people that want to lose a small to moderate amount of weight in a short time frame. It provides dieters with a strict but easy to remember plan. Combined with moderate exercise, the Slim-Fast diet provides quick and relatively healthy weight loss. Click here to find out more

The Slim-Fast Diet  

purchase the shake pre-mixed in bottles, or in powder form to be mixed with skim milk at home.

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