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It’s hard not to notice Org de Rac Organic Wine Estate when you cross the Berg River towards Piketberg on the N7. The very sight of the vineyards on the hillside already anticipates a hearty welcome, fine wine, good clean country air and life in abundance. At Org de Rac we don’t use any chemical herbicides or pesticides in the production process. The vineyards have been planned in such a way that the prevailing winds can blow between the rows to keep the leaves dry and free of fungal infections. Earthworms work to improve the quality of the soil. Ducks are employed as a natural pest control method in the vineyards, as they eat the slugs, snail and other insects. Drip irrigation ensures that water is used efficiently and sparingly. But finally, Org de Rac is about more than organic wines and breathtakingly beautiful views. At the heart of our philosophy you’ll discover the true, green heartbeat of the Swartland. It’s a free-spirited heartbeat that embraces the essence of this exquisitely beautiful region within the guidelines of biodiversity and organic farming, yet constantly strives for a careful balance between nature, people and business. At Org de Rac, creation, conservation and respect for the virgin soil is all-important. Because tomorrow counts.


Why organic wine? At Org de Rac our deep respect for and commitment to our natural environment result in a wine range of exceptional purity and flavour. Grown in strict accordance with organic standards and environmental sustainability, each wine is a joyous tribute to nature. The result of our organic farming methods is a harvest of grapes that is raised in healthy soil, fertilized by l i v i n g , o r g a n i c c o m p o s t a n d t h a t w a s never sprayed or exposed to any form of chemical pesticide, herbicide or fungicide. These organically produced grapes are harvested and sorted by hand. They are then taken to our cellar and made into wine according to strict principles and controlled practices, before being bottled, labelled and matured right here on the estate. Org de Rac absolutely adheres to organic winemaking techniques with low sulphur additions - resulting in a more natural, healthier wine on your table.


Wine Portfolio 2014

Org de Rac Organic Wines Our delicious range of healthier wines of superior quality and taste is grown and made to the highest modern standards and with the utmost respect for the earth, its people and above all, for you - the discerning wine lover who cares. Unwooded Chardonnay 2013 Irresistible aromas of tropical fruit and subtle hints of pear complement a refreshing minerality on the palate. • Nedbank Green Awards Best Value • Best Value Wine Guide 2014

Chardonnay 2013 A clean classic wooded Chardonnay. Abundance of butterscotch with Lime, vanilla and well integrated oak.

Rosé 2012 A crisp aromatic Rosé with an explosion of red berry fruit on the nose and more strawberry and pomegranate fruit on the palate. Refreshingly light in colour.

Org de Rac Organic Wines (Continued)

Merlot 2012 The delightful fruity bouquet of delicate ripe berries follows through on the smooth palate. A lightly wooded wine with harmonious balance between fruit and oak.

Shiraz 2012 Tempting aromas of ripe, dark forest fruit and piquant spices. Elegant and restrained on the palate with plum flavours mingling with hints of coffee, mushroom, oak spice and the savoury notes characteristic of Shiraz.

Cabernet Sauvignon 2012 Abundantly fruity with a medley of dark berries, especially blackcurrant on the nose. On the palate warm cassis flavours are supported by ripe tannins and well-integrated oak.

Die Waghuis Syrah 2012 Notes of fynbos, cherry tobacco and a touch of dark chocolate combine perfectly to form the aromas of Die Waghuis Syrah. These flavours carry over onto a balanced palate of velvety tannins that ends in a lingering spicy aftertaste.

Org de Rac Reserve This exclusive organic range is grown on the south-facing slopes of Piketberg Mountain where specially selected vines yield grapes of great distinction. Thanks to meticulous cellar practices every wine in the range is an aristocrat in its own right.

Cuvee La Verne Methodé Cap Classique 2011

Harvested early in the season to preserve the natural acidity and delicate fruity flavours of the Chardonnay grapes, this elegant Blanc de Blancs presents a whiff of green apple and citrus on the nose. Seductive hints of subtle biscuit creates a lively multi-layered taste. • Platter Wine Guide 2014: 4 Star Rating • Nedbank Green Wine Awards 2013: 3 Star Rating

Reserve Merlot 2012

A feast of concentrated berry fruit flavours combines with undertones of cigar box, leather and rich vanilla. • Michelangelo Wine Awards 2013: Silver

Reserve Shiraz 2012

A complex wine with lingering blueberry fruit anhanced by elegant nuances of spice and well-integrated oak. • Michelangelo Wine Awards 2013: Silver • Platter Wine Guide 2014: 4 Star Rating • Nedbank Green Wine Awards 2013: 3 Star Rating

Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2012

The wine rewards with generous blackberry flavour harmoniously supported by undertones of vanilla and spice that linger on the palate. • Veritas Awards 2013: Silver • Platter Wine Guide 2014: 4 Star Rating • Nedbank Green Wine Awards 2013: 3 Star Rating

Org de Rac Organic Wines • Piketberg • Swartland • South Africa • Tel: +27 22 913 2397 Web: • Email:


Org de Rac Portfolio 2014  
Org de Rac Portfolio 2014