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Photography isn’t difficult to do in the modern world with the great technology and options available. Anyone who says it’s hard to take a technically competent photo is clutching at straws. Despite this, we drown in drab, boring, and uninspired images. From an art perspective, even with the sheer number of productions available, it can be hard to find pieces that are both interesting and affordable. I believe art should be accessible, as such, I like to use low cost, lo-fi techniques to make my pieces affordable and personal. I do this by printing with Xerox printers and hand inking my photos digitally and with brushes. My father sent me on my journey in analog film photography and this publication is a collection photos from my travels in the U.K. and Ireland, as well as from my local haunts on the streets of Glasgow and Belfast. It was created to accompany prints I have made and continue to make to illustrate collectively where my subjective inspiration comes from. The cameras involved in these photos are my grandfather’s Bierette, my dad’s Lubitel 2 and Zenit E, a Yashica FX-D and a Nikon F90 entrusted to me by a lecturer and friend Conan Fitzpatrick. I hope these images inspire you to look at photography in a creative and insightful way and to pick up a camera and start crafting your own compositions, even if it’s with compact digital camera or a disposable film camera. Willie Woods August 2013

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