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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Gold bull market won't end "anytime soon," Outstanding Investments editor says I don't think the gold bull market will end anytime soon,Byron King tells the Gold Report. I believe that much of the recent gold exit has been a reaction to the impending tax changes on Jan. 1, when tax rates will go up unless there is congressional action. I don't think very many investors are selling physical gold or silver. I do think people are selling paper and electronic gold to lock in gains and pay capital gains at the lower 2012 tax rate. It is taxdriven selling, not a reflection that the world's monetary or economic system is getting well. People have to make their own decisions. If investors own a physical precious metal, the last thing they ought to do is sell out. Really, never sell actual gold or silver if you can avoid it. With the paper gold, or electronic gold, or gold shares? It depends on the investor's situation. If you have large gains, perhaps you want to lock in the gains, sell and pay a 15% capital gains rate in 2012, versus selling it after Jan. 1 and paying a higher rate. If that's your case, then sell now and buy it all back next year. Everyone is different, however. Right now, an investor ought to have cash, which is dry gunpowder, as well as physical precious metals in one's possession. I don't mean own a certificate, own a call on gold or gold in somebody else's storage locker. I mean, own the gold!

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Posted by Richard Davey at 1:28 PM

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