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Gold will be your best investment !

For 6000 years people have collected gold as an investment and security for their family. The value of gold has never gone to zero and has always backed paper currency throughout the world. Paper currency without the backing of gold normally lasts about 40 years then the economy of the country crashes. No paper assets has lasted as long as gold. One ounce of gold in the Roman times still weights one ounce today.

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Gold Bars from the Federal Reserve

Gold Bullion Consultants Gold Bullion Advisors Supplying gold bullion to the banking industry to meet their tier 1 capital needs

Gold is Money Of all the investments available today, gold has had the great rise in value in the last 10 years. Since 1971 the "Dollar" has lost 85% of its value while gold has gained an average of 17% each year for the past 10 years. No other investment has a better return and in fact gold has been around as currency for 6000 years. Gold bullion can be converted to every currency in the world. Its one of the few investments which is considered a liquid asset. The value of gold will never be diluted because of over production. Gold production has been going down the past 10 years and most of the above ground mining of gold has been exhausted. The cost of finding gold has been rising each year and many countries are now nationalizing the gold mines.

Many investors have purchased gold securities believing that the certificate is fully backed by gold bullion. These securities which have been called Gold ETF cannot be converted into gold bullion by the investor and if the market takes a major drop the investor may take a huge loss when selling their gold shares. Buy physical gold for its long term investment.

Return on Investment For the past 10 years gold has increased an average of 17% per year and we know of no other investment that can make this statement. Gold has never gone to zero in price and many experts believe that gold will soar to $5000 per ounce in the next few years.

Pure Gold Bullion Bars • 1 Like • •

by richard-davey-37

Gold bullion dealer supplying gold to the banking industry to meet their tier 1 capital needs....... • 9 featured lenses • Winner of 8 trophies! • Top lens » Is Fort Knox Empty of Gold Bullion? Feeling creative? Create a Lens!

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