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Is time to buy Gold Bullion....Don't wait !

We are moving toward a fundamental shortage of gold, and I believe it may start as soon as next month. I think the bottom is being put in right now. You see once again with the stock market trading lower, they just turn the algorithms on and grind the price down. But this action is all just building a massive base in gold. I think the big issue going forward is this growing shortage of available physical gold. I strongly believe one of the reasons for the shortage is a lot of it is headed East. The last four or five months of the year gold should challenge and easily take out its all-time high. Over the past 10 years gold bullion has increased over 17% per year. It is estimated that the price of gold could rise to $10,000 an ounce in a few years if the world returns to the gold standard.

Your Best Investment is Gold The US Dollar loses purchasing power every year. Since 1971 the USD has lost 82% of its value while an ounce of gold bullion, when converted to USD, will purchase as much as or more than it would purchase in 1971. Is there any reason to expect anything different in the next 40 years? . Gold bullion is recognized as having value in every country in the world and as such can be converted to the paper currency of any country. Ounces of gold bullion really are liquid assets around the globe. Gold bullion cannot be mass produced by any person or organization, including governments, so its value cannot possibly be diluted by an over supply. You cannot convert Gold ETF shares to physical gold bullion. You purchase Gold ETF shares with paper dollars and you sell Gold ETF shares for paper dollars. In short, the only way out of a Gold ETF is via paper money. You are not diversifying away from paper assets when you invest in a Gold ETF nor do you own gold bullion when you invest in a Gold ETF. You, your family and future generations will never be poor if you own gold bullion and pass it on as part of your legacy. All paper assets eventually become worthless or are replaced by other paper assets that eventually become worthless. Among all of the physical assets, none have the long lasting physical durability of gold bullion. Gold bullion is virtually indestructible and does not deteriorate with age. A one ounce gold coin from the Roman empire still weighs one ounce today. Our firm is a consultant to the banking industry

Return of the Gold Standard Gold has always symbolized wealth as well as power if you look closely back in the history. It has also remained one of the leading causes of the colonial expansion. However the most significant use of this metal was realized when it started being used as the monetary system known as gold standard. The main use of gold in the form of monetary system came up in late 17th century BC in the ancient Lydia. During 17th as well as 18th century, countries started backing out from the gold bullion, i.e., gold coins and government notes were created which were supported by the gold. Therefore gold bullion standard is nothing, rather the paper notes of government which are backed by this metal. The US government passed

the mint act in 1792 after which adoption of gold standard was made absolutely mandatory. US dollar was supported by gold till 1862. Later it was reintroduced in the year 1878. This act of switching from gold standard to fiat money kept in continuation till 1971. Actually, gold standard offers some of the advantages. Because the entire money is being backed up by the gold, therefore greater control over the trade remains in the hands of the government. Because of the manipulative behavior of the government, boom or depression can lead to economic collapse. In situations like these, the gold standard acts as the concrete base because the printed scripts of the government are being backed by the gold reserve. The most appropriate method of protecting yourself against financial crisis is by having gold. Various research papers show the importance of these precious metals like gold. When you invest in the gold standard, you certainly bring down the risk because of increased return.

Gold Bullion Advisors Gold Bullion Gold Bullion Consultants to the Banking Industry

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by richard-davey-37

Gold bullion dealer supplying gold to the banking industry to meet their tier 1 capital needs....... • 9 featured lenses • Winner of 8 trophies! • Top lens » Is Fort Knox Empty of Gold Bullion? Feeling creative? Create a Lens!

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