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reasons (Walker, 2016). The government pays a huge amount for health care, cur-

rently 43%. The insurance companies pay

one third and the consumer pays about one fifth of the cost. Problems with this are that

many families cannot afford it at all, and the numbers keep increasing (Walker, 2016).

Compared to other industrialized nations

such as Canada, Australia, Japan, Iceland, New England, etc., the U.S. spends the

most money on health care (Dyer’s Pow-

erPoint, 2014). Even though we spend the most money on health care compared to the other nations, we have less healthier

populations compared to them. Our infant

mortality rate is higher compared to theirs, and we also have a lower life expectancy compared to the other countries (Dyer’s PowerPoint, 2014).

Many of these reasons can be due to our food choices and lifestyles. Another reason can be because of the way our health care industry is organized and financed compared to other industrialized countries.

The other industrialized countries use a common fee schedule so that

hospitals, doctors, and health services are paid similar rates for most of the patients they see, as opposed to the U.S. where how much a health care

service gets paid depends on the kind of insurance a patient has. This means that health care services can choose patients who have an insurance policy

that pays them more generously than other patients who have lower paying insurers, such as Medicaid (Kane, 2012). Because of this many hospitals,

doctors, and health services do not accept Medicaid. This then makes the options limited for those who have Medicaid. In the United States, 1 in 5 U.S. adults

experience mental illness and 1 in 20 had

a serious mental illness. Most of them are usually men (Dyer’s PowerPoint, 2014).

Men usually have mental illnesses because of their pride. Men tend to not want to

visit the doctor and fight through the pain because they believe that the pain will

eventually go away. In most cases this is

true but many times the smallest pain can mean something much bigger then it can 73 >

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The Macomb Community College journal of student words and images.

Sketches 2018  

The Macomb Community College journal of student words and images.