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Winter is coming Rachel Yang Winter is a misunderstood mistress that takes the vocal beatings by those who choose to not see the beauty of her. Many flock to Summer because

of the instant gratification they receive when going outside. Summer is full of life blooming to its peak, its beauty is in full view, and the sun kisses the

skin ever so boldly. Summer is comfortable and vibrant, caressing the world in warmth, a stark contrast to the bold and unapologetic cold that Winter

brings. Surely if Summer is so great then Winter cannot possible compete,

or can it? Winter brings with her a different kind of gratification, one that has more value than anything Summer can bring. She is forever blessed with

fleeting beauty, she transforms the world before the eyes of many, and she

lays to rest the life of Summer. There is more to Winter than meets the eye, if one knows where to look.

Winter spreads her beauty to a select few places and even then, only for

a short time. Seeing and understanding her takes time, so many become

complacent in dealing with her, rather than experiencing her. Excluding the polar ice caps, no place is permanently showcasing her beauty. The innocently deceptive snow, the unsuspecting icicles, and the crisp winds are

forever receding to give spotlight to Summer’s green. Many people do not

have the opportunity to ever see Winter outside of a picture. They never fully experience what it feels like to be immersed in a world so different, yet so

similar. The world Winter offers is unseen to those who simply walk by and only ever see what is on the surface. To find her beauty, one must take the

time to truly immerse themselves in everything she has to offer. To paint a

picture, imagine taking a walk down a snow covered path, snow piled high

and trees blanketed. The crisp wind giving tingling kisses to the cheeks and

the comfortable silence of the world. Just as there is beauty in a world full of life, there is beauty in a world void of life.

Another wonder Winter brings is the ability to change the environment

without altering it beyond repair. Many places in the world see the warming weather Summer brings every day of the year. Many experience Summer

and all her shining gifts. She is like the safe space that people can submerge themselves in when they seek comfort and familiarity. Repetition can be

good but change helps to breed new perspective. Unfortunately, not everyone has the means to travel, whether because of money or lack of vacation

time. Winter can help give a fresh perspective without ever having to move

from home. It morphs the once familiar world in to something new, without

instilling hesitancy. It transforms the very ground many walk on into a subtle but new experience. A change in temperature allows a shift in perspective

and only Winter can give that. Along with this new environment, new opportunities arise, like building snowmen, ice skating, and snowball fights. She

brings variation in to the world of complacency many of us are familiar with. Like a dice, there are multiple faces to the same entity. 59 >

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Sketches 2018  

The Macomb Community College journal of student words and images.

Sketches 2018  

The Macomb Community College journal of student words and images.