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Shadha Rashic, 25 Angelena Chronis, 28 How My Life Changed from Simply a Book

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Looking over the heads of people she stared out the large window behind t Sierra Spehek, 78 Ashley Fearncombe, 64 “​You’re pretty”, “you have nice hair”, and “you’re so friendly” are nice

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Winter is a misundercompliments unless they’re followed by ​for a black girl ​. Whether it be intentional or a orchestra. Stars shined against the night sky, the pale moon illuminating the darke stood mistress that takes minor misinterpretation, those words hurt.aIt room, is not a compliment. It isknew a reinforcement being the center of attention. When I walked into everyone who Iofwas, and if the vocal beatings by

halls of her home.

the stereotype that black women, more specifically “dark aren’t to beautiful, or nice, thosegirls”, who choose not

didn’t, within five minutes they would know me and would remember see the beauty of her. me after that day. I w Jeff Mogge, 48 or have pretty hair. Jeff Mogge, 29 Connor Wyckoff, 6 Daniel Schulz, 40 A Browse Sliding her feet out of sweaty back pressed against theof wall she silen My melanin proficiency heels, often resulted in color complex among my group Through normal clothes, yet it the was as if I was naked because of how tight they were around my body Does the friends in every school I’ve attended. Being the darkest girl at the lunch table, I was Parrot StoreAffordable hummed cool marble floor chilled her skin, curling her legs close to her. ShI I was a aIftarget matter whoasWhen I the wanted, Iusually got. there was a place I Act wanted to work, I was hired for ridicule and the subject of all the inside jokes amongst the other immediately. kids, Care child, my faNeed to be while the lighter-skinned girls were vorite Linda Leo, 43 Zihanpraised. Ahmed, 72They always knew that those girls were animal out slowno steady breath watching as the people in colorful gowns danced minb therea were positions open, they would create a position for me specifically, and Iand would beautiful. They fit the standards of an ideal black girl put on by society and the black

community. But for me it took time, years for to even consider me to be cute(ish),for me. If I workingher. within a week. If Idoors wanted jewelry, orthem clothes, they the were bought before The double wide openbags, spilling light into hall. Her bare arms beautiful, even for a dark-skinned girl.

needed money, it was given to me. Life wasphrase easyI because I used my power as a Awoman to Pretty a black girl. ​Apeople know to well. the red liquid at times prickled at the cool air as sheforwatched drink, almost statement that implies that my people aren’t usually

control men, and I was able to attain whatever I wanted.

onto the polished stone floor, the having to raise the serving trays high ab attractive. As if the fact servants that I have dark skin minimizes 4 >and black are opposing words. my worth. As if beautiful

There was something essential missing from my life that made me feel lost, and noth

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Sketches 2018  

The Macomb Community College journal of student words and images.

Sketches 2018  

The Macomb Community College journal of student words and images.