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I was born four years after Dražen’s death. Dražen has inspired me through his passion and enthusiasm about the game of basketball. I never had the

chance to watch Dražen live, but when I watch Dražen play in film, you

cannot help but root for him and feel the passion he plays with. His emotion is so contagious that it makes me want to play basketball in the middle of

the night and try to master his perfect shot. If Dražen were alive today, who knows what he would have accomplished. Would he be a bigger star than he was? Would he be an all-time NBA great? Chuck Daly NBA coaching

legend said it perfectly, “You know, there is a saying that we have about

JFK, John F. Kennedy—“You know, Johnny, we never got to know you.” And

I kind of feel that way about Dražen. I felt that the whole year that I was with him went by too fast and I really never got to know him the way I would

have liked to” (Dražen Petrović). Dražen was taken from us too soon, but

regardless of what Dražen Petrović would have achieved in NBA, he left a

legacy, a story, that inspires us till this day. Dražen was not only the Mozart

of Basketball, but the living proof of hard work. Dražen motivates me to

achieve through hard work and practice. As the saying goes, if Dražen can do it, you can too.

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The Macomb Community College journal of student words and images.