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see couples are walking hand in hand, share their romantic moments and

built their good memories. Some others are just sitting; sharing words and

enjoying the palm leaves are whispering each other. Maybe they recall their good time in the past or just talk about their future dreams.

I feel the freshness of the air like a summer breeze, the glare from the sun hit the water on the sea like sparkles of floating crystals. The waves are ceasing each other. The surfers keep their balance on the boards that are swung by the ripple of the waves. The white sands along the beach like a giant rug where people can sit lay down for sunbathing, walk and have some fun.

My mind starts flashback to my past time. A few years ago, I have a lot of

laugh and dreams for our life on this place with my beloved ones, the good memories that never leave my mind. I see the sky gradually changing its

color, from white calm blue become tinged with gray and some reddish spot marking sundown. The sun turns from orange to red, but it doesn’t have its sting anymore. I can see the small dim of the closest star with my naked

eyes. I get lucky because of the sky is clear and no rain today. I can enjoy

the perfect sunset on the horizon. The hectic beach during the day turns into calm and quiet place. I wait until the sun is completely leaving the sky.

The natural beauty of Bali Island has rejuvenated my soul, especially the

unforgettable sunset at Kuta Beach and its good memories behind it. Their

hospitality, culture, art and paintings creativity of the Balinese people make this island become a place like a heaven on the Earth. Heaven is a place where everything is beautiful and lifts the burden of the weary soul.

untitled, Mazin Shalal

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Sketches 2018  

The Macomb Community College journal of student words and images.

Sketches 2018  

The Macomb Community College journal of student words and images.