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It is ten minutes to three. I grab my things and put them in my handbag

then step out from my hotel room. I can smell the aromatic incenses along the hallway. It creates a mystical atmosphere of this island. Bali Island; the

My heaven on Earth Johanna Kubiny

beauty and its culture have brought people

from around the world

to come and enjoy their relaxing time on this island. The hotel’s lobby is decorated in a traditional way; the expression of Balinese art and culture. There are some engraved hardwood sculptures of birds shape, human characters,

and flowers which are carved beautifully. Some paintings on the lobby’s wall show an experience of remarkable evolution in their art. Traditional in painting means of expressing religious and mythological ideas. The black and

white tiles of the hotel’s floor show the symbol of the balance of the good

sides and the bad sides of life. On the right and left of the main door, there

are two statues with the same shape of human replicas. They are wearing sarong, black and white clothes from waist to knees as the symbol of Balinese balance life. Those statues are called gatekeepers.

I continue my steps to the streets to go to my favorite place, Kuta Beach.

Every time I have a trip to Bali, Kuta Beach is always my sunset destination. Walking along the sidewalk on Pantai Kuta Street will lead me toward

the beach. It takes fifteen minutes walk from my hotel to get there. The

heat of the sun still strokes my head. I feel hot and sweats of my body are coming out from my skin pores. My ears are filled with the noise from the

motorcycles on the street. I see people from the different nation are walking on the sidewalks. The flavor smell of freshly grilled sea nature makes my

stomach growls. The fresh looked at the cold drinks makes my dry throat is begging for some water. Again, I look at my watch, it is fifteen past three. I turn my feet toward the place where makes that distraction. I stop in front of a traditional Balinese restaurant. My eyes look around the inside. It is a

comfortable place to enjoy some local traditional food. Bamboo chairs and

tables, there are hand painting surfboards, palm trees around the porch area,

and an authentic tiki bar serves many kinds of beverages. I am looking down; it is not tile floors but white smooth sea sand. I am still amazed by the fan-

tastic decoration of this place. A lady is walking toward me; she is wearing

traditional beautiful flowers pattern clothes. She greets and leads me to the

table. I order their famous dish and a glass of house cold drink. About fifteen minutes, I have my order in front of me. Wow! That is the first word comes out from my mouth when I see a unique presentation on my table. It has

brought my excitement. I can’t deny that suddenly my appetite is raised. I

am impressed how they serve the food on the flat giant seashell plate with

the smooth beach sandy glass for my drink. I just can’t wait any longer to eat them. The taste of the food catches my tongue; my mind and my stomach find its contentment.

After finishing my early dinner, I stroll to my last destination, Kuta Beach. It takes only five minutes from the restaurant to the beach. I look around to

find the best spot to sit and wait for the sundown. There are some little kids are playing in the sand and water on the beach, smiles and full of energy. I 52 >

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Sketches 2018  

The Macomb Community College journal of student words and images.

Sketches 2018  

The Macomb Community College journal of student words and images.