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As much as I dislike Taylor Swift and wish that I

hated her music too, her songs are just so catchy,

and I find myself screaming along with “I Knew

you were Trouble” in the car after a bad break-up. I would say that it makes me a basic white girl

that I love Bruno Mars and Ed Sheeran too, but honestly who doesn’t love them, right? Then

there’s the obvious song that everyone thinks

of when they are referring to a basic white girl’s go-to for karaoke, and I’m almost positive you

know where I’m going with this. It doesn’t matter

where I am or how loud it is in that room, I will un-

doubtedly hear the beginning notes of “A Thou-

sand Miles” by Vanessa Carlton and stop dead in

my tracks to dramatically play the air piano while

singing as if I were auditioning for American Idol. I like to think of it as a hidden talent. Hobbies

The last and final category that I believe is a

crucial puzzle piece in the art of being a basic

white girl is how we spend our free time. Social media is a big part of a basic girl’s life, making

Instagram and Twitter the way we interact with

each other. We spend hours taking selfies just

to pick the perfect one, add a quick filter or three,

and then spend another hour trying to come

up with a witty caption. Let’s not forget about

Snapchat and the fact that the dog filter seems to have become our unspoken mascot. When

a basic white girl enrolls into a university, she is

almost guaranteed to join a sorority and embrace her inner Elle Woods. Speaking from experience,

I don’t think I have ever felt more basic than when I was wearing matching outfits and chanting my

Alpha Gam pride with my sorority sisters during Rush Week. Monograms on bags and sweaters are what our dreams are made of and hurrying into the bathroom at a bar to wash the x’s off our hands so we could get white girl

wasted becomes a weekend ritual.

In the beginning of this paper, I told you that because my name is Sarah and I have blonde hair and blue eyes, I am automatically your quintessential basic

white girl. Now, what if this paper was called “Listing All the Ways I am a Perpetual Emo Teenager” and I said that based on those same features, I would

fall into that stereotype? That doesn’t sound right, does it? Almost every time

a term like this is used, there is an automatic image that pops into our brains

of what that person looks and acts like. The same effect happens when we look at someone, and based on what we see and hear, make an automatic

judgment and place them into a stereotype without even knowing them. 48 >

Jeff is a multifaceted artist, filmmaker, cinematographer and film extra. Jeff has a passion for films and comic books. He draws his style and inspiration for his illustrations from classic comic book art from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. “Gwen Stacy” was drawn after the great John Romita, and “Venom” (page 29) was heavily inspired by Mark Bagley.

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Sketches 2018  

The Macomb Community College journal of student words and images.

Sketches 2018  

The Macomb Community College journal of student words and images.