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“Team Prism”, Allya Rende

requires perseverance, determination, and strong will. I would say the most

important psychological aspect of this sport is a vaulter’s belief in them-

selves and their technique. Pole vaulting is not an event where athletes control all of their movements likes swimming or soccer; this is an event where

you are putting your life in the hands of a piece of equipment. However, the pole does not entirely determine the performance of the vaulter; there is a

vital chain of events the jumper must perform to jump as high as possible.

1. The Run: Vaulters can run anywhere from 50 to 100 or more feet away, but the goal is to build up as much speed as possible for

when they jump. While running, the vaulters are slowing dropping

their poles so that they can plant adequately.

2. The Plant: At the end of their run, athletes must jump off the ground and plant their poles in a metal box. Optimally, the jumper will have his or her right hand (for right-handed vaulters) extended

straight up and kept their left leg extended back.

3. The Swing: The plant must be held for a moment to start the bend

of the pole, but then the swing commences. In this stage, athletes

keep their leg extended and swing it all the way up until it is paral33 >

Hey, I’m Allya! I have a variety of interests—anime, cartoons, exercise, haircare, makeup—but creating my own characters is something I will always love more than all of those combined. I am passionately involved with writing adventure novels and bringing the scenes to life by illustrating the significant characters. (I actually have thousands of characters and over forty novel length stories!) Developing a character’s complex personality and seeing how they grow over time as I draw and write about them more is an experience unlike any other! I typically draw in ink, color in marker, then make slight enhancements in Adobe Photoshop.

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Sketches 2018  

The Macomb Community College journal of student words and images.

Sketches 2018  

The Macomb Community College journal of student words and images.