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Test Bank, Question 70 Based on the information presented in this graphic, which of the following statements is FALSE?

Test Bank, Question 48 Pregnant teens are at increased risk of all of the following EXCEPT for

Post-Lecture, Question 6 The dietary requirements for which of the following nutrients increase during pregnancy to support new cell growth in the mother and the fetus?

Test Bank, Question 33 Which of the following statements is FALSE?

Test Bank, Question 56 Which of the following is the hormone that stimulates milk production in a woman who has just given birth?

Test Bank, Question 69 Which of the following nutrients make up the majority of an infant’s diet during the first 6 months of life?

Post-Lecture, Question 12 A new mother is unable to satisfy the needs of her baby while attempting to breast feed the hungry child in a crowded restaurant. Which of the following is most likely true?

Test Bank, Question 11 Which of the following statements regarding weight gain during pregnancy is FALSE?

Test Bank, Question 80 Which of the following statements about feeding infants is true?

Test Bank, Question 87 Cow’s milk should never be fed to infants because it is too high in ______ and too low in ______.

Concept Check, Question 6 Infection with which bacteria can cause a spontaneous abortion in a pregnant woman?

Test Bank, Question 47 Between _____ degrees Fahrenheit, bacteria will multiply the most rapidly.

Test Bank, Question 9 The _____monitor and investigate the incidence and causes of food-borne diseases.

Post-Lecture, Question 12 Refrigerating eggs:

Pre-Lecture, Question 20 At what step in this process are normal prions converted into abnormal prions?

Concept Check, Question 14

Modified atmosphere packaging (stocktickerMAP) accomplishes all of the following EXCEPT:

Concept Check, Question 16 Genetically modified crops can be created by transferring a gene for a desired trait into a plant cell. What is the source of these transferred genes?

Test Bank, Question 18

The _______ step in the HACCP program enables the manufacturer to trace the source of the problem in the event of a food-borne illness outbreak.

Test Bank, Question 72 The Delaney Clause is

Pre-Lecture, Question 2 Each of the following is a reason why the same food can make one person sick and not another EXCEPT:

Test Bank, Question 24 Xerophthalmia, as shown in this visual, is a leading cause of preventable blindness due to a deficiency of

Photo Credit: ISM/Phototake

Test Bank, Question 27 A lack of iron reduces the amount of _____ produced, and thus lowers the blood’s ability to deliver oxygen.

Pre-Lecture, Question 8 Americans go hungry in a land of plenty due to the following EXCEPT:

Test Bank, Question 22 Several nutrient deficiencies have recently re-emerged as problems throughout the world, including the following deficiency diseases: beri beri, scurvy, and pellagra. Which nutrients, in the order that matches the deficiency diseases listed, are responsible for these diseases?

Test Bank, Question 38

Programs that foster economic development and ensure access to food, shelter, and medical care have been shown to cause _____ in birth rates.

Pre-Lecture, Question 3 Which of the following is an example of an expected positive effect of nutrition transition:

Test Bank, Question 19 Minerals and fossil fuels are examples of ______ resources.

Concept Check, Question 13 The largest USDA program designed to make sure that all people have adequate diets in the U.S. is:

Post-Lecture, Question 12

Which of the following statement is true about third world nations that grow cash crops instead of maintaining several small, individual farms that grow food crops?

Test Bank, Question 8 Based on the research depicted in the bar graph, which of the following statements is true?

Sci 220 week 5 quiz  
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