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Test Bank, Question 8 Which would be best described as an emotional or psychologically– driven food choice? Entry field with correct answer

Test Bank, Question 27

The observations and hypotheses that arise from epidemiology can be tested using

Concept Check, Question 10

Why is variety an important component of a healthy diet?

Pre-Lecture, Question 22

Which of the following would be the most reliable source of nutrition information?

Pre-Lecture, Question 17


Test Bank, Question 13

With the exception of _______, all the classes of nutrients are involved in forming and maintaining the body’s structure.

Test Bank, Question 16

Which of the following is associated with overnutrition?

Post-Lecture, Question 16

A study examining the relationship between diet and weight in the United States and Japan is an example of a(n):

Test Bank, Question 2

The unit of measure that is used in nutrition science that expresses the amount of energy provided by a food is a(n):

Pre-Lecture, Question 7

The Recommend Dietary Allowance (RDA) is set so that ___ of the population meets its health needs

Pre-Lecture, Question 8

RDAs and Average Intakes (AIs) are used for:

Test Bank, Question 2

The set of health promotion and disease prevention objectives that is revised every 10 years are the ________________.

Pre-Lecture, Question 18

Which of the following nutrients is NOT required to appear on a Nutrition Facts panel?

Concept Check, Question 7

The Acceptable Macronutrient Distribution Range for protein is:

Concept Check, Question 14

Which of the following is correct concerning food labels?

Post-Lecture, Question 11

Identify the food that contains discretionary calories:

Concept Check, Question 6 Which of the factors influence the Estimated Energy Requirements for an individual?

Pre-Lecture, Question 5 All of the following are methods used to evaluate nutrition status EXCEPT:

Test Bank, Question 12 Which of the following statements regarding the AMDRs is false?

Test Bank, Question 43 The regulation of stomach motility and secretion

Test Bank, Question 54 Peyer’s patches, located in the mucosa of the small intestine, function to:

Test Bank, Question 55 When an antigen is present, ____ are the first type of white blood cell to come to the body’s defense.

Pre-Lecture, Question 2 Which of the following is one of the ways that the endocrine system interacts with the digestive system?

Test Bank, Question 40 These yogurts are good sources of ____, which contain active cultures of beneficial bacter

Test Bank, Question 70

As compared to when you are at rest between meals, when you are exercising, a ___________ proportion of your blood goes to your digestive system.

Test Bank, Question 69 As compared to when you are at rest between meals, when you have eaten a meal, a ____________ proportion of your blood goes to your digestive system.

Pre-Lecture, Question 21 Exchange of nutrients and gases occurs through:

Pre-Lecture, Question 23 Wastes are eliminated from the body by all of the following body systems except:

Pre-Lecture, Question 8 Enzymes signal the pancreas and gallbladder to secrete digestive substances into the small intestine.

Sci 220 week 1 quiz  
Sci 220 week 1 quiz