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Recycling Copper This was our initial purchase the granulator machine. This machine accepts plastic coated copper wire. Shredders inside the machine turn the copper wire into granules although this is still mixed in with the plastic insulation. The unit is ideal for processing low grade cable which is becoming more common with the advent of computers and data cable etc. A close up shot of the granulator unit Next stage after the granulator is the separator unit which removes dust and fluff but allows the copper and plastic waste to continue onto the air table. In the foreground to the right is the Air table and to the back is the auger for removing fluff. Air is forced up through the table and a vibrating bed has an effect of turning the copper granules into a virtual fluid. The tub at the back is for the plastic waste the copper granules are made to go uphill to another tub and emerge as a river of copper. This unit will turn out ÂŁ5,000 per hour at current market prices. A shot of the various fan control buttons that have to be turned on in a very specific sequence. One fork truck services the whole plant and we now have the entire operation down to a one man show Some unusual things come in some times. If you are thinking of going into this business and you live in the UK two things you will need. A waste carriers licence and a Duty of care note with every truck load that you deliver. I will try to leave some links to the relevant departments of UK gov. website content

Recycling Copper