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OFF TO SAIGON: How to apply for a Vietnam visa-ONLINE! Do you want to travel to Vietnam to see the remnants of the Vietnam War? Would you like to drink Ruou Ran, eat exquisite food and seeing water puppets dancing at the same time? Are you looking for the adventure of a lifetime? You name it Saigon/Ho Chi Minh has it! Whether you are a traveler ready to explore or just there for business, Vietnam has a lot to offer. The thing is how do we get there? Of course, we get a visa for Vietnam; but then again, how do we do it? There are some ways to get a Vietnam visa but one of the most convenient ones so far is through online visa application. Yes! Just like online shopping, you can get your own Vietnam visa without having to get out of your crib. All you have to do is know how. WHAT YOU NEED:    

Money (for the different fees needed) Your passport (mind you, a visa and a passport are two different things) Two Passport size photos (4cmx6cm) And lastly, a computer with a working printers and yeah, an internet connection is just as important!

First things first, sit in front of a computer and start searching for websites that cater Vietnam visa on arrival it means that it is Vietnam, which will issue the visa on the point of entry! So what will you do online? You will be getting the "pre-approved letter" for the Vietnam visa. Many websites let you have this pre-approved letter. You can just Google "online Vietnam visa" and that will do the trick. Once you find a website that does it, fill up the form that they will be providing. Your passport comes in handy here since you will need to give the passport

number. You may also need to give them the duration of your stay. Complete the form and then give. Of course, they would not be doing this free! This has a processing fee, which depends on how urgent you want the letter. The normal processing time is around two working days. Some websites may have offers to issue the letter after four working hours or less. The shorter the time, the higher the processing fee will be. You can make payments through PayPal, Western UNION or others, about what the website prefers. You will then get the pre-approved letter sent to you by e-mail; some can also send it through fax. After you receive the letter, just print it out and have it ready together with your passport size photos and you are set! Just be sure to prepare money for the stamping fee once you arrive in Vietnam.

Online visa application for Vietnam has never been so easy! Just follow these steps, and who knows? You might be enjoying your time in one of the luxury hotels in Ho Chi Minh, or even in the middle of their annual “KhauVai�! The possibilities are endless.

About us: is an approved service of Tuan Linh Travel. Vietnam Immigration Office has authorized us to offer visa approval letter service for travelers to Vietnam. Apply online easily with secure payment gateway. Get visa approval letter in 2 days.

OFF TO SAIGON: How to apply for a Vietnam visa-ONLINE!