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Colonial Williamsburg

Historic Yorktown

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Colonial Williamsburg

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Colonial Williamsburg



erhaps nowhere else does the exciting story of America come to life more vividly than in America’s Historic Triangle: Williamsburg, Jamestown and Yorktown.

Located a short two hour drive from Washington, in Virginia’s Tidewater region, the Historic Triangle is a travel destination unlike any other in the country. A visit here affords the unique opportunity to travel back through our country’s history, while also offering world-class museums and art galleries, fabulous shopping and dining, outstanding golf and theme parks and some of the most scenic nature trails and waterways in the country. These and countless other exciting and fun activities make the Williamsburg area the perfect vacation for everyone in the family. Whether your plans call for a weekend getaway, or a week-long escape from your everyday life, you will find a welcoming community of genuine charm and hospitality awaiting you in the Williamsburg area. Visit or call 800.368.6511.


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Yorktown, Virginia, Schooner Alliance

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Colonial illiamsburg


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colonial williamsburg



ome to Colonial Williamsburg’s Historic Area and embark on a revolutionary adventure. Revolutionary City® invites you to step into the lives of Williamsburg’s everyday citizens facing extraordinary circumstances. Listen. Learn. Debate. Understand.

Experience how things were done in the 18th century and become an active participant. Colonial Williamsburg offers a variety of activities that lets you experience firsthand what it was like to live during the 18th century. Talk with the town’s tradespeople, join in the debates at the Capitol, speak with a slave or join a jury of your peers and decide the guilt or innocence of a thief. Colonial Williamsburg provides a surprise at every turn. Talk with “People of the Past” who bring the restored capital to life. Walk into the buildings where the events took place, from the ornate splendor of the Governor’s Palace to the simplicity of the Raleigh Tavern, where Jefferson, Henry and other Virginia patriots plotted a revolution, to the Gaol where Blackbeard’s men were imprisoned. Lend a hand at Great Hopes Plantation or take home a living piece of the past from Colonial Williamsburg’s nursery. Dine in a colonial tavern and feast on the finest Virginia recipes. Watch as carpenters reconstruct buildings using 18th-century methods and tools. Take a candlelight tour and hear the legends that have intrigued generations or see a play based on a true story of an accused witch in “Cry Witch.”

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colonial williamsburg

The innovative, interactive Revolutionary City® connects guests to the emotional and philosophical climate of the American Revolution. Hear how citizens struggle with wartime price gouging by merchants. Engage in an argument over taxation or women’s rights. See how tensions bring out the worst in people as an angry citizenry demands a traitor be tarred and feathered. From 1699 to 1780, Williamsburg was the political, social and cultural capital of Britain’s largest, wealthiest and most populous colony. In its shops, taverns, government buildings, homes and streets George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, George Mason and other Virginia patriots debated the ideas — liberty, independence and personal freedom — that led to the founding of American democracy and inspired generations of Americans and others around the world. More than a dozen 18th-century trades are preserved and demonstrated in Colonial Williamsburg’s Historic Area. Bakers, printers, blacksmiths, wigmakers, harnessmakers, cabinetmakers, pewterers, gunsmiths, milliners, coopers and other tradespeople demonstrate the daily work of colonists in the 1770s. Take your children to the James Geddy House and Foundry where they can learn about colonial family life and household activities from costumed interpreters their own age. They might even be invited to try writing with a quill pen, playing the spinet or mastering an 18th- century game.


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colonial williamsburg

Looking for something to do indoors? Explore the Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Folk Art Museum and discover three centuries of whimsical and intriguing paintings, sculpture, furniture, weather vanes, whirligigs, quilts and more created by self-taught artists. Browse the displays of American and British antiques and works of art at the DeWitt Wallace Decorative Arts Museum, including furniture, textiles, paintings, maps, firearms, ceramics, silver, pewter and tools from the 17th, 18th and early 19th centuries. Or, tour Bassett Hall and learn how the Rockefeller family lived while they oversaw the original restoration of Colonial Williamsburg and later vacationed in town during the 1930s and 1940s. Experience fine dining, colonial style. Menu items at Christiana Campbell’s, Chowning’s, King’s Arms and Shields taverns include 18th-century fare adapted to today’s palate. Or, if you prefer, treat your taste buds to more modern offerings in Colonial Williamsburg’s contemporary restaurants, where unique menus make dining revolutionary. Relax and unwind as you discover Colonial Williamsburg and its array of world-class amenities including 1,051 beautifully appointed guest rooms, 45 holes of award-winning golf, The Spa of Colonial Williamsburg, dining, tennis, biking, lawn bowling, croquet, swimming and much more — all just a short walk away from one of America’s most beautiful and historic main streets. Colonial Williamsburg is a convenient and relaxing base camp for other historical sites, museums and attractions in Virginia’s Historic Triangle. Visit or or call 800.HISTORY for more information.

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Busch Gardens and ater Country USA


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busch gardens ©2010 Sesame Workshop™



isit Europe without a passport. Situated just three miles east of Williamsburg, Busch Gardens combines 18th-century charm with 21stcentury technology to create the ultimate family experience. The adventure park captures the sights, sounds and tastes of six European countries. Featuring more than 50 sensational rides, shows and attractions, authentic cuisine and delightful shops. Kids will love the new Sesame Street Forest of Fun, where they can play with some of their favorite Sesame Street friends. Thrill-seekers will love Griffon, the world’s tallest/floorless dive coaster, and everyone will love the European ambiance. You’ll see right away why Busch Gardens has been voted the world’s most beautiful theme park for the past 19 consecutive years. Take it all in with a bird’s eye view from The Aeronaut Skyride. Enjoy thousands of plants and the bright blooms of colorful flowers that enhance the European experience as you look over the park. If you don’t like heights, ride the Tweedside Train or hop on the Rhine River Cruise. Busch Gardens offers an exciting tour through England, Ireland, Scotland, France, Germany and Italy. The food, music and architecture of each destination will immerse you and your family in a uniquely themed atmosphere. Your park adventure begins in England. Enjoy the royal treatment amid unique shops and bakeries and replicas of Big Ben and Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. Venture to Scotland, home to Busch Gardens’ infamous Loch Ness Monster roller coaster, a double-looping steel coaster full of pulse-pounding excitement. As you journey to Ireland, interact with warm-hearted people and enjoy the lush landscapes, ancient castles and fine Waterford Crystal. Take time to enjoy a lively production of Irish song and dance at the Abbey Stone Theatre.

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busch gardens

The next stop on your European tour is France, home to Busch Gardens’ newest roller coaster, Griffon. You’ll hit 75 mph in a 205-foot dive 90 degrees straight down. Then if you haven’t lost your appetite, sit down at Trappers Smokehouse for a mesquite-grill menu, or cool off on Le Scoot Log Flume. Summer nights jump to life at France’s Royal Palace Theatre. As you enter Germany, you notice quaint shops located along cobblestone streets filled with some of the finer things in life: M.I. Hummel collectibles, hand-painted beer steins and carved wooden cuckoo clocks. Children in your group will love the Land of the Dragons, a playground designed specifically for them. Busch Gardens Italian village fuses world-class rides with romantic song and dance, master craftsmanship and authentic cuisine made fresh in the park. Tour the ruins of Mt. Vesuvius on Escape from Pompeii and DaVinci’s Garden of Inventions with rides for both adults and children. And don’t forget to challenge Apollo’s Chariot, Busch Gardens’ famous hyper-coaster. Guests visiting in the fall should prepare to be scared as Busch Gardens unveils Howl-O-Scream. From haunted houses to macabre mazes, wicked woods to Halloween-themed shows, Howl-O-Scream is the place for you and your family to be scared silly. Join us in November for Christmas Town: A Busch Gardens Celebration. Each section of the park will be themed in Christmas decor native to each country or hamlet, and will feature all new attractions, shows and shopping that will immerse guests into the Christmas season. Visit or call 800.343.7946 for more information.


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water countr y usa



ive into refreshing summertime fun at Water Country USA, the mid-Atlantic’s largest water park. Situated three miles west of Busch Gardens, Water Country USA has state-of-the-art water rides and attractions set to a 1950’s and 60’s surf theme. Everyone in your family will have a blast making a splash. Voted one of the best water parks in the country, there’s adventure behind every wave. “Rock ‘n’ Roll Island” features three new slides, a 700-foot lazy river, a children’s slide named “Little Bopper” and a 33-foot tall slide tower called “Jammin’ Jukebox.” The three slides, each named for a popular dance, the “Funky Chicken,” the “Hully Gully” and the “Twist,” descend nearly 200 feet from the top of the tower and jettison riders into a 9,000-square-foot pool. Of course there are plenty of places in the 43-acre park to relax. Soak up the sights while cruising along Hubba Hubba Highway, a freefloating river ride through drenching coconuts, water-spraying effects and cool geysers. There are many pint-sized thrills for kids of all ages at Water Country USA. Cool off in the Surfer’s Bay wave pool, explore the water playground at H2O UFO or play in the waterfalls at Cow-A-Bunga. Splash back in time while experiencing the latest in super soakin’ thrills at Water Country USA. Visit or call 800.343.7946 for more information.

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istoric Jamestowne


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historic jamestowne



variety of interpretive experiences await visitors to Historic Jamestowne. Start at the Historic Jamestowne Visitor Center which includes visitor orientation, museum store and exhibits. And be sure to enjoy the audio-visual “immersion experience,” a multi-media, theater-inthe-round presentation of Jamestown’s 92-year run as capital of Virginia (1607–1699). Nearby, the Nathalie P. and Alan M. Voorhees Archaearium showcases the discovery of the 1607 James Fort with innovative and interactive exhibits. The Voorhees Archaearium interprets not only how archeologists found the fort, but what the excavation has revealed about the first English settlers. Interactive virtual viewers overlooking the fort site transport visitors back in time and show where objects were recovered and what the fort looked like 400 years ago. Visit the Jamestown Rediscovery excavation, where archeologists continue to uncover the remains of the original James Fort. Visitors are allowed close access to the digs, where they can join in the moment of discovery as archaeologists gently coax the Jamestown of 1607 from the banks of the James River. Walk through the townsite to see the original church tower dating to the 1690s. At the Glasshouse, costumed glassblowers demonstrate one of the first industries attempted in English-speaking America. Driving tours explore the lush natural setting and exhibits explain how the settlers harnessed that wilderness. T he C olonial Parkway This scenic, 23-mile roadway connects Jamestown, Williamsburg and Yorktown, three icons of America’s historic past. Scenic turnouts provide glimpses of Tidewater Virginia’s abundant natural beauty and afford spectacular views of the James and York rivers and other natural treasures. Administered by the National Park Service as part of Colonial National Historical Park, the Colonial Parkway has been named an All-American Road by the U.S. Department of Transportation, one of only 27 roads nationwide so designated. Visit or call 757.898.2410 for more information. gr e at er w i l l i a msbu rg ch a m ber a n d tou r ism a l l i a nce


Jamestown Settlement


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Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation

jamestown settlement



our visit to Jamestown Settlement starts with “1607: A Nation Takes Root,” the docudrama film that chronicles Jamestown’s origins in England, the colonists’ struggle to survive and thrive in Virginia, their interaction with the Powhatan Indians and the arrival in 1619 of the first Africans, from the kingdom of Ndongo in Angola. Comprehensive gallery exhibits build on the theme of converging cultures and describe world events and social and economic conditions that led to the English colonization of America and the formation of the Virginia Company that sponsored Jamestown with a goal of earning its investors a profit. Exhibits trace the development of the Virginia colony from a humble outpost in 1607 to a politically and economically secure entity. Find out about the cultivation of tobacco, the cash crop that ensured the Colony’s survival, and the evolution of social and government institutions throughout the 17th century, while Jamestown served as Virginia’s capital. Outdoors, at a re-created Powhatan Indian village, learn how the Powhatans farmed, hunted, fished and gathered to obtain materials needed for housing, clothing and food. Take part in activities Pocahontas would have helped with as a child, like grinding corn and making cordage. At the museum pier, board the Susan Constant, Godspeed or Discovery, replicas of the three ships that transported the original Jamestown colonists to Virginia in 1607. A seasonal riverfront discovery area provides information about European, Virginia Indian and African economic activities associated with water, including navigation, boat building, fishing, commodities and trade. Within the triangular wooden palisade, the re-created James Fort interprets the settlement during 1610-14, reflecting its military and commercial character. See a “settler” load and fire a matchlock musket, a blacksmith forge tools or a carpenter work with wood. Gift shops and café on museum premises. Combination ticket available year-round with the Yorktown Victory Center, a museum of the American Revolution. Visit or call 888.593.4682 for more information.

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Yorktown Battlefield 16

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yorktown battlef ield



he British Surrendered; Independence Was Won. Yorktown Battlefield is the site of the final major clash of the American Revolution and symbolic end of the colonial period of our nation’s history. On these fields in the fall of 1781, General George Washington and his allied American and French army surrounded and besieged General Charles Lord Cornwallis’ British and German forces at the port of Yorktown. The ensuing British surrender resulted in the war’s end, granting independence to the United States of America. Administered by the National Park Service as part of Colonial National Historical Park, the Yorktown Battlefield allows visitors the unique opportunity to follow in the footsteps of General Washington and walk the actual ground where these important historic events took place. In the Yorktown Battlefield Visitor Center, walk the quarterdeck of a full-sized replica of a British warship and examine a collection of artifacts from the battle, including a variety of flags and weapons surrendered by the British at the end of the siege. Be sure to see the exhibit of tents used by General Washington during the campaign. Recently returned to display after an extensive five-year restoration, the tents are housed in a new, state-of-the-art exhibit case, allowing visitors to not only view the tents, but actually enter the walls within which General Washington planned one of the most momentous events in our nation’s history. Walking tours of the battlefield and the historic town are offered on a daily basis. A seven-mile self-guided driving tour winds through the cannons, fortifications and markers of the battlefield for a chronological tour of the siege. See original and reconstructed earthworks and siege lines. At Surrender Field, stand on the very site where the British troops laid down their arms on October 19, 1781 and effectively ended the American Revolution. The National Park Service also operates historic houses and sites in the village of Yorktown. Visit or call 757.898.2410 for more information.

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istoric Yorktown


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historic yorktown



ne of the true jewels of the Historic Triangle is Historic Yorktown, which has equal measures of history and charm, all in a breathtaking Riverfront setting.

On the waterfront, visit the Watermen’s Museum, which tells the story of the men and women who settled the Chesapeake Bay area and earned a living from the tributaries that feed it. Yorktown also is the home of several fine antique shops, art galleries and charming restaurants all nestled in the village and overlooking the York River. Don’t miss the free trolley that operates daily spring through fall. To add to the charm of your visit, take a sunset sail on the York River aboard the Schooner Alliance. Stroll along the scenic river walk where you can relax on the beach, soak up the sun or attend one-of-a-kind programs such as pirate pillage, movies on the lawn, beach music and jazz concert series. Part history, part adventure, Historic Yorktown has something to offer everyone. On the shores of the York River, visit Riverwalk Landing. This beautiful waterfront development, designed in the spirit of colonial architecture, is reflected in the town’s historic buildings and features specialty shops, riverfront dining, an outdoor performance venue and free parking. The waterfront is also home to two piers — one for medium cruise ships and tall ships, the other for personal watercraft. Visit or call 757.890.3300 for more information.

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Yorktown V ictory Center 20

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Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation

y o r k t o w n v i c t o r y ce n t e r



ain a new appreciation and understanding of the nation’s beginnings at the Yorktown Victory Center, a museum of the American Revolution, near the battlefield where the decisive battle took place in the fall of 1781. America’s evolution from Colonial status to nationhood is chronicled through a unique blend of timeline, thematic exhibits and outdoor living history that emphasizes the experiences of ordinary people. The “Road to Revolution,” an open-air exhibit walkway, traces events leading to the American Colonies’ split from Britain. Inside is the Declaration of Independence Gallery that portrays the revolutionary document that inspired decisive action and attracted international attention and features a July 1776 broadside printing of the Declaration of Independence. In the “Witnesses to Revolution” gallery, you will encounter two African-American slaves who supported opposite sides, a Mohawk chief who struggled to keep his people neutral and a Virginia plantation owner who remained loyal to Britain. The witnesses theme continues in an evocative 18-minute film, “A Time of Revolution.” The “Converging on Yorktown” gallery illustrates the movement of British, French and American troops in 1781 and the three-week siege at Yorktown that resulted in British capitulation and ensured American independence. “The Legacy of Yorktown: Virginia Beckons” examines how people from many different cultures, those in Virginia before the 1607 founding of Jamestown and those who arrived later, shaped a new society, and the emergence of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. In an outdoor re-created Continental Army encampment, historical interpreters may invite you to help prepare a cannon for firing or join a military drill. A re-created 1780s farm provides a look at how many Americans lived in the early years of the new nation. Visit the crop field and tobacco barn; explore the house and separate kitchen for a glimpse of domestic life; and help water the garden or “break” flax. Gift shop on museum premises. Combination ticket available year-round with Jamestown Settlement, a museum of 17th-century Virginia. Visit or call 888.593.4682 for more information.

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college of william & mar y

Sir Christopher Wren Building



troll the beautiful campus of America’s second oldest college, The College of William & Mary. Chartered on February 8, 1693 by King William III and Queen Mary II, the campus encompasses 1,200 acres including picturesque Lake Matoaka and College Woods. Adjacent to the Historic Area of Colonial Williamsburg, the Ancient Campus section is restored to its 18th century appearance. Visit the Sir Christopher Wren Building, the oldest college building in the United States. This magnificent structure was built between 1695 and 1699, before the city of Williamsburg was founded, when the capital of the Virginia colony was still at Jamestown. The President’s House, located adjacent to the Wren building, was erected in 1732 and has been used by every president of the College since. Among the graduates of The College of William & Mary are three U.S. presidents: Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe and John Tyler. Also among the distinguished graduates are U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Marshall and 16 signers of the Declaration of Independence. And George Washington received his surveyor’s certificate there. Today’s enrollment tops 7,500 students. It is recognized among the nation’s prestigious “Public Ivys,” and ranked first among state institutions in terms of commitment to teaching. Visit online at


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Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Folk Art Museum 325 Francis Street · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.220.7984 Operating Season: Year-Round Hours: Daily 10:00 am–5:00 pm minimally; hours change seasonally and expand mid-Mar–Dec to 7:00 pm Enjoy the unrestrained exuberance of American folk art in its new home the Wallace Museum. Both Colonial and contemporary artists and craftspeople work outside the mainstream of academic art to record aspects of everyday life, making novel and effective use of the materials at hand. Their creations using bold colors, simplified shapes and imaginative surface patterns, can be seen in the variety of paintings, sculpture, painted furniture, carvings, toys, musical instruments and needlework. The Folk Art Museum offers changing exhibitions of this American folk art form from its permanent holdings and museum loan shows. Enjoy daily introductory tours and interactive craft projects involving the whole family. See musical, live performance and scholarly programs at the Hennage auditorium. Visit the Museum Store for books, musical recordings and reproductions.

DeWitt Wallace Decorative Arts Museum 325 Francis Street · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.220.7984 Operating Season: Year-Round Hours: Daily 10:00 am–5:00 pm minimally; hours change seasonally and expand mid-Mar–Dec to 7:00 pm Opened in 1985, this museum is home to an extensive collection of American and British antiques. See furniture, metals, ceramics, glass, paintings, prints, firearms and textiles from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. Musical, live performance and scholarly programs related to the collection are offered at the Hennage Auditorium, along with tours of special exhibitions. The Museum Store offers a range of books, music, jewelry, gifts and accessories reflecting the museum’s collection of 18th- and early 19th-century decorative arts. Visitors enter the museum through the Public Hospital of 1773, a three-part exhibit on mental illness and treatment methods.

The Museum Café, open for lunch, offers sandwiches, soups, beverages and a wide variety of desserts.

The café is open for lunch, offering sandwiches, soups, beverages and scrumptious desserts.

Bassett Hall

Historic Jamestowne Voorhees Archaearium Francis Street · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 Operating Season: Year-Round Hours: 9:00 am–5:00 pm; Jan & Feb 9:00 am–4:00 pm Visit Bassett Hall, the Williamsburg home of Mr. and Mrs. John D. Rockefeller Jr. Hear the stories of the Rockefeller family’s visits to Williamsburg during the original days of restoration and reconstruction. Tour the manor house and outbuildings, including a teahouse, smokehouse, kitchen and dairy, as well as the home’s surrounding 14 acres of gardens and woodlands.

Philip Johnson, a member of the House of Burgesses, is believed to have built the 18th-century frame house sometime between 1753 and 1766. Martha Washington’s nephew Burwell Bassett purchased the home in 1800. In an ironic twist, Union cavalryman George Armstrong Custer spent 10 days following the Civil War Battle of Williamsburg as a guest in the Rebel household. While on leave, Custer was at the house attending the wedding of his West Point classmate John W. Lea, a Carolina Confederate who was marrying one of the daughters in the family. Admission to Bassett Hall is included with most Colonial Williamsburg tickets.



1368 Colonial Parkway · Jamestown, VA · 23081 T: 757.229.0412 Operating Season: Daily, Year-Round Hours: 8:30 am–4:30 pm Closed Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day Objects belonging to Jamestown colonists 400 years ago, unearthed from the long lost James Fort site, are showcased in the Voorhees Archaearium. Discover how archaeologists found the fort and encounter displays of arms and armor, medical instruments, personal objects, ceramics, tools, coins, trade items, musical instruments, games, amusements and food remains. Interactive virtual viewers overlooking the site virtually transport visitors back in time and show you where objects were recovered and what the fort looked like 400 years ago. The viewers also include videos showing the remains of buildings, wells and artifacts, as they were unearthed. Exhibits in the Voorhees Archaearium focus on the Virginia Company period and reveal a new understanding of the first English settlers, their relationship with the Virginia Indians, their endeavors and struggles, and how they lived, died and shaped a new society. The museum, developed by Preservation Virginia, is located on the grounds of the Historic Jamestowne National Park.

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Jamestown Settlement

Route 31 South near the Colonial Parkway Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757 253.4838 · 888.593.4682 ı Operating Season: Year-Round Hours: Daily 9:00 am–5:00 pm; 6:00 pm June 15–Aug 15 Closed Christmas Day and New Year’s Day Presenting one of the most varied collections of objects relating to 1600s Virginia, the expansive gallery exhibits at Jamestown Settlement chronicle the nation’s 17th-century beginnings in Virginia in the context of its Powhatan Indian, English and western central African cultures and examine the impact of the Jamestown colony. More than 500 artifacts from 17th-century Europe and Africa and Virginia archaeological sites, including ceremonial and decorative objects, portraits, documents, furniture, ceramics, glassware, cookware, navigational instruments, apparel, tools, weapons and military accouterments are exhibited. The museum also features living-history interpretation in outdoor re-creations of three 1607 ships, a colonial fort and Powhatan Indian village, and a seasonal riverfront discovery area.

Muscarelle Museum Lamberson Hall-Jamestown Road · Williamsburg, VA · 23187 T: 757.221.2700 ı The Muscarelle Museum of Art located on the campus of The College of William & Mary is a culturally-rich art institution, serving as a dynamic resource for our community, a working laboratory for the College and a platform for visiting exhibitions and the collection of the Museum. Through staff commitment, college faculty expertise, college student service and community collaboration, the Museum is proud to bring to life many opportunities and experiences. The collection has grown to over 4,000 works of art from many cultures and historical eras. The strength of the collection is the holdings in English and American portraits of the 17th and 18th centuries that are nationally important; a survey collection of European and American prints and drawings from the 16th through the 20th centuries; Japanese prints; African art; Asian ceramics; and a major collection of Abstract Expressionist paintings, drawings and watercolors. The permanent collection is supplemented and enhanced by numerous special exhibitions that bring works of art from public and private collections worldwide.

The Mariners’ Museum

U.S. Army Transportation Museum 100 Museum Drive · Newport News, VA · 23606 T: 757 596.2222 · 800.581.SAIL ı Operating Season: Year-Round Hours: Mon–Sat 10:00 am–5:00 pm; Sun 12:00 pm–5:00 pm

The Mariners’ Museum, America’s National Maritime Museum, is one of the largest and most comprehensive maritime history museums in the world. For over 70 years, the Museum has illustrated the spirit of seafaring adventure, assembling a renowned and strikingly diverse collection of maritime artifacts, including figureheads, ship models, decorative arts and small craft from around the world. The remains of one of the most famous ships in history, the Civil War ironclad USS Monitor, have a permanent home in the USS Monitor Center at The Mariners’ Museum. This dramatic $30 million, 63,500 square-foot facility lets visitors be a part of the action in a high-definition battle theater. Walk the deck of a full-scale Monitor replica, experience interactive exhibits and see notable artifacts such as the iconic rotating gun turret. Additionally, the Museum sits on a 550-acre park, the nation’s largest privately maintained park. Rolling woodlands, a 167-acre Lake Maury and five-mile Noland Trail make this a true urban oasis.


• gr e at er w i l l i a msbu rg ch a m ber a n d tou r ism a l l i a nce

300 Washington Boulevard · Fort Eustis, VA · 23604 T: 757.878.1115 Operating Season: Year-Round Hours: Tues–Sun 9:00 am–4:30 pm; Closed Mondays and all federal holidays Explore the world of Army transportation at the U.S. Army Transportation Museum. Throughout America’s military history the Army’s transportation soldiers have been “first in, last out.” Experience the history of Army transportation through its equipment and soldiers. From Conestoga wagons to trucks, trains, aircraft and uniforms of our branch history, learn about the Revolution, WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam and present day operations. Examine 200 years of Army Transportation history through exhibits, dioramas, models and full scale scenes. A new 18,000 square foot exhibit gallery expands the museum’s story of Korea, Vietnam and the Cold War. Visitors will get a glimpse of soldiers’ living conditions during Desert Storm and see an actual HMMWV used in Afghanistan. Located on Fort Eustis, an active Army installation, the Museum covers six acres of indoor and outdoor exhibits. Please note: All visitors to Fort Eustis must show valid photo ID (driver’s license) and vehicle registration at the Visitor’s Center.

Museums 524 J. Clyde Morris Boulevard · Newport News, VA · 23601 T: 757.595.1900 ı Operating Season: Year-Round Hours: Memorial Day–Labor Day 9 am–5 pm daily Winter Hours: Mon–Sat 9:00 am–5:00 pm; Sun Noon–5:00 pm


Virginia Living Museum

20 minutes from Williamsburg at I-64, exit 258A.

Plantations & Other Attractions

Yorktown Victory Center

Berkeley Plantation

View endangered red wolves. Get up close to a loggerhead turtle and moon jellies. See fish with no eyes and frogs that change colors. Touch live spider crabs and fossilized dinosaur tracks. It’s all at the Virginia Living Museum, Newport News, where living exhibits depict Virginia’s natural heritage from the mountains to the sea. Experience a steamy cypress swamp and cool mountain cove. Explore the underwater world of the Chesapeake Bay and the underground realm of a limestone cave. Touch famous Bay creatures, plus enjoy hands-on activities. See spectacular views of the sun from the observatory. Venture into space in the state-of-the-art digital planetarium theater. Outdoors, stroll the boardwalk to view coastal birds, beavers, otters, coyotes and other animals in naturalized habitats. Butterfly garden, Virginia Garden and landscape plantings display an extensive array of native plants. Learn how to live, build and garden green in the new Conservation Garden and Living Green House.

Route 1020 & Colonial Parkway · Yorktown, VA · 23690 T: 757 253.4838 · 888.593.4682 ı Operating Season: Year-Round Hours: Daily 9:00 am–5:00 pm; 6:00 pm June 15–Aug 15 Closed Christmas Day and New Year’s Day Thematic gallery exhibits at the Yorktown Victory Center, a museum of the American Revolution, provide eyewitness accounts of the period, describe the convergence of forces on Yorktown in 1781 for the climactic military engagement of the revolution and examine the development of the Constitution and Bill of Rights and how people from many different cultures shaped a new society. Approximately 250 period artifacts, including documents, paintings, engravings, military equipment, nautical objects, medical tools, clothing, personal effects and household objects are exhibited. The museum also features living-history interpretation in outdoor re-creations of a Continental Army encampment and 1780s farm.

12602 Harrison Landing Road · Charles City, VA · 23030 T: 804.829.6018 · 888.466.6018 Operating Season: Year-Round Hours: 9:30 am–4:30 pm Visit Berkeley, Virginia’s most historic plantation. On December 4, 1619, early settlers from England came ashore at Berkeley Plantation and observed the first official Thanksgiving in America. See the birthplace of Benjamin Harrison, signer of the Declaration of Independence, and President William Henry Harrison, “Old Tippecanoe”. “Taps” was composed at Berkeley when General McClellan headquartered 140,000 Union troops in 1862. Experience Berkeley’s famous hospitality, as did our nation’s early presidents. An architectural gem, the 1726 Georgian mansion is furnished with rare period antiques. Berkeley’s grounds are its crowning jewel. Five terraces of restored boxwood and flower gardens offer breathtaking vistas of the James River. Audio-visual program and museum exhibit are available. Enthusiastic guides in period costume conduct tours of the mansion daily. The gift shop, located in one of the plantation’s original outbuildings, has a unique collection of historical mementos and charming gifts. National Historic Landmark.

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plantations & other attractions

Plantations& O ther Attractions Sherwood Forest Plantation

Route 5, John Tyler Memorial Highway ı P.O. Box 8 Charles City, VA · 23030 ı T: 804.829.5377 Operating Season: Year-Round Hours: Grounds open daily 9:00 am–5:00 pm; Mansion tours by appointment Home of John Tyler, 10th President of the United States. It has remained the home of generations of Tylers and is currently the home to President Tyler’s grandson, Harrison Ruffin Tyler, and his family. President Tyler brought his bride, Julia Gardiner Tyler, of Gardiner’s Island, New York, to Sherwood Forest. She brought magnificent furnishings and objects of art to the house which remain there today, and she added a ballroom, which made it the longest frame house in America –301 feet. Twenty-seven-acre original grounds by A.J. Downing contain 89 varieties of trees, one of America’s oldest gingko trees and poet’s laurel planted by Thomas Jefferson. One of America’s most complete plantation grounds. National Historic Landmark.

Go-Karts Plus

6910 Richmond Road · Williamsburg, VA · 23188 T: 757.564.7600 ı Operating Season: Mid-Mar–Oct Hours: Please call for hours Gear up for excitement and come help us celebrate our 21st anniversary at GO-KARTS PLUS. Williamsburg’s premier family entertainment center features four exciting go-kart tracks! Strap yourself into a Super Stockart for a race around a highbanked track in karts that resemble Nascar favorites. Spin, soar and dive on our newest thrill ride from Italy–the DISK’O’. Captain your own Blaster Boat or sink a hole-in-one on our 18-hole Waterfall Miniature Golf Course. Fun stuff awaits children in Kiddie Land, plus all our major tracks feature double-seaters, so a parent and child can share the racing experience. New this year are Water Wars and the Jumping Kangaroo ride. Win prizes playing Midway games and don’t forget to re-fuel on goodies at the snack bar. Be sure to check out the Figure 8 Track, Euro Track, and for the young racer, the Rookie Track. We also offer Bumper Cars, the Python Pit Roller Roaster for the kids and an air conditioned arcade with all the latest video games. Our picnic pavilions accommodate family reunions and corporate and school groups. Whether you’re a kid or just a kid at heart, GO-KARTS PLUS is a fabulous family fun destination. Be part of the excitement and visit soon!

Shirley Plantation

Presidents Park 501 Shirley Plantation Road · Charles City, VA · 23030 T: 804.829.5121 · 800.232.1613 Operating Season: Year-Round ı Hours: 9:30 am–4:30 pm What separates Shirley Plantation from other attractions? Is Shirley Plantation just another historic house museum or attraction? You decide!

Shirley Plantation is the most authentic and intact Colonial plantation in the country — Virginia’s first plantation (1613), America’s oldest family-owned business and one of the first economic engines of the New World. Through eleven generations, one family has continued to own, operate and work this grand southern plantation. The guided tour of the Great House highlights 370 years of family stories as well as original furnishings, portraits, silver and hand-carved woodwork. Included with admission is access to leisurely explore seven original colonial outbuildings surrounded by open fields on the banks of the expansive James River. Today, Shirley continues to be a working plantation, a private family home, a family-owned business, a cutting-edge land use site and a direct link between the past and the present. The current owners, the tenth and eleventh generations, are focused on preservation and education through conservation easements, land reclamation, interactive school programs and new exhibits.


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211 Water Country Parkway · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.259.1121 · 800.588.4327 ı Operating Season: Year-Round, except Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day Hours: Jan 2–March 6: 10:00 am–4:00 pm March 7–May 23: 10:00 am–5:00 pm May 24–Sept 8: 9:00 am–7:00 pm Sept 9–Nov 15: 10:00 am–5:00 pm Nov 16–Dec 31: 10:00 am–4:00 pm Presidents Park is an educational and artistic outdoor museum dedicated to preserving our American heritage. The Park features 18-foot busts of 43 of our U.S. Presidents in a relaxed garden setting along a beautifully landscaped pathway. The Park features replicas of First Ladies’ gowns, the oval office and a life size bust of President Barack Obama. The Park also features a Museum Center with a gift shop, Presidents Park Café and a banquet meeting room. Educational programs, evening programs and themed tours pertaining to presidential history from 1789 to present are available with reservations. The Park is situated on 10 acres of wooded land on Water Country Parkway, just off 1-64, exit 242B.

Ripley’s Believe It or Not! ® Museum & 4-D Theatre

Williamsburg Pottery Factory, Inc.

1735 Richmond Road · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.220.9220 ı Operating Season: Year-Round Hours: Please call for hours Ripley’s Believe It or Not!® Museum and 4-D Theater provides year-round entertainment. Our Museum features eleven galleries with over 300 exhibits. See a 500 lb. gorilla made entirely from nails, a larger-than-life section of the Berlin Wall, an albino lion and our genuine shrunken head. See how you stand up to the world’s tallest man. Spend time in our interactive gallery solving puzzles and experiencing optical illusions. For those who dare, take a walk through our incredible spinning Vortex Tunnel. After a visit to the Museum, take a wild journey in our 4-D Theater. Watch amazing 3-D movies with multiple added effects: from leg ticklers and seat vibrators to scent and bubble machines. It’s a one of-a-kind experience for the whole family. Rain or shine, 365 days a year, Ripley’s Believe It or Not!® Museum and 4-D Theater is your destination for the strange, unusual and bizarre!

Williamsburg AleWerks

Route 60 West · Lightfoot, VA · 23090 T: 757.564.3326 · 800.POTTERY Operating Season: Year-Round Hours: Sun–Thurs 9:00 am–6:00 pm; Fri & Sat 9:00 am–7:00 pm The Williamsburg Pottery is one of Virginia’s top tourist attractions. Each year millions of bargain-hunting customers come from all over the world to shop. With over 70 years of retail experience, the Pottery strives to offer customers the highest quality goods at terrific Pottery prices. A wonderful and vast selection of items from over 20 countries can be found at the Pottery. So come and see, plan to spend the day and enjoy this unique shopping experience.

plantations & other attractions

Plantations& O ther Attractions

The Williamsburg Winery 189-B Ewell Road · Williamsburg, VA · 23188 T: 757.220.3670 Operating Season: Year-Round Hours: Mon–Sat 12:00 pm–5:30 pm; Tours daily at 3:00 pm

During Colonial times, ale, a top fermenting English beer, was a necessity of life. “We could not now take time for further search or consideration, our victuals being much spent, especially our beer, and it being now the 19th of September.” (Mayflower, 1620). Initially, the colonies imported beer for family consumption, sale or barter. Colonial Tavern beer was often brewed on premises. Over time, commercial brewing developed in the larger cities. AleWerks is Williamsburg’s only microbrewery, brewing handcrafted ales, traditional and contemporary, for the Commonwealth. Visit our brewery and pick up fresh beer for your lodging or to take home with you. In addition to great beers, the retail shop offers a variety of unique beer accessories and apparel. Cheers!

5800 Wessex Hundred · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.229.0999 ı Virginia’s largest winery producing over 60,000 cases annually and new wine releases throughout the year. Wines produced here are appealing to a broad range of wine lovers, from the occasional wine drinker to the wine enthusiast. The Williamsburg Winery wine portfolio has resulted in multiple Decanter Magazine of London awards as “Best Wines in the World” as well as many other awards on the national and international wine stage. More than 50 acres of vineyard surround the winery, offering a beautiful backdrop to the Old World-style village where the winery and the Gabriel Archer Tavern are located. Daily tours are offered, including the barrel cellar followed by wine tastings of seven different wines. Reserve wine tastings are also available daily by advance reservations which are conducted in the private reserve cellar and include a large selection of older library wines as well as new releases. Wedmore Place is the newest addition to The Williamsburg Winery, featuring 28 luxury rooms all with fireplaces and antiques, as well as Café Provencal serving fine Mediterranean Cuisine. OPEN DAILY FOR TOURS AND TASTINGS April–Oct: Mon–Sat 10:00 am–6:00 pm; Sun 11:00 am–6:00 pm Nov–March: Mon–Sat 10:00 am–5:00 pm; Sun 11:00 am–5:00 pm gr e at er w i l l i a msbu rg ch a m ber a n d tou r ism a l l i a nce




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Riverwalk Landing

shopping areas

Shopping Areas

High Street

Merchants Square

1430 Richmond Road · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.220.9177 ı Hours: Individual store hours vary

The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation ı P.O. Box 1776 · Williamsburg, VA · 23187 T: 757.220.7751 ı Hours: Individual store hours vary. Closed Christmas Day and New Year’s Day

The Shops at High Street is the retail portion of a beautiful mixed-use urban village called High Street, which is located in the middle of the City of Williamsburg. The Shops at High Street are distinguished by their refined Georgian architecture. With over 200,000 square feet of retail space, a wide variety of eateries and restaurants will compliment an assortment of upscale merchants all with an abundance of parking. All of this anchored by Movie Tavern, an 8-screen, 1,000 seat cinema café showing first run movies.

Exceptional Shopping. Extraordinary Dining. Exhilarating Experience. Inspired by the rich architectural heritage of the 18th century, Merchants Square blends the atmosphere found in the adjacent Historic Area of Colonial Williamsburg with 21st century shopping and dining. With more than 40 unique shops and restaurants, a day in Merchants Square offers an experience unlike any other. Featuring the best in personal service, high-quality merchandise, world-class food and shop owners who really care. From locally owned shops with upscale one-of-kind wares to name-brand favorites, Merchants Square offers a variety of shopping opportunities for all ages. From toy stores to men’s and women’s apparel, quality furniture to fine art, and Scottish kilts to country quilts, make your Williamsburg visit unforgettable. Enjoy both indoor and outdoor dining in Merchants Square’s many restaurants, offering five-star menu experiences to family friendly pizza parlors. Free wireless Internet network is available for visitors, residents and students to enjoy. gr e at er w i l l i a msbu rg ch a m ber a n d tou r ism a l l i a nce


shopping areas

Shopping Areas

New Town Williamsburg

Prime Outlets at Williamsburg

4801 Courthouse Street · Williamsburg, VA · 23188 T: 757.565.6200 ı Hours: Individual store hours vary

5715 Richmond Road, Suite 62-A · Williamsburg, VA · 23188 T: 757.565.0702 ı Hours: 10:00 am–9:00 pm Mon–Sat, 10:00 am–7:00 pm Sun Closed Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day

New Town is 365 acres of shopping, restaurants, entertainment, offices and homes located at the intersection of Ironbound Road and Monticello Avenue, just off Route 199 and adjacent to The College of William & Mary. In New Town you’ll find an extensive outdoor shopping mall with local stores and national chains, fine restaurants and quick eating, a 12-screen movie theater, medical and dental practices, banks and financial services, salons and gyms, the Courthouse and Post Office as well as offices for many of the area’s leading professional firms. Residential condominiums, apartments and townhouses are here too. New Town is a great place to spend an hour or the whole day — rain or shine. Life happens here — come visit.


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Prime Outlets Williamsburg is a premier shopping destination for Hampton Roads, Richmond and Williamsburg; along with the many tourists who visit there. Consistently ranked in the top ten for outlet centers in the U.S., Prime Outlets Williamsburg offers a boutique style atmosphere where you can enjoy savings of 25% -65% at 120 designer outlets and brand name factory stores in one convenient location. The newest expansion showcases 25 of the finest fashion brands in the industry, a Food Court and additional parking. Joining the existing selection of better brands like Polo Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors, Coach, BCBG MaxAzria, Calvin Klein, Dooney & Bourke, Nike and Brooks Brothers are exciting new designer outlets like ALDO, Burberry, bebe, HUGO BOSS, Kenneth Cole, Juicy Couture, Kate Spade, Tommy Bahama and True Religion Brand Jeans. Located on Richmond Road (RT. 60) Prime Outlets Williamsburg is minutes from Colonial Williamsburg and Busch Gardens in Williamsburg.

shopping areas

Shopping Areas

Riverwalk Landing

Williamsburg Outlet Mall

On the Waterfront in Yorktown, VA T: 757.890.3300 ı Operating Season: Daily, Year-Round Hours: 10:00 am–6:00 pm Mon–Sat, 12:00 pm–5:00 pm Sun

6401 Richmond Road · Lightfoot, VA · 23090 T: 757.565.3378 ı Hours: 10:00 am–8:00 pm Mon-Thurs, 10:00 am–9:00 pm Fri & Sat, 10:00 pm–6:00 pm Sun Closed Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day

Riverwalk Landing links Yorktown Victory Center and Yorktown Battlefield, two museums showcasing the historical, decisive battle here in the Revolutionary War. This one-mile pedestrian walkway along the York River includes shops and galleries offering patriotic items, home decor, clothing, jewelry, quilts, art, gifts and more. Waterfront restaurants serve seafood and other fine cuisine. Or grab an ice cream cone and enjoy it as you stroll by the river or sit on the beach. Park your car in the free deck or dock your boat at the pier. Then enjoy biking or riding the free trolley. An outdoor performance venue is the site of concerts and other special events. Plan your visit to coincide with festivities including: Market Days with plenty of local food and more for sale, Shagging on the Riverwalk with beach music and Motown and Rhythms on the Riverwalk with jazz and swing. Come back for July 4th and Yorktown Day (Oct. 19) for patriotic concerts, performances by the Fifes and Drums of Yorktown, plenty of food and other entertainment. Holiday events include a lighted boat parade and visit from Santa.

Break the expensive habit of paying high retail prices on first quality merchandise by saving 20% – 70% everyday. We offer complimentary coupons, valued at over $100; a motor coach lounge with TV, internet and private phone rooms; and sufficient resting benches which make the Williamsburg Outlet Mall a perfect place to spend several hours while you’re in Williamsburg. We are located just .5 miles from the Williamsburg Pottery; .75 miles from Great Wolf Lodge and 1 mile from Interstate 64. The Williamsburg Outlet Mall is also conveniently located to Colonial Williamsburg, Busch Gardens and Water Country USA. Make your trip to Williamsburg more memorable by visiting the Williamsburg Outlet Mall where you can come inside to great savings!

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Belk of Windsormeade Marketplace 4900-3 Monticello Avenue · Williamsburg, VA · 23188 T: 757.220.9143

415 West Duke of Gloucester Street · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.229.2514 ı

Outstanding top fashion brand apparel, shoes, accessories, cosmetics and home furnishings at Windsormeade Marketplace in Williamsburg. Giftwrap, convenient credit plans, a gift registry, plus other services make shopping at Belk convenient and enjoyable.

Williamsburg’s oldest Christmas store specializes in unique and collectible Christmas merchandise, including dated Williamsburg ornaments. Come see our handcrafted lines as well as your favorite collectibles at The Christmas Shop. Located in Merchants Square.

Bella Fine Lingerie and Loungewear

Closet Envy

427 Duke of Gloucester Street · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.220.8440 ı

409 West Duke of Gloucester Street · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.220.0456 ı

Bella offers a tasteful selection of the finest European and USA crafted lingerie. Featuring Cosabella, Chantelle, Aubade, Natori, Hanro and More. We specialize in foundation fittings. Bands 30-44, cups AA-H. Located in historic Merchants Square.

Closet Envy is a must-see shop for fashion forward women’s designs. For anyone who desires the latest in limited quantity fashion apparel and accessories, this is “fashion to die for” with an emphasis on just the right look for business, party or play.

The Campus Shop

Dolls of Diane

425 Prince George Street · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.229.4301 ı

2850 Sandy Bay Road, Suite 101 · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.345.0029 · 888.202.3518 ı

The Campus Shop is your source for licensed College of William & Mary merchandise. We specialize in sweatshirts, T-shirts, baseball bats, youth clothing, souvenirs, mugs and other officially licensed gifts at reasonable prices. Located in Merchants Square.

Dolls of Diane is a unique three-faceted business which features a novelty gift shop and exhibits of more than 800 rare collectible dolls, complemented with doll furnishings and accessories. We also have a party room for meetings, celebrations and special events. Visit our website for more details.

The Flower Cupboard

The Carousel 420 Duke of Gloucester Street · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.229.1710 ı

205 North Boundary Street · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.220.0057 ı

A locally owned children’s clothing store located in the heart of Merchants Square. Offering unique clothing and accessories from over 200 lines for infants through pre-teen, distinctive keepsake gifts and handmade Colonial outfits for boys and girls.

The Flower Cupboard is a full service wedding and corporate event planning florist that has been in business for over 35 years. We can meet your needs from a single rose to a full service wedding. We also provide quality decorations throughout Williamsburg.

The Christmas Mouse


The Christmas Shop

Garden Flags

1991 Richmond Road · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.887.5600 ı

230 Monticello Avenue · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 745.293.3524 · 866.290.6354 ı

Your magical dreams of Christmas come alive as you browse through a wonderland of delights. Over 25,000 different decorations, accessories and collectibles. Collectibles on display include Byers’ Choice Carolers, whimsical Annalee dolls and Willow Tree Angels.

Home to the internet’s top online garden and house flag store. Showroom is across from Williamsburg Shopping Center and the new School of Education of the College of William & Mary. Thousands of flags from the best garden flag manufacturers as well as stained glass, kites, garden décor and unique gifts.

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The Genuine Smithfield Ham Shoppe of Williamsburg

Paisley, Ltd.



421 Prince George Street · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.258.8604 ı

5138 Main Street, New Town · Williamsburg, VA · 23188 T: 757.229.5624 ı

This lovely specialty foods store features the region’s best selection of Smithfield and Virginia Country hams, ham slices, bacon, Serrano hams, Prosciutto di Parma, fine cheeses, gourmet groceries and Paula Deen Collections. Visit our deli for ham biscuits, specialty sandwiches, salads and desserts.

Gifts and accessories to adore and adorn. Whether you are celebrating holidays, special occasions or friendships — Paisley has the perfect gift.

The Peanut Shop of Williamsburg

King’s Treasure 424 Duke of Gloucester Street · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.229.2082 ı

414 Prince George Street · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.229.3908

Williamsburg’s best selection of affordable souvenirs and gifts for the entire family since 1919. Featuring mementos of your visit to Williamsburg: T-shirts, sweatshirts, gifts and collectibles. Well known for quality merchandise at reasonable prices.

Find famous hand-cooked Virginia peanuts, other fine specialty nuts, sweet nut confections and candy to tempt the most discriminating palette. Sauces, kitchen linens, cookbooks and custom gift baskets. This charming regional specialty foods store, known for its many daily samples, is a must stop!

The Lamplighter Shoppe

The Precious Gem

1322 Jamestown Road · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.565.4676 · 800.768.GLOW ı

423 West Duke of Gloucester Street · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.220.1115 · 800.644.8077 ı

F ine 18th century designs are found in this nationally recognized shoppe–for over 30 years a favorite source for designers, architects and homeowners. Featured are handcrafted and formal reproduction lighting, furniture, candlesticks, lamps, antiques, wrought iron and hand blown glass–made in Williamsburg.

The Precious Gem features diamonds and colored stones purchased from around the world. Our jeweler, Reggie Akdogan, also owner and designer, travels from the Orient to South America to carefully select only the finest stones for their beauty, quality and value.

Master Craftsmen Shop

Scotland House

221 North Boundary Street · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.253.2993 · 800.866.7458 ı

430 West Duke of Gloucester Street · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.229.7800 · 800.237.4360

Master Craftsmen has been making silver bracelets on location since 1982. In addition they have their own line of pewterware, Christmas angel, Santa and animal ornaments, and gifts made in the U.S.A. Hand and machine engraving are offered as well as excellent customer service.

A unique, fascinating shop selling gifts and apparel from Scotland, Ireland and England. From beautiful cashmere sweaters to fine English pottery, this store has everything for that special gift or treat for yourself. Conveniently located in Merchants Square.

The Nautical Dog—New Town

Shirley Pewter Shops, Inc.

5104 Main Street · Williamsburg, VA · 23188 T: 757.220.2001 ı

417 Duke of Gloucester Street · Williamsburg, VA · 23187 T: 757.229.5356 · 800.550.5356 ı

Wow what a store! Browse through our fabulous collection of home decor, jewelry, candles and other unique gift items while your dog shops for collars, clothing, bedding and gourmet bakery items. Gifts for you, the home and your 4-legged friend. Dogs are welcome! Open all year.

Offering a variety of fine quality pewter reproductions, collectibles and tableware. Featuring the signature collection “Shirley Pewter,” handcrafted in Williamsburg. Baby gifts, products of light and more. Engraving available for a more personal touch. gr e at er w i l l i a msbu rg ch a m ber a n d tou r ism a l l i a nce




VF Outlet

Williamsburg Marketplace ®

6401 Richmond Road, P.O. Box 459 · Lightfoot, VA · 23090 T: 757.220.9984 ı

P.O. Box 1776 · Williamsburg, VA · 23187-1776 T: 800.414.6291 ı

Visit either of our two stores–Lee/Wrangler or Vanity Fair–for savings up to 70% off every day on your favorite brands for your entire family! Big brands, small prices, that is VF Outlet! VF Outlet is located inside the Williamsburg Outlet Mall.

Twenty-four distinctive stores throughout the Historic Area, Merchants Square and Visitor Center. Each is a unique shopping experience—home furnishings, gifts and seasonal items inspired by the 18th century, as well as authentic reproductions. Purchases help support The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation.


Yankee Candle Flagship 1309 Richmond Road · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.229.0962

2200 Richmond Road · Williamsburg, VA · 23188 T: 757.258.1002 · 877.616.6510 ı

Store Manager Joe Schools and Pharmacist Denise Tidwell believe in treating everyone with respect. “We believe in courtesy, kindness, generosity, friendship and honest competition. That’s the right way to do business and we believe it gives Walgreens a tremendous competitive advantage.”

At Yankee Candle, it’s always snowing, the ice pond is always frozen, Santa’s Workshop is always bustling and the holiday shops are full of surprises for you to uncover year-round. So grab your tri-cornered hat and come visit us!

Wallace’s Trading Post 1851 Richmond Road · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.564.6106 Over 10,000 square feet of gift shopping! Featuring an extensive selection of Webkinz and Crocs. Everyone will enjoy our homemade fudge while browsing for toys, shirts, jewelry and souvenirs.

Williamsburg Antique Mall 500 Lightfoot Road · Williamsburg, VA · 23188 T: 757.565.3422 This 45,000 square foot, climate controlled, handicap accessible mall features 300+ dealers. Selection, quality, organization and a friendly, knowledgeable staff make this one of the best malls in the country. La Petite Tearoom offers gourmet lunches and desserts.

Williamsburg General Store–Häagen-Dazs Ice Cream 1656 Richmond Road · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.564.5800 The Williamsburg General Store offers gifts, collectibles, jewelry, candles, apparel and more. On Richmond Road, the General Store also includes a Häagen-Dazs Ice Cream Shop and a spacious covered porch. Opens early and closes late daily.


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Tarpley’s Store, Colonial Williamsburg

Arts & Artisans

Virginia Shakespeare Festival

gr e at er w i l l i a msbu rg ch a m ber a n d tou r ism a l l i a nce



ar ts & ar tisans

Arts & Artisans A Touch of Earth

6580 Richmond Road · Williamsburg, VA · 23188 T: 757.565.0425 ı

131 Ridings Cove · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.897.0776 ı ·

A Touch of Earth is an award-winning gallery offering the finest in American crafts and art by regional and nationally prominent contemporary American artists. Featuring art pottery, beautiful jewelry, glass work, quilts and many other fine crafts. Owned by pottery artists Paul Pittman and Lianne Lurie since 1977.

Artist Connie Desaulniers creates two- and three-dimensional paintings (with parts of the artwork coming out of the canvas). Subjects range from lush landscapes to quirky figures, saturated with color and spirit. Contact the artist directly for exhibit schedule and information.

An Occasion for the Arts

College of William & Mary, Ewell Hall Performing Arts Series

P.O. Box 363 · Williamsburg, VA · 23187 T: 757.258.5587 ı

T: 757-221-2674 ı

An Occasion for the Arts is a juried art show that spotlights the visual and performing arts in the Greater Williamsburg area, promotes the expansion of the arts in the community and provides mini-grants and scholarships.

Theatrical, dance and musical performances on a regular basis. Performances generally take place during the academic year and include students as well as professional artists. Please see websites for schedules for Ewell Hall and other venues. Near The Wren Building; use side entrance.

Apryl Altman Art

College of William & Mary, Phi Beta Kappa Hall Performing Arts Series 107 North Stocker Court · Williamsburg, VA · 23188 T: 757.258.0481 ı

601 Jamestown Road · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757-221-2674 ı

Apryl Altman is an artist providing faux finish and mural services to the Hampton Roads area. This also includes hand painted tiles, furniture and wood graining. Apryl is also an accomplished watercolorist, exhibiting at This Century Art Gallery, Prince George Art & Frame and local art festivals.

Theatrical, dance and musical performances on a regular basis. William & Mary Theatre presents high quality and richly staged dramatic performances, reviving important classical dramas and producing challenging contemporary theatre. Original faculty and student dance choreography performances.

Bead Haven Inc.

College of William & Mary, William & Mary Hall, Kaplan Arena 1176 Big Bethel Road · Hampton, VA · 23666 T: 757.262.0162 ı

Ukrop Way · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.221.3356 ı ·

Bead Haven, a warm and inviting full-service bead store, carries everything to create beautiful beaded jewelry. The friendly and creative staff helps all levels of beaders design custom jewelry. Book parties for birthdays, scouts’ badges, girls’ night and other occasions; purchase unique jewelry.

An 8,973-seat arena, with the capability of increasing capacity to 10,175 for full stage events. A multi-purpose venue, William & Mary Hall has a long history of hosting concerts, trade shows, convocations, religious ceremonies, graduations, athletic events and other special events.

Black Dog Gallery


By Design Studio

Ewell Hall Ewell Hall

Dorothy Grebos Abstract Acrylic Paintings

114 Ballad Street · Yorktown, VA · 23690 T: 757.989.1700 ı www.

4427 Wind River Run, Studio by Appointment · Williamsburg, VA · 23188 T: 757.645.3081 ı ·

Antique prints, maps, fine art, custom hand-painted floorcloths and distinctive framing. The selection of unique frames includes hand-painted designs, as well as old world-style gold leaf profiles. Hours: Tue–Fri 10:00 am– 5:00 pm; Sat 10:00 am–4:00 pm; Sun 12:00 pm–5:00 pm and by appointment.

“My paintings are an extension of my musical background, with emphasis on rhythm, movement, color and harmony.” Work can be seen at Prince George Art and Frame, 107 Colony Square, Williamsburg.

• gr e at er w i l l i a msbu rg ch a m ber a n d tou r ism a l l i a nce

First Night Williamsburg

James City County

P.O. Box 1382 · Williamsburg, VA · 23187 T: 757.258.5153 ı

101 Mounts Bay Road · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.253.6618 (Ernie Gabler)

First Night Williamsburg is a non-alcoholic family oriented celebration of New Year’s Eve. Downtown Williamsburg and The College of William & Mary provide the setting for over 65 performers. All ages are invited to attend, and may purchase entry buttons four weeks prior to the event.

Art exhibits started back in 2005 in the Building E lobby of the James City County government complex buildings off of Mounts Bay Road at the entrance to Kingsmill. It showcases employees and resident artists living in James City County every six weeks on rotating exhibits.

Gallery at York Hall

Jamestown Glasshouse

301 Main Street · Yorktown, VA · 23690 T: 757.890.4490 ı

Historic Jamestowne · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.229.2437 ı

Featuring fine art and fine craft by local artists for exhibit and sale. This nonprofit, volunteer-run gallery creates themed shows that change every six to eight weeks. Profits support community programs and events. The gallery is also a visitor information center for Historic Yorktown.

In 1608, glassmaking, America’s first English industry, began in Jamestown. Today, costumed craftsmen, using tools and techniques similar to those used centuries ago, blow one-of-a-kind period reproductions and contemporary pieces. A four-year apprentice program trains glass blowers.

Gallery & Studio Louise Chartrand

Jensen Turnage Pottery

8655 Merry Oaks Lane, Studio by Appointment · Toano, VA · 23168 T: 757.250.3234 ı

8529 Hicks Island Road, Studio by Appointment · Lanexa, VA · 23089 T: 757.566.1989 ı

A Spiritualist artist/portraitist from Quebec, Chartrand’s original paintings reflect thoughts, feelings and meditation. The gallery offers antiques, original paintings, sculptures, museum pieces, works of French painters, impressionist, contemporary, fantasy and spiritual art. Portrait commissions welcome.

Russ Turnage and his late wife Carol Jensen began making pottery at their island home-studio in 1981. With over 30 years of experience, Russ continues the tradition of making pottery that is classic in form and finish, and functional for use and enjoyment. Work can be seen at A Touch of Earth.

Greater Williamsburg Chamber & Tourism Alliance

John Orehovec Nature Photography

421 North Boundary Street · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.229.6511 ı

P.O. Box DJ · Williamsburg, VA · 23187 T: 757.229.9585 · FAX: 757.229 3214

The Art Gallery of The Greater Williamsburg Chamber & Tourism Alliance showcases original works created by individual member artists on a rotating basis. Exhibits are free to the public and change quarterly, highlighting a range of Historic Triangle arts offerings. Hours: Mon–Fri 8:30 am–5:00 pm.

With a PhD in curriculum and administration, this award-wining artist utilizes spontaneity and creativity, and places a premium on color, composition and presentation in his photography. In twenty-one years, he has been invited to participate in over 500 shows and exhibitions.

Gulay Berryman Art, Inc.

ar ts & ar tisans

Arts & Artisans

Lake Matoaka Amphitheatre

P.O. Box 2024 · Williamsburg, VA · 23187 T: 757.565.0954 ı

Ukrop Way and Jamestown Road · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.221.3300 ı

Oil paintings, Williamsburg art prints and note cards by an artist whose credits include 2005 Florence, Italy International Biennale, finalist in Kunst Forum’s 2006 SEETAL art show in Switzerland and winner of Kennedy Promotions “2005 Best in Virginia” competition. Paintings at The Gallery on Merchants Square.

The amphitheatre is on the shore of Lake Matoaka, surrounded by the natural beauty of the College woods. A perfect setting for performance art and any type of musical entertainment. Please contact the Office of Student Activities with questions, and about space availability. gr e at er w i l l i a msbu rg ch a m ber a n d tou r ism a l l i a nce


ar ts & ar tisans

Arts & Artisans Lisa W. Cumming Photography

161 Devon Road · Williamsburg, VA · 23188 T: 757.532.4037 ı ·

Shown at A Touch of Earth, 6580 Richmond Road · Williamsburg, VA · 23188 T: 757.566.1990 ı

Specializing in family portraits, sport teams and commercial/architectural photography. Against the backdrop of the Historic Virginia Triangle we can frame your family vacation, travel team sporting event, golf outing and/or other memorable gatherings you are eager to preserve as keepsakes.

A potter since 1975, Krome creates strong, simple pots with pleasing form and satisfying balance. “I count myself successful when my work is well-conceived, well-made and well-used.” Studio open by appointment.

Merchants Square, Outdoor Performing Arts Venue

Rhythms on the Riverwalk Concert Series

Duke of Gloucester, Prince George, Henry & Boundary Streets · Williamsburg T: 757.220.7751 ı ·

Riverwalk Landing, Historic Yorktown Waterfront · Yorktown, VA · 23690 T: 757.890.3500 ı

Adjacent to Colonial Williamsburg’s Historic Area, Merchants Square is a cluster of 42 fine shops and restaurants in an unrivaled setting. Annual host of the Summer Breeze Concert Series July and August; strolling holiday musicians in December. Site of Art on the Square & An Occasion for the Arts.

Rhythms on the Riverwalk is a five-week fall concert series held at Riverwalk Landing in Historic Yorktown that features some of the area’s finest bands sure to get your toes tappin’ to fantastic sounds. Guests are encouraged to bring lawn chairs and blankets for seating. This event is free and open to the public.

Paula Goodman Koz

Riverwalk Landing, Outdoor Performing Arts Venue

At Prince George Art and Frame, 107 Colony Square· Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.253.8950 · 757.229.7644 ı

Riverwalk Landing, Historic Yorktown Waterfront · Yorktown, VA · 23690 T: 757.890.3500 ı

Goodman Koz has been a printmaker specializing in block prints (wood and linocut) for nearly 30 years. She has a special love for illustrating books and literary themes. The relationship between art and print is her primary focus. Studio open by appointment.

Riverwalk Landing plays host to a multitude of events throughout the year and offers an array of diverse shopping and dining opportunities. The banks of the York River serve as a beautiful backdrop for the outdoor performance area. Outdoor concert series, market days and tall ship visits.

Period Designs

Shagging on the Riverwalk Beach Music Concert Series 401 Main Street · Yorktown, VA · 23690 T: 757.886.9482 ı

Riverwalk Landing, Historic Yorktown Waterfront · Yorktown, VA · 23690 T: 757.890.3500 ı

A unique gallery that combines the finest in 17th-, 18th- and19th-century inspired decorative arts and antiques as well as contemporary works. American stoneware, English and European ceramics, glass and contemporary ceramics. Hand-thrown and painted reproduction ceramics and more.

An eight-week summer concert series held at Riverwalk Landing in Historic Yorktown featuring some of the area’s finest beach music, Motown, oldies and more. Bring lawn chairs and blankets for seating and practice the “shag” on the large outdoor dance floor. Free and open to the public.

Prince George Art & Frame


Quail Run Pottery, Elizabeth Krome

Studio Foray

107 Colony Square · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.229.7644 ı

323 Riverwalk Landing · Yorktown, VA · 23690 T: 757.969.1094 ı ·

Prince George Art & Frame combines a fine art gallery and custom framing in one location. Local original art and changing exhibits make it one of Williamsburg’s livelier art venues. Our art and custom frames can be found in many of Williamsburg’s homes, museums and businesses.

Featuring unique, custom designed jewelry by Nancy Foray which includes Swarovski crystals and a beautiful array of freshwater pearls, semiprecious and natural stones–all hand-selected for quality and beauty. Wide range of beading supplies and classes that are sure to inspire.

• gr e at er w i l l i a msbu rg ch a m ber a n d tou r ism a l l i a nce

Virginia Shakespeare Festival

This Century Art Gallery

219 North Boundary Street · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.229.4949 ı

The College of William & Mary ı P.O. Box 8795 · Williamsburg, VA · 23187 T: 757.221.2674 ı

Celebrating 50 years of Art, this non-profit gallery has presented high-quality contemporary art and crafts for the locals and visitors alike. Visiting artist’s shows are exhibited annually. Art classes are offered at the new Art Education Center and free lectures at the Williamsburg Library.

The Virginia Shakespeare Festival enters its 32nd season of providing classic professional theatre at affordable prices. Two Shakespearean productions and a contemporary comedy make up the season that runs from late June to early August. Call 757.221.2674 or visit us on the web at

ar ts & ar tisans

Arts & Artisans TK Asian Antiquities 1654 Jamestown Road · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.253.0769 · 800.313.3008 ı Specialists in Chinese archaic bronze, jade, pottery and textiles. TK Asian Antiquities has one of the largest selections of artisan-made furniture from the 17th through 19th centuries. On-site laboratory for conservation and restoration. Open Mon–Fri 9:00 am– 5:00 pm.

Vernon Wooten Studio/Gallery 1315 Jamestown Rd. Suite 204 · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.253.1953 ı Exhibiting original oils, watercolors and bronze sculptures by Vernon Wooten. Also offered are limited edition prints and giclee’s of the Virginia Hunt Country and other subjects. Member of the Society of Illustrators, American Artist Professional League and National Sculpture Society.

Viccellio Goldsmith P.O. Box 672 · Yorktown, VA · 23690 T: 757.890.2162 ı

Virginia Arts Festival 220 Boush Street · Norfolk, VA · 23510 T: 757.282.2800 · 877.741.2787 ı A dream weekend in one of America’s most charming historic settings! Each spring Williamsburg comes alive with great music and vocal performances as artists from around the world take center stage in the Virginia Room at the Williamsburg Lodge for the annual Virginia Arts Festival, May 28-30, 2010.

Photo by Geoffrey Wade

J. Henry Viccellio III, Master Goldsmith and precious metals craftsman, offers a line of beautiful and distinctive fine jewelry and handcrafted custom creations that reflect an individual customer’s unique style. Waterfront shop in Historic Yorktown.

William & Mary’s Orchesis Dance Company

gr e at er w i l l i a msbu rg ch a m ber a n d tou r ism a l l i a nce


ar ts & ar tisans

Arts & Artisans William K. Geiger Photography

123 Chandler Court · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.229.3223 ı

Riverwalk Landing, Historic Yorktown Waterfront · Yorktown, VA · 23690 T: 757.890.3500 ı

I am a freelance location photographer specializing in portraits of subjects in their business or home environment. I also sell fine art photographs, available through my website.

The farmer’s market includes local produce, fresh meat and seafood, baked goods, specialty cut flowers, handmade soaps, gourmet herbs, quality art and live musical entertainment all in a beautiful waterfront setting. Saturdays, May –August; Monthly Markets Sept–Dec. Entertainment 9:00 am– 12:00 pm.

Williamsburg Farmers Market, Music at the Market Duke of Gloucester Street, Merchants Square · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.259.3768 ı Enjoy live musical performances while you select local products including organic produce, free-range meats, oysters, crabs, herb plants, baked goods, honey, cheese and cut flowers. A tranquil setting for listening to the concerts while enjoying a morning coffee. Music performances 9:00 am–11:00 am.

Williamsburg Library Theatre 515 Scotland Street · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.259.4070 ı · This 268-seat theatre features concerts of acoustic folk and jazz. Venue for classical music groups, films, live theatre and lectures. Please see the website for schedules.

The Williamsburg Symphonia Performances at The Kimball Theatre, Merchants Square · Williamsburg, VA T: 757.229.9857 ı Classical and Pops Music Series. Williamsburg’s own professional orchestra providing a classical and pops music subscription series at the Kimball Theatre and educational concerts for families and young people. Janna Hymes, Music Director. Please see website for performance schedules.

York County Public Library, Tabb 100 Long Green Boulevard · Yorktown, VA · 23693 T: 757.890.5120 ı The York County Library presents Second Saturdays@Seven concert series at the Tabb Library. Come and enjoy a wide variety of musical offerings in a delightful literary setting. All performances are free and open to the public. See the library website for more information.


Yorktown Market Days at the River

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G olf

Hole #16, Kingsmill River Course

gr e at er w i l l i a msbu rg ch a m ber a n d tou r ism a l l i a nce




G olf

Colonial Heritage Golf Club

Tradition Golf Clubs: Stonehouse & Kiskiack

6500 Arthur Hills Drive · Williamsburg, VA · 23188 T: 757.645.2030 ı

9700 Mill Pond Run · Toano, VA · 23168 T: 757.566.1138 · 888.825.3436 ı

Arthur Hills has once again created a golfers’ paradise with this challenging yet playable par-72 championship course. Stretching across 175 acres and nearly 7,000 yards from the back tees, golfers are offered a uniquely unmatched experience with the challenges of undulating fairways, glistening lakes and rolling terrain.

Packages are available at both courses and include a free lunch with each round. Ask about our FREE Group Leader Program. Stonehouse – Mike Stanz designed breathtaking mountain course laid out over 6,962 yards of forested hills, wide plateaus and abrupt ravines. Features deep Bunkers and long carries with the comfort of broad fairways and enormous greens. Kiskiack – set along the ridge of a natural bluff, this picturesque course offers an enjoyable day of golf for players of all skill levels.

Golden Horseshoe Golf Club P.O. Box 1776 · Williamsburg, VA · 23187-1776 T: 757.220.7696 · 800.HISTORY

Top 100 You Can Play —GOLF Magazine

Colonial Williamsburg’s Golden Horseshoe Gold Course combines panoramic views with intriguing shot demands or, as course designer Robert Trent Jones Sr. said, “a natural arboretum upon which a great golf course has been built.” The course is walkable and completely free of surrounding real estate development, an excellent counterpart to its companion Green Course designed by Rees Jones, son of Jones Sr. Both courses are designated Audubon sanctuaries.

Kingsmill Resort Golf

221 Bulifants Boulevard, Suite A · Williamsburg, VA · 23188 T: 877.806.8163 ı Virginia Golf Vacations has over twelve years experience in creating custom Williamsburg Golf Vacations. We are pleased to offer ten quality accommodations, including hotels, resorts and condos, and fifteen championship golf courses, all rated 4 stars or higher by Golf Digest. With a concierge level of service, Virginia Golf Vacations handles all of the details so that all you have to do is play. Come see why Williamsburg has been named a top 25 Golf Destination!

Williamsburg National Golf Club 1010 Kingsmill Road · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.253.3906 · 800.832.5665 ı

Kingsmill Resort & Spa is Virginia’s largest golf resort located on 2,900 acres along the historic James River. Kingsmill’s immaculate courses define the resort as the region’s premier golf destination. Kingsmill features three world-class courses, including The River Course, which has been home to PGA and LPGA golf events for 29 years, one nine-hole par 3 course, golf academy and an array of golf amenities. These professionally-designed courses offer an opportunity for golf enthusiasts of all abilities to experience a challenging yet enjoyable game.


Virginia Golf Vacations

• gr e at er w i l l i a msbu rg ch a m ber a n d tou r ism a l l i a nce

3700 Centerville Road · Williamsburg, VA · 23188 T: 757.258.9642 · 800.826.5732 ı Williamsburg’s newest course, the Yorktown, is now open for all play. The expansion of Williamsburg National to a 36-hole facility has been met with rave reviews. Tom Clark, of Ault and Clark, has added his touch to compliment the Golf Digest, four-star rated Nicklaus-designed Jamestown course to perfection. The Yorktown course features A1/A4 greens and 419 Bermuda on the tees, fairways and roughs. The Yorktown will have more elevation changes and water features than the Jamestown. Williamsburg National has also added a Teaching Professional to the staff and will expand its offering of private and group instruction as well as a brand new Golf School. Twilight rates, junior rates and club rental available.

Outdoor Adventure

James City County Recreation

gr e at er w i l l i a msbu rg ch a m ber a n d tou r ism a l l i a nce



outdoor adventure

Outdoor Adventure Capital Bike Trail

Greensprings Greenway Interpretive Trail

P.O. Box 17966 · Richmond, Virginia · 23226

3751 John Tyler Highway (behind Jamestown High School) Williamsburg, VA · 23185 ı T: 757.259.3221

Eight beautiful miles of the planned 50-mile Virginia Capital Trail from Williamsburg to Richmond are currently open and being enjoyed by bikers, joggers and walkers alike. Beginning at the Jamestown Settlement and ending at the Chickahominy River Bridge. Free parking at both ends of the trail.

Link history and nature by hiking (with interpretive signage) a three-mile soft surface trail that retraces the footsteps of Virginia Indians and early colonists. Near Jamestown Island and adjacent to Mainland Farm–considered to be the oldest working farm in North America.

Chickahominy Riverfront Park

Historic Jamestowne

1350 John Tyler Highway · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.285.5020

1368 Colonial Parkway · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.898.2410 ı

Enjoy this 140-acre outdoor facility on the banks of the beautiful Chickahominy River. Camping, fishing, boating, boat ramp and fishing pier. Rent canoes, kayaks and boats with motors.

Bike, walk or drive the five-mile or shorter three-mile loop around Jamestown Island, where you will experience the wildlife and natural environment English colonists encountered upon their arrival in 1607.

College Landing Park South Henry Street · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.259.3760 Right down the road from The College of William & Mary, this scenic park provides a lookout tower and marsh walkway through College Creek. Enjoy the walkway, kayak/canoe launch and wildlife.

Colonial Parkway Yorktown to Jamestown T: 757.898.2410 ı Take a leisurely drive or bike ride along the scenic 23-mile Colonial Parkway that provides a physical and metaphorical link between Jamestown, Williamsburg and Yorktown. Scenic driving, interpretive pull-offs, biking and fishing are available along this National Scenic Byway.

Freedom Park 5535 Centerville Road · Williamsburg, VA · 23188 T: 757.259.3221 Rich in history, this park preserves one of the first free black settlements in America (1803), the Revolutionary War Battle of Spenser’s Ordinary (1781) and a 17th century domicile. Mountain biking, hiking, open meadow. Interpretive programs and an environmental education center are planned.


• gr e at er w i l l i a msbu rg ch a m ber a n d tou r ism a l l i a nce

Scenic View from Colonial Parkway

Little Creek Reservoir Park

Stonehouse Stables/Lakewood Trails

180 Lakeview Road · Toano, VA · 23168 T: 757.566.1702 · 757.259.3200

P.O. Box 58 · 2116-A Forge Road · Toano, VA · 23168 T: 757.566.0666 ı

Ready for a quiet day on the water? This scenic park overlooks a 996-acre reservoir that’s a fisherman’s paradise. Perfect for outdoor family time in the Williamsburg area. Fishing, boating, picnicking, canoeing, kayaking, jon boats and launch-your-own boat ramp. Boat rentals available.

We offer guided horseback riding year-round, weather permitting. A fun-filled environment for the whole family (ages 7 and above). A guide will take you for a ride on one of our horses. Please call to make reservations or check our website for more details.

New Quarter Park

Waller Mill Park

1000 Lakeshead Drive · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.890.3500 ı

901 Airport Road · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.259.3778

Adjacent to the Colonial Parkway and close to Williamsburg, this park offers a tranquil woodland setting and the pleasures of outdoor recreation. Mountain biking, hiking/walking, fishing, kayaking/canoeing, playgrounds, picnicking and 18-hole disc golf course. Access to Queens Creek and the York River.

Waller Mill is a beautiful park, close to everything and a community favorite. Overlooking a 343-acre lake, the park provides a variety of outdoor activities – boating, hiking, fishing, picnicking and playgrounds. Boat rentals are available.

Powhatan Creek Park and Blueway

outdoor adventure

Outdoor Adventure

York River State Park

1831 Jamestown Road · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.259.3221

5526 Riverview Road · Williamsburg, VA · 23188 T: 757.566.3036

Bring a canoe or kayak and see Jamestown Island like no one else. Powhatan Creek is part of the Chesapeake Gateways Network created by the National Park Service and the Chesapeake Bay Program. Provides free access to Jamestown Island and the James River. Small boat/canoe launch with parking.

Experience the environment of a coastal estuary. This park is known for its rare and delicate environment, where freshwater and saltwater meet to create a habitat rich in marine and plant life. Access to Taskinas Creek and the York River. Fishing, boating, hiking, bridle trails, biking and more.

Yorktown Battlefield

Redoubt Park Quarterpath Road · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 This beautiful, wooded 22-acre park preserves and interprets two of the fourteen Civil War earthwork forts—or redoubts—which made up the Confederate’s Williamsburg Line in the Battle of Williamsburg. This engagement on May 5, 1862, resulted in more than 3800 Union and Confederate casualties and left the Union in control of the Virginia Peninsula.

Skate Park and Multi-Use Trail

P.O. Box 210 · 1000 Colonial Parkway · Yorktown, VA · 23690 T: 757.898.2410 ı The 7-mile Battlefield Tour and 9-mile Encampment Tour give visitors a first-hand look at where the events of the Siege at Yorktown took place. Whether walking, jogging, biking or driving, you’ll see fortifications, cannons and historic buildings that witnessed the last major battle of the American Revolutionary War.

Yorktown Waterfront

5301 Longhill Road · Williamsburg, VA · 23188 T: 757.259.3221

425 Water Street · Yorktown, VA · 23690 T: 757.890.3500

Ten thousand square feet of concrete jumps and ramps for skateboards and in-line skates. Helmets and protective gear recommended. Kids under 12 should be accompanied by an adult. Free.

On the York River in Historic Yorktown, this beachfront offers a relaxing day for everyone and provides a variety of outdoor activities for the entire family. Whether it’s fishing, boating, picnicking or relaxing on the beach, it is perfect for families, all in a peaceful setting adjacent to Riverwalk Landing. gr e at er w i l l i a msbu rg ch a m ber a n d tou r ism a l l i a nce


Amusements & Entertainment


• gr e at er w i l l i a msbu rg ch a m ber a n d tou r ism a l l i a nce

Colonial Williamsburg

Amusements & Entertainment

amusements & enter tainment

AMF Williamsburg Lanes

5544 Olde Towne Road · Williamsburg, VA · 23188 T: 757.565.3311 AMF Williamsburg Lanes is home of the Colonial Virginia Tournament. Featuring birthday parties, company celebrations and ladies’, men’s, youth and mixed leagues. Bumper bowling, rent-a-lane, extreme bowling and snack bar.

Colonial Photography 1205 Lightfoot Road · Williamsburg, VA · 23188 T: 757.229.1702 ı Since 1990, Colonial Photography has captured weddings, anniversaries, family reunions, tour groups and more. Let them create a visual memory of your visit to Williamsburg in their outdoor Portrait Park, inside their studio or at a location of your choice.

The Corner Pocket 4805 Courthouse Street · Williamsburg, VA · 23188 T: 757.220.0808 ı Offering outstanding food and entertainment in a casual, upscale environment. Beautiful outdoor patio. Separate billiards room with 13 pool tables. Live music on the patio during the season. A Williamsburg favorite for 18 years; recognized nationally by USA Today. Open daily, serving full menu until midnight.

Dean Shostak’s Crystal Concert P.O. Box 465 · Williamsburg, VA · 23187 T: 800.588.3326 ı Dean Shostak performs an exciting multimedia concert featuring the music and stories of Benjamin Franklin’s glass armonica. The first crystal violin, glass English handbells and more in the newly restored Kimball Theatre. For tickets call 800.HISTORY.

Hauntings of Williamsburg Tour P.O. Box 502 · Williamsburg, VA · 23187 T: 757.258.3122 · 800.378.1571 ı When darkness falls, another side of Williamsburg emerges ... it’s a different place after sunset — full of mystery and intrigue. Journey by candlelight through the streets of Colonial Williamsburg and hear eerie tales of Williamsburg’s only witch trial, Black Beard and much more. For groups of 15 or more.

Busch Gardens

gr e at er w i l l i a msbu rg ch a m ber a n d tou r ism a l l i a nce


amusements & enter tainment

Amusements & Entertainment Jumping Joey’s Fun Center For Kids

124 Waller Mill Road · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.565 .JUMP (5867) ı

2001 Mooretown Road · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.259.4600 ı

Combine kids with music, huge inflatables and animal making fun and you will see why Jumping Joey’s is the place to be! We are a kids center, open 7 days a week to provide your family with fun and exercise. Ages 10 and under. Socks are required.

Meet the challenge and discover the fun! Putt your way through winding mountain caves, over footbridges and under cascading waterfalls. Players of all ages and skill levels will enjoy two 18-hole, pirate-themed courses. Swashbuckling fun for the entire family!

Williamsburg Field Musick Fifes & Drums

Kimball Theatre 424 Duke of Gloucester Street, Merchants Square · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.565 .8670 ı ·

111 Lakewood Drive · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.253.1796 ı

A variety of entertainment options are offered including live concerts, plays, lectures and independent and foreign films. Open daily. Please see website for schedules and ticket information.

Williamsburg Field Musick brings to life the spirit and charm of 18th and 19th century military music. Performances include authentic music, marching and often a personal presentation on the music and time period the group recreates.

Williamsburg Players, Inc.

Movie Tavern 1430 Richmond Road, Suite 600 · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.692.6494 · 214.271.4117 ı

200 Hubbard Lane · P.O. Box 91 · Williamsburg, VA · 23187 T: 757.229.1679

Movie Tavern combines the enjoyment of movies with an in-theater dining experience. A menu consisting of classic American favorites, beer, wine and margaritas are ordered in the lobby and served to Movie Tavern guests while they enjoy first-run films in state-of-the-art auditoriums.

Celebrating its 53rd season, the Williamsburg Players is the area’s oldest continuous community theatre. Professional quality theatre productions in an intimate atmosphere where everyone has a close-up view of the stage.

Mystery Dinner Playhouse

Yorktown Sailing Charters–Schooner Alliance

5351 Richmond Road · Williamsburg, VA · 23188 T: 804.649.2583 · 888.471.4802 ı

P.O. Box 238 · Riverwalk Landing · Yorktown, VA · 23690 T: 757.639.1233 ı

Audience members solve a comedy murder mystery while enjoying a delicious four-course dinner. The dinner is served to you by a zany cast of characters who all the while are providing clues to help you solve the evening’s crime.

Step back into history aboard Yorktown’s 105’ Tall Ship, Alliance. Lend a hand at setting sail, take the helm and steer the ship or look for dolphins and osprey as you glide along the shores of the York River. Two-hour cruises three times daily from Riverwalk Landing Pier, Yorktown, May thru October.

The Original “Ghosts of Williamsburg” Candlelight Tours 5244 Olde Towne Road, Suite C · Williamsburg, VA · 23188 T: 757.253.2094 · 877.62.GHOST ı A blend of local folklore, ghost stories, historical information and fun trivia, this candlelit walking tour of Williamsburg’s Historic Area will entertain and intrigue young and old. Nightly at 8 pm. Tickets can be purchased online or at The General Store on Richmond Road. MasterCard and Visa accepted.


Pirate’s Cove Adventure Golf

• gr e at er w i l l i a msbu rg ch a m ber a n d tou r ism a l l i a nce


Fat Canary

gr e at er w i l l i a msbu rg ch a m ber a n d tou r ism a l l i a nce




D ining A Chef’s Kitchen

501 Prince George Street, Suite 102 · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.564.8500 ı

5234 Monticello Avenue · Williamsburg, VA · 23188 T: 757.253.2787 ı

A unique spin on dining! Dinner is prepared in front of you by world-class chefs who teach as they cook–like going to a Food Network show, except the audience savors the delicious fare! Or, attend a traditional cooking class.

Awarded Best Restaurant in Carytown by Richmond magazine. Regarded as one of Williamsburg’s newest and most popular restaurants and Wine Bar. Fresh seafood, award winning desserts and savory crepes, gourmet sandwiches, fresh salads and homemade soups. Baker’s Crust Rises to Any Occasion.

Baskin Robbins Ice Cream

Aberdeen Barn 1601 Richmond Road (Route 60 West) · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.229.6661 ı

416 Prince George Street · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.229.6385

From our open Hearth Grill, enjoy the finest top choice beef or our signature entrée, prime rib of beef. Our varied seafood selections are of the same standards of quality. Quiet candlelit service, superb cocktails and fine wines. Open daily at 5:00 pm.

Try our signature sundaes, fruit blast smoothies, blended iced coffee drinks, banana splits and other delicious ice cream and yogurt treats, drinks, cakes, toppings and more. Located in Colonial Williamsburg’s Merchants Square.

Anna’s Brick Oven

Berret’s Seafood Restaurant and Taphouse Grill

2021-D Richmond Road · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.229.5252 ı

199 South Boundary Street · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.253.1847

The Liguria Family has been serving authentic Italian food in Williamsburg since 1974. Specialty pizzas, homemade sauces, delicious veal, chicken, seafood and pastas prepared with the finest ingredients. Homemade desserts, beer and wine, children’s menu. Large parties and groups are welcome.

Two choices, one location! Berret’s Restaurant specializes in fresh regional seafood with full beverage service. The Taphouse Grill features foods, wines and beers of Virginia with grilled fish, steaks and burgers. Voted Best Seafood Restaurant for over 10 years!

Aromas Coffeehouse, Bakeshop & Café

Black Angus Grille

431 Prince George Street, Merchants Square · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.221.6676 ı

1433 Richmond Road · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.229.6823 ı

A Rand McNally Best of the Road™ Editor’s Pick for 2008. Enjoy the patio or venture inside this popular spot for breakfast, lunch and dinner plus gourmet coffees, teas, smoothies and pastries in the welcoming atmosphere of an Old World Coffee House. Wine, beer and music too. FREE WiFi!

A unique dining experience. Warm atmosphere is casual elegant with a spacious setting conducive to casual or formal dining. 4-Star Daily Press and AAA 3-Diamond rating attest to the consistent high quality of food and service. Daily specials for seniors and families. Burgers & sandwiches also available.

Art Café 26


Baker’s Crust–A Well Bread Restaurant & Bar

Blue Talon Bistro 5107-2 Center Street, New Town · Williamsburg, VA · 23188 T: 757.565.7788 ı

420 Prince George Street · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.476.BLUE ı

Gallery café is a delightful culinary experience serving breakfast and lunch. Dinner is served on Friday & Saturday. International art exhibitions, artifacts, glass, ceramics and handcrafted, hand-painted figurines. The place to meet friends and interesting people.

Tucked around the corner from Duke of Gloucester Street, the Blue Talon Bistro focuses on “Serious Comfort Food.” It’s the kind of spot you wish you could stumble upon. The zinc bar, décor, music and outstanding wine list complement a menu allowing you to relax and enjoy yourself as if you were at home.

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D ining Bonefish Grill


Carrabba’s Italian Grill

5212 Monticello Avenue · Williamsburg, VA · 23188 T: 757.229.3474 ı

2500 Richmond Road · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.564.3696 ı

Bonefish Grill is all about fresh fish. Straight from the ocean to your table, and cooked to perfection over a wood-burning grill. For non-fish eaters, we offer a wide selection of dishes from center-cut Filet Mignon and pork tenderloin to freshly prepared pasta and chicken dishes.

At Carrabba’s you’ll experience the bold, fresh flavors of Italy in a warm, casual atmosphere. Family photos adorn the walls as guests enjoy original family recipes prepared to order in a lively exhibition kitchen. Enjoy Crispy Calamari, Chicken Parmesan, Sirloin Marsala and fresh grilled seafood.

Buffalo Wild Wings 4918 Courthouse Street · Williamsburg, VA · 23188 T: 757.229.6099 ı For fun and excitement, Buffalo Wild Wings is the best place to be! We offer 15 different types of sauce for our wings and a menu with a very wide variety. You Have To Be Here!!

Buon Amici 5201 Center Street · Williamsburg, VA · 23188 T: 757.220.8188 ı Two restaurants in one with something for everyone! Dine in or take out our authentic New York style brick oven pizza, calzone, stromboli, subs & fresh salads in the Pizza Café. Enjoy the finest veal, chicken, seafood and pasta prepared to order in our casual, elegant dining room.

California Tortilla 4917 Courthouse Street (New Town Center) · Williamsburg, VA · 23188 T: 757.229.9334 ı

Captain George’s Seafood Restaurant 5363 Richmond Road · Williamsburg, VA · 23188 T: 757.565.2323 The Original World Famous Seafood Buffet with over 70 items, including Alaskan snow crab legs, fresh broiled fish, steamed shrimp, prime cut beef and delicious desserts. Dine by our 12-foot waterfall and 300-foot stream. Buses and private parties welcome. Non-Smoking.

Photo by Abigail Darrin

An explosion of fresh, fun, California style Mexican entrées. Serving a variety of specialty burritos, quesadillas, fresh salads, tacos and fajita platters. The backbone of our menu is fresh grilled chicken and steak. You won’t leave hungry –our burritos are “ginormous!” Come see what all the excitement is about!

Blue Talon Bistro

gr e at er w i l l i a msbu rg ch a m ber a n d tou r ism a l l i a nce



D ining Center Street Grill

5101 Center Street · Williamsburg, VA · 23188 T: 757.220.4600 ı

Waller Street near Capitol · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.229.2141 · 800.447.8679 ı

Moderately priced restaurant located in New Town, within walking distance of the Consolidated Movie Theaters. Modern décor with 100% visibility to outdoors. Raw bar offers oysters, clams, shrimp and seafood specials. Family friendly and casual attire. Private/club rooms and seasonal patio available.

George Washington’s favorite for seafood. Specialties include crab cakes, Gloucester chicken, filet of beef with crab-stuffed shrimp, fritters and spoon bread. Open for dinner daily seasonally from 5 pm. Colonial Williamsburg admission not required for dining in Historic Area taverns.

Cheeburger Cheeburger

Colonial Williamsburg – Golden Horseshoe Gold Course Grill

4915 Courthouse Street · Williamsburg, VA · 23188 T: 757.565.5580 ı

401 S. England Street · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.229.2141 · 800.447.8679 ı

When you are looking for fresh, made-to-order meals, Cheeburger Cheeburger is the place. With hand pattied all-natural Angus burgers, build your own salads and sandwiches, hand cut fries and rings and thousands of shakes, Cheeburger is fun for all.

Casual dining overlooking the championship golf courses of the Golden Horseshoe Golf Club. Choose from a delightful array of sandwiches (including “Tidewater’s Best” hamburger), salads, light entrées, house-made desserts and your favorite cocktail or beverage.

The Cheese Shop– Merchants Square

Colonial Williamsburg– Golden Horseshoe Green Course Grill

410 Duke of Gloucester Street · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.220.0298 ı

520 S. England Street · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.229.2141 · 800.447.8679 ı

Offering over 200 cheeses, specialty foods, freshly baked breads, regionally renowned sandwiches and a wine cellar with over 4,000 bottles. Adjacent to the AAA 4-Diamond restaurant, Fat Canary. Owned and operated since 1971 by the Power family.

Casual dining overlooking the championship golf courses of the Golden Horseshoe Golf Club. Choose from our golfers’ quick menu and its delightful array of sandwiches, beverages, cocktails and more.

Chick-fil-A Mooretown Road

Colonial Williamsburg– Huzzah!

6732 Mooretown Road · Williamsburg, VA · 23188 T: 757.253.6464

113 Visitor Center Drive · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.229.2141 · 800.447.8679 ı

Located at I-64 Exit 234a, minutes from the Prime Outlets, Colonial Williamsburg and many of the timeshares. Come experience our exceptional food and service in our restaurant or call to arrange to serve your group at various locations in the historic triangle. We Didn’t Invent the Chicken, Just the Chicken Sandwich.®

Good Food. Good Cheer! Everyday favorites and the best pizza in town served with colonial flair. Within the same complex as the Colonial Williamsburg Visitor Center.

Colonial Williamsburg – Chowning’s Tavern


Colonial Williamsburg – Christiana Campbell’s Tavern

Colonial Williamsburg–King’s Arms Tavern

Duke of Gloucester Street near Market Square · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.229.2141 · 800.447.8679 ı

Duke of Gloucester Street opposite Raleigh Tavern · Williamsburg, VA 23185 T: 757.229.2141 · 800.447.8679 ı

Freshly prepared lunch fare featuring sandwiches, salads, soups and stews served by gracious wait staff. After 5 pm enjoy Gambols — light fare and beverages, balladeers and 18th-century games. Colonial Williamsburg admission not required for dining in Historic Area taverns.

The town’s finest gentry dined here. Relish traditional southern fare, sumptuous desserts and after-dinner cordials served in the King’s grand tradition by costumed wait staff. Colonial Williamsburg admission not required for dining in Historic Area taverns.

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Colonial Williamsburg– Regency Room

Dunkin’ Donuts


D ining

Williamsburg Inn, 136 E. Francis St. · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.229.2141 · 800.447.8679 ı

1347 Richmond Road · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.476.8010 · FAX: 757.476.8011 ı

Enjoy new American cuisine in the refined elegance of the Williamsburg Inn’s Regency Room. Crystal chandeliers and Oriental panels provide a beautiful setting in which to savor our superb menu. Music and dancing on Friday and Saturday nights; Sunday Brunch.

Breakfast all day long, hot and iced coffee, hot and iced lattes and cappuccinos, hot chocolate, iced tea, Coolatta®, 32 varieties of donuts, Munchkins®, bagels, muffins, breakfast sandwiches, flatbread sandwiches and more. Newly remodeled, comfortable and smoke-free environment. Free Wi-Fi.

Colonial Williamsburg–Shields Tavern

Fat Canary

Duke of Gloucester Street near the Capitol · Williamsburg , VA · 23185 T: 757.229.2141 · 800.447.8679 ı

410 Duke of Gloucester Street · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.229.3333 ı

Enjoy comfort food with a revolutionary southern flair. Colonial-inspired dishes are created with seasonal ingredients found in the local marketplace. Guest favorite Tavern Ghost Walks offered seasonally. Colonial Williamsburg admission not required for dining in Historic Area taverns.

Awarded the prestigious AAA 4-Diamond rating five consecutive years since opening. A graduate of The Culinary Institute of America, Executive Chef Thomas Power offers a menu that reflects his trek of great kitchens across the country. Dinner; open seven nights. Reservations highly encouraged.

Colonial Williamsburg–Williamsburg Lodge Restaurant

Florimonte’s Deli and Fine Foods

Williamsburg Lodge, 310 S. England St. · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.229.2141 · 800.447.8679 ı

5251 John Tyler Highway · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.253.2266

This restaurant serves American cuisine with contemporary southern and Chesapeake influences. The Friday Night Seafood Buffet is a local favorite!

A traditional New York style delicatessen and pizzeria serving fresh breakfast sandwiches, homemade Italian pastries, specialty lunch sandwiches, salads and homemade soups. Hand-tossed New York Neopolitan 18” pies or slices, Sicilian pizza, strombolis and calzones.

Giuseppe’s Italian Restaurant

Doraldo 1915 Pocahontas Trail, Suite F-1 · Williamsburg, VA · 23188 T: 757.220.0795 · 757.812.4002 ı

5525 Olde Towne Road · Williamsburg, VA · 23188 T: 757.565.1977 ı

“The best Italian food in Hampton Roads” as told by our customers. Restaurant interior feels as if you are walking through an Italian village in Italy. Beautiful paintings from a local artist adorn the walls. Our garlic knots are a signature item, and they are highly addictive!

New location! Classic Italian family-owned and yes, you will see us there! Fried calamari, gourmet pizzas, fresh veal, fresh fish, salads and pasta dishes like Mama made. Full bar you can dine at with full liquor, beer, great wine at super prices and selections. Reservations. Open Mon–Sat for lunch and dinner.

Dudley’s Farmhouse Grille

Green Leafe Downtown

7816 Richmond Road · Toano, VA · 23168 T: 757.566.1157 ı

765 Scotland Street · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.220.3405 ı

Dudley’s Farmhouse Grille, located in Toano, seven miles from the City of Williamsburg, resides in a renovated 1900s farmhouse and caters to fine dining. Supporting local farms and local artists, Dudley’s Farmhouse Grille displays antiques and original artwork of local painters and potters.

Good Beer, Good Food, Good People, Since 1974. Voted a Top 10 Bar by USA Today, the Green Leafe is a privately owned restaurant serving the finest in upscale American tavern fare and boasting the best beer selection in southeastern Virginia. gr e at er w i l l i a msbu rg ch a m ber a n d tou r ism a l l i a nce



D ining

Green Leafe New Town & Catering 4345 New Town Avenue, Suite 200A · Williamsburg, VA · 23188 T: 757.476.FOOD ı

7201 Richmond Road · Williamsburg, VA · 23188 T: 757.565.1465

From weddings and corporate gatherings to picnics and tailgates, we are a full service caterer dedicated to providing you with the highest quality of party and event planning. We can arrange for every necessity, from menu planning and bar stocking to staffing and rentals.

Jimmy’s family style restaurant features steak, seafood, pasta, pizza and subs. We offer daily specials Monday-Friday with soup and salad bar. Seafood buffet on Fridays, prime rib special on Saturdays and a Sunday brunch. Full bar; home of the famous “Kitty Hawk” soup. Best pizza and prices in town!

Gus’s Hot Dog King

Kingsmill–The Bray Bistro

2227 Richmond Road · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.220.4786

Kingsmill Resort & Spa, 1010 Kingsmill Road · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.253.3900 ı

Here at Hot Dog King, we’re not just a restaurant, we’re a family. From the moment you walk through our door, you’re not just a guest, you’re our friend. So come on down and let us help you make a memory!

The epitome of sophisticated Southern Cuisine. Our award-winning culinary masters prepare an array of inventive dishes designed to please the most sophisticated palate. Panoramic views of the James River serve as a breathtaking backdrop. Sunday brunch and Friday night Chesapeake Seafood Buffet.


Kingsmill–Eagles Restaurant

4260 Casey Boulevard · Williamsburg, VA · 23188 T: 757.220.2334 ı

Kingsmill Resort & Spa, 1010 Kingsmill Road · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.253.3900 ı

Find a traditional community coffeehouse at the corner of Casey and Discovery Park Boulevards in New Town. Onsite roaster, the finest espresso, coffee drinks and excellent light fare.

Authentic steakhouse features the Resort’s exclusive beechwood-smoked cooking – cold-smoking beef, chops, poultry and seafood over Budweiserbathed beechwood chips to create Eagles’ signature taste. The result is succulent, flavorful dishes. Gorgeous panoramic views.

Hog Wild Smokehouse

Kingsmill–Regattas’ Café

8864-A Richmond Road · Toano, VA · 23168 T: 757.741.2515 ı

Kingsmill Resort & Spa, 1010 Kingsmill Road · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.253.3900 ı

Traditional smokehouse BBQ and authentic Creole cuisine featuring freshly prepared soups, salads, appetizers, sandwiches, entrées and desserts, with five unique BBQ sauces. Continuous service Tuesday thru Saturday, 11 am until 9 pm, Sunday 11 am until 4 pm, closed Monday.

At the café, pizzas are cooked to perfection inside the wood-burning oven. Italian specialties like paninis and pastas make the Café a favorite for lunch or dinner. Just inside the restaurant is Regattas’ Marketplace, where guests can choose from a selection of Anheuser-Busch InBev beers.

Hooters of Williamsburg


Jimmy’s Oven & Grill

Kingsmill–Marina Bar & Grille

112 Bypass Road · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.221.9570 ı

Kingsmill Resort & Spa, 1010 Kingsmill Road · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.253.3900 ı

Come to Hooters of Williamsburg, located on Bypass Road and see why we are the place to visit. Enjoy a refreshing cocktail from our new full bar while eating some of our world-famous chicken wings — all served up by the Hooters girls.

Open seasonally, the Marina Bar & Grille is the perfect setting for a casual good time with friends. Guests can sit outdoors along the James River and enjoy light fare for lunch, delicious seafood for dinner and live entertainment. The outdoor fireplace is particularly cozy during cool weather.

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D ining


Kyoto Japanese Steak and Seafood House 1621 Richmond Road · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.220.8888 ı Japanese dining with hibaichi grill and sushi bar. Meals are highlighted with your personal hibaichi grill chef who artistically prepares your order before your eyes. Vegetarian and kids meals served. Carryout sushi, box meals and tour group menus available.

Le Yaca Restaurant Francais 1915 Pocahontas Trail · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.220.3616 ı Le Yaca successfully combines the worlds of comfort and taste with French Country cooking served in style. Choose from a selection of seafood, beef, lamb and veal entrées and the best desserts in town, including our famous Grand Marnier Soufflé. Lunch & dinner 7 days a week, open table reservations.

LongHorn Steakhouse 4970-13 Monticello Ave · Williamsburg, VA · 23188 T: 757.229.7700 ı LongHorn Steakhouse restaurants are full-service, casual dining steakhouses serving both lunch and dinner. Emphasizing high quality, LongHorn appeals to all guests with its distinctive combination of attentive personalized service and flavorful entrées served in an inviting, comfortable atmosphere.

Magnolia Dining Room at Colonial Heritage 6500 Arthur Hills Drive · Williamsburg, VA · 23188 T: 757.645.2018 ı Casual dining overlooking the 9th green of our golf course. Choose from a delightful array of sandwiches, salads, entrées, desserts and favorite cocktails. Visit us for our themed buffet served Thursdays 11:00 am–2 pm.

Manhattan Bagel 1437 Richmond Road · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.259.9221 New York style bagels and fresh deli style sandwiches. All bagels, breads, muffins and pastries baked daily on premises. Breakfast and lunch served all day from 6:30 am–3:00 pm. Featuring gourmet coffees, cappuccino, lattes and smoothies. We will cater your special occasion. Locally owned and operated.

Kingsmill Fruity Flan–Kingsmill Resort & Spa

gr e at er w i l l i a msbu rg ch a m ber a n d tou r ism a l l i a nce



D ining

Old Chickahominy House 1211 Jamestown Road · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.229.4689

4655-107 Monticello Ave · Williamsburg, VA · 23188 T: 757.903.4280 ı

Enjoy breakfast or lunch served in a plantation setting where meals are prepared from family recipes. For 55 years we have been delighting our customers with fine food and a unique shopping experience. Browse our shop for gifts, jewelry and accessories.

New to Williamsburg! Come enjoy a variety of soft pretzels made from scratch daily. Choose from “real” pretzels, rivets, cinna-swirls, everything braids, pretzel rolls, pretzel hot dogs & sausages with cheese and many sweet and savory dips. Open 7 days a week.

Opus 9 Steakhouse

Red City Buffet

5143 Main Street · Williamsburg, VA · 23188 T: 757.645.4779 ı

3044 Richmond Road · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.221.0888 ı

The epitome of fine dining, from superior steakhouse fare to a diverse wine list, casual elegance and first class service. Private dining/board rooms available for business or pleasure. Seasonal patio. Open every day for lunch and dinner. On Sunday, enjoy a Jazz Brunch. Reservations recommended.

Featuring Crab legs, Chinese, Sushi, Steaks and so much more. Mouthwatering buffets, casual atmosphere, smoke-free and always free Wi-Fi. Bring the family or group in to taste buffet excellence.

Outback Steakhouse

Retro’s Good Eats

3026 Richmond Road · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.229.8648

435 Prince George Street · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.253.8816 ı

An Australian steakhouse restaurant. Beef and steak items as well as a variety of chicken, ribs, seafood and pasta dishes. Consistent high-quality food and service, generous portions, moderate prices and a casual atmosphere suggestive of the Australian Outback. Non-smoking. Outdoor seating available.

Fast food, fifties style! Hot dogs, hamburgers with a multitude of toppings; fresh fries cut daily. Soda fountain shakes and floats made with our delicious real dairy frozen custard! BBQ, grilled chicken, soups and vegetarian options. Make the most of your tour time–groups served quickly. Family friendly.

Rita’s Ices, Cones, Shakes

Panera Bread 5218 Monticello Avenue · Williamsburg, VA · 23188 T: 757.229.8810 · FAX: 757.229.8815

220-D Monticello Avenue · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.259.RITA ( 7482)

Panera Bread® offers hand-crafted artisan breads baked in each bakery-café daily. We’re committed to providing you with fresh, great tasting food made from the highest quality ingredients. Order your favorite sandwiches, salads, soups and sweets for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Catering available.

The only Italian Ice in town. Made fresh daily on premises with real fruit in small batches. Old-fashioned creamy frozen custard the way you remember as a kid. Delicious gelati, blendini and awesome Misto smoothie shakes. Look for the red and white striped awning for a wonderful frozen treat.

Papillon and 415 Grill


Philly Pretzel Factory

Riverwalk Restaurant

415 Richmond Road · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.229.4020

323 Water Street, Suite A-1 · Yorktown, VA · 23690 T: 757.875.1522 ı

Papillon, a traditional southern menu and breakfast buffet, and the 415 Grill serving lunch and dinner, are located in the Williamsburg Hospitality House. Lunch features signature salads, sandwiches and local favorites. For dinner, enjoy delicious appetizers, cocktails, steaks and chops in a relaxing atmosphere.

Waterfront dining on the historic Yorktown waterfront with fresh regional seafood and traditional American favorites. Great sandwiches and salads in the café at lunch and dinner. Full-service menu in the Riverfront Room and private accommodations in the Landing.

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Sal’s by Victor Italian Restaurant

TGI Fridays


D ining

1242 Richmond Road · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.220.2641

5509 Richmond Road · Williamsburg, VA · 23188 T: 757.220.5580 ı

Features everything you’d expect from a traditional Italian pizzeria or familystyle Italian restaurant. Victor Minichiello and his staff use the finest ingredients preparing fresh pastas, veal, chicken and heart-healthy sauces. Bring your group and family!

T.G.I. Friday’s Restaurants, one of the first American casual dining chains, offer a unique dining experience that has become the favorite pastime of millions worldwide. A comfortable, relaxing environment where guests can enjoy great food and drink.

Sal’s Ristorante Italiano

The Trellis Restaurant

835 Capitol Landing Road · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.221.0443

403 Duke of Gloucester Street · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.229.8610 ı ·

Enjoy fine Italian cuisine in a family atmosphere. Specialties include veal parmigiana, chicken cacciatore, eggplant rollatini, lasagna, New York style pizza and many more entrées. Voted Best Pizza and Italian Restaurant in Williamsburg. Group reservations accepted.

A destination of diners to the region for decades, a renovated Trellis re-opened in March 2010 under the guiding hand of AAA Five Diamond Chef David Everett. The Trellis has always been in the forefront of American dining with a menu focused on the bounty of the Tidewater region of Virginia.

Seasons Restaurant

Wasabi Oriental Buffet

110 South Henry Street · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.259.0018 ı

1203 Richmond Road · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.645.3988 ı

Dine in the most exciting restaurant in Merchants Square, featuring spectacular salads, steaks, seafood, poultry, ribs, sandwiches and the best burgers and fries anywhere. Sunday Brunch, extensive children’s menu and full bar. MonThurs 11:00 am–9:00 pm; Fri–Sat 11:00 am–10:00 pm; Sun 10:00 am–9:00 pm.

Authentic Oriental Cuisine–Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese Pho and a Mongolian grill. We cook with low sodium and less MSG. Great sushi bar with a good selection. Our buffet also includes soup, salad, fruit, sweet breads and a wide variety of desserts, including ice cream. Bus groups welcome.

The Sportsman’s Grille

The Whaling Company

240 McLaws Circle, Suite 154 · Williamsburg, VA · 23185

494 McLaws Circle · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.229.0275 ı

Casual family dining in a relaxed atmosphere. Homemade soups and salads and one of the area’s best burgers. Our specialties are steamed shrimp and crab cakes. Children’s menu priced under $4.00. Located on Route 60 East near Busch Gardens.

The house specialty is fresh fish with a menu offering a wide variety of seafood selections, fresh-cut steaks and chicken entrées. Relax in a setting which is reminiscent of an old New England fishing village. Dress is casual; reservations are accepted.

Stephanos Pizza & Subs


110 South Henry Street · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.476.8999 ı

4902 Courthouse Street · Williamsburg, VA · 23188 T: 757.903.4750 ı

Located in the heart of Colonial Williamsburg. New York Style Pizza, as well as oven-baked submarine sandwiches made with the highest quality meats, salads, soup, ice cream, desserts and a children’s menu. Open daily 11:00 am-9:00 pm.

It all started with a passion for food. Our dough is made from 100% certified organic wheat prepared fresh every day, hand thrown and fire baked until uniquely crisp. Select ingredients such as Wisconsin skim mozzarella, 100% organic tomato sauce, MSG free pepperoni and additive-free sausage. gr e at er w i l l i a msbu rg ch a m ber a n d tou r ism a l l i a nce


here to S tay


• gr e at er w i l l i a msbu rg ch a m ber a n d tou r ism a l l i a nce

Woodlands Hotel & Suites–Colonial Williamsburg Hotels

For a complete listing of area lodging facilities go to Or, for further information, call the Williamsburg Area Hotel & Motel Association at 800.211.7168.

Colonial Williamsburg – Governor’s Inn 506 North Henry Street · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.229.1000 · 800.447.8679 ı The most economical way to enjoy the amenities of the Colonial Williamsburg Hotels, the Governor’s Inn is located just three blocks from the Historic Area. Guests also enjoy daily continental breakfast, an outdoor pool, use of nearby recreational facilities and close proximity to shopping and dining.

America’s Best Value Inn Historic Williamsburg

Colonial Williamsburg – Providence Hall Guesthouses

119 Bypass Road · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.253.1663 · 800.283.1663 ı

305 S. England Street · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.229.1000 · 800.447.8679 ı

Americas Best Value Inn is located one mile from Colonial Williamsburg and five miles from Busch Gardens. Features Simmons Pillowtop beds, business center, deluxe complimentary breakfast and seasonal outdoor pool. Stay, play and get more than you expect.

The Providence Hall Guesthouses are spacious accommodations adjacent to Colonial Williamsburg’s Historic Area, the Golden Horseshoe Golf Club, The Spa of Colonial Williamsburg, shopping, dining and more.

Best Western Historic Area

Colonial Williamsburg– Williamsburg Inn

201 Bypass Road · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.220.0880 · 800.4 73.7890 ı

136 East Francis Street · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.229.1000 · 800.447.8679 ı

Only a mile from Colonial Williamsburg and five miles from Busch Gardens! All new guest rooms offer plush bedding, granite vanities, microwave and refrigerator. With complimentary hot deluxe continental breakfast, indoor pool and wireless internet you’ll find affordable luxury at this AAA 3-Diamond hotel.

Regarded among the world’s great hotels, the Williamsburg Inn is the crown jewel of Colonial Williamsburg’s accommodations. Unparalleled service, spectacular amenities, world-class dining and its location next to Colonial Williamsburg’s Historic Area make the Inn a guest favorite.

Clarion Hotel Historic District

Colonial Williamsburg–Williamsburg Lodge

351 York Street · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.229.4100 ı

310 South England Street · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.229.1000 · 800.447.8679 ı

143 well-appointed guest rooms and 55 two-bedroom efficiency suites. Walking distance to Colonial Williamsburg’s Historic Area, convenient to dining, shopping, championship golf courses and other area attractions.

Extensively restored and vastly expanded, the Williamsburg Lodge is part of Colonial Williamsburg. Southern hospitality, comfortable décor and regional cuisine are hallmarks of the Lodge, making it a favorite of guests and locals. Adjacent to the Historic Area.

Colonial Williamsburg–Colonial Houses – Historic Lodging

where to stay

here to S tay

Colonial Williamsburg – Williamsburg Woodlands Hotel & Suites

305 S. England Street · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.229.1000 · 800.447.8679 ı

105 Visitor Center Drive · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.229.1000 · 800.447.8679 ı

Colonial Williamsburg offers authentic period accommodations in the Historic Area in Colonial Houses. 75 guest accommodations in 26 “houses,” some as small as one room and others as large as 16 rooms. Ideal for guests who wish to fully immerse themselves in the 18th century.

Nestled on the edge of a secluded pine grove, this hotel is a family haven located at the Colonial Williamsburg Visitor Center. Williamsburg Woodlands is moderately priced, and convenient to dining, shopping, golf, spa and many recreational amenities. gr e at er w i l l i a msbu rg ch a m ber a n d tou r ism a l l i a nce


where to stay

here to S tay

Courtyard By Marriott

470 McLaws Circle · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.221.0700 ı

500 Merrimac Trail · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.220.1410 · 866.787.4494 ı

Conveniently located in an attractive, landscaped setting near Busch Gardens, Colonial Williamsburg’s Historic Area and a variety of shopping, dining and other entertainment. Guest rooms feature free high-speed Internet access, in-room coffee makers and refrigerators.

All rooms feature coffee maker, micro-fridge, hair dryer, iron and ironing board, voicemail, in-room safe and cable TV. Free parking, business center, heated indoor pool and fitness center. We offer fine and casual dining on premises. Close to area attractions.

Crowne Plaza Williamsburg at Fort Magruder

Marriott Williamsburg Hotel

6945 Pocahontas Trail · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.220.2250 · 800.331.5204 ı

50 Kingsmill Road · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.220.2500 · 800.442.3654 ı

Only minutes from the Historic Area and Busch Gardens, the Crowne Plaza is situated in a beautifully wooded area and landscaped around an original redoubt from the Battle of Williamsburg.

Full-service hotel closest to Busch Gardens. Heated indoor/outdoor pool, game room, health club, tennis, whirlpool and lounge with games. Three restaurants. Spacious guest rooms include coffee makers, irons, hair dryers, voicemail and data ports.

Great Wolf Lodge Williamsburg

Patriot Inn and Suites

549 East Rochambeau Drive · Williamsburg, VA · 23188 T: 757.229.9700 ı

1420 Richmond Road · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.229.2981

A family destination resort capturing the Northwoods atmosphere and adventure. Featuring 405 family-sized suites, a 67,000 square foot indoor waterpark, outdoor pool, extra large arcade, full service spa, family restaurants and bar, confectionery café and 15,000 square feet of meeting space.

Patriot Inn and Suites is a five-time Gold Award winner (by Choice Hotels). Located in the heart of Williamsburg within walking distance to restaurants. Colonial Wiliamsburg’s Historic Area within one mile, outlet shopping two miles and Water Country USA and Busch Gardens are only five miles away.

Kingsmill Resort & Spa

Pineapple Inn & Housing Center

1010 Kingsmill Road · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.253.1703 · 800.832.5665 ı

5437 Richmond Road · Williamsburg, VA · 23188 T: 757.259.9670 ı

Situated on the banks of the scenic James River, features 425 comfortable, villa-style guest rooms and suites, three world-class golf courses, an organicand nature-based spa, 15-court tennis center, six restaurants and lounges, modern conference facilities and a state-of-the-art fitness center.

Pineapple Inn & Housing Center offers great value on rooms as well as long term housing for international students under the work and Travel J-1 and H2B Visa program.

La Quinta Inns & Suites


Lexington George Washington Inn Hotel & Conference Center

Quality Suites Williamsburg

814 Capitol Landing Road · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.229.0200 ı

1406 Richmond Road · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.220.9304 · 800.4CHOICE ı

Newly renovated and 100% smoke-free! Enjoy our three-story indoor heated pool, guest laundry facility, fitness center w/sun deck, wireless Internet, business center and meeting facilities. Our interior corridor rooms include a microwave, refrigerator and complimentary Bright Side Breakfast!

The Quality Suites Williamsburg is centrally located to all area attractions. Features all-suite guest rooms, a game room, indoor pool, on-site fitness room and a hot buffet breakfast. Perfect for your complete Williamsburg vacation.

• gr e at er w i l l i a msbu rg ch a m ber a n d tou r ism a l l i a nce

here to S tay 1648 Richmond Road · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.941.2000 · 800.331.3131 ı Centrally located to all Williamsburg attractions. Residence Inn features studio, one-bedroom and two-bedroom suites with separate living and sleeping areas and free high-speed Internet access. A complimentary breakfast is offered daily.

SpringHill Suites by Marriott

where to stay

Residence Inn by Marriott

Bed & Breakfasts A Williamsburg Sampler Bed and Breakfast

1644 Richmond Road · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.941.3000 · 888.287.9400 ı

922 Jamestown Road · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.253.0398 · 800.722.1169 ı

This hotel features king and double queen suites with separate eating, relaxing and sleeping areas, plus a pantry area with refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker and free high-speed Internet access. Guest laundry and voicemail with a complimentary hot breakfast buffet offered daily.

Elegant 18th century plantation style inn lovingly overseen by the same innkeepers for over 20 years. King-size beds, carriage house fitness center, billiard parlor, slot machine and 60” flat TV home center. This accommodation will enhance your stay in Williamsburg.

Wedmore Place at The Williamsburg Winery

Autumn Leaves Bed and Breakfast

5810 Wessex Hundred · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.941.0310 · 866.WEDMORE ı

520 Jamestown Road · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.253.8977 ı

European luxury in 28 unique rooms! Wood burning fireplaces and antiques lend Old World charm and elegance. Cobblestone courtyard, fountains, library, spa/fitness room, outdoor pool, meeting/event space, walking/biking trails and fine dining. Guests receive complimentary tour and wine tastings.

Come fall in love with Autumn Leaves! Our cozy guest apartment is located across from The College of William & Mary and just a short stroll from Colonial Williamsburg’s Historic Area. Private bath and entrance. We have cats.

Williamsburg Hospitality House 415 Richmond Road · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.229.4020 Surrounding an enchanting courtyard, the Williamsburg Hospitality House offers comfort, service and location. Spacious guest rooms, two restaurants and cozy fireplaces lend to a truly hospitable atmosphere. Only two blocks from the Historic Area and across the street from The College of William & Mary.

Yorktown Motor Lodge 8829 George Washington Highway · Yorktown, VA · 23692 T: 757.898.5451 · 800.950.4003 ı The Yorktown Motor Lodge features 42 newly-renovated rooms with one king, two double or three double beds. Ideal accommodations for both leisure and business travelers. Conveniently located in the heart of the Virginia Historic Triangle. gr e at er w i l l i a msbu rg ch a m ber a n d tou r ism a l l i a nce


where to stay

here to S tay

The Cedars of Williamsburg Bed and Breakfast

Newport House Bed and Breakfast

616 Jamestown Road · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.229.3591 · 800.296.3591 ı

710 South Henry Street · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.229.1775 · 877.565.1775 ı

Voted best Mid-Atlantic (2007-08) and best Southern (2005) B&B by guests, The Cedars is the area’s most romantic and charming experience. Recently featured on HGTV & Salt Lake Tribune, entertaining 5,000 guests annually. Awardwinning gardens and gazebo perfect for weddings, retreats and reunions.

Designed in 1756 and furnished completely in period. Breakfasts include colonial recipes. Colonial dancing Tuesday evenings; beginners welcome. Fully air-conditioned, off-street parking and just 500 yards to Colonial Williamsburg’s Historic Area. Host is former museum director.

Colonial Capital Bed and Breakfast

Simpson House Cottage

501 Richmond Road · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.229.0233 · 800.776.0570 ı

10 Bayberry Lane · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.220.3575

Walk three blocks to Colonial Williamsburg’s Historic Area from this c.1926 Colonial filled with antiques. Guest rooms feature canopied beds, ceiling fans, TV/VCRs and private baths. “America’s Favorite Inns Award” recognizing outstanding hospitality, food and accommodations.

A charming Colonial cottage located within walking distance of Colonial Williamsburg’s Historic Area and The College of William & Mary. Relax in a comfortable sitting room while enjoying a continental breakfast from the Pullman kitchen. Queen-size bed and full bath.

Fife and Drum Inn

War Hill Inn Bed and Breakfast

441 Prince George Street · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.345.1776 · 888.838.1783 ı

4560 Longhill Road · Williamsburg, VA · 23188 T: 757.565.0248 · 800.743.0248 ı

Historic Williamsburg’s only downtown inn. One block to Duke of Gloucester Street and The College of William & Mary. The personal touch of a bed and breakfast with all the amenities of a fine hotel.

Large country manor in the center of 35 acres; perfectly located two miles from Williamsburg. Manor house built with recycled building materials under the guidance of a Colonial Williamsburg architect. Perfect for honeymooners and families.

Governor’s Trace Bed and Breakfast 303 Capitol Landing Road · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.229.7552 · 800.303.7552 “Vies for the most romantic (in Williamsburg)”–Washington Post. Leisurely candlelit breakfast in the privacy of your room–one bedroom has woodburning fireplace, two have a private screened-in porch. Closest to the Historic Area, just one door away!

Magnolia Manor Bed and Breakfast




Johnson’s Guest Home

700 Richmond Road · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.220.9600 · 800.462.6667 ı

101 Thomas Nelson Lane · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.229.3909

Perfect for anniversaries, honeymoons and romantic getaways. King canopy beds in all rooms and suites. Suites with fireplaces in separate living rooms. Whirlpool tubs and multi-head showers. Mid-week and weekend packages.

Welcoming guests for three decades, a colonial-style brick in “Skipwith Farms.” Convenient to the Historic Area, Visitors Center and area restaurants, our home is furnished with antiques. Our guest rooms have queen canopy, double canopy and twin beds.

• gr e at er w i l l i a msbu rg ch a m ber a n d tou r ism a l l i a nce

Campgrounds American Heritage RV Park

where to stay

here to S tay V acation Rentals Greensprings Vacation Resort

146 Maxton Road · Williamsburg, VA · 23188 T: 757.566.2133

3500 Ludwell Parkway · Williamsburg, VA · 23188 T: 757.253.1177 · 800.438.2929 ı

Come enjoy a quiet stay at Williamsburg’s only premium campground. All sites include full hookup, with free cable, Wi-Fi access and level concrete pads. Mini-golf, pool, giant water slide, fenced-in dog run, nature trail and many other amenities included. Virginia’s highest rated RV resort!

Preserving the spirit of Colonial America, Greensprings provides every essential amenity for your well-deserved holiday, while golf lovers will adore the adjacent Nicklaus-designed course. Ideal location for seeing the sights of Williamsburg.

Anvil Campground

The Historic Powhatan Resort

5243 Mooretown Road · Williamsburg, VA · 23188 T: 757.565.2300 · 800.633.4442 ı

3601 Ironbound Road · Williamsburg, VA · 23188 T: 757.220.1200 · 800.438.2929 ı ww

Williamsburg’s only campground with shuttle service to all the local attractions, restaurants and shopping! Also offering discounted attraction tickets, newly renovated sites, free WiFi, cable TV, general store, pool, playgrounds, arcade, basketball, Williamsburg’s best rental cottages and more!

Set on 256 acres, this former plantation is a unique and charming resort. The 18th-century Manor House, on-site restaurants, swimming pools, sports facilities and activities provide the ideal location for seeing the sights of Williamsburg or simply relaxing.

Rockahock Campgrounds and Resort RV Park

Kings Creek Plantation

1428 Outpost Road · Lanexa, VA · 23089 T: 804.966.8362 ı

191 Cottage Cove Lane · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.221.6760 · 877.55RELAX (557.3529) ı

Rockahock Campgrounds is located just west of the Historic Triangle. Our RV Park Resort lies on the banks of the Chickahominy River in Lanexa, Virginia. Enjoy Rockahock’s lifestyle of fishing, boating, canoeing and swimming as well as our family music festivals throughout the year.

Williamsburg’s only resort with individual cottages! Conveniently located adjacent to Water Country USA. Units offer fully equipped kitchens and washer/dryers. Organized activities available.

Williamsburg KOA Resort Campground

Marriott Manor Club at Ford’s Colony

4000 Newman Road · Williamsburg, VA · 23188 T: 757.565.2907 · 800.KOA.1733 ı

101 St. Andrews Drive · Williamsburg, VA · 23188 ı T: 757.258.1120 800.845.5279 ı

Our Jumping Pillow is fun for all! Enjoy Summershine program for kids and new Kamp-K9 dog parks. NEW Super sites, Cable TV, Free WI-Fi, theme weekends, two heated pools, 42 kamping kabins, six lodges, nature trails, bike rentals and tickets to attractions at this big-rig friendly campground.

The Manor Club at Ford’s Colony, a Marriott Vacation Club International resort, is just a few minutes away from Historic Williamsburg, Busch Gardens, Water Country USA and Jamestown, offering studio, one-bedroom and twobedroom accommodations. gr e at er w i l l i a msbu rg ch a m ber a n d tou r ism a l l i a nce


where to stay

here to S tay

The Moss Guest Cottage

224 Nelson Street · Yorktown, VA · 23690 T: 757.229.5606 ı Enjoy your very own “home away from home.” A charming, fully furnished one-bedroom cottage for two nestled in the Historic Village of Yorktown. Complete with full kitchen, living area, dining area, breakfast nook and private brick patio. A favorite for couples celebrating special occasions.

Westgate Historic Williamsburg Resort 1324 Richmond Road · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.229.6220 ı Studio unit features one queen bed and one pullout twin. One bedroom unit features one king bed, one pullout queen, full kitchen and living area. Colonial upscale room décor. Less than one mile from Colonial Williamsburg.

Wyndham Kingsgate 619 Georgetown Crescent · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 866.465.5742 ı Conveniently located less than one mile from the Historic Area, Wyndham Kingsgate offers elegant one- and two-bedroom accommodations furnished in the style of the period. Private sleeping areas, kitchen and washer/dryer. Ideal for couples and families. Recreational programs available.

Wyndham Patriots’ Place 725 Bypass Road · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 866.465.5742 ı Conveniently located less than a mile from the Historic Area. Offers studio and deluxe one-bedroom accommodations. Studios include a queen bed and partial kitchen. One-bedrooms include a private bedroom with a queen bed, sleeper sofa in the living area, full kitchen, washer/dryer and fireplace.

Williamsburg Plantation Resort 4870 Longhill Road · Williamsburg, VA · 23188 ı T: 757.903.4849 757.903.5185 (availability) ı Located on over 70 beautifully landscaped acres, Williamsburg Plantation Resort is the perfect spot for family fun. Enjoy residential style accommodations fully furnished with all the comforts of home. Contact Chip at 757.903.4849 for rental information and family packages to all major attractions.


• gr e at er w i l l i a msbu rg ch a m ber a n d tou r ism a l l i a nce

ours, ransportation & Services

Yorktown’s Waterfront

gr e at er w i l l i a msbu rg ch a m ber a n d tou r ism a l l i a nce



t o u r s , t r a n s p o r t a t i o n & s e r v i ce s

ours, ransportation & Services

Colonial Connections, Inc.

P.O. Box 502 · Williamsburg, VA · 23187 T: 757.258.3122 · 800.378.1571 ı

1138 Professional Drive · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.220.5757 ı

Williamsburg’s most requested and experienced tour company has been servicing groups visiting the Historic Triangle for more than 20 years. Let our professionals take care of all the arrangements – accommodations, meals, admissions, guides and transportation – for your church, social club, reunion or student group.

Our knowledgeable staff will customize a program and through creative planning deliver fun and excitement to your next conference or meeting. Our relationship with area facilities and vendors ensures a seamless experience.

Road Trip Promotions T: 757.903.4849 · 757.903.5185 ı RTP & M of Virginia, a destination management and relocation company that specializes in discounted customized vacation packages including lodging and attraction tickets! New residents relocating to the Williamsburg area wanting short term rentals! Fully furnished residential style accommodations with resort amenities included! Close to Colonial Williamsburg!


Carey Transportation/James River Bus LInes

Virginia Escape, Ltd. 215 McLaws Circle, Suite 1 · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.229.1161 · 800.992.1656 ı COME HOME TO YOUR ROOTS IN WILLLIAMSBURG! Experience a new definition of “local flavor” by having your clients spend time with one of our historical interpreters. Their expertise, wealth of knowledge and warmth will create special memories of their visit.

Marrow Transit “Williamsburg’s Elite Chauffeured Sedan Service”

7346 Merrimac Trail · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.220.5466 · 877.422.1105 ı

285 Merrimac Trail, # 24 · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.564.5466 · 888.805.4410 ı

A total transportation solution. We attribute our 30 years of success to our dedication to customer satisfaction, our great employees and our vehicles. Over 80 vehicles in our fleet: sedans, limousines, executive transporters, mini-coaches and motorcoaches.

Since 2006, Marrow Transit has been a leader in providing professional ground transportation. From individual travel to corporate meetings and private events, we have served our clients with the highest level of expertise and reliability. Our mission is to provide complete client satisfaction.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car


Sterling Event Planners of Williamsburg, Inc.

Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport

713 Merrimac Trail · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.220-1900 · 800.Rent-A-Car ı

Peninsula Airport Commission ı 900 Bland Boulevard, Suite G Newport News, VA · 23602 ı T: 757.877.0221 ı

Great rates, great services and free pickup! Enterprise services Williamsburg with two convenient locations in town and at the Newport News/Williamsburg Airport. Ask about our 50% off weekend specials and hotel guest discounts!

Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport is located in the heart of the Peninsula, just off Interstate 64 at exit 255-B in Newport News. AirTran, US Airways and Delta offer flights daily to Atlanta, Boston, Charlotte, NYLaGuardia, Orlando, Philadelphia and more.

• gr e at er w i l l i a msbu rg ch a m ber a n d tou r ism a l l i a nce

ours, ransportation & Services

t o u r s , t r a n s p o r t a t i o n & s e r v i ce s

Newton Bus Service, Inc.

6838 Belroi Road · Gloucester, VA · 23061 T: 757.874.3160 Safe and dependable service for over 50 years. Offering charter service throughout the U.S. and Canada. 46- and 55-passenger coaches equipped with picture windows, air-conditioning, reclining seats, VCRs, DVDs, restrooms and public address systems.

Norfolk International Airport 2200 Norview Avenue · Norfolk, VA · 23518 T: 757.857.3351 ı Norfolk International Airport (ORF) is the major airport serving southeastern Virginia and northeastern North Carolina. 45 miles from Williamsburg. American, Continental, Delta, Northwest, Southwest, United Express and US Airways offer low fares and convenient schedules to hundreds of U.S. and worldwide cities.

Oleta Coach Lines, Inc. P.O. Box 466 · Williamsburg, VA · 23187 T: 757.253.1008 · T: 800.656.5382 ı Locally owned & operated charter bus company servicing Williamsburg for over 20 years. Featuring 47, 55 or 56 Deluxe Passenger Coaches with A/C, restrooms, TV/VCR/DVD players. All cell phone equipped; some have WiFi. We’re small enough to know you and large enough to serve all your transportation needs.

Richmond International Airport 1 Richard Byrd Terminal Drive · Richmond, VA · 23250 T: 804.226.3000 ı Richmond International Airport (RIC) offers 200 daily flights with nonstop service to more than 20 destinations and hubs, aboard Air Canada, AirTran, American, Continental, Delta, JetBlue, Northwest, United, US Airways and their affiliates. An easy 40 minutes away via I-64.

Williamsburg Area Transport 7239 Pocahontas Trail · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.220.5493 · FAX: 757.220.6268 ı Williamsburg Area Transport is a great way to experience hospitality while on vacation, with service to shopping and area attractions. Attractions served include Colonial Williamsburg’s Historic Area, Busch Gardens and Water Country USA, with connections to Jamestown and Yorktown.

Swan Tavern Antiques–Historic Yorktown

gr e at er w i l l i a msbu rg ch a m ber a n d tou r ism a l l i a nce


t o u r s , t r a n s p o r t a t i o n & s e r v i ce s

ours, ransportation & Services

Williamsburg-Jamestown Airport

100 Marclay Road · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.229.9256 Celebrating 41 years of service as a general aviation airport, we are ready to make your stay an enjoyable one. We offer a unique gift shop for the aviationminded. Less than four miles from the Colonial Williamsburg Historic Area and Jamestown. Award-winning restaurant.

Williamsburg Trolley


Williamsburg Health Evaluation Center

Williamsburg Area Transit Authority ı 7239 Pocahontas Trail · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 ı T: 757.220.5493 ı

332 North Henry Street · Williamsburg, VA · 23185 T: 757.984.1200 · 866.785.1018 ı

In August, a line of colorful replica trolleys was introduced to the Greater Williamsburg Area. The Trolley is handicap and bicycle accessible, and circulates every half-hour from New Town, to High Street, to Merchants Square. Runs afternoons and evenings, seven days a week for just $.50 per round trip.

The East Coast’s premier destination for comprehensive health evaluations. State-of-the-art diagnostics meet five-star service in an exceptionally private clinical setting. Board-certified physicians perform comprehensive evaluations enabling you to make health and lifestyle decisions for long-term wellness.

Sightseeing Colonial Tours Williamsburg, VA T: 757.897.9600 ı Private walking tour. Tours are conducted for individuals, families and groups by a licensed tour guide. Enjoy a guided walking tour of Williamsburg and Jamestown Island. For evening fun, take our private candlelight ghost tour.

Tidewater Touring, Inc. 2501 60th Street · Hampton, VA · 23661 T: 757.838.2544 ı Washington, D.C. Tour: This tour is world-renowned and is considered by many of our guests as the best guided tour and value they’ve ever experienced. Trip also includes cold beverages and two meals. We will pick up at most Williamsburg hotels, timeshares and campgrounds.


• gr e at er w i l l i a msbu rg ch a m ber a n d tou r ism a l l i a nce

Colonial Williamsburg

Colonial Williamsburg

gr e at er w i l l i a msbu rg ch a m ber a n d tou r ism a l l i a nce



historic triangle

find your way

Look for these wayfinding signs throughout Virginia’s Historic Triangle to help you navigate.

Greater Williamsburg Chamber and Tourism Alliance • Post Office Box 3495 • Williamsburg, VA 23187-3495 800.368.6511 • 757.229.6511 • 757.253.1397 (fax) • Images used in this publication provided by the individual attractions, which retain ownership and copyright privileges. Images are not to be used and may not be reproduced without prior written consent.

2010 Vacation Planner  
2010 Vacation Planner  

This is the Williamsburg Vacation Guide for 2010. It features information on area attractions, museums, the arts, restaurants, shopping, lo...