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Williams Baptist College is a special place. It is a place of academic excellence and personal warmth, all built on a foundation of commitment to Jesus Christ. The highly qualified faculty and staff care about you as a person and are intentional about helping you grow both academically and spiritually.


Through their guidance and opportunities for you to serve, both locally and around the world, your experience at Williams will prepare

4.............. A Distinctly Christian Perspective 6.............. Rhoads Bring a World of Experience 9.............. Learning For Life

you well for the challenges of your generation. Thanks for taking the time to find out more about Williams Baptist College. We hope to see you soon on campus to introduce you to this special place!


3..............Majors & Minors


7..............Student Activities Taking Your Athletic Ability to the Next Level (WBC Athletics)

8..............Reach Higher (Honor Societies, Williams Singers, The Cast, & Campus Ministries)

10............Students’ Perspectives (Comments From Students Past and Present)

11.............Find Your Purpose in Missions Do You Have What It Takes? We Think You Do (The Admissions Process)

—Tom Jones President

Choosing a Major is No Minor Feat at Williams You’ve dreamed it, now you can achieve it. You’ve envisioned it, here you can pursue it. Reach higher and explore the wide array of academic disciplines available at Williams, all taught from a Christian perspective.

Majors Offered Art Art Education Biblical Studies/Linguistics Biblical Studies/Theology Biology Business Administration Church Music Communication Arts* Computer Information Science Early Childhood Education English English Education Family Psychology Finance General Studies History Mathematics* Middle Level Math/Science Education

Missions Music Music Education Physical Education Psychology Religious Education Social Studies Education Sociology* Youth Ministry

Pre-Professional Programs Pre-Dentistry Pre-Law Pre-Pharmacy Pre-Nursing Pre-Occupational Therapy Pre-Physical Therapy Pre-Medicine Pre-Veterinary Medicine

Middle Level Language/Literature/ Social Studies Education

*minor programs only

A Distinctly

Christian Perspective Walter Norvell, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Christian Ministries

“Every person has a worldview, either

the world in relationship to Jesus Christ,”

consciously or unconsciously. We have

Norvell explains. “At Williams, we seek to

ways to make sense of reality even if we are

point out, explore and appropriate a biblical

not aware of them.”


Dr. Walter Norvell has a passion to see

“It tells where we came from—God

life through a distinctly Christian worldview

created us and all things; who we are—we

and to help others do the same. His role on

are human beings made in the image of God;

the Christian Ministries faculty at Williams

what has gone wrong with the world—sin

Baptist College ideally positions him to do

has marred every aspect of humanity and

just that.

creation; and what fix is available to restore

“Every academic discipline seeks to

the world to order—the redeeming work of

understand truth and apply it,” Norvell

Jesus Christ on the cross and demonstrated

explains. “The classroom itself is a place

in His resurrection.”

to gain and build a proper, true, effective

As Dr. Norvell puts it, “Christianity not only

worldview on which to collect the knowledge

answers these questions, but it gives us our

in a discipline.”


And a Christian worldview is a pivotal advantage






characterizes an education where students


experience purpose, finding meaning in

redemption for all people and all of creation.

knowledge and in life itself. “A


Armed with such a perspective, Christian students can see their own role—whatever









Dr. Walter Norvell Department:

Christian Ministries


Assistant Professor of Christian Ministries


B.A., Union University (Sociology)

(Counseling & Personnel Services)

M.A.R.E., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

Ph.D., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (Concentrations in Foundations,

Church Administration, and Youth Ministry)

Areas of expertise:

How People Learn; How Teachers Can Help Students Learn More Effectively; Spiritual Transformation; The Role of the Holy Spirit in Teaching and Learning

Outside interests:

Fishing, camping, gardening, antique and flea markets.

M.S., University of Memphis

Every person has a worldview, either consciously or unconsciously. We have ways to make sense of reality even if we are not aware of them. —Walter Norvell, Ph.D.


From the mission field of South Korea to the beaches of south Texas to the Sloan Center at Williams Baptist College, Dr. and Mrs. Rhoads bring a world of experience to their roles on the Williams faculty. “Life is life,” observes Dr. Rhoads, who chairs the WBC Department of Psychology. “There is not one life inside the classroom and another in a dimension outside the classroom.

Life inside the classroom spills

over outside and vice versa. It is (or should be) seamless.” Mrs. Rhoads, who serves on the Williams mathematics faculty, notes that student activities and friendships are a huge part of the college experience. “It is important for students to realize they need to begin now to form the relationships that will help them know God’s plan for their lives,” she says. “God prepares us for His work, not only with classroom experiences, but also with opportunities to serve and learn outside of the classroom.” The couple keep themselves occupied with





to their beach house in Crystal Beach, Texas, will find him windsurfing, fishing


Bring a World of


and kayaking, and her gathering shells and reading under the shade of a big umbrella. At home, Dr. Rhoads is often in



garage items




woodwork bamboo



in their own backyard, while Mrs. Rhoads’ activities include the Schubert Club for music lovers around Walnut Ridge. Both enjoy acting, as well, often participating in local productions. Both former Southern Baptist missionaries to South Korea, their ministry now is at WBC. The two say their calling is to turn out Christian leaders in their respective fields. And they draw upon a world of experience to do it.

Dr. Paul & Mrs. Lana Rhoads 6

“Life is Life”

Credentials: B.A., Ouachita Baptist University M.S., University of North Texas M.Div., Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Ph.D., KaeMyung University (Korea) Study at Arkansas State University Affiliations: Southwestern Psychological Association Arkansas Psychological Association

Lana Rhoads Department: Biology/Science/Mathematics Teacher Education Occupation: Assistant Professor of Mathematics Credentials: B.S., Ouachita Baptist University M.S., University of North Texas Study at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Affiliations: National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Arkansas Council of Teachers of Mathematics Mathematics Association of America.

–R E A C H H I G H E R–

It’s Go Time! Take your athletic ability to the next level at Williams Baptist College. Williams Baptist College has a proud tradition of intercollegiate athletics. The Eagles and Lady Eagles field teams in six varsity sports, all of which compete in the American Midwest Conference of the NAIA. To learn more about playing for Williams, visit

Men’s Baseball • Men’s Basketball Men’s Soccer • Women’s Basketball Women’s Softball • Women’s Volleyball

Miss WBC Open Mic IDOP (International Dorm of Pancakes) Concerts Sporting Events Intramurals Freshman Follies Collide Ministry Opportunities Inflatables Life Groups Hall Wars Harvest Fest Christmas in the Cove 5K Walk/Run Tennis Racquetball Residence Hall Parties Homecoming Mission Trips K.A.O.S. (Keep All Others Soaked) First Fair WBC Auction Bucks Coffeehouses Spring Fling Week Slip-and-Slides Disc Golf Lectures & Cultural Events Fall and Spring Dramas Mr. WBC Trunk or Treat The Pits Murder Mystery BBQ Cook Off Tie-Dye Tuesday Outdoor Movie Nights Ultimate Frisbee

Years from now many of your fondest college memories won’t be those made in a classroom. The college experience has to be more. To truly excel, you need to play, compete, contribute and care. You’ll find limitless opportunities to do just that at Williams.

Occupation: Professor of Psychology; Chair, Department of Psychology

Williams Idol


Department: Psychology

Experience Life At Williams

Dr. Paul Rhoads


HONOR SOCIETIES Academic life at Williams is enriched by the activities and influence of ten national and international scholastic organizations. These honor societies provide a venue for the promotion and recognition of student academic achievement and encourage lively intellectual interaction between students and faculty outside the traditional classroom. Honor societies at Williams also afford students opportunities to present selected academic work for review, discussion and critical evaluation at regional and national scholastic competitions and conventions. Alpha Chi Honor Society National Honor Society Alpha Psi Omega National Theatrical Honor Fraternity Beta Alpha Kappa Religious Honor Society Beta Beta Beta National Biological Honor Society Mu Phi Epsilon International Honor Music Fraternity Phi Alpha Theta International Historical Honor Society Pi Lambda Theta Education Honor Society Psi Chi National Honor Society of Psychology Sigma Beta Delta Business National Honor Society Sigma Tau Delta English International Honor Society

REACH HIGHER Cultivating Talents. Passions. Purpose.

WILLIAMS SINGERS Not your typical choir, the 33-member Williams Singers are voices with a purpose grounded in the understanding of ministry and worship. The select ensemble features a variety of sacred music including classicals, spirituals, hymns, and contemporary arrangements. They travel extensively during the academic year representing the college in churches and conventions, at graduation and Homecoming/Parents Weekend.

THE CAST Born to entertain? Ministering through laughter and drama, The Cast is a select theatrical group that brings the scripture to present day life with entertaining and biblically based drama.

CAMPUS MINISTRIES Students are invited to grow a deeper intimacy with Christ through small group Bible studies, praise and worship, and a number of mission outlets. Opportunities abound to serve and reach out to fellow students, faculty, staff and the surrounding communities. Just some of Campus Ministries’ major activities include:

Life Groups

Collide (Weekly student led worship service)

Small-group Bible Studies

Viva Jesus (Retreat over fall break)

Spring Break Mission Trip

“God is at the center of what we do...” Dr. Steven Harthorn Departments:

English/Communications Teacher Education


Dr. Steven Harthorn

Assistant Professor of English


B.A., Calvin College

Liberal Arts:

M.A., University of Tennessee

Ph.D., University of Tennessee

Learning For Life Shouldn’t college provide more than just a

Of course, the Christian element is

degree? We think so. A liberal arts education,


like the one you find at Williams, is the key to


a more complete college experience.

what we do,” he says. “We’re all in










is about


Williams at



education center




more aware of our responsibilities and

us a shared sense of purpose, and


a commitment to nurturing the whole






able to fulfill them,” notes Dr. Steven


Harthorn. “What we learn in college makes

There are countless benefits, both in and

it easier for us to continue learning as we go


through life. It is only the beginning of the

commitment.” Ultimately, it’s up to the


student to get the most out of their college


including the





side. that

A faculty member in the WBC Department

experience. “Plan to be active in your

of English, Dr. Harthorn is a strong proponent

learning process,” Dr. Harthorn recommends.

of a well-rounded education—one that helps

“Get involved, ask questions, and stay

a student focus on more than a career, but on

in touch with your professors.”

life in general.

“Don’t hide out in the back row. Curiosity is

“The arts and humanities encourage us

one of the greatest assets you can bring to

to understand who we are and where we

your education, so come with an open mind.”

come from, to be more compassionate, to be mindful of what is beautiful in life, to hold up ideals and values, and to laugh at ourselves,” he says. “These things are important to all of us, whatever our careers.” 9

“Going to Williams was one of the best experiences of my life. Not only was it wonderful while I was there, but I was also prepared for life after college. I just finished my first year of teaching and my experiences at Williams were so beneficial to me in my own classroom.” —Marisa Rogers Williams Class of ’07

“ Williams is a beautiful place that has allowed me to soar above and beyond all my expectations. There are many locations on campus - like outside by the gazebo, the residence halls, the gym, and the Eagle Grill - to study, relax with friends, and refresh my mind. Williams truly is a friendly place filled with compassionate people that I can call my - Emily Smith home away from home.” Williams Class of ‘13

“ At Williams, professors care about each student personally not just professionally. The relationship I had with my professors at Williams made me feel like I was more than just a student... like I was part of a family.” —Jake Guenrich Williams Class of ‘10


Do You Have What it Takes?

We think so.

Our standards for first-time freshmen demand a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.5 and a minimum ACT score of 19 (or equivalent on the SAT) for unconditional admission.

Take the First Steps. Apply.* Do it for free online at or request an application by phone at 1.800.722.4434. Please include a $20 check or money order if applying by mail.

Submit an official high school transcript. You may be accepted with just a six-semester transcript, but it must include your cumulative GPA and grading scale. Home-schoolers may be admitted on an official transcript with no GED certification required.

Have your official ACT or SAT scores sent directly to Williams Baptist College. The ACT code for Williams is 0140.

We’re here to help! Just ask.

If you have any questions or to request information, contact an admissions representative at 1.800.722.4434. *Williams does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, gender, national and ethnic origin, age, physical or mental handicap in the admissions process.

Explore the world outside your college classroom! Live an adventure in a new community! Learn to relate your faith with your passions! Williams proudly offers twelve off-campus and study abroad programs around the world through the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities (CCCU). Visit to learn more!

Reach Higher

through Missions

As a missionary in Thailand, I had two main goals: know my purpose and show love. I learned quickly that my purpose was to use the talents God has given me to demonstrate Christ’s affection through art and music: two languages spoken throughout the world! Since this mission, I have acknowledged God’s call for my life of ministry leadership and my passion for — Leigha Woody international missions”

Williams Class of ‘14

At Williams Experience... Spring Break Mission Trips Summer Mission Opportunities Mission Practicum Missions as a Major Weekend Mission Trips

WBC 2012-2013 Viewbook  
WBC 2012-2013 Viewbook  

Prosepective viewbook for interested WBC students.