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Get that 20/20 Vision Back with Laser Eye Surgery Having vision problems can be a dreary and oftentimes a wearisome condition. Eyeglasses have done wonders to people with this condition, enabling them to see clearly. Since the advancement in medical technology, there are now procedures which can be used as corrective measures or treatment to restore your eyesight to a good 20/20 vision. It is like having a new life, no more thick eyeglasses making your look all too nerdy. No more, putting on your contact lenses day in and day out. If you are a good candidate for laser vision correction Reno, the investment is worth it. To know more about laser vision correction Reno please visit : option=com_content&view=category&layout=blog&id=55&Itemid=221 Knowing how your eyes work and having an idea on the different kinds of eyesight problems will eventually help you understand how laser correction works. Your eyes work like a camera by focusing lights rays. The cornea is a transparent layer which acts as a lens where light first passes when entering the eye. Light then goes through a crystalline lens right behind the cornea to make a clear image at the back of the eye called the retina. The image will then be etched in the brain via the optic nerves. When does a problem occur? This happens when the incoming light is not properly focused by the cornea and crystalline lens onto the retina to transmit a clear image to the brain. The inability to do so would result in a blurred vision. You may well have any of the following vision problems: myopia or near sightedness, hyperopia or far sightedness, astigmatism, or presbyopia. Your ophthalmologist will give you recommendations for laser eye surgery Reno after giving you a series of check-ups and tests. You may be asking yourself what these vision conditions and problems are. We will briefly describe each of the eyesight problems mentioned above. You have myopia if you can clearly see objects that are near but can’t seem to have the same experience when viewing objects at a distance. The light rays from distant objects are focused in front of the retina instead of onto the retina. This is the opposite of hyperopia; you have this condition if you see faraway objects better than nearer ones. In this case, the light rays from distant objects are focused behind the retina instead of onto the retina. If your eye doctor sees that you have an irregular corneal shape, then you have astigmatism. This means that near and far objects are out of focus. This condition frequently accompanies myopia and hyperopia. As you grow older, more often than not, you experience a gradual loss of good vision. This condition is called presbyopia. Whether near of far sighted, one thing is for sure: you can definitely get that perfect 20/20 vision back, thanks to laser eye surgery.

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Laser Vision Correction Reno  
Laser Vision Correction Reno Having vision problems can be a dreary and oft...