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Wand Curling Iron Salon-style you hair right in the comfort of your home with a wand curling iron


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Important Guide In Buying Wand Curling Iron A wand curling iron is a grooming device used by most women and stylists to create waves or curls to the hair. The wand works in the same principle to that of ordinary hair flat irons where the metal or iron portion of the wand is heated and when this heat is applied to the hair, curling and shaping is made possible. The only difference of the wand-type iron from the popular hair irons that most women use is its function and form. Common hair irons have two metal plates heated and pressed to straighten or hair straighteners while the wand-type iron has cylindrical rods or barrels.

Styles And Types Of Wand Curling Iron There are several styles and types of curling irons. Most of the time, classifications can either be based on the size of the barrel, its make or the material used, the type of handle, or based on the shape or design of the barrel. •

Based On The Size Of The Barrel. The size or diameter of the curling iron usually determines the size of the curls produced. Curling irons can come in distinct diameters but standard sizes available in the market ranges from ½ inch, ¾ inch, 1 inch, and the 1 ½ inch curling irons.

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