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Essential Beauty Tips For The Male Face In order to obtain the best look you can you'll want to follow a few basic rules for keeping yourself clean and neat. Even if you thought beauty tips were just for women, men should have a beauty regimen of their own.

Use separate cleansers for your body and face. Some men assume that it's one-size-fits-all when it comes to body washes and cleansers. Instead choose a face wash and a separate body cleanser.

If you use an acne wash consider purchasing the same formula you know works for you in a pad form so that you can give your face a break from the rough scrub. Using the pad will be gentler on your face than a scrub and you can better target areas of your face where you have a breakout.

Do not go for a close shave every day. Give your face a break and use a disposable razor or skip a day of shaving to give your face a break.

Make sure your face and razor are clean before you shave. You can avoid ingrown hairs and infections of hair follicles by maintaining a clean razor. If you have a reusable razor make sure that you clean the razor after every use with hot water and leave it on a surface or in a holder where it can dry. You'll find that a cleaner razor will last longer and will prevent pressing harder to achieve a good shave which can produce razor bumps. Keep your sideburns, beard and moustache neatly trimmed for a look that flatters.

Witch hazel can be an effective skin toner to use after you shave. Since your skin is sensitive after shaving and witch hazel is an astringent, be sure it is not too harsh for your skin by applying it to a small area at first. Application with a clean cotton ball or foam pad is best and you should not rub it in.

You can skip after shave which is harsh on skin and get the scent you want by applying men's cologne away from your face. Cold water will help tighten skin after cleansing and shaving. Blot your face dry.

Moisturizing can come from a variety of sources without buying face lotions. Look for a light moisturizer that will also provide you with SPF protection.

Buy a lip protector that also includes SPF protection to keep your lips soft and smooth. Even if you're not shaving for a day do not neglect the rest of your face's beauty regimen.

Be careful when it comes to your eyebrows. Many men try to shape their eyebrows and the look is not what they want. Instead buy tweezers that can remove stray hairs between, above and below your eyebrows to maintain a clean look.

Men should have a beauty routine that helps them maximize their looks. A basic system for cleaning and grooming your face will go a long way in achieving a great look. Use the tips above for a quick routine that can make a big difference in how you look. Click here to find out more

Essential Beauty Tips For The Male Face  

In order to obtain the best look you can you'll want to follow a few basic rules for keeping yourself

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