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WHAT I SAY Leopard Mom is a myth. That means- a legend. This is the story poured as nectar from the tongues on generations and generations, like the cadence of a lullaby unforgettable and fostering horripilation. Love the Nature. Love man. This is the core of the poem. Man is inseparable from Nature. He must turn the singer of Nature. When the beginning and the end are Nature, what is our right for a short interval to elope from Nature? The leopard mom of the poem is not a beast, but she is the replica of Nature itself. She is the intense grief of all the mothers. Did the leopard mom catch hold of and take the damsel to the woods at the end? Or was she walking straight to the chest of the leopard mom to that never-ending, pretty cooling shade of the Nature by herself? I think the second version is right. I am only sketching on some lines the leopard mom who was sitting in my heart for the yester many, many years. Receive her, please! Yours William John



Their Tears Where did you go, our pretty child, own will, Wearing beads and beads and beads, so well? Where did you go, our pretty child, own will, Fully so shining in gold, so well? Our pretty child, ho fully fine in gold so well? Our pretty child, so fully fine in silk so well? Where did you go our pretty child, own will, Wearing beads and beads and beads, so well?



Leopard mom, in a land called South Mount South, South and south where the buffalo died, on a crane sitting on, Where, a lotus flower so big, smiled and smiled, Where there exist sugar cane presses counting a number ho so five hundred And there all seen, the sweetest of cane of sugar, And so there where all the taxes imposed in the land of South Mount South. This is a story that so had told, years and years, and years back, That’s so gone back, back, story of a leopard mom, Story told by moms, that’s told by their moms, And that told by their moms, and their moms, And the story goes, goes, such, through generations all, And this is a story that goes so told, and sung on tongues.


The Damsel

There is a land so south and south, That’s the land called South Mount South. In that land of South Mount South, There was a little damsel sweet. Paddy, coconut, plantain, sugarcane, And Acacia, Elanji, fine. All are there so the birdy bird, And aricanut trees ho hard! There are ponds, grain yards, so and the quadrangles, God’s abodes, and so rivers, rain and so mounts there all angles. There are whistling cuckoos chuckling, 6

Those are all so singing, singing. There is a land so south and south, That’s the land called South Mount South. In that land of South Mount South, There was a little damsel sweet. A lamp of beads ho! ho she was. A golden, golden mind she had. Going through sweet seventeen she was, Age ho Seventeen, sugar-cane sweet so. She, the only sister of seven youths, And ho pretty gold for those all, those all. She is bathed in seven all glories, Fawn-eyed damsel sweetie, cutie.


Beads So Vast Brothers, they adorned her in gold, All her body except her eyes, So they heaped so countless gold, All they heaped so silk and beads. Yet not all they went for beads, Counting hairs they went for beads. Went for beads for so nice beads oh! Heaven, Beads for her hair, brothers went they seven. “Counting sister ninety days, We all ho, ho will come back. Don’t be silly on such all days, Counting hair as beads come on grace”


Call the Woods

Damsel, she so cutie, No time, no time for her to waste. Waits a week ho, and so two, Every day, every day counted too. Oh! then springs the spring so felt, Lotus, jasmine buds, all smelled. To pluck a bud, so longed the damsel, To make a garland so longed the damsel. To make a floral bed, so longed the damsel, To have it and dance so longed the damsel. In the woods of winds, woods so sweet, woods so gold, Honey buds, so little buds, there are. Must go, must go, to pluck the floral beauty, 9

Must go, must go, to heap the floral beauty. Crystal nice beady water, she so draws, Leaves of soap-vine took and bathe. All the jewels she took and wore, Anklet, bracelet, earring and nose rings- she wore. Her arrow necklace she took and wore, Precious amulet and a waist chain she wore. She took her sea-run silk and wore, That came so, beyond the seven seas pressed. The damsel took on frills so great, All ho dazzled the silk all bright. She wore her anklet, so with bells, Girdle, all beads, she places on the silk. Applies the damsel collyrium in her eyes, Sandal paste she marks on her forehead glazed. Her umbrella as a lotus shade she takes the corfeille too, Then stretches the umbrella, she took steps toThe courtyard vast she passed, The gate-house, gate she passed, Places all and the town she met, Places and the town also she passed. Land and the town so over, On call of the woods she walked, To pluck the lotus, jasmine all, Walking the damsel on wood’s own call. 10

Trees of Flowers

First the South Mount climbed the damsel, Not a flower for the damsel to sight. The second mount she climbed so right, Not seen, not seen jasmine bright. Third the mount she climbed and walked, Not a single flower so talked. The fourth one, fourth one, she so climbed, Not even, not even four she found. So, the fifth, the fifth she climbed, Not so even five she found. Then the sixth one, so she climbed, 11

ho, ho, ho! No six she found. Got tired the damsel, so in sweat, Not a single flower to sight. What to do oh! Goddess Great?! Breathed so hard, ho, damsel right. The seventh mount the damsel so climbed, The seventh stream, it also she jumped. Then come to vision all trees of flowers, Lotus in pools and the shining trees, where the jasmine flow. Full and full of the mounts on duty, All trees of flowers of seven-staged beauty. Trees of flowers, as essence so lovely, Trees so great of the God, so comely. Climbed the damsel on the tree, Then opened her corfeille free. Plucked the flowers, the damsel bright, Filled the damsel corfeille right. Plucking flowers from the slanting branches, Plucking flowers from the straight ho, branches. Plucking flowers from apex branches, Plucking flowers from all above branches, Plucking flowers from all seven branches, Plucking from so all, all branches, Plucking, plucking flowers so, so, Filling the corfeille right, ho, ho, ho! 12

Leopard Mom

Then the leopard, nice so came, Leopard mom of South Mount cave. She, that gave birth, children ho, twelve, She, the leopard mom of the reed hills. Leopard mom saw the damsel so shining, Who so plucks flowers, ho, clinging. The leopard mom of the cheerful forests, Who so keeps all plants of flowers so rest. Growled so growled the leopard mom, Growled so sweet, melodious, so calm. Looking, looking the pretty girl, on the anklet sweet, Growled the leopard mom, of the reed-hills of the mounts ho, neat“Who’s the girl who so came, came and came to thisThe hillock that belongs and belongs to me, ho, ho, ho thus? Who’s the girl who so came, to pluck and pluck unwise? 13

The pretty buds of the chuckling leopard of the woods ho nice?” So shivered the damsel pretty, Rolled and rolled the corfeille gritty. Nothing spoke, ho spoke the damsel, Nowhere did run, run the damsel. “Let me eat and eat the comely, Damsel came the woods so lovely. Let me eat and eat the comelyDamsel came to pluck all lovely” The damsel moaned, did say so hurriedly, “”It’s a sin, a sin ho, worrying” “Don’t, don’t kill me, or eat me not, Know the truth, I am meek and have many knots. Only sister I am, to my brothers, elder they all seven, No father no mother to look into my needs oh! Heaven. All the seven are gone, they went on sail so call, All so gone to fetch, beads counting my hair, it all. Don’t, don’t kill me or eat me so quick, Please don’t kill me, for I am so meek” Laughed and laughed and laughed aloud, laughed and laughed the leopard mom, As, words of the girl so heard, and heard and heard it nothing more. Then so chuckling, chuckling, chuckling so sweet so she tells, Then ho looking, looking, looking, the damsel well, ho, well“Yes, yes, if so jump, girl bright. Ho, ho on my shoulder right. 14

If it ho so ‘shoulder right’ I will foster, I so write. And if it on my shoulder ‘left’, Sure ho, eating it can’t left” Stood so easy damsel jumps, Stood so, stood so leopard mom. Stood ho, mom so smiling nice, Moving, moving to jump so wise. Jumped ho, jumped ho damsel down, Jumped on shoulder right to crown. Laughed and laughed ho, leopard neat, She so meek, so gentle, sweet. “Come on, come on naughty girl! Come to the home, so that’s a goal. The stout one, dwarf kid, youngs so there, A slender one chews leaves so there. Come on running, naughty girl, Come to the home, so that’s a goal. Walked so happily, leopard mom, Slowly, slowly towards her home.


Leopard Home Ate the damsel leopard’s food, Drank the leopard’s milk so nice, Bathed and bathed in leopard’s stream, All on leopard’s buds she dreamed. Played the damsel with leopard mom, And she slept with youngs ho come. And as such the time so passed, As so days those run ho fast. The damsel thought so of her land, Of her home and elders seven. Mind ho hurt, and the bud did fade, Forgot the girl to speak she made. Eyes did wet, and sobbed so loud, Flies of the mind, ho full of clouds. Knew the leopard mom all changes, Laughed and laughed she spoke all ranges.

“what is it… my lovely girl, Do you want to go home well? For the beads, those all to wear, Do you go to the land so fair? Do you want, go home all nice, 16

So to meet brothers ho wise? You may go, if so want so, I will send with an escort ho. If so sent on escort ho, Bear in mind oh, sweetie mine. You must go so calm and well, bear in mind, you naughty fine. If so gone and gone so daring, Forget not, this mount so caring. Please, don’t forget this mom so loving, Forget not the young ones living. Now give me a word, ho word so weighs, To keep in life as high and high. On the pretty day of thy marriage bright, You must invite me, this leopard mom so right. You must feed and feed and feed, This leopard mom and all her to feed. If so, if so invited girl, Reach I will there, myself, youngs all. If not, if not, if not damsel! Then at the moment come so I will, Then so catching you, my sweet girl, Start to the hillocks as a strong whirl� Hearing, hearing, so, so greenDamsel smiling, nodding groans.


The Brothers

Counting hairs so much beads with so, Came all brothers, stood as stunned ho. Nowhere, nowhere seen the damsel nice, Nowhere, nowhere not a place to seek a face. Planes so all, mounts so all and all, Searched and searched, so seven they all, Seas so seas, rivers so rivers, all so searched, Wells so wells they groped ho seeked. Not seen, not seen, not seen sister so sweet, Not seen, not seen, moaned they all in sweat. 18

Then ho comes, the damsel right, Laughing, laughing widely bright. Telling joyous words ho well, Gaying, singing as a bell. With the darling young of woods, As the loving child so good. Damsel comes so stunning, stunning, Seen her brothers, all so running. Speak all nicest, well so well, Caressing words all spell so spell. The young one, young one home he returns, In gayest steps so home he returns.


The marriage So the time that so went on, Bud so opened as a flower, ho born. Flower so bore, nectar up to the brink, Smell of charm, streamed as joys so brisk. A dazzling marriage so fixed for the sweetie, Not a single moment to waste, or for waiting. Festoon all adorned, the court-yard whole, So it all so done, the village all. Floral canopy, so it raised all splendor, As it was so nearing the marriage, a wonder. So, invite the land and land and land all, Invite South, North, East and West whole. Then so tells, the damsel lovely, So to her brothers, ho so lively“I’m the damsel who ate all leopard’s rice, I’m the damsel, who drank the leopard’s milk nice, I’m the damsel, used all leopard’s oil so well, I’m the damsel, who swarm in leopard’s river so tells, I’m the damsel, adorned with leopard’s flowers hum, I’m the damsel, played with the leopard mom, I’m the damsel, who slept on the leopard’s bed, And so surely invite and invite the leopard mom so good”



All brothers, so seven ho, gathered, And so scratched all things so bothered. “Leopard, leopard we must invite, And so end on novel damn fight.” All deceits they planned and tried, Then invited the leopard cried. “Leopard, come and all youngs please, For the marriage so much pleased.”


Laughed the leopard mom she said“I won’t come, but send the cubs.” “The stout one, dwarf kid and the slender, That so feeds on leaves so tender.” And so leopard mom, so day back, Sent her youngs for marriage so woke. The youngs those know not cheating the least, Hand in hand three went to the feast. To give the darling kisses bright, Those sent the mom to the damsel right.

But they cheated they cruel folk, Brothers, they killed all youngs on a ‘joke’. 22

Spreading a bamboo mat on the deep well inner, Seated them to have the dinner. Children, youngs of leopard mom ho, Fell down so to the deep well, killed so. The stout one, dwarf kid and the slender, That so feeds on leaves, so tender. They ho poor didn’t even screech, Oh! So broken all their bones they perished. The damsel knew not first, but knew at last, Those that’s done on the youngs so fast. Nothing she said, not ho screamed a bit, With no noise, she moaned at heart.

But, knew, she knew the leopard mom so sad, All the cruel deeds of the deceit bad. She wept, she wept, she wept, and so weeping, 23

All over the woods the mom, so creeping so creeping. Night it grew to midnight sharp, All on Earth, so plunged to sleep, But the damsel she couldn’t sleep, She so heard the leopard roaring. The brothers all, ho all so slept? Is not anyone to save not slept? Screams so the damsel, screams so high.

“Awake oh brothers to help me help” “From the distance seven miles, a leopard so roaring, From the distance six miles, a leopard so roaring, From the distance five miles, a leopard so roaring, Are you, are you all slept or not slept?” “From the distance four miles, a leopard so roaring, From the distance three miles, a leopard so roaring, From the distance two miles, a leopard so roaring, From the distance one mile, a leopard so roaring, 24

From the court-yard a leopard so roaring, Are you, are you all slept or not slept?� No one, no one, so no one so heard, All so slept ho, slept so hard.

Ember in eyes, smokes in heart, So hurried the mom from the Mounts. Seen ho seen ho inside the well, Sleep her young ones there so swell. Only once she looked, she cried, Only one look then she turned. No, didn’t she cry any further, 25

Door so broken of the chamber, no other. Cot of the damsel the mom saw right, Stood as still while so met her bright. Beads of tears so all shed, From the eyes sharp of the leopard sad. Neither a word spelled nor even moved,

Forgot to say something, stood the girl so unmoved. As a pillar that sadness so made, Stood the damsel so to confront the leopard so sad.


After It so dawned, brothers all arose, Hurried they all, sister not seen. Not so seen on her cot, Not seen in the bathing ghat. Not so seen in the God’s abode, Not seen, not seen, not seen the damsel. So all the planes, and so all mounts, Sought and sought and sought, But no trace so found. All the seas as seas and rivers as so rivers, All the wells, all wells, they sought, But to see no trace. As such while going, going, Got the anklet, all of beads. Then so seeking beads on head got, Beads and beads and beads they got. From the floral pond so up toSouth Mount they got beads and beads. Beads they got, beads so golden they got, Beads they got, beads of head they got, Then ho, no more beads or pearls, All the beads so end, so end. With the anklet and all the beads, 27

Those seven ho, sought her deep. Houses, houses all they sought, In the planes and woods so fine. As they go so, go and go, They all turned as winds so gay. As the winds, they sought all, whole well, As, as winds to get her sole will. Wander they wander, they wander as still, So to have a look at the damsel well. While they meet and meet and meet for a while, They do chant, lines of pain, so wild. “Where did you go, our pretty child, own will, Wearing beads and beads and beads, so well? Where did you go, our pretty child, own will, Fully so shining in gold, so well? Our pretty child, ho fully fine in gold so well? Our pretty child, so fully fine in silk so well? Where did you go our pretty child, own will, Wearing beads and beads and beads, so well?�


LEOPARD MOM by William John  
LEOPARD MOM by William John  

Leopard Mom is a myth. That means- a legend. This is the story poured as nectar from the tongues on generations and generations, like the ca...