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annual report 2012 1

Chairpersons report Eastern Southern Youth Trusts Vision is to grow the quality and number of youth workers in the Eastern & Southern suburbs of Wellington. This year has been challenging as we said farewell to Eugene Fuimaona one of our founding youth workers (off to study fulltime in 2013). On the positive side though we have the same number of youth workers on the ground in the area, and have created four intern training streams from which to grow more youth workers from in 2013. We also finally managed to increase the hours from 10 to 30 per week for Lorna Gray, our wonderful Director of Youth Services. The challenge for us next year is to increase our youth worker capacity through increased funding, innovative partnerships, and creating our own income streams. We must also solve our transport issues by securing 1 or 2 vans to ease the burden on our youth workers vehicles, and cut down on the time spent ferrying kids around the area. In some ways next year feels like a make or break year as we either continue to “live hand by mouth” or lift our game to a new level so that our capacity to deliver live changing connections with the youth and their whanau in this area grows and is sustainable in the longer term. Maurice Roberts Chairperson

Managers report This has been a huge year that has seen transition and consolidation occur hand-in hand.

Eugene Fuimaono, our Senior Youth worker finished his time with us after over 5 years of working hard and he is off doing some full-time study. While his absence is felt on a personal level, ESYT has moved from strength to strength which has been exciting and encouraging. Every young person is part of a much bigger picture and we have worked hard to develop layers that value and acknowledge this . All our work is undergirded by the Circle of Courage, the Te whare tapu wha model and the Fonefale model of health.

This year with our school work we have intentionally focused on Intermediate aged young people and we are now established in three schools. Our relationships with many of the whanau in the area has grown and we are extremely privileged by the new levels of trust being shown to our Youth workers and support team. As a team our focus on recreation and sports has been fun as it has developed throughout this year. These were my highlights this year:

1. Seeing young Muslim girls rock climbing as their families cheered them on. This didn’t just happen but came after encouraging them out of their comfort zones in different ways throughout the year. 2. Seeing two albums released made up of original songs from young people in the Strathmore area. Hearing them express their journeys and find their voice.

3. Seeing teenagers connecting side by side building friendships even as their parents physically fight with each other. 4. Seeing young people succeed and get NCEA even as everyone around them expected them to fail.

5. Seeing lonely young people connect at the Island Bay Community Centre and have a sense of belonging there has been really special. 6. Seeing young people start hesitantly then grow to dance proudly was cool.

The calibre of partnerships and support from key organisations has made a real difference to our work - without them none of this would be possible. Combine this with our support team and the professional youth workers we have, it has meant that 2012 has been one of the most effective and encouraging years ESYT has had since it formed. A big thanks to WCC and our other funders as we were able to increase our presence in a community in tension and see a defeated community after the closure of its two schools, move from people being in conflict with each other, into a summer of energy and fun and unity. This has set the new merged school, Kahurangi up to win this year. It has been a privilege to journey with these young people and their whanau and to see hope, ideas for what they could do in the future, and to begin to sense a spirit of unity begin amongst young people who previously fought or ignored each other. As a team we are eager to build further on all that has occurred this year, and I can’t wait to see what the next year unfolds for the young people and their whanau in the Eastern and Southern Suburbs of Wellington. Lorna Gray Director of Youth Services


Our work in Schools 

We continued our work with Miramar South School which closed in December 2012 as it was merging with Strathmore Park School to form a new school, Kahuranga. We have received funding to enable us to put a male youth worker into the school for the entire 2013 school year for 10 hours per week. As all the new teaching staff are female this role is really pivotal. our in schools: We work also continued with our ongoing commitment to South West Intermediate School with our youth worker who is also teacher aiding in the school. One of our other youth workers has a ‡…‘Â?–‹Â?—‡†‘—”™‘”Â?™‹–Š‹”ƒÂ?ƒ”‘—–Š…Š‘‘Ž™Š‹…Š…Ž‘•‡†‹Â?‡…‡Â?„‡”ʹͲͳʹĥ‹–™ƒ• teacher aide position at Berhampore School, and both these workers run our drop-in centre Â?‡”‰‹Â?‰™‹–Š–”ƒ–ŠÂ?‘”‡ƒ”Â?…Š‘‘Ž–‘ˆ‘”Â?ƒÂ?‡™•…Š‘‘ŽǥƒŠ—”ƒÂ?‰ƒǤ‡Šƒ˜‡”‡…‡‹˜‡†ˆ—Â?†‹Â?‰ at Island Bay Community Centre, so keep up contact with the kids from these two schools and –‘‡Â?ƒ„Ž‡—•–‘’—–ƒÂ?ƒŽ‡›‘—–Š™‘”Â?‡”‹Â?–‘–Š‡•…Š‘‘Žˆ‘”–Š‡‡Â?–‹”‡ʹͲͳ;•…Š‘‘Ž›‡ƒ”ˆ‘”ͳͲŠ‘—”• other schools in the area. For us, this is why we do what we do:

’‡”™‡‡Â?Ǥ•ƒŽŽ–Š‡Â?‡™–‡ƒ…Š‹Â?‰•–ƒˆˆƒ”‡ˆ‡Â?ƒŽ‡–Š‹•”‘Ž‡‹•”‡ƒŽŽ›’‹˜‘–ƒŽǤ‡ƒŽ•‘…‘Â?–‹Â?—‡†™‹–Š ‘—”‘Â?‰‘‹Â?‰…‘Â?Â?‹–Â?‡Â?––‘‘—–Š‡•– Â?–‡”Â?‡†‹ƒ–‡…Š‘‘Ž™‹–Š‘—”›‘—–Š™‘”Â?‡”™Š‘‹•ƒŽ•‘ –‡ƒ…Š‡”ƒ‹†‹Â?‰‹Â?–Š‡•…Š‘‘ŽǤÂ?‡‘ˆ‘—”‘–Š‡”›‘—–Š™‘”Â?‡”•Šƒ•ƒ–‡ƒ…Š‡”ƒ‹†‡’‘•‹–‹‘Â?ƒ– ‡”ŠƒÂ?’‘”‡…Š‘‘ŽǥƒÂ?†„‘–Š–Š‡•‡™‘”Â?‡”•”—Â?‘—”†”‘’nj‹Â?…‡Â?–”‡ƒ– •ŽƒÂ?†ƒ›‘Â?Â?—Â?‹–› ‡Â?–”‡ǥ•‘Â?‡‡’—’…‘Â?–ƒ…–™‹–Š–Š‡Â?‹†•ˆ”‘Â?–Š‡•‡–™‘•…Š‘‘Ž•ƒÂ?†‘–Š‡”•…Š‘‘Ž•‹Â?–Š‡ƒ”‡ƒǤ ‘” “I got through school! YUS! —•ǥ–Š‹•‹•™Š›™‡†‘™Šƒ–™‡†‘ǣ You guys got in my face so I

“Igotthroughschool!YUS! stayed on track...yus! YouguysgotinmyfacesoIstayedontrack...yus! So now can you help me get my Sonowcanyouhelpmegetmylicence? Berhampore School   Icoulddriveyouallaround–it’dbemean� licence? 

I could drive you all around – it’d be mean�


“The ‘peace mobile’ got my girl to school when I couldn’t�

“Didn’tthinkhewouldgetNCEAdoingitbycorrespondence Wasn’tsurehehaditinhim ThehangingoutatRahuiStreetanddailychecksandhelpgothimthrough “Didn’t think he would get NCEA I’mstillfindingithardtobelievemyboydidit� doing it by correspondence Kahuranga School     Wasn’t sure he had it in him      konect:

The hanging out at Rahui Street and daily checks and help got konect: ™‘†ƒ›•ƒ™‡‡Â?†—”‹Â?‰•…Š‘‘Ž–‡”Â?•™‡”—Â?ƒ†”‘’nj‹Â?…‡Â?–”‡ƒ––Š‡ •ŽƒÂ?†ƒ›‘Â?Â?—Â?‹–›‡Â?–”‡ him through

ˆ‘”‹Â?–‡”Â?‡†‹ƒ–‡ƒ‰‡†Â?‹†•ƒÂ?†ƒ˜‡”ƒ‰‡ƒ”‘—Â?†ͳ͡njʹͲÂ?‹†•’‡”•‡••‹‘Â?Ǥ‡”ƒÂ?ƒÂ?ƒ”–™‘”Â?•Š‘’ ™‘†ƒ›•ƒ™‡‡Â?†—”‹Â?‰•…Š‘‘Ž–‡”Â?•™‡”—Â?ƒ†”‘’nj‹Â?…‡Â?–”‡ƒ––Š‡ •ŽƒÂ?†ƒ›‘Â?Â?—Â?‹–›‡Â?–”‡ ȋ”—Â?„›ƒŽ‘…ƒŽ •ŽƒÂ?†ƒ›ÂƒÂ”Â–Â‹Â•Â–ČŒÇĄ”—Â?ƒ„ƒÂ?‹Â?‰™‘”Â?•Š‘’ǥ‘ˆˆ‡”•‘Â?‡ƒ…–‹˜‹–›„ƒ•‡†Ž‡ƒ”Â?‹Â?‰ǥŠƒ˜‡ I’m still finding it hard to ˆ‘”‹Â?–‡”Â?‡†‹ƒ–‡ƒ‰‡†Â?‹†•ƒÂ?†ƒ˜‡”ƒ‰‡ƒ”‘—Â?†ͳ͡njʹͲÂ?‹†•’‡”•‡••‹‘Â?Ǥ‡”ƒÂ?ƒÂ?ƒ”–™‘”Â?•Š‘’ ‹Â?–‡”ƒ…–‹˜‡nj„‘š‰ƒÂ?‹Â?‰ǥƒÂ?†™‡ˆ—Â?†‡†ƒ›‘—–Š™‘”Â?‡”–‘…‘ƒ…ŠƒŽ‘…ƒŽ„ƒ•Â?‡–„ƒŽŽ–‡ƒÂ?ˆ”‘Â?Â?‹†• ȋ”—Â?„›ƒŽ‘…ƒŽ •ŽƒÂ?†ƒ›ÂƒÂ”Â–Â‹Â•Â–ČŒÇĄ”—Â?ƒ„ƒÂ?‹Â?‰™‘”Â?•Š‘’ǥ‘ˆˆ‡”•‘Â?‡ƒ…–‹˜‹–›„ƒ•‡†Ž‡ƒ”Â?‹Â?‰ǥŠƒ˜‡ believe my boy did itâ€? ‹Â?–Š‡ƒ”‡ƒǤŠ‹Ž‡–Š‡˜‡Â?—‡‹•™‡ŽŽŽ‘…ƒ–‡†–Š‡Žƒ…Â?‘ˆ•’ƒ…‡‘”‡“—‹’Â?‡Â?––‘†‘Â?‘”‡ƒ…–‹˜‡•’‘”–• ‹Â?–‡”ƒ…–‹˜‡nj„‘š‰ƒÂ?‹Â?‰ǥƒÂ?†™‡ˆ—Â?†‡†ƒ›‘—–Š™‘”Â?‡”–‘…‘ƒ…ŠƒŽ‘…ƒŽ„ƒ•Â?‡–„ƒŽŽ–‡ƒÂ?ˆ”‘Â?Â?‹†• ‘”‰ƒÂ?‡•‹•ƒ”‡ƒŽŽ‹Â?‹–‹Â?‰ˆƒ…–‘”Č‚Â?ƒ›„‡–Šƒ–‹•™Š›™‡‰‡–Í´ÇŚÍľ–‹Â?‡•Â?‘”‡‰‹”Ž•–ŠƒÂ?„‘›• ‹Â?–Š‡ƒ”‡ƒǤŠ‹Ž‡–Š‡˜‡Â?—‡‹•™‡ŽŽŽ‘…ƒ–‡†–Š‡Žƒ…Â?‘ˆ•’ƒ…‡‘”‡“—‹’Â?‡Â?––‘†‘Â?‘”‡ƒ…–‹˜‡•’‘”–• ƒ––‡Â?†‹Â?‰Ǥ—–Ž‡–ǯ•Š‡”‡ˆ”‘Â?–Š‡Â?‹†•ǣ ‘”‰ƒÂ?‡•‹•ƒ”‡ƒŽŽ‹Â?‹–‹Â?‰ˆƒ…–‘”Č‚Â?ƒ›„‡–Šƒ–‹•™Š›™‡‰‡–Í´ÇŚÍľ–‹Â?‡•Â?‘”‡‰‹”Ž•–ŠƒÂ?„‘›•  ƒ––‡Â?†‹Â?‰Ǥ—–Ž‡–ǯ•Š‡”‡ˆ”‘Â?–Š‡Â?‹†•ǣ “OneyoungladysaidshelikedthatKonectwas   safeandeveryonelefttheirbeefatthedoorâ€? “OneyoungladysaidshelikedthatKonectwas SWIS school  safeandeveryonelefttheirbeefatthedoorâ€? “OneoftheladsatKonectsharedthathehadneverhadhomebakinginhislife  HisfavouritedaywasWednesdaybecausehelookedforwardtoeatingthebaking 3 “OneoftheladsatKonectsharedthathehadneverhadhomebakinginhislife madeattheworkshop,andhelovedthewayitallgotsharedwitheveryoneâ€? HisfavouritedaywasWednesdaybecausehelookedforwardtoeatingthebaking  madeattheworkshop,andhelovedthewayitallgotsharedwitheveryoneâ€? 

Konect Two days a week during school terms we run a drop-in centre at the Island Bay Community Centre for intermediate aged kids and average around 15-20 kids per session. We ran an art workshop (run by a local Island Bay artist), ran a baking workshop, offered some activity based learning, have interactive X-box gaming, and we funded a youth worker to coach a local basketball team from kids in the area. While the venue is well located the lack of space or equipment to do more active sports or games is a real limiting factor – maybe that is why we get 2-3 times more girls than boys attending. But let’s hear from the kids: “One young lady said she liked that Konect was safe and everyone left their beef at the door”


“One of the lads at Konect shared that he had never had home baking in his life  His favourite day 

 was Wednesday because he looked forward to eating the baking

made at the workshop, and he loved the way it all got shared with everyone”

Konect workshops X-box

Strathmore work


strath strathmore work:

A big part of what takes place in Strathmore is„‹‰’ƒ”–‘ˆ™Šƒ––ƒ‡•’Žƒ…‡‹ how we strive to provide a safe, positive, encouraging –”ƒ–Š‘”‡‹•Š‘™™‡•–”‹˜‡–‘ environment ’”‘˜‹†‡ƒ•ƒˆ‡ǡ’‘•‹–‹˜‡ǡ‡…‘—”ƒ‰‹‰ where all youth can feel included, try out and ‡˜‹”‘‡–™Š‡”‡ƒŽŽ›‘—–Š…ƒˆ‡‡Ž learn new ‹…Ž—†‡†ǡ–”›‘—–ƒ†Ž‡ƒ”‡™•‹ŽŽ•ǡ skills, develop confidence, and pick up a range†‡˜‡Ž‘’…‘ˆ‹†‡…‡ǡƒ†’‹…—’ƒ of skills they can transfer into other settings and carry”ƒ‰‡‘ˆ•‹ŽŽ•–Š‡›…ƒ–”ƒ•ˆ‡”‹–‘ on into ‘–Š‡”•‡––‹‰•ƒ†…ƒ””›‘‹–‘–Š‡‹” their lives. We are intentional about breaking down barriers and putting different groups of young people into settings where they are encouraged to connect together in Dance in Strathmore healthy ways. We run dance classes, kickboxing & fitness sessions, mentoring groups, holiday programs, Streetball, Push Play events, go on camps, provide one-on-one supervision to help strathmore work: with study, drop kids off to school so they get there, spend time with our youths families to „‹‰’ƒ”–‘ˆ™Šƒ––ƒ‡•’Žƒ…‡‹ ensure they are equipped to succeed, and finally work closely with all the other agencies in –”ƒ–Š‘”‡‹•Š‘™™‡•–”‹˜‡–‘ ’”‘˜‹†‡ƒ•ƒˆ‡ǡ’‘•‹–‹˜‡ǡ‡…‘—”ƒ‰‹‰ the area so an umbrella of support is established.


‡˜‹”‘‡–™Š‡”‡ƒŽŽ›‘—–Š…ƒˆ‡‡Ž ‹…Ž—†‡†ǡ–”›‘—–ƒ†Ž‡ƒ”‡™•‹ŽŽ•ǡ †‡˜‡Ž‘’…‘ˆ‹†‡…‡ǡƒ†’‹…—’ƒ ”ƒ‰‡‘ˆ•‹ŽŽ•–Š‡›…ƒ–”ƒ•ˆ‡”‹–‘ ‘–Š‡”•‡––‹‰•ƒ†…ƒ””›‘‹–‘–Š‡‹”

„‹‰’ƒ –”ƒ–Š ’”‘˜‹†‡ ‡˜‹”‘ ‹…Ž—†‡† †‡˜‡Ž‘’ ”ƒ‰‡‘ˆ ‘–Š‡”•‡

Leadership training

At the beginning of the year we identified a core group of young people that wanted to develop their leadership potential, and worked with them on one-on-one mentoring, held several weekend sessions away as a team, •ƒ‘†‡Ž‘ˆ’‘•‹–‹˜‡›‘—–Š†‡˜‡Ž‘’‡–„ƒ•‡†‘–Š‡—‹˜‡”•ƒŽ’”‹…‹’Ž‡–Šƒ––‘„‡ but most importantly gave them real opportunities to exercise leadership at the various events we ran throughout the year. He ora te whakapiri (there is strength in unity) is a theme weaved throughout our work. This year we introduced this theme through art, and plan in 2013 to build on it further. Our stand out success for the year has been Tavita, who we helped get NCEA with one-on-one assistance through Correspondence, and who in early 2013 left for several months training in Auckland and will then spend six months serving with a Mission agency in Fiji – the transformation has been remarkable!


Circle of Courage

Š‡ƒŽ–Š›ƒŽŽ›‘—–Š ‡‡† belonging,mastery,independenceandgenerosity.Š‹•—‹“—‡‘†‡Ž‹–‡‰”ƒ–‡•– ™‹•†‘‘ˆ–”‹„ƒŽ’‡‘’Ž‡•ǡ–Š‡’”ƒ…–‹…‡™‹•†‘‘ˆ’”‘ˆ‡••‹‘ƒŽ’‹‘‡‡”•™‹–Š–”‘—„Ž‡ Leadership group on Paraparaumu beach ˆ‹†‹‰•‘ˆ‘†‡”›‘—–Š†‡˜‡Ž‘’‡–”‡•‡ƒ”…ŠǤŠ‡‘ƒ”†‘ˆ”—•–‡‡•™ƒ•’”‹˜‹Ž‡‰ ‘‡Ǧ‘Ǧ‘‡•‡••‹‘™‹–Š”ƒ”–‹”‘‡Ž‡‰‘‡‘ˆ–Š‡ˆ‘—†‡”•‘ˆ–Š‹•‘†‡Ž‹ ‡…ƒ—•‡™‡˜ƒŽ—‡–Š‹•‘†‡Žƒ†„‡Ž‹‡˜‡‹–•”‡Ž‡˜ƒ––‘‘—”™‘”‹–Š‡…—Ž–—”ƒŽŽ›† …‘—‹–‹‡•‹™Š‹…Š™‡‘’‡”ƒ–‡ǡ™‡‹˜‡•–‡†‹‘—”ƒƒ‰‡”Ȁ‡‹‘”‘—–Š‘”‡ –”ƒ‹‡†ˆƒ…‹Ž‹–ƒ–‘”Ǣ‘‡‘ˆ‘Ž›–™‘‹‡ŽŽ‹‰–‘Ǥ

Is a model of positive youth development based on the universal principle that to be emotionally healthy all youth need a sense of belonging, mastery, independence and generosity. This unique model integrates the cultural wisdom of tribal peoples, the practice wisdom of professional pioneers with troubled youth, and findings of modern youth development research. The Board of Trustees   was privileged to have a one-on-one session with Dr Martin  model in September. Brokenleg one of the founders of this Because we value this model and believe it isCd relevant to our work in the culturally diverse Colours project: communities in which we operate, we invested in our Director of Youth Services to become a trained facilitator; one of only two in Wellington.


Colours CD project We have long had a dream to be able to let the young people we work with find a voice to express their creativity. So during the summer of 2011/12 we finally saw this dream realized with the production of two music CDs. With the exception of 1 musician and 1 other adult, all the people working on the two albums were aged 10-24 years old, and apart from 1 track on each CD, all other songs were written by the youth over the summer holiday program in Strathmore. The albums have been a way to encourage these amazing young people to have the courage to step out and use their gifts and talents in a positive way. Inside the CDs covers are photographs taken by several young people on our programs. We want to thank the team at Amstore who gave us 150 free copies of the CDs because the owners live and work in the area, and wanted to see our young people succeed.

Holiday programs

These are a core part of our work in the area as holidays are often when young people get into the most trouble – they are bored! We run programs every holiday Sailing on Wellington Harbour throughout the year and they are based at community  centres, housing projects, parks, and also include many  outings. Without a doubt the two highlights of the year  was firstly taking 30 kids and leaders onCamps: three racing yachts on Wellington harbour on a beautiful Wellington Š‡•‡ƒ”‡ƒ–‡””‹ˆ‹…™ƒ›–‘„”‡ƒÂ?†‘™Â?„ƒ””‹‡”•„‡–™‡‡Â?Â?‹†•ƒÂ?†–ƒÂ?‡–Š‡Â?‘—–‘ˆ–Š‡‹”…‘ day. For many this was the first time out œ‘Â?‡Ǥ–ƒ•–‡”‘—”›‘—–Š™‘”Â?‡”•Œ‘‹Â?‡†™‹–Š–”ƒ–ŠÂ?‘”‡‘Â?Â?—Â?‹–›Š—”…Š–‘–ƒÂ?‡ƒ”‘— in any sort of ’‡‘’Ž‡ƒ™ƒ›ˆ‘”ˆ‘—”†ƒ›•–‘ƒÂ?ˆ‹‡Ž†‹Â? ‡‹Ž†‹Â?‰Ǥ –™ƒ•ƒ™‘Â?Â†Â‡Â”ÂˆÂ—ÂŽÇĄƒŽ„‡‹––‹”‹Â?‰–‹Â?‡ˆ‘” boat!! Very special thanks to the Royal Port Nicholson ÂŽÂ‡ÂƒÂ†Â‡Â”Â•ÇĄ„—–‹•Â?‘”‡Â?‡Â?–‹‘Â?‡†„‡…ƒ—•‡‘ˆ–Š‡ˆƒ…––Šƒ–™‡™‡”‡ƒ„Ž‡–‘‰‘™ƒ•„‡…ƒ—•‡‘ˆ ™‘Â?†‡”ˆ—Ž’ƒ”–Â?‡”•Š‹’•™‡Šƒ˜‡„—‹Ž–‹Â?–Š‡ƒ”‡ƒǤ‡Šƒ•Í´˜ƒÂ?••—’’Ž‹‡†„›‡ŽŽ‹Â?‰–‘Â? Yacht Club for their sponsorship of the day – what a ‹••‹‘Â?ˆ‘”–”ƒÂ?•’‘”–ǥ†”‹˜‡”•ƒÂ?†Â?‘Â?‡›ˆ”‘Â?–”ƒ–ŠÂ?‘”‡‘Â?Â?—Â?‹–›Š—”…Šǥˆ‘‘†ƒÂ?†† –”ƒ–ŠÂ?‘”‡‘Â?Â?—Â?‹–›‡Â?–”‡ǥ’‡–”‘Ž˜‘—…Š‡”•ˆ”‘Â? ›’•›‹–…Š‡Â?ÂƒÂˆÂ‡ÇĄ’Ž—•ƒ‰‡Â?‡”‘—• blast! And secondly seeing a group of Muslim girls with Rock climbing in Berhampore ˆ”‘Â?Â?–‹’ƒ•‘Â?–”ƒ…–‹Â?‰–†™Š‹…Š’ƒ‹†–Š‡ˆ‡‡•‘ˆ•‡˜‡”ƒŽÂ?‹†•Ǥ˜‡”ʹͲͳʹ‘—”‹Â?–‡Â?–‹‘Â? their parents’ encouragement scaling upˆ‘…—•‘Â?Ž‡ƒ†‡”•Š‹’†‡˜‡Ž‘’Â?‡Â?–ǥ•‘‹Â? —Â?‡™‡•‡Â?–•‘Â?‡ͳͺnjʹ͜›‡ƒ”‘Ž†•–‘‡”ƒ ‘—Â? rock climbing walls for the first time. Check out these Š—‹ǥƒÂ?†•‡˜‡”ƒŽ‘–Š‡”•™‡Â?––‘ƒ–‹‘Â?ƒŽ‘—–Š”ƒ‹Â?‹Â?‰‘Â?˜‡Â?–‹‘Â?‹Â?‰ƒ”ƒ™Š‹ƒǤ Â? comments for what a difference these holiday programs make in the community: •‡Â?–ƒÂ?—Â?„‡”–‘š–‡Â?†ǥ™Š‹…Š‹•ƒŽ‡ƒ†‡”•Š‹’…‘—”•‡ˆ‘”ͳ͡njͳͺ›‡ƒ”‘Ž†•Ǥ  

City housing: “Love the way my girl is given chances to pitch in and help out

Better she helping with others •’ƒ”–‘ˆ‘—”™‘”Â?†—”‹Â?‰–Š‡•…Š‘‘ŽŠ‘Ž‹†ƒ›•™‡™‡”‡…‘Â?–”ƒ…–‡†„›‡ŽŽ‹Â?‰–‘Â?‹–› ‘—


than staying at home –”‡‡–Č‹ÂƒÂŽÂ•Â‘”ƒÂ?ƒÂ?ƒˆ–‡”•…Š‘‘Ž’”‘‰”ƒÂ?ČŒÇĄ‹Â?–‘—Ž–”‡‡–Â‹ÂŽÂŽÂƒÂ•ÇĄ™‹–ŠƒÂ?‘’‡Â?‹Â?˜‹–ƒ–‹‘Â?ˆ‘” all holidays and driving us all nuts

ƒ– ”ƒ�˜‹ŽŽ‡–”‡‡–ˆŽƒ–•ƒ�†–”ƒ–Š�‘”‡˜‡ˆŽƒ–•ǤŠ‹•‹•ƒ�‘–Š‡”‹�’‘”–ƒ�–…‘�–ƒ…–’‘‹�–ˆ

And surprisingly she’s good at itâ€? ›‘—–Š™‘”Â?‡”•‘Â?–Š‡‰”‘—Â?†ǥƒÂ?†Â?ƒÂ?›‘ˆ–Š‡›‘—–Š™‡•‡‡…‘Â?‡–‘‘—”‘–Š‡”Š‘Ž‹†ƒ›’”‘ ‘Â?‡…–†”‘’nj‹Â?…‡Â?–”‡ǥƒÂ?†—•ŠŽƒ›‡˜‡Â?–•Ǥ 

“Mum said I couldn’t sing and to shut up and I felt like shit then ESYT recorded me and I knew mum was wrong I can sing. I did the Waka of Love Musical I’ve got swag man�


Camps These are a terrific way to break down barriers between kids and take them out of their comfort zone. At Easter our youth workers joined with Strathmore Community Church to take around 25 people away for four days to Manfield in Feilding. It was a wonderful, albeit tiring time for the leaders, but is more mentioned because of the fact that we were able to go because of the wonderful partnerships we have built in the area. We had 2 vans supplied by Wellington City Mission for transport, drivers and money from Strathmore Community Church, food and drink from Strathmore Community Centre, petrol vouchers from Gypsy Kitchen Cafe, plus a generous donation from Antipas Contracting Ltd which paid the fees of several kids. Over 2012 our intention was to focus on leadership development, so in June we sent some 18-24 year olds to Te Ora Hou national hui, and several others went to BYM National Youth Training Convention in Ngaruawahia. In July we sent a number to Extend, which is a leadership course for 15-18 year olds.

City Housing As part of our work during the school holidays we were contracted by Wellington City Housing to run programs at a few of their housing complexes in the areas we operate in; these include Booth Street (also ran an after school program), Rintoul Street Villas, with an open invitation for tenants at Granville Street flats and Strathmore Ave flats. This is another important contact point for our youth workers on the ground, and many of the youth we see come to our other holiday programs, Konect drop-in centre, and Push Play events.

Easter Camp


Taskforce Green In April 2012 we participated in the Taskforce Green scheme (through MSD) whereby we were able to take on four youth interns for six months for 30 hours each per week which was heavily subsidised. Two of them started training with ESYT as their agency for the Youth worker degree through Weltec, and the other two signed on for the Youth work diploma with Praxis. This gave us a real impetus for our work on the ground in the community, schools, and several city housing complexes for these six months. We are still journeying with two of the interns – one runs Konect at the Island Bay Community Centre – and the other runs a local youth group Etu Ora Youth and we partnered with them over the summer holidays to run programs. Of the other two, one has quit and gone home to Rotorua, and the other is now working in the area and continues to journey with our youth through one of our faith based a Big thanks to: groups.

Etu Ora Youth

Ki o Rahi in Berhampore


—” —�†‡”•ǣ

 ‡ŽŽ‹Â?‰–‘Â?‹–›‘—Â?…‹Ž‡ŽŽ‹Â?‰–‘Â?‹–› ‘—•‹Â?‰‡…”‡ƒ–‹‘Â?‡ŽŽ‹Â?‰–‘Â?‹–›‹••‹‘Â?  ”‘ƒ†™ƒ›‘—Ž…‘–– —Â?†  œƒ”†”—•–Š‘Â?ĥ ‡‘”‰‡ƒ…ƒ”–Š›”—•–‡ŽŽ‹Â?‰–‘Â? recreation wellington:  ‹Â?–‘Â?ƒÂ?†ƒ”‰ƒ”‡–‡ƒ”Šƒ”‹–ƒ„Ž‡”—•–‡—Â?‹‘Â?‹”‹ ‡”ƒÂ?”‡‰—Žƒ”—•ŠŽƒ›‡˜‡Â?–•ƒ–Ž‘…ƒŽ•…Š‘‘Ž•–Š”‘—‰Š‘—––Š‡Â›Â‡ÂƒÂ”ÇĄƒÂ?†‘˜‡”•—Â?Â?‡”ʹͲͳʹȀͳ;  ™‡’ƒ”–Â?‡”‡†™‹–ŠÇĄ’‘”–‡ŽŽ‹Â?‰–‘Â?ÇĄ ÇĄ‡”ŠƒÂ?’‘”‡…Š‘‘ŽǥÇĄƒÂ?†Žƒ…‡Â?ƒÂ?‡”•˜ƒÂ?• ƒ›–‘„”‹Â?‰”‡…”‡ƒ–‹‘Â?ƒÂ?†ˆ—Â?–‘–”ƒ–ŠÂ?‘”‡ĆŹ‡”ŠƒÂ?’‘”‡…‘Â?Â?—Â?‹–‹‡•Ǥ‡—•‡†ˆ‹˜‡†‹ˆˆ‡”‡Â?– —”’‘Â?•‘”•ǣ ’ƒ”Â?•ǥͳͳ•‡’ƒ”ƒ–‡‡˜‡Â?–•ǥƒÂ?†͜͡Ͳ’ƒ”–‹…‹’ƒÂ?–•Ǥ   Â?•–‘”‡Â?–‹’ƒ•‘Â?–”ƒ…–‹Â?‰–†‘›ƒŽ‘”–‹…Š‘Ž•‘Â?ƒ…Š–Ž—„–”ƒ–ŠÂ?‘”‡‘Â?Â?—Â?‹–› ‡Â?–”‡  Žƒ…‡Â?ƒÂ?‡”•˜ƒÂ?•ƒ›‡•‡Â?‡ƒ‹Â?–• ›’•›‹–…Š‡Â?ƒˆ‡ 

Recreation Wellington

We ran regular Push Play events at local schools throughout the year, and over summer 2012/13 we partnered with WCC, Sport Wellington, IBCC, Berhampore School, NZCT, and Placemakers Evans Bay to bring recreation and fun to Strathmore & Berhampore communities. We used five different parks, 11 separate events, and 450 participants. 



in Strathmore


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ESYT Annual Report 2012  
ESYT Annual Report 2012  

ESYT Annual Report 2012