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The Fish and the Fisherman by: Will Glynn

There once was an old fisherman who lived by the shore. He was very poor and down on his luck. He hadn't caught a fish in 85 days but today he was set on catching the biggest fish in the sea.

The fisherman woke up to the early sun in his eyes. He must start to get ready if he was to catch the biggest fish. He started to pack his boat with supplies for the day; the fisherman packed lots of fishing line, boat paddles, a harpoon, and a bottle of water.Once he was all packed, he pushed the boat into the sea to start his journey. “I shall not return until I catch myself a massive fish,� the old fisherman promised to himself. And so the old fisherman set out into the sea, as he looked behind him, watching as the shore got smaller and smaller.

The fisherman decided to go further out. He was not worried for he knew how to tell the time by looking at the sun. He looked up at the sun and determined that the shore was directly behind him. Now that the fisherman was far out in the sea he casted his line out again.

The line started to slide from his hand as he started to fall asleep but then all of a sudden the fishing line swept across his palm, cutting his hand.“Could this be the big fish?� The old fisherman questioned as he tied the line to the boat to stop the fish from going further away. The fisherman scooped up the line and kept it tight as he watched the fish circle. As he was pulling the line his palm was burning with pain but he had bigger things on his mind: catching the big fish.

The fish was slowing down, now was the perfect time. The old man used all his strength and pulled up. The line broke with a snap. The fisherman could still see the fish as it circled again. The old man felt defeated and hopeless, but then he remembered that he had packed a harpoon. This was his last chance to catch the big fish.

He watched the fish as it swam crazily. He threw the harpoon into the water but he missed. He pulled the harpoon back and prepared to throw it again. He threw the harpoon once more with all his strength. He had hooked the harpoon onto the fish. The old fishermen pulled the line. It was digging into his hands, but he continued to pull.

The fish was flopping above water as the old man pulled the fish in. The fisherman quickly grabbed his pocket knife and looked it into the fish’s eyes. The old fisherman lowered his knife and carefully pulled the harpoon out of the big fish. “I am sorry I tried to kill you, brother,” whispered the fisherman. .

The old fisherman then released the fish into the sea as he waved good bye. He then started sailing back to the shore. Once the fisherman arrived at the shore he pulled his boat onto the sand and traveled home. He sat down on his chair as he watched the sun setting and he smiled.

The fish and the fishermen  
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