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The Multipurpose Wet Bench Plays A Vital Role In Many Industries Often seen in laboratories, within industries where semiconductor manufacturing occurs and in other applications involving a variety of items useful in high technology, a wet bench is a very useful tool. The benches offer a place for processing, baths, rinsing and other things when chemical substances are being used in the processes. The benches typically contain tanks that are used to store cleaning solutions, etching chemicals, or deionized water. These baths are then employed in the processing of semiconductor wafers, as an example. A drying module could be included on the bench to accomplish the processes necessary. Some of the other industries that these benches are used in include solar, LED, and biomedical. For people who use a wet bench, there are various different models to choose from. The fully automated wet bench would probably be the most convenient to use. This piece of equipment generally provides a load and an unload station, baths for the processing for each substrate, and a drying module. The semi-automated bench is another model that comes with 2, 3, or 4 different tanks and a linear or rotation transfer. The operator will need to on a manual bench transfer the processed materials by hand from one bath to the next. Finally, an intelligent process station has the ability to provide all of the convenience of the fully automated bench with the added benefit of precise monitoring as the chemical processes develop. Not only are simple processes possible, there are wet benches that are more complex in nature with assorted features. A recirculating bath and filtering method is one of these possible choices. Two options are a mega sonic or ultrasonic bath in addition to a bath spiking with hydrogen peroxide deionized water alternatives. It might be vital in an industry to have the ability to dispense chemicals into the station or to separate the baths when necessary. The ability to monitor particles in-situ or having total process control could mean the difference between successful processing and processing with a heavy chance of errors. Several different types of processes can be done using these very helpful tools. General cleaning processes is one of the more common applications this kind of equipment is used for. Stripping for photoresist or residue stripping may be required before other applications can occur. Surface preparation may well involves getting semiconductor wafers prepared for upcoming texturing or etching depending on the process. These processes can, certainly, be carried out in specific baths in the bench. With films for example Si, Si3N4 or doped silicate glass etching can be completed effectively. Texturing is completed for the manufacturing of solar cells and MEMS devices. Finally, plating, electrophishing, and passivation are also applications that the benches are commonly used to complete. Electroless or electrolytic applications are used when plating is needed. In a school or research setting, the wet bench work extremely well in a laboratory to conduct tests or other applications where studies can have significant importance. In the fields of biology, bioinformatics, environmental sciences plus some other industries, the wet bench can be used for important research. These benches may be used with chemicals and drugs and also for manipulation of living cells and organisms. Testing and specialized experiments are carried out by

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The Multipurpose Wet Bench Plays A Vital Role In Many Industries both researchers and students who are then able to further their experiences in classification, molecular, genetic, and pathological procedures. Whatever type of application these benches are utilized for, it is very clear that they must be properly designed and built to accommodate the important processing that will be carried out. From the applications of students to those of experienced professionals, the success of each application might actually be dependent upon the integrity of this important equipment. To discover a semiconductor wet bench that is known for meeting every requirement, shop on the web with Best Technology. For additional information on Best Technology, stop by their webpage at

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The Multipurpose Wet Bench Plays A Vital Role In Many Industries