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How to use for customisable & track able links


1 Sign-up for a. Go to http://www.bitl.y b. Sign-up for an account



Copy a website link: Shortening a website link:

highlight in blue site link

a. Go to shorten tab (as shown on screen shot)

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4 Copy-link

Paste into

a. Right click - mouse

a. Right click - mouse

b. Select copy option

b. Select paste option


6 Shorten link ( a. Paste in Shorten box b. click shorten button

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7 Customise link:

Customise link: Customise link:

a. anything after customisable

a. Highlight characters after

b. cKAzKJ

b. exaple: cKAzKJ




a. Type desired custom name b. exaple: socmediaworkshopgroup

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10 Customise link: a. click “save” button b.Your custom link is saved.


Copy Custom link: a. click “Copy” button b. link now copied to clipboard

12 Copy Custom link: a. “scuccessfully copied” message b. You are ready to paste anywhere

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Pleasse Share: Hope that this tutorial helps you out with your initial tracking projects. Video here: You can tap into the collective brain and share your discoveries in a Diigo group I set up: We can carry on the conversation there. 2. We can chat on twitter: @williamdoust

Paste link:


3. We can exchange emails:

a. Paste in any applicaton

4. You can call me any time:

b. or right click and paste.

020 77 66 00 16 Or 07912 480 292 Lovely to meet you ;-) Enjoy Will.


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