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Plastic Surgery for Children with Facial Disfigurements Plastic Surgery - An Ideal Surgical Solution to Correct Facial Disfigurements Plastic surgery is widely recommended as a solution for birth defects, and deformities caused by disease. This newly evolved reconstructive surgery helps to enhance facial features and the body as a whole. Plastic surgery for children with facial disfigurements helps to restore a natural appearance and thereby boost self-esteem and self-confidence in affected children. With the availability of modern techniques,


surgery procedures have become less invasive and require only minimum downtime. Moreover, the risk of infections and surgical complications is also reduced. Plastic Surgery Procedures Available For Children Craniofacial, hand and vascular irregularities/abnormalities can be surgically corrected by an experienced plastic surgeon. Abnormalities which cause disfigurement in children include cleft lip or palate and protruding teeth. Pediatric plastic surgery helps to correct facial anomalies which may otherwise shatter the child’s development and self-esteem. Facial defects which can be treated are:

Plastic Surgery

Houston Plastic and Craniofacial Surgery

Call: 713-791-0700

• Hemangiomas – this is a defect present at birth in which small blood vessels are collected together to create a distinct red mark on the skin. • Birthmarks and port wine stains – caused by deformities of arteries, veins and capillaries. • Facial injuries – caused by animal bites or burns • Craniofacial imperfections – Anomalies of the head and face with disfigured eyes, nose or ears. Common craniofacial irregularities are cleft lip, cleft palate, jaw disorders, microtia,












syndrome, and Pierre Robin sequence. Surgical options are available to rectify all these problems. The service of pediatric dentists, oral maxillofacial surgeons and orthodontists might be necessary to treat craniofacial anomalies. Risks Involved in Plastic Surgery Although







complications and risks nowadays, it is the patient’s responsibility to understand the possible risks. Consult a certified plastic surgeon to get details of expected results, risks involved, cost of treatment and postoperative care. The risks will depend on the procedure chosen and the individual’s health conditions. Common risks involved in plastic surgery are scarring, infection, bleeding and hematomas. There are also risks of nerve damage, discoloration of the

Plastic Surgery

Houston Plastic and Craniofacial Surgery

Call: 713-791-0700

skin, premature aging, unnatural facial features, allergic reactions to medications and asymmetry. Choose a Reputable and Reliable Plastic Surgery Clinic Experienced and certified plastic surgeons can efficiently treat patients and help them achieve their cosmetic objectives.

These procedures when

performed in an AAAASF accredited plastic surgery are safe and relaxing to both the child and its family. These facilities also ensure the use of the latest modalities that ensure the best results through minimally invasive procedures. Personalized care and treatment are provided right from the first consultation to post-surgery. Highly trained staff and experienced plastic surgeons work alongside to offer excellent surgical results and easy recovery. Plastic surgery for children with facial disfigurements is a great boon in that it allows the child to lead a normal happy life without being taunted about the abnormality. With the new found confidence and self regard, the child can concentrate on its studies and play, and move ahead in life. Contact Details Houston Plastic and Craniofacial Surgery 6400 Fannin, Suite 2290 Houston, TX 77030 Phone: 713-791-0700 URL:

Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery for Children With Facial Disfigurements  
Plastic Surgery for Children With Facial Disfigurements  

Plastic surgery helps to correct disfigurements such as cleft lip or protruding teeth and boosts self-esteem among children. These reconstru...