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CONTENTS HARDBACK.. ........................4 No Boys Play Here......................................... 5

Exotic Vetting...............................................28

Islands of Abandonment............................. 6

The Adventures of Miss Barbara Pym....................................29

Land. . ................................................................. 7 Francis Bacon................................................. 8 Bright Star, Green Light. . ............................. 9 What Does Jeremy Think? . . .......................10 Three Mothers..............................................11 Learning to Pray.. .........................................12 Jews Don’t Count.........................................13 River Kings. . ...................................................14 The Wood Age..............................................15 A Curious Boy...............................................16 The Good Hand............................................17 Liftoff.. .............................................................18 The Fragile Earth.........................................19 Irish Birds.. .....................................................20 Inventory of a Life Mislaid........................21 Value(s)...........................................................22

First Steps......................................................30 Beak, Tooth and Claw. . ...............................31 Swifts and Us................................................32 Operation Pedestal. . ....................................33 America on Fire. . ..........................................34 Birds of the World.......................................35 Bat, Ball and Field.. ......................................36 Noise. . ..............................................................37 Phosphorescence.........................................38 Palaces of Restoration. . ..............................39 Fuel Youth Bible...........................................40 Encounter Youth & Young Adults Bible. . .................................41 The Gallery of Miracles and Madness. . ............................................42

Restoring the Wild......................................23

Ten Survival Skills for a World in Flux.............................................43


My Broken Language..................................44

Giving a Damn. . ............................................25

Mother of Invention....................................45

Einstein’s Fridge...........................................26

The Musical Child.......................................46

Truth is Beautiful. . .......................................27

PAPERBACK......................47 Why Bowie Matters. . ...................................48

Radical Wordsworth...................................53

Blonde Venus................................................48

Crucible of Hell............................................53

Love in the Blitz...........................................48

Putin’s People. . ..............................................53

Russians Among Us. . ...................................49

The Art of Resistance.................................54

Strange Antics..............................................49

The Well Gardened Mind..........................54

The Education of an Idealist....................49

It Takes Two..................................................54

MBS.. ................................................................50

Elizabethans. . ................................................55

Letters to the Earth . . ...................................50

Prisoners of History....................................55

Unbelievers. . ..................................................50

Flash Crash....................................................55

Our Bodies, Their Battlefield.. ..................51

The Book of Queer Prophets....................56

The Splendid and the Vile. . .......................51

A Problem from Hell...................................56

The Bystander Effect..................................51

Battle of Brothers.. .......................................56

Casting Shadows. . ........................................52

The White Ship.. ...........................................57

A People Betrayed . . ......................................52

The Power of Ritual. . ...................................57

The Private Life of the Diary....................52


No Boys Play Here A Story of Shakespeare and My Family’s Missing Men Sally Bayley No Boys Play Here tells the story of Sally Bayley as a teenage girl in search of her father and uncle, and their broken and buried lives Set against a backdrop of English political history, this book roams through Shakespeare’s plays in search of answers to today’s continuing social divides: between the king in his castle and the man on the streets with only a bottle of beer for company. Adopting the guise of a boy, Sally falls in with Shakespeare’s characters as an escape from her oppressive home; her closest companion is the dissolute John Falstaff. As he leads her through the backstreets and taverns of his London to the pubs and alleyways of her impoverished seaside town, Sally begins to understand her father and a family tragedy unfolds. In Bayley’s critically acclaimed and inventive literary style, this is a searing account of a child looking for answers to the crises of male homelessness and mental illness she can’t yet name. Through gloriously vibrant characters and original writing of great power, No Boys Play Here illustrates both the tumbledown trajectory of poverty and the vital need for imagination to restore spirit and character in the world. ‘Nobody writes like Sally Bayley’ Lemn Sissay

Sally Bayley teaches writing in Oxford as a Royal Literary Fund Fellow. She is the author of The Private Life of the Diary and Girl with Dove. Sally put herself into care when she was fourteen and is the first person from the West Sussex County Council care system to study at university. Memoir 21 January 2021 HB £14.99 9780008318888

‘Original and moving … bright, tight sentences and tender wit’ Kate Clanchy ‘Sally Bayley faces up to what men do – and don’t do. An acute, sensitive and moving testament’ Marina Warner


Islands of Abandonment Life in the Post-Human Landscape Cal Flyn This is a book about abandoned places: ghost towns and exclusion zones, no man’s lands and post-industrial hinterlands – and what happens when nature is allowed to reclaim its place In Chernobyl, following the nuclear disaster, only a handful of people returned to their dangerously irradiated homes. On an uninhabited Scottish island, feral cattle live entirely wild. In Detroit, once America’s fourth-largest city, entire streets of houses are falling in on themselves, looters slipping through otherwise silent neighbourhoods. This book explores the extraordinary places where humans no longer live – or survive in tiny, precarious numbers – to give us a possible glimpse of what happens when mankind’s impact on nature is forced to stop. From Tanzanian mountains to the volcanic Caribbean, the forbidden areas of France to the mining regions of Scotland, Flyn brings together some of the most desolate, eerie, ravaged and polluted areas in the world – and shows how, against all odds, they offer our best opportunities for environmental recovery. By turns haunted and hopeful, this luminously written world study is pinned together with profound insight and new ecological discoveries that together map an answer to the big questions: what happens after we’re gone, and how far can our damage to nature be undone?

Cal Flyn is an author and journalist from the Highlands of Scotland. Previously she has been a reporter for both the Sunday Times and the Daily Telegraph. Her first book, Thicker Than Water, was a Times book of the year. Nature 21 January 2021 HB £14.99 9780008329761

‘Filled with understanding and adventure’ Adam Nicolson ‘A beautifully crafted tale of shame, hope, and redemption, lyrical, rigorous and thrilling’ Charles Foster ‘Meticulous research, lyrical writing … Ultimately it shows how nature can heal a landscape broken by humans’ Louise Gray 6


How the Hunger for Ownership Shaped the World Simon Winchester In this sweeping global history, Simon Winchester explores how our land has been mapped, owned, divided, stolen, cared for, fought over, preserved and restored Mass theft of land – from Arab Palestine by Jewish immigrants, in Africa by Europeans and the seizure of land from Native peoples in Australia, New Zealand, India and North America – is an important theme. In the company of some heroic early surveyors, Winchester includes a gripping history of map-making from earliest times to today. His investigation of the world’s largest landowners touches on Australian mining heiress Gina Rinehart, the British monarchy and the 100 Americans who together own as much as the entire state of Florida. The book surveys how indigenous people steward and preserve land, and what happens when new land emerges, as happened in 1960s Europe. Amongst the questions the book asks: What happens when the government wades in to relocate people? What is the price of vast pollution? How much value is there to rewilding? Why is so much land still owned by so few? Looking both at history and tomorrow’s greatest issues, Winchester offers insight to what ownership of this earth really means, not in statistical or legal terms but for the humans looking to continue living here.

Simon Winchester grew up in South West England and studied geology at Oxford. He is the internationally bestselling author of The Map That Changed the World, The Surgeon of Crowthorne (The Professor and the Madman), Atlantic, Pacific, The Fracture Zone, Outposts, Krakatoa, Korea and Exactly among other titles. History 21 January 2021 HB £25.00 9780008359119

‘Simon Winchester’s storytelling abilities shine, with personal anecdote and research expertly woven’ Guardian


Francis Bacon Revelations

Annalyn Swan and Mark Stevens A decade in the making, this is the first biography of Francis Bacon to appear in twenty-five years. Based upon hundreds of interviews and extensive new material from Ireland, Tangier, Spain, England and France, Stevens and Swan have written a startlingly original portrait of a commanding modern figure At first, Bacon saw little success as a painter. Throughout the 1930s and early ’40s he suffered ongoing failures, growing isolated and often ill: his health issues throughout his life were far more significant than he revealed. Then came his astonishing breakthrough in 1944. In the following decades, he emerged as one of the great iconoclasts and bon vivants of his time. Bacon was typically celebrated as a sexual adventurer who liked rough trade, but he never stopped longing for a serious committed relationship – however painful. He continued to make disturbing images of the strangeness within but developed into a more varied artist than has been recognised, creating an extraordinary series of self-portraits. This is a story, deeply researched and masterfully told, of a sickly boy who became one of the great figures of his time. The twentieth century does not know itself without Bacon.

Mark Stevens has been the art critic for Newsweek, the New Republic and New York magazine. Annalyn Swan is the former arts editor of Newsweek and an awardwinning music critic. Stevens and Swan won the 2005 Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Critics Circle Award for their biography de Kooning: An American Master. Biography 21 January 2021 HB ÂŁ30.00 9780007298419


Bright Star, Green Light The Beautiful Works and Damned Lives of John Keats and F. Scott Fitzgerald Jonathan Bate A dazzling biography of two interwoven, tragic lives: John Keats and F. Scott Fitzgerald ‘For awhile after you quit Keats,’ Fitzgerald once wrote, ‘All other poetry seems to be only whistling or humming.’ John Keats died two hundred years ago, in February 1821. F. Scott Fitzgerald defined a decade that began one hundred years ago, the Jazz Age. In this biography, prizewinning author Jonathan Bate recreates these two shining, tragic lives in parallel. Not only was Fitzgerald profoundly influenced by Keats, titling Tender is the Night and other works from the poet’s lines, but the two lived with echoing fates: both died young, loved to drink, were plagued by tuberculosis, were haunted by their first love and wrote into new decades of release, experimentation and decadence. ‘I think I shall be among the English Poets after my death,’ Keats wrote, prophetically, in 1818. Luminous and vital, this biography reminds us of how the best of writers, even when long dead, continue to speak beyond their ages. Praise for Jonathan Bate’s Radical Wordsworth: ‘This new book, like everything Bate writes, richly repays reading’ Sunday Times

Jonathan Bate CBE is Provost of Worcester College and Professor of English Literature at Oxford University. He is Vice-President of the British Academy, a Governor of the Royal Shakespeare Company, Honorary Fellow of St Catharine’s College, Cambridge, and a 2014 judge for the Man Booker Prize. Biography 4 February 2021 HB £20.00 9780008424978

‘A bold and bracing account, masterful with its material, patiently brilliant in reading the poems and gloriously convincing about its subject’s social significance’ Daily Telegraph


What Does Jeremy Think?

Jeremy Heywood and the Making of Modern Britain Suzanne Heywood The inside biography of the UK’s most powerful civil servant Jeremy Heywood was at the centre of power in Britain for more than 25 years. He served four Prime Ministers, as Principal Private Secretary, Permanent Secretary of 10 Downing Street, Cabinet Secretary and Head of the Home Civil Service. He was at the centre of every crisis, major shift in policy and change of government from the early 1990s until 2018. When launching a new initiative or facing a challenge the question in Whitehall would usually be, ‘But what does Jeremy think?’ Jeremy retired just a few days before he died from lung cancer in October 2018. His wife Suzanne began working with him on this biography in the last year of his life and completed it after his death. This unique and very human book follows the life and career of a great modern public servant and offers an unforgettable account of crisis management, change and how to push through reform. Drawing on Jeremy’s memories, his papers and over 200 interviews with politicians, civil servants and other key players, it celebrates an extraordinary career at the heart of UK government. ‘Suzanne and Jeremy Heywood have created a marvellous book which lives. breathes and talks to its reader. There is insight and humanity on every page. It will be a goldmine for historians of government as it really is and it will shine for as long as anyone is interested in Whitehall.’ Peter Hennessy

Suzanne Heywood spent most of her childhood sailing around the world with her family, with limited access to formal education. Returning to the UK, she won a place at Oxford University. After her PhD, she joined McKinsey and Company and became a senior partner. She is now a managing director of Exor. She married Jeremy in 1997. Biography 4 February 2021 HB £25.00 9780008353124


Three Mothers

How the Mothers of Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X and James Baldwin Shaped a Nation Anna Malaika Tubbs In her groundbreaking and essential debut, Anna Malaika Tubbs celebrates Black motherhood by telling the story of the three women who raised and shaped some of America’s most pivotal heroes: Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X and James Baldwin Much has been written about Berdis Baldwin’s son James, about Alberta King’s son Martin Luther and Louise Little’s son Malcolm. But virtually nothing has been said about the extraordinary women who raised them, all born into the beginning of the twentieth century and its deadly landscape of racial prejudice. Jim Crow. Exploitation. Unpoliced violence. Police violence. It was a society that would deny their sons’ humanity from the beginning as it had denied theirs, but Berdis, Alberta and Louise raised their children to hope and work towards better. Louise had fought her own battles for change and taught her children about their activist roots. Berdis encouraged James to express himself in writing. Alberta based her lessons in faith and social justice, raising Martin Luther to believe in what was right, and to dream. These women, in their common goals and differences, would become mothers to the civil rights movement itself. They represent a piece of history left untold and a celebration of Black motherhood long overdue.

Anna Malaika Tubbs is a Cambridge PhD candidate in Sociology and a Bill and Melinda Gates Cambridge Scholar. After graduating Phi Beta Kappa from Stanford University with a BA in Anthropology, Anna received a Master’s from the University of Cambridge in Multidisciplinary Gender Studies. History 4 February 2021 HB £20.00 9780008405328

‘A fascinating exploration into the lives of three women ignored by history … An eye-opening, engrossing read!’ Brit Bennett, bestselling author of The Vanishing Half


Learning to Pray A Guide for Everyone James Martin, SJ One of America’s most beloved spiritual leaders and the New York Times bestselling author of The Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything and Jesus: A Pilgrimage teaches anyone to converse with God in this comprehensive guide to prayer In The Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything, Father James Martin included a chapter on communicating with God. Now, he expands those thoughts in this profound and practical handbook. Learning to Pray explains what prayer is, what to expect from praying, how to do it and how it can transform us when we make it a regular practice in our lives. A trusted guide walking beside us as we navigate our unique spiritual paths, Martin lays out the different styles and traditions of prayer throughout Christian history and invites us to experiment and discover which works best to feed our soul and build intimacy with our Creator. Father Martin makes clear there is not one secret formula for praying. But like any relationship, each person can discover the best style for building an intimate relationship with God, regardless of religion or denomination. Prayer, he teaches us, is open and accessible to anyone willing to open their heart. ‘A brilliant introduction to prayer, which will help you encounter the Living God, who wants to encounter you!’ Richard Rohr, author of Everything Belongs

REV. JAMES MARTIN, SJ, is a Jesuit priest, editor at large of America magazine, consultor to the Vatican’s Secretariat for Communication, and author of numerous books, including the New York Times bestsellers Jesus: A Pilgrimage, The Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything and My Life with the Saints, which Publishers Weekly named one of the best books of 2006. Christian Faith 4 February 2021 HB £16.99 9780008447052


Jews Don’t Count David Baddiel David Baddiel examines the –ism that woke culture and identity politics leave behind: antisemitism Jews don’t count. Even among those on ‘the right side of history’, those who take a stand against all -isms – racism, sexism, ableism, Islamophobia, transphobia, etc. – it is still somehow acceptable to make jokes about Jews, blame them, appropriate their culture and call them Yids in the football stadium. Throughout history Jews have been seen as rich oppressors, as well as ‘vermin’. Today they are the subjects of considerable racially motivated hate-crime, and yet antisemetism is not decried by progressives. David Baddiel follows the antisemetism he finds in his Twitter feed to the stage, through the media and into politics, with rigour and humour. And as he does so, he challenges us to examine our complex and unconscious racism. ‘Patient, clear and persuasive – which makes it not just admirable but valuable’ Jonathan Freedland ‘Just so brilliantly argued and written, I was completely swept along’ Hadley Freeman

David Baddiel is an author, comedian and screenwriter. He has written and performed several successful TV shows, including The Mary Whitehouse Experience and Baddiel and Skinner Unplanned. He is the author of four novels as well as six books for children which have sold over 1 million copies. Polemic 4 February 2021 HB £9.99 9780008399474


River Kings

A New History of Vikings from Scandinavia to the Silk Road Cat Jarman Follow bioarchaeologist Cat Jarman – and the cutting-edge forensic techniques central to her research – as she uncovers epic stories of the Viking age and follows a small ‘Carnelian’ bead found in a Viking grave in Derbyshire to its origins thousands of miles to the east in Gujarat Dr Cat Jarman is a bioarchaeologist specialising in forensic techniques to research the Vikings who came to rest in British soil. By examining teeth that are now over one thousand years old, she can determine childhood diet and thereby where a person was likely born. With radiocarbon dating, she can ascertain a death date down to the range of a few years. And her research offers new visions of the likely roles of women and children in Viking culture. In 2017, a carnelian bead came into her temporary possession. River Kings sees her trace its path back to eighth-century Baghdad and India, discovering along the way that the Vikings came with people from the Middle East, not just Scandinavia, and that the reason for this unexpected integration between the Eastern and Western worlds may well have been a slave trade running through the Silk Road and all the way to Britain. A riveting story of the Vikings and the methods we use to understand them, this is a major reassessment of the fierce, often mythologised voyagers and of the global medieval world as we know it.

Dr Cat Jarman is a bioarchaeologist and field archaeologist specialising in the Viking Age, Viking women, and Rapa Nui. She uses forensic techniques like isotope analysis, carbon dating, and DNA analysis on human remains. Dr Jarman has contributed to numerous TV documentaries including programmes for the BBC, Channel 4, History, Discovery, and more. History 18 February 2021 HB £25.00 9780008353070


The Wood Age

How One Material Shaped the Whole of Human History Roland Ennos When our ancestors came down from the trees, they brought the trees with them and remade the world Wood. We burned it to create fire. We fashioned it into tools. We built homes, roads, boats and cathedrals; became explorers, inventors, industrialists. We transformed the world. This unique history of humanity tells the story of our evolution, our civilisations and our future through the lens of the material that made us. We are products of the Wood Age. Praise for Roland Ennos: ‘An intelligent, inspiring read for all nature enthusiasts’ New Scientist ‘A must for anyone who takes delight in the world of plants’ BBC Wildlife magazine

Roland Ennos is a professor of biological sciences at the University of Hull. He is the author of successful textbooks on plants, biomechanics and statistics, while his popular book Trees, which is published by the Natural History Museum, is now in its second edition in both the UK and US. Popular science 18 February 2021 HB £20.00 9780008318833


A Curious Boy

The Making of a Scientist Richard Fortey What makes a scientist? Charming, funny and wise, in this memoir Richard Fortey shows how restless curiosity about the natural world led him to become a leading scientist and writer, with adventures and misadventures along the way. From a garden shed laboratory where he manufactured the greatest stink in the world to a tent high in the Arctic in pursuit of fossils, this is a story of obsession and love of nature, flavoured with the peculiarities and restrictions of post-war Britain. Fortey tells the story of following his father down river banks to fish for trout, and also of his father’s shocking death. He unfolds his early passions – fungi, ammonite hunting and eyeing up birds’ eggs. He evokes with warmth and wit how the natural world started out as his playground and refuge, then became his life’s work. Much more than a story about science alone, this memoir gives an unforgettable portrait of a young, curious mind, and shows how luck and enthusiasm can create a special life.

Richard Fortey spent his working life in palaeontology at the Natural History Museum, specialising in trilobites and becoming a world expert. He is the writer of eight previous science and nature books, including two Sunday Times bestsellers, all of which are still in print. Memoir 18 February 2021 HB £20.00 9780008323967


The Good Hand

A Memoir of Work, Brotherhood and Transformation in an American Boomtown Michael Patrick F. Smith The must-read memoir for fans of Educated and Hillbilly Elegy Michael Patrick F. Smith grew up in a ramshackle farmhouse where his father beat the walls and threw dinner plates. As a restless young man left unmoored by the crashing economy, Smith cut a path to North Dakota to rent a mattress on a flophouse floor. Sleeping boot to beard with the other rough-edged men looking to earn a cent drilling for oil, Smith wanted the work to burn him clean – of his violent upbringing, his demons, his disjointed, doomed relationships. He did not expect, among these quick-fisted, foul-mouthed hands, to find a community. The Good Hand is a memoir of danger and exhaustion, of suffering, loneliness and grit, of masculinity and of learning how to reconcile yourself to yourself. ‘Thrillingly and wrenchingly funny … like Educated and Hillbilly Elegy, The Good Hand is one of those brilliant close-ups that suddenly flips to become a wide shot of the American moment. An engrossing combination of participation, reportage, self-discovery and witness’ David Lipsky

Michael Patrick F Smith is a writer and actor based in Brooklyn. His play about the iconoclast folksinger, Woody Guthrie Dreams, premiered at Theatre for the New City in September of 2011. The Good Hand is his first book. Memoir 4 March 2021 HB £16.99 9780008399436



Elon Musk and the Desperate Early Days that Launched SpaceX Eric Berger Drawing on unparalleled access and exclusive interviews with dozens of former and current employees – including Elon Musk – Eric Berger tells the dramatic inside story of how SpaceX – and Elon Musk – overcame early failure as a shaky start-up to achieve historic success as the world’s leading rocket company In 2006, SpaceX – a brand-new venture with fewer than 200 employees – rolled its first, single-engine rocket onto a launch pad at Kwajalein Atoll. After a groundbreaking launch from the middle of the Pacific Ocean, the Falcon 1 rocket rose in the air for approximately thirty seconds. Then, its engine flamed out, and the rocket crashed back into the ocean. After two more failed flight tests, SpaceX decided to try one last, dramatic launch. Over eight weeks, engineers worked furiously to prepare this final Falcon 1 rocket. If it crashed and burned, so would SpaceX. In September 2008, SpaceX’s last chance for success lifted off . . . and accelerated like a dream, soaring into orbit flawlessly. That success would launch a miraculous decade for the company, in which SpaceX grew from building a singleengine rocket to one with a staggering 27 engines, created two different spacecraft and mastered reusable-rocket descents. But such achievements would not have been possible without the huge gamble of SpaceX’s test flights and the leadership provided by a hugely ambitious CEO.

Eric Berger is the senior space editor at Ars Technica, covering everything from new space to NASA policy. He previously worked at the Houston Chronicle, where the paper was a Pulitzer Prize finalist in 2009 for his coverage of Hurricane Ike. Science/Business 4 March 2021 HB £20.00 9780008445621

‘A book that held me captive, in earth orbit, from prologue to epilogue, countdown to splashdown’ Simon Winchester


The Fragile Earth

Writing From the New Yorker on Climate Change Edited by David Remnick and Henry Finder A classic collection of the New Yorker’s most urgent and groundbreaking reporting over the past thirty years from the front lines of the climate crisis The Fragile Earth tells the story of climate change – its past, present and future – taking readers from Greenland to the Great Plains and into both laboratories and rain forests. It features some of the best writing on global warming from the last three decades, including Bill McKibben’s seminal essay ‘The End of Nature’, the first piece to popularize both the science and politics of climate change for a general audience, and the Pulitzer Prize-winning work of Elizabeth Kolbert, as well as Kathryn Schulz, Dexter Filkins, Jonathan Franzen, Ian Frazier, Eric Klinenberg and others. The result, in its range, depth and passion, promises to bring light, and sometimes heat, to the great emergency of our age.

David Remnick has been the editor of the New Yorker since 1998 and a staff writer since 1992. Henry Finder has been the editorial director of the New Yorker since 1997. Non-Fiction 4 March 2021 HB £20.00 9780008446611


Irish Birds David Cabot An easy-to-use, fully-illustrated guide to the birds of Ireland Irish Birds describes and illustrates 178 of the most frequently occurring birds in Ireland. Specially designed for people with a general interest in birds, the species have been carefully selected to include those that the nonspecialist birdwatcher is most likely to see. Birds are grouped together according to where they are most likely to be seen: in gardens, parks and buildings; farmland and hedgerows; woodland and scrubland; moorland and upland; freshwater or coastal areas. Sections start with background information about each of Ireland’s major habitats. Essential identification characteristics are given for each species, along with clear illustrations. There are notes on distribution, numbers and migration for each species. And general pages for thrushes, tits, sparrows, finches etc help you to distinguish similar species. Irish Birds is perfect for travelling in Ireland, is an ideal introduction to birdwatching and makes the perfect gift for all nature lovers.

David Cabot is one of Ireland’s foremost ornithologists and wildlife experts. He completed his PhD at University College Galway, where he also taught and founded the Irish Wildfowl Conservancy. He worked for 20 years as head of Conservation in a State planning institute before becoming a special environmental advisor to the Irish Prime Minister. Reference/Birdwatching 4 March 2021 HB £14.99 9780008412715


Inventory of a Life Mislaid

An Unreliable Memoir Marina Warner From one of our most iconic writers, a luminous memoir of post-war childhood, adventure, loss and the banks of the Nile Marina Warner was born in 1946 to an English father and an Italian mother who had met during the war. In this beautiful memoir, Warner reaches back to their wartime meeting, romance, and the precarious tale of her wilful mother making the difficult move to London, landing in England with an outsider’s eyes. Marina would spend her childhood in Cairo, in a time when Egypt was in revolution and tumult, her parents were running a bookshop and her beautiful, young mother was swishing out every night to go dancing, in rustling skirts and jewels. The story is charted by the objects of Marina’s life – her mother’s wedding ring, worn down thin as a silk thread. A razor used to shave her hair close to the skull as a child. A film cylinder with negatives of burned Cairo, following the anti-British protests and riots of 1952. Evocative and imaginative, Warner offers a memoir that powerfully resurrects the post-war world. In Marina’s recollections, the river Lethe often feels as real as the Nile. Cairo in her memory is a chimera, at once a vital place of childhood and life, and a city of the dead.

Marina Warner’s study of the Arabian Nights, Stranger Magic won the Truman Capote Award for Literary Criticism and the Sheikh Zayed Book Award in 2013; in 2015 she was awarded the Holberg Prize in the Arts and Humanities and was made DBE. She is a Professor of English and Creative Writing at Birkbeck College, a Fellow of the British Academy and President of the Royal Society of Literature. Memoir 4 March 2021 HB £16.99 9780008347581



Building a Better World for All Mark Carney Our world is full of fault lines – growing inequality in income and opportunity; systemic racism; health and economic crises from a global pandemic; mistrust of experts; the existential threat of climate change. These fundamental problems and others like them, argues Mark Carney, stem from a common crisis in values Drawing on the turmoil of the past decade, Mark Carney shows how ‘market economies’ have evolved into ‘market societies’ where price determines the value of everything. In this profoundly important new book, Carney argues that radical, foundational change is required if we are to build an economy and society based not on market values but on human values. A society that can work better for all. When we think about what we, as individuals, value most highly, we might list fairness, health, the protection of our rights, economic security from poverty, the preservation of natural diversity, resources and beauty. The tragedy is, these things that we hold dearest are too often the casualties of our twenty-first century world, where they ought to be our bedrock. In Value(s), Mark Carney offers a vision of a more humane society and a practical manifesto for getting there. How we reform our infrastructure to make things better and fairer is at the heart of every chapter, with outlines of wholly new ideas that can restructure society and enshrine our human values at the core of all that we build for our children and grandchildren.

Mark Carney was Governor of the Bank of England (2013 to 2020), and Governor of the Bank of Canada (2008 to 2013). He is currently the UN Special Envoy for Climate Action and Finance and Prime Minister Johnson’s Finance Adviser for COP26. Politics 18 March 2021 HB £30.00 9780008421090


Restoring the Wild

Sixty Years of Rewilding our Skies, Woods and Waterways Roy Dennis The distinctive white-tailed sea eagle was driven to extinction in Britain more than 200 years ago, but this immense predator is making a return to our skies, thanks to Roy Dennis, an ornithologist, conservationist and arguably the driving force behind the UK’s reintroduction agenda Roy was instrumental in returning the osprey, red kite and golden eagle to the British Isles, but the road to reintroduction isn’t an easy one. In what will surely be the seminal book on British reintroductions, Roy details the painstaking process and the leap of faith we will all need to make to accept sharing our forests and skies with large carnivores again. He also illustrates all that we have to gain by restoring our ecosystems to balance. Filled with a lifetime’s worth of stories from the front lines of conservation, Restoring the Wild offers an eyeopening insight into the complexities of reintroducing extinct animals to Britain. It’s also an intimate portrait of these apex predators and a reminder of why we need them. Praise for Roy Dennis: ‘Roy is not just a brilliant conservationist but a superb naturalist too … [His] beautiful essays are positive and pragmatic about the future … absolutely joyous’ Chris Packham

Roy Dennis, MBE is a field ornithologist and wildlife consultant. He has worked in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland since 1959, most notably on the conservation of rare birds and the reintroduction of lost species, such as the white-tailed eagle and red kite. He is a writer, lecturer and broadcaster. Biography/Memoir/Nature 18 March 2021 HB £18.99 9780008368814

‘Roy Dennis is the UK’s pre-eminent conservationist of the past half century … He writes with conviction, clarity, insight, depth and purpose’ Countryfile magazine


Beyond Stephen Walker On April 12, 1961, Yuri Gagarin became the first human being to go into space. This book, published on the sixtieth anniversary of that epic flight, tells the astonishing story of how it happened, why it happened – and what happened next Gagarin’s flight was a world-changing moment in history, a staggering technological triumph which would forever change the way we look at, and think about, our own planet. Beyond tells the thrilling story of the space race as it happened for both sides, the Americans and Russians competing for supremacy. With unparalleled access to the far lesser known Russian history, Walker unpacks the secrets and deaths hidden for decades: the hushed KGB input, the enormous risks taken; and how exactly the Russians outfoxed the USA. It also sets the space race in its political context: as a crucial, public battle between the world’s two superpowers, both fighting for Cold War victory, international power and dominance on the extra-terrestrial plane.

Stephen Walker is a BAFTAwinning British filmmaker and author. He was educated at Oxford and Harvard universities. He has directed around 30 films for the BBC, the UK’s Channel 4, ITV, PBS and numerous other broadcasters. He has won a BAFTA, an Emmy and two Rose d’Ors. He is the author of Shockwave. History 1 April 2021 HB £20.00 9780008372507


Giving a Damn

Race, Romance and Gone with the Wind Patricia Williams In Giving a Damn, the legal scholar Patricia Williams finds that when you begin to unpick current debates around immigration, freedom of speech, the culture wars and wall-building, beneath them lies the unexamined history of enslavement in the West. Our ability to dehumanise one another can be traced all the way from the plantation to the US President’s Twitter account Williams begins with Gone with the Wind (still the second most popular book in the USA after the Bible), which sets a seductively nostalgic scene. How nice it is to paper over the obliging slavery at the novel’s core, and just enjoy the wisteria-covered plantations. But Williams’s great-grandmother was a slave, her great-grandfather a slave-owner, and papering over has left us in a world where people have never been more segregated, incarcerated or separated from each other. Williams wants to know which ideas brought the richest and most diverse nation on the planet to the brink of resurgent, violent division and what this means for the rest of the world. And she finds that most of those ideas began in slavery.

Patricia Williams is the James L. Dohr Professor of Law Emerita at Columbia Law School. She is published widely in the areas of race, gender and law. Her books include The Alchemy of Race and Rights; The Rooster’s Egg; and Seeing a Color-Blind Future. Williams also writes for the Nation. Polemic 1 April 2021 HB £7.99 9780008404505


Einstein’s Fridge

The Science of Fire, Ice and the Universe Paul Sen Einstein’s Fridge is a compulsively readable account of the extraordinary people, battling internal demons and external adversaries, who discovered the laws of thermodynamics and the science of heat, and brought about a scientific revolution The laws of thermodynamics govern everything from the behaviour of atoms to that of living cells, from the engines that power our world to the black hole at the centre of our galaxy. Not only that, but thermodynamics explains why we must eat and breathe, how the lights come on and ultimately how the universe will end. The people who decoded its laws came from every branch of the sciences – they were engineers, physicists, chemists, biologists, cosmologists and mathematicians. Their discoveries, set over two hundred years, kickstarted the industrial revolution, changed the course of world wars and informed modern understanding of black holes. This book captures the thrill of discovery and the power of revolutionary science to change the world forever. Praise for Paul Sen: ‘Fascinating and lovely’ Guardian ‘Lovingly made, moving, enlightening … informative and educational’ Telegraph

Paul Sen first encountered thermodynamics while studying engineering at Cambridge. After graduating, he began a career in television. His film, Oak Tree: Nature’s Greatest Survivor, won the prestigious Royal Television Society Award for best science and natural history programme and the Grierson Award for best science documentary in 2016. Popular science 1 April 2021 HB £20.00 9780008262792


Truth is Beautiful David McCandless In this fascinating follow-up to the bestselling Information is Beautiful and Knowledge is Beautiful, David McCandless uses spectacular visuals to give us all a bit of good news We are living in the Information Age, in which we are constantly bombarded with data – on television, in print and online. How can we relate to this mind-numbing overload? Enter David McCandless and his amazing infographics: simple, elegant ways to understand information too complex or abstract to grasp any way but visually. In his unique signature style, he creates dazzling displays that blend facts with their connections, contexts and relationships, making information meaningful, entertaining – and beautiful. In his highly anticipated third book, McCandless illustrates positive news from around the world, for an informative, engaging and uplifting collection of new infographic art. Praise for David McCandless’s Information is Beautiful: ‘Unbelievably brilliant’ Vogue ‘Stunning’ Sunday Times ‘Thought-provoking, lovingly crafted and informative’ Independent on Sunday

David McCandless is an awardwinning writer and journalist. His work has appeared in over 30 magazines in the UK and the US. He currently works as creative consultant for Orange and the BBC and writes about the internet, underground culture and ‘anything interesting’ for Wired and the Guardian. Illustrated/infographic 1 April 2021 PLC Crown Quarto £25.00 9780007448371


Exotic Vetting

What Treating Wild Animals Teaches You About Their Lives Romain Pizzi Anaesthetising a fish, x-raying a frog and hospitalising a walrus are all in a day’s work for the world’s wildest veterinarian Travelling from the rainforests of Sierra Leone to the jungles of Borneo, Romain Pizzi has caught, anaesthetised, diagnosed, operated on, medicated and then released some of the world’s most endangered wild animals. From disease testing Polynesian snails to keyhole surgery in Sumatran orangutans; from endoscopy in sharks to ultrasound on a chimpanzee. Sometimes this is high tech work, such as the first robotic surgery on a tiger, or giant panda cloning attempts. Sometimes the situations are more primitive, from anaesthetising a bear with a bicycle pump, old plumbing tubes and a plank, to operating on a vulture using an old metal spoon. In Exotic Vetting, Romain recalls his many interesting patients, while taking readers on a tour of the challenges of treating the world’s amazing spectrum of wild animal species.

Dr Romain Pizzi BVSc MSc Phd DZooMed DipECZM MACVS(Surg) FRES FRGS FRSB FRCVS, is a Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Recognised Specialist in Zoo & Wildlife Medicine, and the world’s leading expert in wildlife surgery. He has travelled the globe pioneering many world-first operations on endangered wild animals. Nature/Popular science/Memoir 29 April 2021 HB £20.00 9780008356743


The Adventures of Miss Barbara Pym Paula Byrne A brilliant, intimate biography of English writer Barbara Pym She was Pym to friends. Miss Pym in her diaries. Sandra in seduction mode. Pymska at her most sophisticated. English novelist Barbara Pym’s career was defined, in many senses, by rejection. Her first novel, Some Tame Gazelle, was turned down by every publisher who saw it in 1935, to be finally published some fifteen years later. Though she picked up a publisher eventually and received modest praise, the publishing industry grew restless and her sales spiralled downwards. By her seventh novel, publishers Jonathan Cape had dropped her. She was deemed old-fashioned, telling stories of little English villages, unrequited love and the social dramas of vicars or academics. This brilliant biography, brimming with Pym’s private diaries and intimate letters, offers a first full insight into Barbara Pym’s life and how it informed her writing. It gallops through her love affairs and lifelong relationships. It opens a door to the quick-draw humour which lives in her every written line. It shows how, with a little help from her most ardent fans and friends including Philip Larkin, her work eventually resurfaced, meeting new readers and bringing her sudden astounding, resounding love and acclaim – in the last years of her life.

Paula Byrne is the author the bestselling biographies Perdita, Mad World, The Real Jane Austen, Belle, Kick and The Genius of Jane Austen. She is founder and chief executive of ReLit, the Bibliotherapy Foundation, a charity devoted to the mental health benefits of reading. She is married to Sir Jonathan Bate. Biography 29 April 2021 HB £25.00 9780008322205


First Steps

How Upright Walking Made Us Human Jeremy DeSilva Humans are the only mammals to walk on two legs rather than four. From an evolutionary perspective, this is an illogical development, as it slows us down. But here we are, suggesting there must have been something tremendous to gain from bipedalism First Steps takes our ordinary, everyday walking experience and reveals how unusual and extraordinary it truly is. The 7-million-year-long journey through the origins of upright walking shows how it was in fact a gateway to many of the other attributes that make us human – from our technological skills and sociality to our thirst for exploration. Author Jeremy DeSilva uses early human evolution to explain the instinct that propels a crawling infant to toddle onto two feet, differences between how men and women tend to walk and the physical costs of upright walking. And he theorises that upright walking may have laid the foundation for the traits of compassion, empathy and altruism that characterise our species today and helped us become the dominant species on this planet. ‘Authoritative but charmingly discursive and accessible’ Ian Tattersall, author of Masters of the Planet ‘A tour de force of empathic understanding’ Sarah Blaffer Hrdy, author of Mother Nature and Mothers and Others

Jeremy DeSilva is an associate professor of anthropology at Dartmouth College and a paleoanthropologist, specialising in the fossilised remains of the first apes and early human ancestors and extinct relatives. Through his particular anatomical expertise – the foot and leg – he has made major contributions to our understanding of the evolution of upright walking. Popular science 15 April 2021 HB £20.00 9780008342838


Beak, Tooth and Claw Why Predators Are Needed For a Healthy British Countryside Mary Colwell Foxes, buzzards, crows, badgers, weasels, seals, gulls, kites – Britain and Ireland’s predators are impressive and diverse, and they capture our collective imagination. But many consider them to be our competition, even our enemies The problem is that predators eat what we farm or use for sport. From foxes and ravens attacking new-born lambs to weasels eating game-bird chicks, predators compete with us, putting them directly into the firing line. Farming, fishing, sport and leisure industries want to see numbers of predators reduced, and conservation organisations also worry that predators are threatening some endangered species. Mary Colwell travels across the UK and Ireland to encounter the predators face to face. She watches their lives in the wild and discovers how they fit into the landscape. She talks to the scientists studying them and the wildlife lovers who want to protect them. She also meets the people who want to control them to protect their livelihoods or sporting interests. In this even-handed exploration of the issues, Mary provides a thoughtful and reasoned analysis of the debates surrounding our bittersweet relationship with predators. Praise for Mary Colwell’s Curlew Moon: ‘Beautifully written, soundly researched and inspiring’ BTO Book Review

Mary Colwell is a producer and writer. In 2017 she was awarded the BTO Dilys Breese Medal for outstanding Communication in Science and in 2018 she won the National Gamekeepers Association Bellamy Award for nature conservation for her work on curlews. She is listed in the top 50 most influential conservationists in Britain by BBC Wildlife magazine. Nature 15 April 2021 HB £16.99 9780008354763

‘This might be a practical book, but Colwell has lovely poetic insights too’ Spectator ‘Well-crafted and thoughtful’ Country Life


Swifts and Us

The Life of the Bird that Sleeps in the Sky Sarah Gibson Swifts live almost entirely in the air. They eat, drink, sleep, mate and gather their nesting materials on the wing, fly thousands of miles across the world, navigating their way around storms, never landing on tree, cliff or ground, until they return home with the summer Sarah Gibson has written a fascinating story of discovery, exploring what is known about these mysterious birds, their ancient ancestry and how they have been regarded through history. But the swifts are in real danger: often unintentionally, we are sealing our homes against wildlife of any kind. Cracks, gaps and crevices which for thousands of years have offered nesting space in buildings, are being closed off, while new housing rarely offers entry holes for nesting birds. Loss of breeding places is considered to be a significant factor in the steep decline of these birds over the last twenty years. Thankfully, there are people in the UK and across Europe striving to ensure a future for swifts. Their actions and stories are woven into the narrative, demonstrating how change is brought about by passionate, determined individuals.

Sarah Gibson works for Shropshire Wildlife Trust as Press Officer as well as Editor of the members’ magazine. She also writes nature note columns for local magazines and newspapers. Sarah organises regular swift walks and advocates for awareness of their plight. Nature 29 April 2021 HB £16.99 9780008350635


Operation Pedestal Max Hastings An epic, intimate new account of one of the greatest naval dramas of World War II, from number one bestselling historian Max Hastings Operation Pedestal was a crucial relief mission that became an epic, bloody naval battle and a pivotal moment in the Second World War. In 1942, the Luftwaffe had a stranglehold on Malta. In the months of April and May, they dropped more bombs on the island than on London in the entire Blitz. British attempts to bring in supplies and reinforcements were failing with heavy losses, and the people on Malta were closing in on starvation as the Axis attempted to force their surrender. Operation Pedestal saw an armada of fifty British ships loaded with food and medical supplies, ammunition and fuel, attempt to fight its way to the island. The ensuing battle was brutal on both sides, Italian submarines and German planes dealing serious damage alongside the naval skirmishing. In his signature brilliant style, Max Hastings gives a thrilling narrative of this little-known but crucial naval battle, retelling the intense action which perfectly encapsulates the spirit and power of the Royal Navy, surely the fiercest and most iconic fighting force of WW2. Praise for Max Hastings’ Chastise: ‘A virtuoso performance from a veteran military historian. It is a white-knuckle narrative that brings clarity and insight to a much-loved tale, as well as offering a vital corrective to the drum-thumping conclusions of earlier books’ Sunday Times

Max Hastings is the author of twenty-seven books, most about conflict. He has won many prizes both for journalism and his books, including Chastise, Vietnam, All Hell Let Loose, Catastrophe and The Secret War, best-sellers translated around the world. History 13 May 2021 HB £25.00 9780008364946

‘Hastings recounts the actual raids with dramatic intensity … Superb’ The Times


America on Fire

The Untold History of Police Violence and Black Rebellion Since the 1960s Elizabeth Hinton A radical reckoning with the racial inequality of America’s past and present, by one of the leading scholars of policing and mass incarceration in the US As the ‘War on Crime’ targeted American cities from the late 1960s onward, Black residents threw punches and Molotov cocktails at police officers, plundered local businesses and vandalized exploitative institutions. In America on Fire, acclaimed scholar Elizabeth Hinton draws on never-beforeseen archival research to reveal that these so-called riots were not explosions of criminality, but collective acts of rebellion against police brutality and racism. In light of the continuing protests in response to the murders by police of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and so many others, this book offers an unprecedented framework for understanding the current crisis and demonstrates that we cannot truly understand the civil rights movement without coming to terms with the astonishing violence, and hugely expanding policing regime, that followed it. Following in the tradition of Michelle Alexander’s The New Jim Crow, America on Fire is a groundbreaking investigation into a hidden history that will force us to rethink the way we talk about urban violence and ‘rioting’ in response to institutionalised racism.

Elizabeth Hinton is an associate professor of history, African American studies and law at Yale University and Yale Law School. Author of the critically acclaimed From the War on Poverty to the War on Crime, she lives in New Haven, Connecticut. Non-Fiction 18 May 2021 HB £20.00 9780008443832

Praise for From the War on Poverty to the War on Crime: ‘A revelation’ Imani Perry, New York Times ‘Magisterial’ Guardian ‘Extraordinary and important’ Jill Lepore, New Yorker


Birds of the World Norman Arlott An illustrated guide to all the birds of the world For the first time, the complete collection of Norman Arlott’s incredibly detailed, accurate and beautiful bird paintings has been brought together in one comprehensive volume, accompanied by concise text detailing specific characteristics and appearance of each species to enable identification. This all-encompassing new field guide is an excellent addition to the world-renowned series – the ultimate reference book for birdwatchers and bird lovers. Over 10,000 birds are featured and more than 300 full colour plates make this a visual feast, as well as an authoritative resource. Praise for Norman Arlott: ‘Arlott’s paintings are not only accurate (which is the most important thing), but very attractive as well … I would highly recommend’ Grant McCreary, Birder’s Library ‘A must for the travelling birder’ BBC Wildlife magazine

Norman Arlott is one of the world’s leading bird artists. He has illustrated many bird guides, and more than 100 books in total. He has designed special bird stamp issues for countries including Jamaica, Bahamas, Seychelles, British Virgin Islands, The Gambia, Malawi and Christmas Island. He has also led ornithology tours to East Africa. Reference/Birdwatching/Art 13 May 2021 HB £75.00 9780008173999


Bat, Ball and Field The Elements of Cricket Jon Hotten A beautifully illustrated journey through the history and evolution of cricket, from one of our greatest sports writers A cricket book unlike any other published before, an extraordinary, eccentric guide and charming visual representation of the game, from the weather and wood that make it possible to the achievements of its greatest and most famous players. The book is divided into the three parts that make up the fundamental elements of cricket: bat, ball and field. Their harmony produces cricket’s unique environment; their centuries-long conflict provides its innovation, adaptability and vast psychological hinterland. These sections unite to map out in a completely original way the story of the sport that began as a country pursuit and is now followed by billions across the world. Praise for Jon Hotten’s The Meaning of Cricket: ‘Beautifully written’ Evening Standard ‘Hotten is not just good, he is one of the best’ Cricketer ‘Accessible, fun and elegantly written’ Hilary Mantel, New Statesman ‘Simultaneously playful and packed with insight … Often moving’ Observer

Jon Hotten is the author of four books, including The Meaning of Cricket, and writes the popular cricket blog The Old Batsman. He co-wrote the award-winning documentary Death of a Gentleman, and his collaboration with the former England bowler Simon Jones, The Test, won the Wisden Almanack’s Book of the Year award in 2016. Sports 13 May 2021 HB £20.00 9780008328337


Noise Daniel Kahneman, Olivier Sibony and Cass R. Sunstein From the multi-million copy bestselling author of Thinking Fast and Slow Daniel Kahneman, the co-author of the million-copy bestseller Nudge Cass Sunstein and the eminent professor and writer on strategic thinking Olivier Sibony, a new book about how to make better decisions We make thousands of decisions every day, from minute choices we don’t even know we’re making up to great, agonising deliberations. But when every decision we make is life-changing, the way we reach them matters. And for every decision, there is noise. This book teaches us how to understand all the extraneous factors that impact and bias our decisionmaking – and how to combat them and improve our thinking. Filled with new science, fascinating case studies and revealing practical examples, the skills this book teaches can be readily used by private or public institutions, by schools, hospitals, businesses, judges and in our everyday lives. Praise for Daniel Kahneman’s Thinking Fast and Slow: ‘There have been many good books on human rationality and irrationality, but only one masterpiece. One of the greatest and most engaging collections of insights into the human mind I have read’ Financial Times ‘Daniel Kahneman is among the most influential psychologists in history and certainly the most important psychologist alive today’ Steven Pinker

Daniel Kahneman is a psychologist and economist. In 2002 he won the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences. He is the author of Thinking Fast and Slow. Cass R. Sunstein is a legal scholar, former White House staffer and co-author of Nudge. Olivier Sibony is a professor, writer and speaker specialising in strategic thinking and decision processes. Smart thinking/Psychology/ Business 18 May 2021 HB £25.00 9780008308995



On Awe, Wonder And the Things That Sustain You When The World Goes Dark Julia Baird From ‘one of the most eloquent voices of her generation’ comes a profound and timely exploration of phosphorescence and the ways humans find light in the darkest of places In this wise and generous book, journalist Julia Baird reflects on her encounters with phosphorescence, a luminescent phenomenon found in the natural world, and how she was able to cultivate her own ‘inner light’ in the face of suffering, illness and heartbreak. Whilst living through these challenging times, Julia sought out experiences that exposed her to feelings of awe and wonder; moments that offered glimmers of hope during her own journey through the dark. Contemplating these encounters, Julia suggests that when we spend time in nature, humble ourselves to the mystery of the world and recognise the ‘soothing power of the ordinary’ we are embracing the presence of phosphorescence in our lives. When the world goes dark, it is these experiences that sustain us, help us place one foot in front of the other and cultivate our own essential light. At once a meditation on navigating periods of adversity, and a personal reflection on her own struggles, Julia’s intimate study of phosphorescence contains hard-won wisdom for these unprecedented times.

Julia Baird is a bestselling author and award-winning journalist. She hosts The Drum on ABCTV in Australia and writes columns for the New York Times and the Sydney Morning Herald. Since publication last year, Phosphorescence has sold 100,000 copies in Australia. Inspirational/Self-help/ Mental Health 27 May 2021 HB £16.99 9780008463625

‘Julia Baird’s new, beautiful consideration of the things that glow ... is of the moment in the best possible way’ The Guardian Australia ‘Phosphorescence could not be more poignant or timely’ Vogue Australia


Palaces of Restoration The Palaces, Lives and Loves of the Stuart Kings Simon Thurley The story of the Stuart dynasty is a breathless soap opera played out in just a hundred years in an array of buildings that span Europe from Scotland, via Denmark, Holland and Spain to England Simon Thurley shows us these places in graphic detail, from Royston and Newmarket, where James I appropriated most of the town centre as a sort of rough-and-ready royal housing estate, to the steamy Turkish baths at Whitehall where Charles II seduced his mistresses. The book is thus about the everyday life of the monarchy, presented chronologically, through the buildings in which they lived. It will present new stories and information about the period not only in the text but through maps and plans that bring life to the Stuart age. Praise for Simon Thurley: ‘An absorbing account’ Times Literary Supplement ‘A landmark book’ Country Life ‘Unrivalled architectural expertise … Superb writing … A triumph’ Literary Review ‘Fascinating … A suitably opulent book’ The Times ‘Excellent … Fresh, learned, readable and full of life’ Mail on Sunday

Dr Simon Thurley is one of Britain’s leading architectural historians. A regular broadcaster on television and radio, he was until 2015 the Chief Executive of English Heritage, the government’s principal advisor on the historic environment in England. Previous posts have included Curator of the Historic Royal Palaces and Director of the Museum of London. History/Architecture 27 May 2021 HB £25.00 9780008389963


Fuel Youth Bible Anglicised

English Standard Version The Fuel Youth Bible is a vibrant and portable Thinline edition of the anglicised English Standard Version An easy-to-read Bible translation containing a 40-page colour section at the back with timelines, dictionary of Bible terms, maps, concordance and the complete text of the ESV Bible in a highly readable font size. An ‘essentially literal’ translation, the ESV Bible combines word-for-word accuracy with readability, literary excellence and depth of meaning. More than 100 of the world’s leading Bible scholars and teachers were involved in creating the ESV Bible. This youth edition is ideal for church, school and personal study. Helpful features included: • 10-point type • Old Testament and New Testament colour timelines • Dictionary of Bible terms • God’s Word for me when and about… • 2 Reading Plans • Simplified maps • British English Text • Double-column format with black letter text • 30-page Concordance • Gilt page edges • Thinline edition for on-the-go

The ESV Bible carries forward the trusted legacy of the Bible in English – the legacy established first in the Tyndale New Testament (1526) and the KJV Bible (1611). But the ESV also provides the most recent evangelical Christian Bible scholarship and enduring readability for today. ESV Bible 27 May 2021 HB £16.99 9780008451899

‘Meticulous care and passionate research make the ESV a crisp, accurate and valuable translation’ Max Lucado, Minister, Oak Hills Church Of Christ


Encounter Youth & Young Adults Bible Anglicised

English Standard Version The Encounter Youth and Young Adults Bible is a contemporary and portable Thinline edition of the Anglicised English Standard Version The English Standard Version is a great choice for personal reading and study, for private devotions and family prayers, and for teaching, preaching and worship. An ‘essentially literal’ translation, the ESV Bible combines word-for-word accuracy with readability, literary excellence and depth of meaning. More than 100 of the world’s leading Bible scholars and teachers were involved in creating the ESV Bible. Many helpful features include: • Readable font size [10-point type] • Less than an inch thick • British English Text • Double-column format with black letter text • 30-page Concordance • Gilt page edges • Foreword and article by Dan Watson, Youth Pastor at Hillsong UK ‘The ESV is a dream come true for me. The rightful heir to a great line of historic translations, it provides the continuity and modern accuracy I longed for’ John Piper

The ESV Bible carries forward the trusted legacy of the Bible in English – the legacy established first in the Tyndale New Testament (1526) and the KJV Bible (1611). But the ESV also provides the most recent evangelical Christian Bible scholarship and enduring readability for today. ESV Bible 27 May 2021 HB £16.99 9780008439903


The Gallery of Miracles and Madness Insanity, Art and Hitler’s first Mass-Murder Programme Charlie English

In the first decades of the twentieth century, Hans Prinzhorn was an art historian. When World War I came, he received training in medicine and psychiatry, and as a psychiatrist began to put together an extraordinary collection of raw and powerful works by his psychiatric patients. The Prinzhorn collection, as it was known, inspired a new generation of artists, including Paul Klee, Max Ernst and Salvador Dali – but it would later be used to destroy them. When Hitler rose to power – a failed and rejected artist of the old school – he turned his propaganda on the modernists, launching an exhibition of ‘Degenerate Art’ which pilloried the work. After, the artworks were stripped from German museums and either sold or destroyed. The likes of Dali fled, but the Prinzhorn artists could not. They became the first victims of Hitler’s mass murder. Bringing together an inspirational piece of history from the art world with the tragic cruelty of a fanatical art-dictator, this is an astonishing story that shows the conflicting cultures in play during the Second World War.

© Nicola Hippisley

The little-known story of Hitler’s war on modern art and the mentally ill

Charlie English is the former head of international news at the Guardian. A fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, he is the author of The Snow Tourist and the widely acclaimed The Book Smugglers of Timbuktu. He lives in London. History 10 June 2021 HB £20.00 9780008299620

Praise for Charlie English’s The Book Smugglers of Timbuktu: ‘An exemplary work of investigative journalism that is also a wonderfully colourful book of history and travel’ William Dalrymple, Observer, Books of the Year ‘Part reportage, part history, part romance and wholly gripping, a riveting read’ Sunday Times


Ten Survival Skills for a World in Flux Tom Fletcher A vital short handbook offering a vision and practical tools to future-proof our lives against instability If we are going to survive and respond well to Covid-19, we need a plan to rebuild our society. There are also myriad other impending challenges in the pipeline: climate crisis, mass migration, new warfare, technological expansion, further pandemics. To do this, we must close the gap on social inequalities, improve our understanding of technology and learn from the past. This book will offer practical insights into the threats we face and how we can counter them as both individuals and a broader society. Chapters include ‘How to Future Proof Your Life’, ‘How to Coexist’, ‘How to Stay Healthy’, ‘How to be Financially Secure’. Praise for Tom Fletcher’s The Naked Diplomat: ‘A riveting personal insight into the reality of international relations’ Charlie Burton, GQ ‘Articulate, intelligent and immensely readable … Fletcher is an irrepressible optimist and his enthusiasm is contagious. Britain is fortunate to have diplomats with his skills and drive’ Emma Sky, New Statesman

Tom Fletcher is Visiting Professor of International Relations at New York University, and the UK’s former Ambassador to Lebanon. He advises the Global Business Coalition for Education and the Emirates Diplomatic Academy, and chairs the International Advisory Board of the Creative Industries Federation. Politics/Self Help 10 June 2021 HB £14.99 9780008447885


My Broken Language A Memoir

Quiara Alegría Hudes From the Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright of In the Heights, comes a powerful and evocative retelling of a life lived between two cultures Born in Philadelphia to a Jewish father and an enigmatic Puerto Rican mother, Quiara Alegría Hudes had a lovesoaked childhood marred by unspoken tragedies: wars in Vietnam and Iraq, mysterious illnesses and the AIDS crisis. But despite these losses, the women Quiara grew up around were powerful and joyful. They possessed a strength and passion that she idolised, and wanted to manifest through her art. But how, in a world that treated her like an outsider, was Quiara going to hold her own? Leaving Philadelphia, Quiara embarks on a journey to become an artist, and capture the world she loves in all its abundant beauty. As her gifts reveal themselves, she finds herself in a foreign land of Ivy League education and high achievement. An environment where she is forced to confront her inner conflicts and find a new language with which to speak to the world. An inspired exploration of home, family and memory, My Broken Language is also the story of a sharp-eyed observer who comes into her voice and learns to boldly tell the stories that only she can tell. Praise for Quiara Alegría Hudes: ‘A gut-punch of a memoir. Art and death, family and identity, race and class – Hudes beautifully captures the richness and complexity of her Puerto Rican-American family, and in so doing opens up profound questions around belonging and the bonds of love we all grapple with’ Joanna Pocock, author of Surrender

Quiara Alegría Hudes is an American playwright, lyricist and essayist. She is best known for writing the musical and screenplay adaptation of In the Heights with Lin-Manuel Miranda. Hailed for her work’s exuberance, intellectual rigor and rich imagination, her plays and musicals have been performed around the world. Her play Water by the Spoonful won the 2012 Pulitzer Prize for Drama. Memoir 10 June 2021 HB £16.99 9780008464622

‘There’s an unassailable heart to Hudes’ work’ Guardian


Mother of Invention

How Good Ideas Get Ignored in an Economy Built For Men Katrine Marçal A razor-sharp look at the ways women are excluded from the global economy from one of Sweden’s most respected jounalists Offering a fresh, feminist perspective on the relationship between money, women and business, Katrine Marçal explains how gender biases create an economy that stifles innovation; excluding the ideas and needs of women at every turn. From the wheeled suitcase to the electric car – remarkable innovations are frequently rejected because they are deemed ‘too female’. Katrine Marçal argues that these gendered assumptions dictate which businesses get investment and who gets left out in the cold. As a consequence, we have failed to find and failed to fund the game-changing ideas that could change the future of our planet. Instead, ingrained notions about men and women continue to shape economic decisions; leading us to the same set of solutions. We have underestimated the negative consequences of sexism within our economy; Katrine Marçal’s blistering critique sets the record straight and shows how – in a time of crisis – the ingenuity and intelligence of women is that very thing that can save us.

Katrine Marçal is a Swedish writer, journalist and correspondent for Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter. Her first book, Who Cooked Adam Smith’s Dinner? was shortlisted for the August Prize and won the Lagercrantzen Award. She lives in London. Economics/Feminism 24 June 2021 HB £16.99 9780008430771

Praise for Katrine Marçal: ‘I am absurdly excited for this book’ Caroline Criado-Perez ‘A smart, funny, readable book on economics, money [and] women’ Margaret Atwood


The Musical Child

Using the Power of Music to Raise Children Who Are Happy, Healthy, and Whole Joan Koenig A pioneering music educator reveals how music can supercharge early childhood development – and how parents and educators can harness its power Since opening her famed Parisian conservatory over three decades ago, Joan Koenig has led a global movement to improve children’s lives and minds with the transformative power of music. With a curriculum and philosophy drawn from cuttingedge science, L’Ecole Koenig has educated and empowered even the youngest students. From baby Max, whose coordination and communication grow as he wiggles and coos along to targeted songs and dances; to five-year-old Sara, who nourishes her empathy, creativity and memory while practicing music from other cultures. In The Musical Child, Koenig shares stories from her classrooms, along with tips about how to use the latest research during these critical years, when children are most sensitive to musical exposure – and most receptive to its benefits. A gift for parents, caregivers, musicians and educators, The Musical Child reveals the multiple ways music can help children thrive – and how, in the twenty-first century, its practice is more vital than ever.

Joan Koenig is the founder of L’Ecole Koenig Conservatory, Preschool, and Kindergarten in Paris. A graduate of the Juilliard School and former soloist, she lives in Paris. Music/Child-Development 13 July 2021 Hardback £16.99 9780008327750



Why Bowie Matters Will Brooker

‘Wide-ranging and closely argued, this book is one of the best Bowie has yet had’ Spectator A unique, moving and dazzlingly researched exploration of the places, people, musicians, writers and filmmakers that inspired David Jones to become David Bowie, what we can learn from his life’s work and journey, and why he will always matter. Will Brooker is a writer and academic, professor of film and cultural studies at Kingston University and an author of several books of cultural studies dealing with elements of modern pop culture and fandom. Biography/Pop culture • 7 January 2021 • Paperback • £9.99 • 9780008313753

Blonde Venus Paula Byrne

‘Hugely entertaining … Both eye-poppingly fun and thought-provoking’ The Times ‘Hollywood, we’re reminded, is a through-the-looking glass world … Compelling’ Daily Mail In this deeply moving novel set in Hollywood’s darker side, bestselling author Paula Byrne unfolds the twisting story of the world’s most adored starlet and the daughter desperate to escape her. Based on Dietrich’s real life, we trace the dread of time’s relentless war on beauty and the panic when fame starts to fade. Paula Byrne is the author of bestselling biographies including Perdita, The Real Jane Austen, Belle and Kick and the novel Look to Your Wife. Novel • 21 January 2021 • Paperback • £8.99 • 9780008270551

Love in the Blitz Eileen Alexander

‘Once in a while, just at the right moment, a truly gorgeous real-life love story appears out of the blue … Some of wartime’s funniest, most unexpected and possibly unintentionally sexiest letters’ Spectator Graduating from Cambridge in 1939, Eileen Alexander had firm ambitions of studying further, making herself useful and absolutely not getting married. Her letters offer a love story and a unique snapshot of the home front, as well as resurrecting the voice of a profoundly funny writer. Eileen Alexander worked during WWII for the civil service and went on to be a teacher, writer and translator. Letters/History • 4 February 2021 • Paperback • £9.99 • 9780008311247


Russians Among Us Gordon Corera

‘Superb … Few are better versed in the intricacies of the continuing spy war’ Ben Macintyre, The Times ‘Extremely readable … A lively and disturbing account’ Telegraph In this meticulously researched and gripping narrative, Gordon Corera uncovers the story of deep-cover sleeper agents in America and the FBI agents who tracked them. With riveting detail new information about today’s spies, Russians Among Us offers the unnerving revelation that espionage isn’t a throwback to the Cold War – it is an ongoing Russian threat that has never gone away. Gordon Corera has been the BBC’s National Security Correspondent since 2004. He has reported from London, Moscow and Washington. History • 4 February 2021 • Paperback • £9.99 • 9780008318970

Strange Antics Clement Knox

‘Blistering … drawing together themes of sexual politics, economics, law and the ordinary human desire for love and companionship into a vision of our present condition’ The Times This history explores how seduction underpins everything: from popular art to our legal systems, from feminist revolution to the rise of political ideologies. Why do we read tales of courtship, from Casanova to Fifty Shades of Grey? How did America’s racialised seduction laws demonise black men? How did Nazi propaganda build around stoking sexual panic? How, against the #MeToo movement, are we redefining our views on power and autonomy? Clement Knox was born in Hong Kong in 1989. Strange Antics is his first book. History • 4 February 2021 • Paperback • £9.99 • 9780008285715

The Education of an Idealist Samantha Power

‘Her highly personal and reflective memoir … is a must-read for anyone who cares about our role in a changing world’ Barack Obama The Education of an Idealist combines gripping storytelling and deep political insight to trace Power’s life story from Irish immigrant to war correspondent to youngest ever US Ambassador to the United Nations. A Pulitzer Prize-winner and vital voice on human rights, Power argues that there is always something each of us can do to advance the cause of human dignity. The book stands as testament to one person’s fierce determination to make a difference. Samantha Power served for four years as Barack Obama’s human rights adviser and then in his Cabinet and as US Ambassador to the United Nations. Memoir • 4 February 2021 • Paperback • £9.99 • 9780008274924



Ben Hubbard ‘Brilliant and compulsively readable’ Robert Lacey, author of Inside the Kingdom ‘Detailed and disturbing, clear and convincing’ New York Times ‘Moves at a brisk pace … Capping it all, of course, is Khashoggi’s murder’ The Times When he first took power, Mohammed bin Salman looked like a visionary. But is MBS actually a dangerous dictator in the making, his rash decisions further destabilising the world’s most volatile region? Informed by deep reportage, Ben Hubbard gives vital new insights on modern Saudi Arabia, from its extreme wealth to its brutal military inventions, to the shocking murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Ben Hubbard has spent more than a dozen years reporting in the Middle East, where he is the Beirut bureau chief for the New York Times. Politics • 18 February 2021 • Paperback • £9.99 • 9780008340582

Letters to the Earth

Introduced by Emma Thompson Illustrations by Jackie Morris ‘All power to this amazing project’ Joanne Harris ‘A beautiful book calling for us all to look after the place we call home … Read it, then buy it for everyone you know’ Red Magazine With contributions from Yoko Ono, Kate Tempest, Mark Rylance and Ben Okri, Letters to the Earth is a deeply moving and timeless collection of writing from around the globe. Culture Declares Emergency is a growing community of creative practitioners and organisations concerned about the dire state of our planet. Nature, Environment • 18 February 2021 • Paperback • £9.99 • 9780008374471

Unbelievers Alec Ryrie

‘Deep erudition and considerable wit. The history of doubt is still in its relatively early stages. This is an important and convincing contribution to it’ Spectator In this startlingly original history, Alec Ryrie explores the rise and fall of religious belief since the middle ages. Enquiring into the role of faith – what makes us believe, what makes us stop and what believing gives us – Ryrie offers a history of atheism which shows how our emotions can rule our beliefs as much as any intellectual revolution. Alec Ryrie is Professor of the History of Christianity at Durham University. He is the author of the prize-winning Protestants. History • 18 February 2021 • Paperback • £9.99 • 9780008299859


Our Bodies, Their Battlefield Christina Lamb

‘A wake-up call … These women’s stories will make you weep, and then rage at the world’s indifference’ Amal Clooney Shortlisted for the Baillie Gifford Prize for Non Fiction 2020 From award-winning war reporter and co-author of I Am Malala, this is the first major account to address the scale of rape and sexual violence in modern conflict. Christina Lamb is one of Britain’s leading foreign correspondents and a bestselling author. She has five times been named Foreign Correspondent of the Year and won Europe’s top war reporting prize, the Prix Bayeux. History/Politics • 4 March 2021 • Paperback • £9.99 • 9780008300043

The Splendid and the Vile Erik Larson

‘Fresh, fast and deeply moving … Larson’s deft portraits show the essential connection that words created between the powerful and the powerless, capturing the moments that defined life for millions struggling to survive the decisions of a few’ New York Times Book Review The #1 New York Times bestseller Drawing on once-secret intelligence reports and diaries, Larson takes readers from the shelled streets of London to Churchill’s own chambers to show how – in the face of unrelenting horror – a leader of eloquence, strategic brilliance and perseverance bound a country, and a family, together. Erik Larson is the author of five bestsellers, including The Devil in the White City and In the Garden of Beasts, which have collectively sold more than 6.5 million copies. His books have been published in seventeen countries. History • 4 March 2021 • Paperback • £9.99 • 9780008274986

The Bystander Effect Catherine Sanderson

‘A fascinating look at why some of us will go to others’ aid, while others do nothing … very readable … encouraging … a surprisingly positive book’ Sunday Times Pioneering psychologist Catherine Sanderson uses real-life examples, neuroscience and the latest psychological studies to explain why we might be good at recognising bad behaviour but bad at taking action against it. With practical strategies to transform your thinking, she shows how we can all learn to speak out, intervene, think outside the group mentality and ultimately become braver versions of ourselves. Catherine A. Sanderson is the Manwell Family Professor in Life Sciences at Amherst College. Psychology • 4 March 2021 • Paperback • £9.99 • 9780008361662


Casting Shadows Tom Fort

‘Tom Fort’s wonderful social history of angling is the ideal book for fish fanciers … A wonderful and unsnobbish social history of angling by a master fisherman’ Max Hastings, Sunday Times From cunning Neolithic traps, intricate Roman nets and quarrellous Victorian societies to the evolution of angling and eventual gentrification of river access, this lyrical social history spans thousands of years and ends with a poignant call to protect the underwater world from the horrors of industrial fishing and farming. Tom Fort is a lifelong fisherman. As a fishing correspondent for the Financial Times, he has written a huge amount not just about fishing, but the places fish live, and has travelled all over the world to pursue this fascination. History/Nature • 4 March 2021 • Paperback • £9.99 • 9780008283483

A People Betrayed Paul Preston

‘Fascinating … The depth of the book’s research cannot be faulted and the examples of grand malfeasance and political corruption are extraordinary … Buried in the narrative lies ample treasure … I applauded Preston’s heroic feat’ The Times From the foremost historian of modern Spain comes the bloody, much misunderstood story of how, from 1874 to the present day the Spanish people were devastatingly betrayed by their political class, military and Church. This comprehensive history of modern Spain chronicles the violent social division throughout the country, institutionalised corruption and startling political incompetence. Sir Paul Preston CBE is Professor of Contemporary Spanish History at the London School of Economics. In 2006, he was awarded the International Ramon Llull Prize by the Catalan Government and, in 2018, the Guernica Peace Prize. History • 18 March 2021 • Paperback • £9.99 • 9780007558391

The Private Life of the Diary Sally Bayley

‘A masterly study on the “long historical habit” of diary writing … Bayley’s book succeeds brilliantly in merging scholarship with imagination, and emotional depth with writerly flair’ Independent In a beautiful literary exploration, Sally Bayley tracks the evolution – and the potential twenty-first century death of – the diary, mourning what it means to lose the art of writing simply for oneself. Sally Bayley teaches writing at Oxford as a Royal Literary Fund Fellow. She is the author of The Private Life of the Diary, Girl with Dove and No Boys Play Here History/Literary Criticism • 18 March 2021 • Paperback • £9.99 • 9780008414153


Radical Wordsworth Jonathan Bate

‘Deserves to take its place as the finest modern introduction to his work, life and impact’ Financial Times William Wordsworth wrote the first great poetic autobiography. We owe to him the idea that places of natural beauty should become ‘a sort of national property’. He changed forever the way we think about childhood, the self and our connection to the natural environment. This biography revitalises Wordsworth’s image as a strong-minded young man who was changing politics, philosophy and national institutions, as well as writing extraordinary poetry. Jonathan Bate CBE is Provost of Worcester College and Professor of English Literature at Oxford University. He is Vice-President of the British Academy and a Governor of the Royal Shakespeare Company. Biography • 1 April 2021 • Paperback • £9.99 • 9780008167455

Crucible of Hell Saul David

‘Excellent. Saul David’s gripping narrative is admirably clear’ Antony Beevor ‘Gripping, even gruesome, yet deeply moving’ David Reynolds From award-winning historian Saul David, an action-packed and powerful new narrative of the Battle of Okinawa – the last great clash of the Second World War, and one that had profound consequences for the modern world. Using graphic eyewitness accounts and declassified documents, Saul David illuminates this shocking chapter of history that is too often missing from Western-centric narratives of the Second World War. Saul David is a historian, broadcaster and the author of several critically acclaimed works of fiction and non-fiction. He is Professor of Military History at the University of Buckingham. History • 1 April 2021 • Paperback • £9.99 • 9780008342517

Putin’s People Catherine Belton

‘The Putin book that we’ve been waiting for’ Oliver Bullough, author of Moneyland ‘Books about modern Russia abound … Belton has surpassed them all. Her much-awaited book is the best and most important on modern Russia’ The Times The Sunday Times bestseller In Putin’s People, investigative journalist Catherine Belton reveals the untold story of how Vladimir Putin and his KGB entourage conducted their relentless seizure of private companies, took over the economy, siphoned billions, blurred the lines between organised crime and political powers, shut down opponents and then used their riches and power to extend influence in the West. Catherine Belton is the former long-serving Moscow Correspondent for the Financial Times. History/Politics • 15 April 2021 • Paperback • £9.99 • 9780007578818


The Art of Resistance Justus Rosenberg

‘What shines through this engaging book is his evident desire to be helpful and responsible and his acute consciousness of how extraordinarily lucky he was’ The Times A gripping memoir written by a 96-year-old Jewish Holocaust survivor about his escape from Nazi-occupied Poland in the 1930’s and his adventures with the French Resistance during World War II. When the Nazis rose to power, Justus Rosenberg joined an extralegal network that helped to bring anti-fascist intellectuals and artists from Vichy to the United States. Justus is currently a professor emeritus of languages and literature at Bard College. Memoir • 15 April 2021 • Paperback • £9.99 • 9780008306052

The Well Gardened Mind Sue Stuart-Smith

‘Must be the most original gardening book ever’ Sunday Times ‘The wisest book I’ve read for many years … Hugely recommended’ Stephen Fry The Sunday Times bestseller In a powerful combination of contemporary neuroscience, psychoanalysis and brilliant storytelling, The Well Gardened Mind shows how gardening or simply getting outdoors can radically improve our wellbeing from extending the lifespan of elderly people to lowering prisoners’ chances of reoffending; from helping with stress, PTSD, trauma and addiction to building confidence for veterans, asylum seekers and teenagers alike. Sue Stuart-Smith is a prominent psychiatrist and psychotherapist. Nature/Psychology • 16 April 2021 • Paperback • £9.99 • 9780008100735

It Takes Two Cathy Newman

‘Sometimes, 1+1 = changing the world. Cathy Newman’s witty, warm history on the power of determined couples will make you look at your relationship and wonder, “Could we be doing more this weekend than just going to IKEA?”’ Caitlin Moran Vibrant, feminist and unexpected, Cathy Newman rewrites the history books to expose the strange power of two – the reason Holmes and Watson need to come as a pair, and Apple could not have been started by Steve Jobs alone. Bringing together an extraordinary range of stories from around the world, Newman shows how duos have made history that individually was impossible. Cathy Newman is one of Channel 4 News’ main studio presenters and an award-winning investigative journalist. Her first book Bloody Brilliant Women was published in 2018. History • 29 April 2021 • Paperback • £9.99 • 9780008363376


Elizabethans Andrew Marr

‘Absolutely gripping … Tells the whole story of where we are now … You can’t put it down … A book full of stories’ Jeremy Vine, Radio Two Who made modern Britain the country it is today? In this wonderfully told history, Andrew Marr traces the people who have made Britain the country it is today. From the activists to the artists, the sports heroes to the innovators, who pushed Britain forward, changed the conversation, encouraged us to eat better, to sing, think and to protest? Andrew Marr presents the weekly Andrew Marr Show on Sunday mornings on BBC1 and Start the Week on Radio 4. He is a bestselling author and prolific presenter of TV documentaries. History • 13 May 2021 • Paperback • £9.99 • 9780008298449

Prisoners of History Keith Lowe

‘Inspired … Lowe’s sensitive, disturbing book should be compulsory reading for both statue builders and statue topplers’ Max Hastings, Sunday Times What happens when our values change, but what we have set in stone does not? Keith Lowe uses monuments from around the world to show how different countries have attempted to define their history in the wake of WWII, and what these memorials reveal about their politics and national identity today. Keith Lowe is the author of many books including Savage Continent, which won the 2013 PEN/Hessell-Tiltman Prize for History. His books have been translated into twenty languages. History • 13 May 2021 • Paperback • £9.99 • 9780008339586

Flash Crash Liam Vaughan

‘A readable, pacy account … but also a troubling exposé of the fragility of our entire financial system’ Oliver Bullough, author of Moneyland A real-life financial thriller, Flash Crash uncovers the remarkable, behind-the-scenes narrative of a mystifying market crash, a globe-spanning investigation into international fraud and the man – Navinder Singh Sarao – at the centre of them both. Liam Vaughan is an award-winning investigative journalist and author with Bloomberg and Businessweek magazine. Reportage/Business • 14 May 2021 • Paperback • £9.99 • 9780008270391


The Book of Queer Prophets Edited by Ruth Hunt

‘A fascinating and thoughtful exploration of faith in the modern world. If you’re wondering why it matters and how to make sense of it, read on’ Clare Balding Is it possible to believe in God and be gay? How does it feel to be excluded from a religious community because of your sexuality? Why do some people still believe being LGBT is a sin? Baroness Ruth Hunt is a co-founder and director of organisational change consultancy, Deeds & Words. Prior to this she was CEO of LGBT human rights charity Stonewall. LGBTQI, Religion • 28 May 2021 • Paperback • £8.99 • 9780008360061

A Problem from Hell Samantha Power

© Martha Stewart

‘Fascinating. An important book, a superb piece of reporting which cumulatively grows into a major political work, part polemic, part moral philosophy’ Observer Tackling the argument that successive US leaders were unaware of genocidal horrors as they were occurring – against Armenians, Jews, Cambodians, Kurds, Rwandans, Bosnians – Samantha Power seeks to establish precisely how much America knew and how much tragedy might have been averted. Samantha Power served for four years as Barack Obama’s human rights adviser and then in his Cabinet and as US Ambassador to the United Nations. History/Politics • 10 June 2021 • Paperback • £9.99 • 9780008359386

Battle of Brothers Robert Lacey

‘The royal book of the year … You’ve read their side of the story, now read the real story’ Daily Mail The Sunday Times bestseller. An unparalleled insider account revealing the untold details of William and Harry’s estrangement. It asks what happens when two sons are raised for vastly different futures – one burdened with the responsibility of one day becoming king, the other with the knowledge that he will always remain spare. Robert Lacey is a renowned British historian, the author of numerous international bestsellers and the historical consultant on the award-winning Netflix series The Crown. Biography • 10 June 2021 • Paperback • £9.99 • 9780008408541


The White Ship Charles Spencer

‘A terrific book … written like a thriller … Once you start reading it you’re completely gripped’ Bill Bryson The sinking of the White Ship on 25th November 1120 is one of the greatest disasters that England has ever suffered. Its repercussions would change English and European history for ever. This is the story of how one shipwreck killing King Henry I’s son William, the only legitimate heir to the English throne, disrupted society and caused brutal civil war. Charles Spencer was a reporter on NBC’s Today show from 1986 until 1995, and is the author of five books, including the Sunday Times bestsellers Blenheim and Prince Rupert. History • 10 June 2021 • Paperback • £9.99 • 9780008296841

The Power of Ritual Casper Ter Kuile

‘Bursting with wisdom and compassion, this is the rare book that really might change your life. It has certainly changed mine’ John Green, author of The Fault in Our Stars Casper ter Kuile, explores how we can nourish our souls by transforming common, everyday practices – yoga, reading, walking the dog – into sacred rituals that can heal our crisis of social isolation and struggle to find purpose. The Power of Ritual reminds us that what we already do every day matters – and has the potential to become a powerful experience of reflection, sanctuary and meaning. Casper Ter Kuile is the co-host of the award-winning #1 podcast Harry Potter and the Sacred Text, a Ministry Innovation Fellow at Harvard Divinity School, co-founder of think tank How We Gather and former Executive Director of the On Being Impact Lab. Spiritual Ritual • 24 June 2021 • Paperback • £9.99 • 9780008389932


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