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WHAT DOES BISEXUAL MEAN? By William Burleson OK, What does the term “bisexual” mean? Well, that’s easy. Bisexual means being sexually attracted to both men and women. That’s what the dictionary says. Of course, if you are trans, or your partner is trans, Webster left you out. So, lets say being bisexual is being attracted to more than one gender. Equally attracted, you ask? No, not necessarily. Some bi folks are more attracted to one gender than another. Indeed, some may be romantically attracted to say men, while more visually attracted to women. Or more sexual with women while exclusively fantasizing about men. Fact is bisexuality means something different for different bisexuals. Indeed, I suggest that perhaps being bisexual is being simply neither gay, lesbian, nor straight. Check a box: bisexuals are the “other.” Of course, that means we are large and sexually diverse group, and that’s part of the beauty of it. Maybe defining bisexual isn’t so easy after all. Bill Burleson is a freelance writer and author of BI AMERICA: MYTHS, TRUTHS, AND STRUGGLES OF AN INVISIBLE COMMUNITY coming from Haworth Press in the fall of 2004.

What does bisexual mean