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Chicagoland Black Chamber of Commerce, Inc. E-Blast January 1 2014

President’s Place

The launch of the Chicagoland Black Chamber of Commerce, Inc. is the culmination of a 30 year effort in building an economic vehicle that drives the economic engine in black communities. The Chicagoland Black Chamber of Commerce is continuing to work hard to build the organization’s infrastructure in continued implementation of our black economic agenda. We are very excited in the progress we have made thus far. We are engaging in various initiatives at the city, county and state levels that will benefit our businesses and communities as a whole. Arness Dancy Co-Founder/Pres/CEO

Chairman’s Corner I would like to take this opportunity to welcome business owners and the business community to the CBCC. We will be working hard to help rebuild our community’s infrastructure. Grady Norwood Jr. Co-Founder/Chairman

The Chicagoland Black Chamber of Commerce would like to wish everyone a happy and safe and prosperous New Year Happy 2014. 6 - MONTH PROGRESS REPORT The Chicagoland Black Chamber of Commerce launches “Profit Connection” Networking Series. The Chicagoland Black Chamber of Commerce launched a series of profit connection networking events around the Chicagoland area to reintroduce the organization to the black business community. The first event was held at Wallace’s Catfish Corner on the Westside of Chicago. The second event was held at Life Builder’s United on the Southside of Chicago. The third event was held at the Global Business Center in Maywood, IL (western suburbs of Chicago). Chicagoland Black Chamber kickoff event and membership drive. The Chicagoland Black Chamber of Commerce, Inc is in process of planning its kickoff event. Stay tuned for more info and sponsorship opportunities. The event will serve as a fundraiser for the organization. Visit or email us at Chicagoland Black Chamber discounted memberships are available visit us at (individual and corporate memberships). Join us as we continue to build and implement economic infrastructure. Your economic support is needed.

Chicagoland Black Chamber of Commerce, Inc. E-Blast January 1 2014 Public Policy: Special Congrats to Michelle Caldwell on winning a Section 3 Contract with Rockford Housing Authority. We would like to extend special congrats to Michelle Caldwell of Global Staffing in Rockford, IL. For several years Michelle fought for contracting opportunities with the City of Rockford and the Rockford and Winnebago County Housing Authorities. We worked with Michelle to keep her informed of the Section 3 of the HUD Act and the opportunities attached to the law. She finally prevailed winning a $180,000 staffing contract with the Rockford Housing Authority.

Special Congrats to Joyce Johnson - Pres/CEO - Anchor Staffing on the awarding of a staffing contract. The CBCC extends special congrats to Joyce Johnson Pres/CEO of Anchor Staffing in Chicago. Ms Johnson won a staffing contract to provide temporary/permanent employees to CEDA. Anchor Staffing was one of six agencies selected to fill the staffing needs of CEDA. The contract should be in the six figure range. The CBCC worked with Anchor Staffing for several months. Congrats to Hood Construction on $67,000 Section 3 Contract with Chicago Housing Authority. Mr. Hood a Chicago Housing Authority resident had been trying to do business for several years. Our technical assistance helped him.

CBCC continues to advocate for $130 million in lost Section 3 contracting opportunities to be added to future opportunities. A National HUD audit of the Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) covering the period 2009 thru 2011 revealed the Chicago Housing Authority let $1.3 billion worth of Section 3 covered contracts. Results of the audit indicated not $1 of the $1.3 billion in contracts went to a Section 3 business concern. Section 3 of the HUD Act of 1968 is the federal law that calls for a minimum of 10% in contracts should go to Section 3 businesses that hire Section 3 residents (which are public housing residents, low income residents that live 80% below the federal poverty level, very low income residents that live 150% below the poverty level and Section 8 residents based on household income. We will continue to strongly advocate to Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel to remedy this tragedy. CBCC to meet with Cook County (IL) Commissioners regarding non enforcement of the Section 3 of the HUD Act. The CBCC is scheduling a meeting with Cook County Commissioners to discuss the non enforcement of Section 3 of the HUD Act. Cook County and the Housing Authority of Cook County (HACC) both are annual recipients of HUD funding. CBCC hosts Section 3 workshop with Black Chamber of Commerce of Lake County. CBCC Pres/CEO Arness Dancy and Chairman Grady Norwood Jr. conducted a Section 3 workshop for contractors/members of the BCCLC. Special thanks to Pastor Gass Pres/CEO for the opportunity.

Chicagoland Black Chamber of Commerce, Inc. E-Blast January 1 2014

State News The Illinois State Black Chamber of Commerce, Inc. led a successful effort for a 2nd time to beat back a union led effort bill in the state legislature. The AFL-CIO has been trying to get HB 924 passed in the Illinois Legislature. This bill would have done serious harm to black contractors and workers. Good Job Larry D. Ivory, Pres/CEO Illinois State Black Chamber of Commerce, Inc. The Chicagoland Black Chamber attended the Illinois State Black Chamber of Commerce, Inc convention in Peoria. It was a very exciting event and we made a lot of contacts. We continued our lobbying efforts of the NBCC board members.

Black Voters Union: The Black Voters Union (BVU) is our statewide voting apparatus to build the black community into a major voting bloc statewide around our black advocacy issues. The BVU is non partisan and will work with both major parties on issues pertaining to our communities. Stay tuned for more info. Follow the Chicagoland Black Chamber of Commerce, Inc. on Facebook. Like us and view our small business tips of the day cagoland-Black-Chamber-ofCommerce-Inc/279333822081883

The CBCC appears on Rejoice 102.3 FM to introduce organization and discuss black economic and political issues. Over a two-week period in October 2013 Chicagoland Black Chamber Pres/CEO Arness Dancy and Banking/Finance Chairman William Burch appeared on Geraldine Smith’s radio show 102.3 FM to introduce the Chicagoland Black Chamber of Commerce and to discuss economic and public policy issues facing black business owners at the state, county and city levels. Some of the issues discussed include Title VI of Civil Rights Act of 1964, HB 924, Section 3 of the HUD Act, Tax Increment Financing (TIF), Economic and Small Business Development. We introduced the Black Voter’s Union (BVU) Look for the CBCC to appear on the radio show in the near future. CBCC to host small business development series. The CBCC is in the process of the planning our Small Business Development Workshop 2014 to focus on franchise ownership opportunities and backroom operations. See flyer below. Property Preservation Initiative. The CBCC attended a meeting with Housing and Economic Development Commissioner Andrew Mooney regarding abandoned and foreclosed properties in Chicago. We discussed how we wanted to partner to help create contracting opportunities and preservation of housing in Chicago. Chicago has approximately 55,000 abandoned/foreclosed properties. The City of Chicago has agreed to turnover properties to our team if we can show we have the financial resources to rehab them. We are putting together potential teams.

Chicagoland Black Chamber of Commerce, Inc. E-Blast January 1 2014 National News: The National Black Chamber of Commerce has selected Chicago for its 23rd Annual Convention to be held at the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Chicago from July 10-14, 2014. You don’t want to miss this premier power networking event. The NBCC is the largest black trade organization in the world spanning over 43 states and 11 countries. This convention will allow entrepreneurs to network with business leaders and their counterparts from around the city, state, country and world along with politicians and corporations. Visit for updated convention details. Corporate Sponsorship opportunities are available. Contact Charles Debow at

The Chicagoland Black Chamber also attended the National Black Chamber of Commerce convention in West Palm Beach, Florida. The NBCC put on one heck of a convention and new contacts were made. We lobbied our national board members to bring the NBCC Convention to Chicago in 2014.

Chicagoland Black Chamber to launch advisory board and committees. In the coming months the CBCC will be filling advisory board and committees as continued implementation of our black economic agenda. Interested parties should email us at The CBCC is a volunteer organization. CBCC sponsors Breakfast with Santa event on Westside of Chicago. The Chicagoland Black Chamber sponsored the Inaugural Breakfast with Santa and Toy Drive Event held by JAC (Jackson Action Coalition). The event was a huge success standing room only over 175 toys were given away along with the children being fed and taking a picture with Santa. Great Job Marseil Jackson, CEO- JAC Special Congrats to 2nd Congressional District Congresswoman Robin Kelly (D) on her win. We had the opportunity to be part of her campaign. We look forward in continuing our work with her. Special Congrats to Alderman Frederick Tetter of the 7th Ward in Kankakee, IL. We had the opportunity to work on his campaign. Ald. Tetter knocked off a 40 year incumbent. In addition as a freshman alderman he serves on four of the most powerful committees for the City of Kankakee. Great Job Ald. Tetter

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