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Dear Friends of Camp Anderson: It is with a thankful heart and great anticipation that I share all that God is doing on this incredible journey that we have named ‘Camp Anderson’. I am amazed at how God continues to provide the people, finances and favor in our community and abroad. God has provided a full time staff that now resides at the camp on the beautiful Suwannee River in NW Florida. This team has been handpicked by God and they have sacrificed much to be a part of something that is destined for greatness. God has blessed the camp with willing hearts and sponsors that have invested generously. The capacity of the camp has been upgraded with 26 new log cabins with private restrooms, which brings the total bed space up to 400. Additional new amenities include: a 2,500 sq. ft. resort style pool, a floating dock, residences for the camp pastor and director, a filtered water system and newly paved roads, just to name a few. Future plans include a new commercial kitchen/cafeteria, ball fields and many other improvements that are sure to make Camp Anderson a spiritual destination for generations to come. These incredible Camp Anderson facilities are now open year round for retreats, rentals, conferences and music events. We can provide your group with a basic facilities rental designed to keep your cost low or you can add food service, programming, activities, live music and speakers to make your event exceptional! Recently, Camp Anderson received the ‘Champions of Hope’ award from Florida Governor Rick Scott at the National Faith Symposium for its work with ‘at risk’ young people in the state. These young people represent the most vulnerable in our society and suffer from neglect, abandonment and abuse. These young people come from organizations like Department of Children and Families [DCF], Meridian, Sheriffs Youth Ranches, Partnership for Strong Families, Baptist Children’s Home and other orphanage and foster care organizations in the Southeast. This newfound relationship and cooperation is an incredible opportunity for the faith based community and our corporate sponsors to make a real difference in the lives of young people. In response to this open door, we have formed a new organization named “Masterpiece Initiative” that is focused on “rescuing the heart of a child”. We are actively seeking business partners, churches and individuals to pledge to sponsor these young people. Please join us on this incredible journey as we seek to reach the unreached of the next generation and make a real difference in the lives of young people in our community and in the Southeast. You can sponsor these young people at $175 each by going to and clicking on “Masterpiece Initiative”. 100% of your donation goes directly to sponsor children and is tax deductible. In His Grip

William Bloodworth Camp Director, Camp Anderson 770-598-6896 Address: 536 NE 168th Ave. Old Town, Florida, 32680

Left to Right: Governor-Rick Scott, Camp Director-William Bloodworth, Sec. Juvenile Justice-Christina Daly, Sec. DCF-Mike Carroll, Pat Smith DCF This past summer, Camp Anderson sponsored about 240 youngpeople to come to summer camp from several ‘at risk’ organizations including the Department of Children and Families (DCF), Sheriffs Youth Ranches, Meridian, Partnership for Strong Families, Baptist Children’s Home, The Potter’s House and other orphanage and foster care organizations. Many of these young people have lost hope and suffer from abandonment, depression and abuse. Camp Anderson provides a unique and extraordinary opportunity to make a difference in their lives. While at camp, these young people are loved unconditionally, and they experience God in a powerful and life changing way. We have received hundreds of letters from these teens, their caseworkers and family members giving testimony of renewed hope and course correction in these vulnerable lives. This partnership between Department of Children and Families, (DCF) along with other ‘at risk’ children’s organizations and Camp Anderson is incredible and unprecedented. This newfound cooperation has opened new doors of opportunity for us to really make a difference in the lives of young people in the government system. With this success, Camp Anderson plans to increase the bed-space for this sponsorship program up to 700 young people. We are reaching out to businesses, churches and individuals in the Southeast to help us sponsor as many of these young people as we possibly can. The faith-based community may never have an opportunity like this again to cooperate with the State to reach the most vulnerable and needy young people in our society. You can sponsor a child to come to camp by donating $175 at:

William Bloodworth, Camp Director 770-598-6896

Mailing Address: Camp Anderson 536 NE 168th Ave. Old Town FL. 32680

*Camp Anderson is a 501c3 non-profit and your donations are tax deductible. 100% of your donation will go directly to sponsor ‘at-risk’ needy kids to come to camp.

-We brought a group of three schools to Camp Anderson as part of our annual school retreat. We didn’t have to worry about anything, they handled everything! The camp staff was amazing. They bonded with our students and just became part of our ministry team. Ginny Keith - Principal Creekside Christian School

-The climate controlled riverside pavilion with its retractable walls is something that no other retreat destination that we have been to offers. It is an incredibly beautiful setting with the river right by the meeting space. Jody Robertson - Principal Countryside Christian School

-Our Church brought a large group of men to Camp Anderson for a men’s retreat and we had an amazing time. We brought our own speaker for the event and asked Camp Anderson to supplement us with food and activities.We just fell in love with this camp and everybody here. Within days of returning home, our men wanted to know if we were coming back next year. It really made an impact with our men. Josh Crews - Gainesville Church of God

-We cannot begin to express our gratitude for your support at the “Rock the River” Concert that we recently held at Camp Anderson. This event could not have gone so well if it were not for your partnership and involvement. We are already receiving emails and phone calls with positive feedback from those who attended and we are being asked about our plans for the next concert . Alan Harmon -Associate Pastor Fanning Springs Community Church

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AAnnaa VVaallddeezz Camp A nderson has been changin life g. Before coming h I felt los ere t and alo ne. Now feel close ,I r to God a n heart is d my full and content.

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Sier Si erra ra RRay ay God used Camp A nderson to help me move away from my past an d start a new beginning.

-SpeakersKevin Hornsby is the Camp Pastor for Camp Anderson. Kevin has been a Youth Evangelist and Student Pastor for 28 years and has been serving as Campus Pastor for Eagle’s Landing Christian Academy for the past six years. Kevin is passionate about reaching the next generation through powerful, practical, evangelistic messages that are full of vivid illustrations. Kevin is especially gifted at connecting with young people and is very relational and connected to this generation. God has used Pastor Kevin to lead more young people to Christ than any other speaker at Camp Anderson, and his connection and influence with young people and adults across the Southeast is unprecedented. RV Brown is one of the most powerful preachers in the country. He has preached in 48 states and 43 countries including stadium events with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. RV is the president of Outreach to America’s Youth (OTAY), in the FCA Hall of Champions, previous chaplain for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, mentor to professional ball players, an accomplished author, and a powerful man of God! RV connects with young people and inspires men to be Godly examples. RV Brown is passionate and powerful.... if you book him for your next retreat or youth event, then be prepared to ‘buckle your seat belt’! Alex Brown is the Pastor of Life Revolution Church in the south suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia. Alex is the nephew of RV Brown and has been in ministry as a disciple and preaching partner for many years. What really sets Alex apart from others is the way that he connects with young people. His loving, gentle spirit coupled with his incredible speaking abilities make him a favorite at Camp Anderson. Alex is very relational and current with the issues and perspectives of young people in today’s culture and God uses him greatly to bring Biblical truth into their lives. Kenny Dallas brings a lot to the table as one of Camp Anderson’s retreat speakers. He is a dedicated husband and father of six children. He has been a high school football coach, teacher and minister of the Gospel for the last 19 years. As a football coach, Kenny has led his teams to numerous championships and has a long list of awards including Associated Press Coach of the Year in Georgia. Kenny’s true passion is leading students to an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ! Kenny is also the Director of the Student Leadership Academy, is a teacher of Comparative Worldview/Apologetics and founder of “Operation M-46”, which is a ministry to fathers to fight for the hearts of their children. Kenny’s energetic style is sure to be a favorite with your group!

Sanchez a r a m o Xi

“This week at camp, I truly felt the presence of God in this place...not only in the services with amazing worship and preaching, but in everything that we did. Because of this experience and the love shown to me, my life has been forever changed. Thank you Camp Anderson!”

“This week I got saved and baptized. Pastor Kevin was truly a blessing. Jamie (my counselor) was an excellent person to be around. Mr. Bloodworth was someone to go to for incredible guidance and wisdom. Camp Anderson has turned my life around. God bless this camp.”

ales Ch ris Gonz

“Camp Anderson has been one of the best camps ever! The worship and preaching brought me back to Jesus and re-lit my love for Him. Now, I am leaving on fire and prepared to spread His Word with confidence! I love it here!”

“The worship and messages at Camp Anderson helped open my heart to know Jesus and everything He has done for me for the first time. Thanks to Camp Anderson, I accepted Jesus into my heart!”

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Tyler Wan erk a

Carlie Ga rdner

“This week at Camp Anderson, God has shown me His light! The messages have shown me how to be a devoted Christian in my walk with Jesus. There is no doubt God is in this place changing lives every day. Thank you God for Camp Anderson!”

“This is my very first week at camp and it’s the greatest experience I have ever had. I came to re-think my relationship with Jesus and now I am all in! I am no longer just a ‘Christian’ but I am now a disciple of Jesus Christ and He is my personal Lord and Savior forever. I will live on and be light in the darkness. I love Jesus with all my heart and I love Camp Anderson for giving me this opportunity to live a new, awesome life for Jesus Christ.”

Hunter Sw eeney

Promise “Be strong and of good courage, and do it; do not fear nor be dismayed, for the Lord God, my God, will be with you. He will not leave you nor forsake you, until you have finished all the work for the service of the house of the Lord.� 1 Chronicles 28:20

Master Plan

Vision To build a Christian youth camp ministry in which thousands of young people will come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ that will make a difference in our community and in our nation.

Camp Anderson Goals Excellent Fun!

To provide a camp and retreat experience that is so excellent and so fun that people from all walks of life will be motivated to come. We plan to be relentless in making this camp the best there is, insuring that people will be attracted to this camp for years to come.

Unconditional Love!

To unconditionally love every person that comes on our campus, so they will understand by experience what it means to be loved by Jesus. When young people are confronted with true, unconditional love, it melts away the walls of resistance and opens their heart to hear God speak.

Spiritual Focus!

To look for opportunities to engage each camper on a personal level, to find out where they are in their spiritual walk, to encourage them to make the decision to give their lives to Jesus and to be ‘Sold Out’ to His leading and purpose for their lives. We have found that when we make a personal connection, show genuine love, and communicate the Gospel in the power of the Holy Spirit, lives are changed.

God’s Word! To make sure that every camper has a Bible and leaves camp with an understanding of the importance of cultivating their new found relationship with God through a daily walk in His Word.

On Mission! To engage each church to see their week of camp as a ‘Mission Trip’. To challenge the youth group students and staff to invite their unchurched friends to come to camp with their youth group. This approach engages the students as ‘missionaries’ and it provides the needed discipleship of new Christians through the structure of the church.

Spiritual Partnership! To develop a culture of spiritual partnership with the churches and groups that we serve. We want to become your spiritual partner to help meet the needs of your church through camps and retreats.

Alejandro Esco bar This camp w as the most amazing experience o f my life. Fo r the first time, the Ho ly Spirit tou ched my heart. It wa s incredible a nd it happen because of t ed he love at th is camp.

ray Pi per Mur d has o G . n e p brok heart m a y c m o t n i e I cam iracle erson m d n a A d . worke l and Camp e way h u t o e s m and show o t d e help

William, Just hearing the name Camp Anderson puts a smile on my face...It brings back great memories of not only my two grandsons and their best friends getting saved, but also 50 other teens coming to know Jesus Christ and beginning their personal relationship with Him on a daily basis. We live next door to the camp, so we are able to be involved with different aspects of it...From everyone coming together during amazing praise and worship and having the freedom to just let go and saturate themselves in the glory and love of God, to all the fun activities and new relationships that will last forever. Both Frank and I were ministered to as well by the love the staff and counselors showed each and every teen. Our life is so blessed because of the new friendships we have made through Camp Anderson...All of you are amazing human beings that have put together a platform for teens to comfortably come together and have that life changing moment, that moment they make Jesus Christ the Lord and Savior of their lives. We thank God for each and every one of you...for being sensitive to God’s voice, taking that, and making something so wonderful as Camp Anderson. May God bless you all, Frank & Debbie Anderson

Taylor Drawdy Camp And erson is a place of fu also a plac n, but e to find G od. Person started re ally, I ading my Bible and more beca praying use of this place. It’s place to co a great me and m eet new fr have fun, iends and but more i m p o r t antly, to m and start eet a relation ship with God.

e Emely Ponc ly mp, I tru a c t a k e r This we is foreve d o G t a h t at realized g and th n i v i g r o nd f ve me. o l loving a t o n r eve He will n

Reaching the Unreached of the Next Generation


To build a Christian youth camp ministry in which thousands of young people come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ that will make a difference in our community and our nation.

My experience at Camp Anderson has been such a blessing! I’ve been fighting the Holy Spirit, but this week because of the amazing love and truth Pastor Kevin spoke, I’ve surrendered my life to ministry!

Micah B rannon

Jacob Janssen

Kevin Hornsby, Camp Pastor Everyone at Camp Anderson was so compassionate about answering questions I had about following Christ. Camp Anderson has brought me closer to God than ever before. I learned so much from the amazing camp pastor, Kevin, while having an awesome time! Best camp ever!

Hunter Scarbrough I had a blast at Ca mp Anderson! The staff was fun an d crazy and showed me the love of Jesus Christ. We had so much fu n, but the best thing about camp w as the worship every morning and night. The camp band was aw esome!

Ashlyn Pilc her ced more I’ve never experien than there is at amazing worship ou can feel the Camp Anderson! Y y service. The Holy Spirit in ever a huge blessing worship has been d I’ve been able n a k ee w is th e m to r and worry. ge n a of t lo a of go to let ill take care of me! I know the Lord w

Dear Mr. William and Staff, Camp Anderson is the best thing that has happened to my family. My grandchildren loved going to Camp Anderson and I remember the first time my granddaughter went to camp. When I came to pick her up, her entire personality had completely changed. You could clearly see the love of God in her eyes. She was so happy. She was so angry before she went to camp. I remember crying happy tears because I knew in my heart that God had touched her heart at Camp Anderson, and I had my beautiful, young granddaughter back. My grandson was also changed because of the love and support and the teachings of the Bible. The proudest I have ever been was when my daughter and both of my grandchildren were baptized together in the Suwannee River. Thank you for all you have done for my family. I feel strongly that parents should send their young people to Camp Anderson. They will see the love of God in their eyes, as I have witnessed in my family. I thank God every day for giving me back my sweet and kind grandchildren.

Thank you Camp Anderson! Sharan Carlisle

Omni Om ni Go Goul uldd Before I came to Ca mp Anderson, I never prayed unless I wanted something or I was in trouble. Now, I know that I can pr ay for others. God has given me an other day to pray and spread th e love of God.

ielk a k u K e c a Gr roke b e H . e free m t owed e h s s d d o n G I am ains a my ch really am. ho I . I am d e v me w o am l e. m fre His. I a I . . n e erson d n forgiv A p ss Cam e l b d Go

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feeling p m a c ll to here, a I came t o g I s. When s camp i h T . hopeles d I change a way n i of that e m fe nged e my li v a has cha g I . ! xpected e Hope v a h I never e w and no d o G o t

Logan Mess ick Camp Ben nett has c hanged my life, an d helped m e find Jesus! I ne ver want to leave!

Kris Rzep kowski & F amily

We ca me to Camp experi B ence c amp to ennett as a f The se amily gether cond n to for the ight, b their l oth An first ti ives to na and me. Jesus. Pastor Mason I cried Kevin gave . We li ’s ama night a s t z e i ned to nd as a n family g preaching togeth anothe er. T deci r to help his camp wa ded to get ba s a ble p us give t i zed ssi back t many o our o ng from God Benne wn chi tt child ldren, r e n a nd to p again with J lug in esus.

R.V. Brown RV Brown helped me learn what my purpose is with my life. I learned just how important it is to pray to God and read my Bible daily. I’m ready to be “All In” for God and He’s been ready to use me. Camp Anderson was life changing!

Johnathan Hu nt

Bo bbi-Lyn Wel born

This week was my first time at Camp Anderson and it has been awesome. Just listening to RV and Alex’s preaching has changed my life and I rededicated my life to God. This week has forever changed me and I had so much fun! Thank you Camp Anderson!

Alex Brown, Youth Evangelist

Bailey Dixo n

Before coming to Camp Anderson, I thought that no one loved me. This week at camp changed everything! I was shown that God loves me very much and that I matter! This week at camp, I got a closer look at God’s great grace. I am so much closer to God now than I have ever been before and my life has been forever changed. Thank you Camp Anderson!

This week at Camp Anderson has been great because I have been surrounded by people like me who love Jesus and have the same desires that I do. This week has been a great reminder n that I am not alone and Ga ge M orga there are other Christians my age that want to serve God. I love this camp and the staff! RV and Alex Brown’s messages were life changing. They have encouraged and inspired me in my walk with Christ!

Here’s what the youth leaders are saying...

n o s t r e b o R y d o J

This week at Camp Anderson was amazing! It is a camp where kids can come and experience God’s unconditional love regardless of race, background, or any other factor. They will hear the truth of the Word preached as it should be. In addition, they will be able to experience things that they never get to experience outside this setting. God’s anointing is on this camp and His Holy Spirit is at work. The majority of the kids that come here are changed for eternity.

I am with Lighthouse Baptist and this is our 2nd year here and will be the 2nd of many! We have been to a lot of camps through the years and have even worked at several and I can honestly say this one is heads above any others. God’s Word is preached without apology and His love is shown through the staff and leadership. What else can you ask for?! Your love for the kids who are often overlooked and under loved is humbling and overwhelming. I can honestly say there is nothing I would change!

glas u o D n i t s Ju

Cara H avilc sek

It’s been a great week! God is good at showing up and showing off! Our students have grown in their unity and more importantly in their relationship with their Savior. We had fun, we worshiped with all we had, our lost were saved, our saved were challenged, and our God was glorified! We love Camp Anderson and staff. Thank you for being obedient!

I had a family ask me if it would be alright to send their troubled teen to camp and I was able to say“yes!” I explained how Camp Anderson has a ministry to unchurched teens who come from broken, messy homes and they are completely equipped to handle whatever may come up, no worries! We have experienced this first hand. The kids have been given the opportunity to find God in their messy circumstances and feel safe doing it! Thank you for being willing.

Julie Brown

Keion Williams This camp is such a fun place to be. I loved the staff and learning about God. I love the people here. I love this place. I gave my life to Christ and it has changed me so much!

all en w e L s i r h C ed awaken s a h p m This ca ired up f ’m I ow me & n y to go d a e r . I’m o for God itness t w & e m back ho ! I will n a c I e n everyo low him l o f d n od a e. trust G f my lif o t s e r for the

David Campb ell God h elped that every me reali ze prob I’ve e l e m that there ver had, he w helpi a saved ng me! H s e has me & I ’ m than so kful!

More comments from the youth leaders... Throughout the week, I have noticed the impact that the Word has been making on the lives of kids. The day is packed with fun and excitement but the service at the end of the day is the most moving and powerful experience I have had at any camp. And, not just me, but the response from the kids is amazing. The songs before the message are packed with great theology that prepared the kid’s hearts for the message. Personally, the presentation, execution, and clarity of the Word of God by Kevin has rocked my world. His passion, intensity, and love for God and for these kids is moving; it’s like a fire hydrant of theology that’s easy to digest and understand. My experience at Camp Anderson was one for the books!

bbssoonn o o c c a a J J l l y y r r e CChhe

ZZaacckk W Woollffee

Thank you for an amazing week. This was our 2nd time at Camp Anderson and I didn’t think it could ever top the 1st time! The music and preaching was dynamic! The Spirit of God is in this place and we had six decisions for Christ in our group. Once again, we have had renewal in our hearts and are pumped to go back home to win lives for Christ! And, the staff interaction was amazing. Every one of your staff show the love of Christ!

I have been a youth pastor for 14 years and have been involved in student ministry for 18 years. I have attended numerous camps and Camp Anderson is the total package. So many camps focus on one thing and do it well, but Camp Anderson has successfully pulled it all together! I was nervous about it being a new camp for our group, but our students absolutely loved it! They woke up every morning to the beautiful Suwannee River, which pointed to God’s wonderful creation. Morning and evening worship was amazing! Three of our students gave their lives to Jesus and so many more rededicated their lives. I was even able to baptize a student on Friday in the river. The games and activities were non-stop, including a trip to Fanning Springs, Jet Ski tubing, paintball, and the blob...our students had a blast! I could not have found a better camp for our students. Every one of them are asking to come back next year! And, We Will! Thank you Camp Anderson!

AAaarroonn PPiillaann tt

DDee’’jjaa BBiillllaa The counselo rs and staff at Camp Anderson w ere so lovin g to each camper, an d just made sure we we all having fu re n. They too k time to ge to know me t . I also love d the speak and the cam er p band! I’m g la d I got a chance to g et closer to God.

son Paige Morri Camp r o f l u ef ed o grat s it help m a e s I u a c son be out my b a e Ander c a lso feel pe nd it a me to a s e k ! ista r Jesus o past m f e r i on f set me

More comments from the youth leaders...

kland r i K n e v Ste

This was the 3rd year I brought our youth to Camp Anderson. It never gets old witnessing God’s harvest here at camp. I had one child who initially was not on our list to come but because of God’s plan she was asked to take the place of someone else who had to drop out with short notice. I believe in my heart God caused this to happen. He knew she was out there and needed Jesus so he opened the door for her to come. She accepted Christ as her Lord and Savior on the 2nd day! Thank you Jesus for CampAnderson

Camp Anderson reminds me why I love student ministry! Seeing students experience life change as they encounter God is such a high point. I love seeing students leave camp carrying much less “baggage” than they came with. Students hear truth in a very applicable way. Students also are able to build deep, meaningful relationships with each other and their adult counselors. I also love how accepting Camp Anderson is of students from all kinds of backgrounds. All throughout camp week, the students keep asking, “Are we coming back next year?” I think if I said “no” there might be a revolt so we will be back!

rtai n a P a l e g An

Windy B ridges

Thank you for an amazing and eye-opening experience regarding today’s youth. Our church group has been changed permanently. We celebrated 5 salvations, 1 rededication, and 6 baptisms! After witnessing God’s love for young people and the desire for young people to know God, He has lit a fire in our souls. It was the most beautiful sight to watch multitudes make salvation decisions and worship our Lord! Lives are changed, hearts are healing, questions are answered, and hope has been granted!

Camp Anderson is a high energy and full throttle camp. It is both of these things for the camp activities as well as the spiritual activities. I brought my youth here and they heard the Word of God taught to them every day. I have been to other camps and there is no other camp quite like Camp Anderson!

Joey Shi vers

Josh Forsy the Camp Ander son was my first camp an d it’s one I’ll remember for the rest of my life . At camp, I gave my life to Christ and was baptized in the Suwannee Riv er!

Gourl ey r e h p o t s i r Ch s helped a h n o s nder ue Camp A d the tr n a t s r e nd me to u g others n i v o l f . go eat God meanin r g e h t ng for erson, d n and livi A p . to Cam ched me Thanks u o t y l l rea God has

JJaaccoobb TTeeddddee rr Camp An derson = Epicness + Boss + Awesome + Friends + Bacon !

ds Ja ckie Edwar ne has o y r e v e that s The love camp ha s i h t t a e e given m does car d o G t a me th s helped a h showed p m a e! This c ow God. l about m l o f o t e s me choo

McClain Pe rry

This has b een the be st week of been to m my life! I any camp have s b e them even fore and n one of compare t The speak o Camp A er, camp n derson! staff, and amazing. a t m osphere a On top of re that, it is Fun. My ju st all arou life has be nd en change forever. I d dramat accepted i cally Christ and got baptiz ed!

Yolanda Whittle t! arned a lo le e ’v I , p m ch anger Here at ca u m o s ld e int, I h go. After t i At one po t le o t learned nd and never to let go a d e n r a le re, I nderson! A coming he p m a C I love move on!

Loga n Rickmon d wonders e k r o w s a h God d brought n a k e e w is h t oup closer. my youth gr rson is a life e d n A p m a C perience! changing ex

Cassidy Moore My Camp An derson experie nce was a great w ake up call. It gave me a str onger foundati on about what it means to truly follow Jesus! I am encourage d, confident, and ready to start serving my Lo rd Jesus Chris t! I am “All In!�

CCoollee CCaassttiillllee Wow! My camp expe rience was out of this world! This camp isn’t like any ot her camp. It connecte me to Chris d t better tha n a nything else. This h ome away f r om home changed m y life forev er! Thanks Ca mp Ander son!

inii cchhin Cecc ia Ce MMia nd baptized a d e v sa s a Iw derson. This at Camp An ade a huge camp has m y life! impact on m

Ol d T , Fl. o wn

Camp Anderson Ministries Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit ministry that relies on the generous donations of our partners to fulfill our mission. Each year we publish our needs for the year and we trust God to move people’s hearts to contribute. This year we plan to reserve up to 700 beds for ‘at risk’ young people that represent the most vulnerable in our society. Our most important project is to get these young people sponsored because they are the heartbeat of our ministry. You can sponsor one or more young people by going to our website at: and clicking on the ‘Masterpiece Initiative’ button on the home page. 100% of your donations to this project go directly to support a young person. You will also see some of the other ambitious projects that we are looking to accomplish this year in order to grow the camp and reach as many young people as we possibly can. In your philanthropic planning, please consider Camp Anderson. We are a non-profit where you can see your dollars at work and you and your Company/Group can be involved in a hands on fashion to make a significant difference in people’s lives!

William Bloodworth Camp Director 770-598-6896 536 NE 168th Ave. Old Town FL. 32680

Project #


Send ‘At Risk’ Teenagers to Camp

This year we are raising money to sponsor up to 700 young people to come to summer camp from several ‘at risk’ organizations including the Department of Children and Families (DCF), Sheriffs Youth Ranches, Meridian, Partnership for Strong Families, Baptist Children’s Home, The Potter’s House and other orphanage and foster care organizations. Many of these young people have lost hope and suffer from abandonment, depression and abuse. Camp Anderson provides a unique and extraordinary opportunity to make a difference in their lives. While at camp, these young people are loved unconditionally, and they experience God in a powerful and life changing way. We have received hundreds of letters from these teens, their caseworkers and family members giving testimony of renewed hope and course correction in these vulnerable lives.

We are reaching out to businesses, churches and individuals in the Southeast to help us sponsor as many of these young people as we possibly can. The faith-based community may never have an opportunity like this again to cooperate with the State to reach the most vulnerable and needy young people in our society. You can sponsor a child to come to camp by donating $175 at:

700 ‘At Risk’ teens X $175 ea. = $122,500 100% of donation goes directly to sponsor ‘At Risk’ teens and your donations are tax deductible.

Project #


Give Bibles to Needy Teenagers

God’s Word changes lives! We understand the eternal value of making sure that the needy teenagers that come to Camp Anderson have a copy of God’s Word. These Bibles are complete with Old and New Testaments and are customized with a stamp of the Camp Anderson logo on the cover. These Bibles are special and young people cherish them for a lifetime.

500 Bibles X $7.75 ea. = $ 3,875 100% of donation goes directly to provide Bibles for needy teens and your donations are tax deductible.

Project #


Wet Willie Water Slide

When we saw the ‘Wet Willie’ water slide, we knew that it was the perfect match for Camp Anderson. We can’t wait to see thousands of young people zipping down the water slide and landing with a splash in the famous Suwannee River. This slide will keep the campers cool and comfortable in the hot summers of the ‘Sunshine State’.

125’ ‘Wet Willie’ Water Slide = $35,000 100% of donation goes directly to provide this project and your donations are tax deductible.

Contact: William Bloodworth-Camp Director Phone: 770-598-6896 Camp Address: 536 NE 168th Ave. Old Town Fl. 32680

Camp anderson brochure with arrow (nxpowerlite copy)  
Camp anderson brochure with arrow (nxpowerlite copy)