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Summer Camp with a Mission

Summer Camp

Child Welfare Outreach


It is with sadness and joy that we witnessed the home going of our beloved friend, Mr. Joe Anderson Jr. Mr. Joe loved Jesus and loved those that Jesus loved. He was a generous visionary that invested greatly into the Kingdom and his reward will be great in heaven. We are thankful beyond words for the example and the legacy that he has left behind and the many thousands that have come to Christ along with the many thousands that will come to Christ in the future because of the obedience of Joe Anderson. At the funeral service, there were people from all walks of life in attendance, from the common man with sweat on his brow to dignitaries like Florida’s Governor Rick Scott. It was incredible to witness all the people that Mr. Joe impacted from all over the world. His generosity and compassion not only reaches around the world, but across the street. It is humbling and challenging to see what a difference can be made and how far one man can go with the Spirit of God in his sails. Mr. Joe’s shoes will be difficult to fill but we believe that God will raise up men, women, family and friends, and that hundreds, maybe thousands will fill his shoes to reach our world for Christ. It may be that one of those orphaned or foster care kids that he sponsored will be the next ‘Mr. Joe’ to impact our world for Jesus.

It is with a thankful heart and praise to God that we review all that has happened in the past year. This has been a year of transition for the Director and Camp Pastor as we re-orient our lives and families to the mission eld. It has been a year of growth for the mission staff as we now have a full time, year round team of 14 missionaries. It has been a year of building relationships in the community and the Southeast as we solidify and forge the partnerships that will be foundational to the future. It has been a year of great joy as we have witnessed about 2,000 young people make life changing decisions, surrender, salvation, and baptism; and it has been a year of great sadness as Mr. Joe Anderson, the ‘Abraham’ of our team went home to be with the Lord. For all that we have experienced, we say ‘Thanks be to God’ that sees the beginning and the end and holds our lives and futures in His hand. We are incredibly excited and challenged by the future that God has in store for Camp Anderson. This year our ‘Masterpiece Initiative’ program will dominate our schedule as we reach out to ‘Rescue the Heart’ of the 35,000 kids that suffer from neglect, abandonment, and abuse and have found themselves in the state ‘system’. Our calendar will be lled with outreach events that these ‘at risk’ kids can attend for free, including ‘Christmas at Camp Anderson’ in December, ‘Camp of Champions’ in January, ‘Rumble in the Jungle’, spring break camp, Suwannee Wilderness Adventure program, and ‘Rock the River’ camp in partnership with the Florida Coalition for Children, in addition to the upcoming summer camp program. Whew! It’s gonna be fun! This year we will host over 1,500 ‘at risk’ kids from Department of Children and Families, Florida Coalition for Children, Florida Foster and Adoptive Association, The Potter’s House, and Baptist Children’s Homes, as well as several other orphanage and foster care organizations. This outreach is the core of who we are and the reason that we exist as an organization. This year we will give our all to raise funds to reach as many of these kids as we possibly can. We are praying that our faith and business community and individuals and families will join us to sponsor these kids. When we lock arms, pray and and give our all to reach these kids, then, and only then will we “Make America Great Again!” We are also launching some new weekend programming at the camp for adults! The kids have ruled the roost here at the camp for some time but it is now time for the adults to have some fun! Check out the following pages and you will see “Man Up!” Men’s Retreat and ‘Wind re’ Ladies’ retreat in which individuals and churches can sign up online. Stay tuned to our facebook page and the Camp Anderson website as we roll out our brand new ‘regionalized’ summer camp plans. We have developed a plan that will bring churches and child welfare kids in the same area to camp at the same time! This plan will help build the discipleship connections that are so desperately needed with our masterpiece kids. Words fail as I try to express our gratitude to God and to all that have joined forces with us on this journey. Your sponsorships for the ‘child welfare kids’ and your heart and hands to come help us love them to Jesus is inspiring! This year, I challenge you to go online, pick out an ‘At Risk’ kid, and sponsor them... It will make a difference in your own life.

William Bloodworth Camp Director, Camp Anderson 770-598-6896

Kevin Hornsby

Jody Hornsby William Bloodworth Cindy Bloodworth

Heidi Monty

DJ Monty

Joe Anderson

Skipper Jones

-Mission Team-

RV Brown

Josh Carter

Shelby Martin

Dustin Martin

“Be strong and of good courage, and do it; do not fear nor be dismayed, for the Lord God, my God, will be with you. He will not leave you nor forsake you, until you have finished all the work for the service of the house of the Lord. “ 1 Chronicles 28:20

Alex Brown

Daniel and Trigger

Faith Bloodworth

Tom Powell

Justin Dampier Adam Bloodworth Wayne Meeks

Gabe Villali

Koggie Bless

Aidan Watts

Forrest Beasley

Mandy Watts

Sam Mason

Anelia King

Dalton Driggers

Jackson Crews

This week, God has changed my life for the better. The first day when I came here, I was in a very dark place in myself. I was depressed and upset at everything and everyone. I never thought it would happen like this. I fell in love with God at this camp. I even got baptized.


This week I realized that God saved me, He forgave me, He leads me, He protects me and He loves me. I have met a lot of fully spirited people like Pastor Kevin, Chuck, Jennifer and the Camp Anderson staff that have impacted my life and I love you all.


This week I have been saved and baptized and I have given my whole life to God making Him my king! I have learned to love and pray and worship Him everyday. I have repented to the lord and GodÂ’s spirit is in me and he is my best friend!


Summer Camp with a Mission

There are currently over 35,000 kids in the child welfare system in the state of Florida that suffer from neglect, abandonment and abuse. We have partnered with the Florida Department of Children and Families, Florida Coalition for Children and Florida Foster and Adoptive Parent Association to provide summer camp and weekend outreach programs for these kids free of charge. This year we have a goal to sponsor over 1,500 of these kids. The sponsorships will provide a child with one week of summer camp with transportation as needed and one weekend retreat event at Camp Anderson. We have also ‘regionalized’ our summer camp program to bring the child welfare kids and the community church youth groups to camp on the same weeks. This will provide a great connection for the community and local churches to connect with these child welfare kids though the lead agencies in their area. Individuals, businesses and churches can sponsor child welfare kids in their area by going to the Camp Anderson website and click on “Sponsor a Child”. Touch a life today by sponsoring a child.

July 9-13 GA / AL / Other Camp Bennett Week

July 23-27 July 2-6 Alex Brown Week Daytona Beach

June 25-29

May 29-June 2

June 11-15

June 4-8

Anderson Columbia

July 16-20

July 30-Aug 3

June 18-22

Aug 6-10 RV Brown Week

I no longer think I am worthless. I understand now that people do love me. I found God in my time of need and learned to believe that I can change and not be the person that I used to be. On this sunny, beautiful and loving day, Friday June 9th, 2017, I was baptized and I wil never forget those who helped me on the way. Thank you and I love you all


God has blessed me here by changing the way that I look at life and knowing that He knows my name and cares about me.


This camp has given me a new outlook on life.


Camp has given me hope. It has given the chance to start over and redeem myself. I've never felt much more alive than I do now. I have learned to forgive all the people that have caused me harm. Of Course, it does not mean that IÂ’ve forgotten about my past. But I wil eventually. I know that I have friends and Jesus by my side to help me through. I have now made a decision to follow Christ. Thank You so much. YouÂ’ve helped me realize that IÂ’m not broken or useless.


The 2017 Summer Camp and retreat programs at Camp Anderson proved to be an amazing experience for all involved. The presence of God was evident to everyone and many young people that had never experienced God were moved to revival. We witnessed over 2000 breakthrough decisions including salvation, baptism and rededications.

I am so happy how this camp changed my life. I was an atheist and after 17 long hard years, I found God. I wil miss every single person here.


God has turned me around and I am a 100% changed person. I am happier now than I have ever been before.


I really enjoyed my time here at Camp Anderson. I never thought that this would change my way of thinking towards God but it has. Thank you for everything.


Camp Anderson Mission Team Camp Anderson is different than most other camps because of our staff. This team is made up of modern day missionaries that truly love and serve the students from the heart. Our team models the Gospel of Jesus Christ with unconditional Love.

Adult Youth Leaders... This is third year of bring students to Camp Anderson. Every year I am amazed to see how God works in and through my students and leaders. I ve never been to a camp like Camp Anderson. I have attended camps as a teenager and I ve been taking students to camps for 18 years and No camp that I know has the vision to reach lost students like Camp Andy. The partnership of Churches, the camp, and the outreach to the Fostercare system of Florida makes for a unique and extraordinary opportunity for leaders and to be on mission the entire week to reach the lost Aaron Pilant in yourstudents ns. Every year that I have attended, I have had the FBC Bradenton opportuniownty cabi to lead my own students to Christ, but also students that have no Church connection. My students absolutely love this place. Every year as we are driving away, I hear from the bus Can we come back next year? , I want to work here , I want to live here . Thank You, I am eternally grateful for the life change in my students! I LOVE the mission here at Camp Anderson. This is like a mission trip and Summer camp all rolled in one! Our youth group has grown closer to the Lord, each other, and the other campers that we have met here. It is amazing to see kids that I ve been praying for, from our Church and from the foster care system come to know Jesus this week. We will definitely be back!

Megan Philippus Church at The Grove

Shane Dickey FBC Jacksonville

Wow! I have been to several different camps when I was traveling in college and I have never experienced the level of care that we have here at Camp Anderson. I felt like my kids were in good hands, no matter where I was and that is because of the staff here. Thank you Pastor Kevin and Mr. Bloodworth for sharing your heart and passion with us. We look forward to partnering with you guys on future events, not just camp week. Thank you for your transparency and the care that you show for all of the kids at this camp. I have never met a camp pastor and director that make themselves so available. Thanks for an incredible experience!

...they did not cease teaching and preaching Jesus as the Christ. Acts 5: 42

Pam Jenkins is the founder and president of Jabbok Ministries, which is reaching women around the world through on-line Bible studies and devotionals, retreats, conferences and counseling services. Pam is an accomplished Bible teacher and conference speaker who brings a word of hope to women in a powerful way. Pam is a published author of numerous books like ‘Pearls of Hope’, ‘Virtuous’, ‘Let there Be Light’ and ‘A Woman God Uses’ to name a few. Pam’s distinguished grace and style along with her Spirit-led command of God’s Word will draw your ladies in, and their lives could be changed forever.

Pam Jenkins Founder Jabbok Ministries

The Camp Anderson Band

The Path Less Traveled

The camp worship band and dance team is an incredible group that loves Jesus and seeks to lead this generation to the throne of God. It is encouraging to see young people worship God and to love Him with all of their heart, mind, soul and strength.

God has shown me how to forgive. He has shown me that He knows what I have gone through and I now know that He is with me. I know that I am never alone and Christ loves me. I have a new identity in Christ and I will continue to stay off drugs and forgive those that have hurt me. Thank you Kevin for truly speaking to my heart and for speaking to my brothers. .


I gave my life to Jesus Christ this week and I am so thankful for all the people and staff and counselors at the camp.


This week at Camp Anderson, I learned about Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit. I had fun, it was a Blast. I am glad that I gave my life to Christ. I love all the staff, especially Mr. Bloodworth. I did tubing, paintball, Kayaking and fishing. I am thankful to God. Thank you for everything.


Last night I was saved by Jesus Christ and it is truly the greatest decision I have ever made. I am so thankful for this camp, the staff and Pastor Kevin for giving me this opportunity to find God.


I came here trying to get away from home. I didnÂ’t expect to be saved and forgive. The whole week, I was being touched by the word that Pastor Kevin shared. It opened my heart and I understood that what other people have done wrong is not my fault.


Child Weare Outreach Events Outreach camps for group home, child welfare and foster care kids. Outreach opportunities for Churches and Individuals! see web page for details of each event at Weekend Camp Jan. 14-16, 2017

Christmas at Camp Anderson



Dec. 29-31, Group Home Kids Click here for Camper and Adult Registration see website for details *FBCH Students and Adults Only*

Camp of Champions is an annual camp specifically for the kids in the Child Welfare system in the state of Florida. Camp Anderson underwrites the cost of this event and solicits sponsorships from churches, businesses and individuals to sponsor students for this long weekend camp.

Weekend Camp Jan. 14-16, 2017

at camp anderson

January 12-15, 2018 Child Welfare Students see website for details

Kayaking, Camping Excursions, Multiple Dates [see website Click here for Camper and Adult Registration for details] *FBCH Students and Adults Only*

Rumble in the Jungle is a week long Spring Break camp that will bring child welfare students and community church youth groups together. Great speakers, excellent live music and epic activities. Sponsorships Available. See details and register at:

Christmas can be one of the most traumatic times of the year for a young person that does not have a loving family experience. This is a family style event complete with personalized gi s, stockings and family Christmas meals. You can show an under privileged young person the true meaning of Christmas with your sponsorship or gi purchase.

Suwannee Wilderness Adventure is a small wilderness kayaking and camping excursion for young men that is designed to provide the fatherly influence that at risk male teens desperately need. You can be a ‘father to the fatherless’ by sponsoring a young man or you can volunteer to ‘rough it’ for a week end and make a real di erence in a young mans life!

Rumble Spring Break in the Teen Retreat Week Jungle March 12-16, 2018

Rock the River Music and Leadership Camp in Partnership with Florida Coalition forhere Children Click for Camper and Adult Registration April 5-8, 2018 *FBCH Students and Adults Only*

Rock the River is a ‘fine arts’ type music and leadership camp to discover and develop the God given talents of at risk young people that are o en overlooked. This camp weekend will be the culmination of a larger statewide Florida Coalition for Children well being program. We are seeking every opportunity to be the loving mentors that God has called us to be. Please go on-line to sponsor kids for this event.

When I came to this camp I was depressed and ready to give up. But after this week I have had a change in my heart. I am no longer a slave to fear, depression or social anxiety.


I have learned to forgive others and that Jesus has forgiven me because he loves me. I am so thankful for everything.


I feel like I am wanted at this camp. It has made me realize that I am not worthless and that I am not a mistake. I struggle with depression and feeling alone even though I am a Christian. Coming here to camp has helped me. Thank you so much, I really appreciate it.


During Summer Camp, we have a Baptismal service every Friday morning at 9am. This summer there were 336 young people that gave testimony to their decisions to follow Christ by being baptized in the Suwannee River.

Counselor Report.... The power of God is on Pastor KevinÂ’s preaching and life. The Spirit of God is so evident in this place. This is one of the most incredible experiences of my life. I will treasure this always. Thank you for the truth. Thank you for your heart to serve the Lord. Thank you for your heart for His children. I will be diligent to pray for this ministry and all who are part of it. Looking forward to seeing yall next year!

Mandy Watts

God has shown me this week the importance of reaching and connecting with the youth. I am seeing now how vital it is that kids be taught truth and that they are loved and accepted just as they are. This is a powerful ministry that will have my prayers and hopefully I will be volunteering again next year. Thanks you for this opportunity.

Haleigh Hayes

This week at Camp anderson was amazing. I got to counsel some young girls and watched them come in with a hard shell and even angry at God. By the end of the week, I got to witness the power of God and His healing power in their lives. Both girls got saved and baptized. I am leaving this camp with new found hope!

Alethea OÂ’kane I had an amazing week with the youth watching God move them and hunger after God by the end of the week. I definitely want to be a part of this Camp in the future. Thank you for this opportunity.

April Smith

Left to Right: Governor-Rick Scott, Camp Director-William Bloodworth, Sec. Juvenile Justice-Christina Daly, Sec. DCF-Mike Carroll, Pat Smith DCF

In 2015 The Governor of Florida, Rick Scott presented the ‘Champions of Hope’ award to Camp Anderson for its work with ‘At Risk’ students. This recognition has highlighted an unprecedented cooperation between a faith based camp and the State of Florida. We have an incredible opportunity to reach thousands of ‘at risk’ students and we are seeking partners in this endeavor. We are reaching out to businesses, churches and individuals in the Southeast to help us sponsor as many of these young people as we possibly can. You can sponsor a child welfare young person for $275 year or $23 per month. This will provide the student with a full week of summer camp, transportation and one weekend event. 100% of your donation goes directly to sponsor a child. Go to or you can make out a check to ‘Masterpiece Initiative’ and mail it to: Camp Anderson 536 NE 168th Ave. Old Town FL 32680 Contact: William Bloodworth Camp Director 770-598-6896

This year we have developed a new sponsorship 501c3 organization named ‘Masterpiece Initiative’. This organization is focused on raising funds and reaching the most vulnerable young people in our society. Masterpiece Initiative in partnership with churches, businesses and individuals will raise funds to sponsor up to 1,500 young people to come to summer camp and weekend retreats from several ‘at risk’ organizations. These students will come from Department of Children and Families (DCF), Florida Coalition for Children, Florida Foster Parent and Adoptive Association and other similar orphanage and foster care organizations. Most of these sponsored young people have lost hope and suffer from abandonment, depression and abuse. Camp Anderson provides a unique and extraordinary opportunity to make a difference in their lives. While at camp, these young people are loved unconditionally, and they experience God in a powerful and life changing way. Last year we were able to sponsor about 1,000 ‘at risk’ children to come to summer camp weekend outreach retreats. Of these 1,000 sponsorship ‘Masterpiece Initiative’ kids, approximately 510 of them made life changing decisions, salvation, rededication and baptism. We are consistently seeing about 50% of these kids experience a spiritual break-through while at camp. The following pages in this yearbook contain letters written by these students and you can identify them as ‘Masterpiece Initiative’ sponsorship kids when you see the logo symbol beside their name. For the next year in partnership with churches, businesses and individual donors, we plan to sponsor a total of 1,500 ‘at risk’ students through this program. These students will come to camp on certain weeks and will be partnered with churches that are in their same area to help foster a local discipleship connection. Please join us in this massive effort to be the Good Samaritan to the most vulnerable in our society. Your church, business or individuals can sponsor an ‘at risk’ child by going to and clicking on ‘Sponsor a Child’. You can see featured students that are seeking sponsorship and you can also volunteer to come be a missionary for a week or weekend to help love them to Jesus!

Many of the young people that come to Camp Anderson from the Child Welfare System on sponsorship suffer from neglect, abandonment and abuse. Their needs go far beyond housing, education, healthcare and food. they desperately need to be loved. The issues are truly issues of the heart and Healing comes when they are loved unconditionally and given hope for the future.


Seeing the videos and listening to stories did not give me feeling that I received while sitting through the services and spending time with the boys in my cabin. God is alive and at work here at this camp. It s one of the best ministries that I have ever seen. May God continue to bless Camp Anderson and it s wonderful staff.

Jeff Roach

I have grown more this week than all of the previous years combined. When I am here it reawakens my heart and allows me to express my gifts that God has given me and children are led to Christ. I have to focus my heart and really listen to where God wants me to be. Jake McBrayer

My heart belongs to this camp. My soul has a purpose here and I am so thankful for the opportunity to come here and allow God to speak His love and knowledge through me. It is such an incredibly humbling experience to be a part of these kids lives and to see His Spirit working in their hearts. Thank you guys -I love you all!

Abi Ford

God saved me this week. Before I came here I have done some pretty bad things but now I am a follower of God. Thank you Pastor Kevin and Mr. Bloodworth. I love you guys.

Austin Novatny

Camp Bennett, thank you for bringing Jesus into my life! Thank you for helping me dedicate my life and get baptized. I stood in front of 435 people and said to God, Im yours , do what you please with me. I needed this week. Seth Nelms

Annual Outreach Event for Child Welfare Kids

Presented By Florida Coalition for Children students statewide are partnering with Camp Anderson to provide an incredible weekend of fun, music & talent exploration, leadership training and spiritual mentorship.

Camp Anderson 536 NE 168th Ave. Old Town Florida 32680 FCC Campers and Adult Leaders Register at You can Sponsor children at All donations are tax deductible.

April 24,2017

In the Seventies, there was a popular song that said, “What the world needs now is love, sweet love…”. I couldn’t agree more, specifically when you are engaging the children who have been abused, abandoned, and neglected. Even more when you are serving the children who are involved in our child welfare system today. Florida, through its Community-Based Care model, has done an amazing job of engaging communities and citizens in the work of providing protection, permanency, and care for these children. One shining example of this demonstration of love was the Rock the River event at Camp Anderson. Over 130 foster teenagers from every corner of the state came to this beautiful world class facility, had the time of their life, and went away forever changed. There is no question that these youths had a blast, you could see it in their faces and hear it in their laughter. Whether it was on the basketball court, bikes, boats or the blob, they could leave their hurts, anger and fears behind, and simply be normal kids. I watched teens experience the true joy of discovering and developing talents and interest in many areas, such as singing, playing musical instruments, dance, etc. I saw teens collectively singing, dancing, and experiencing wholesome energetic concerts from the outstanding musical performers at the assembly time. While all that is heartwarming, it pales in comparison to what I saw happening with these teens. From the minute they arrived, they experienced unconditional love and care from everyone at Camp Anderson. Because these teens knew this love was genuine, I saw emotional walls of personal pain crumble down. I saw youth with years of the baggage of hurt respond to messages of forgiveness and hope. What I know is that these children came to have fun and a weekend of freedom from their puzzling lives, but they left with joy and peace for a life time. I know this because many told me their story through their tears of joy of how unconditional love and forgiveness changed them. Thank you, Camp Anderson staff and supporters, for providing the love, hope and joy for these children. You did more than sing a song about love. You demonstrated love and changed lives. I look forward to allowing more and more of our children experience this unconditional love that offers real joy and peace. Sincerely,

Kurt Kelly CEO and President Florida Coalition for Children

Advocating on behalf of Florida’ s abused, abandoned, neglected and at-risk children and supporting the agencies and individuals who work on their behalf.

God has changed me this week. I have converted from Athieism because God has showed me the light!

Evan I gave my life to God and my life is changed. I feel free and I want to stay with Him. I don t want nothing to change. Thank you God!


Before this week I thought that God did not want me and that I didn't deserve Him. I know that I don't deserve Him but I know that I am going to follow Him. Thank you for giving me so much. I found God s love!

Victorya This week has changed my perspective on everything. I prayed to God and I forgave and was forgiven. It felt like a huge weight was lifted off of my shoulders. I am so thankful that I got to attend this camp.


Best camp ever. Yall s preacher is amazing. Best staff I've ever delt with. I think this is what heaven is going to be like. I love yall so much.


Camp Anderson is unique because of our ‘all included’ approach to your event. We offer everything that you need for a successful retreat including programing, food, lodging, activities, speakers and live music that will free your team to focus on your people. Once you experience Camp Anderson you will not settle for less, because you can get it all for the same price!

Annual Outreach Event for Child Welfare Kids


at Camp Anderson! Trigger

December 29-31, 2017

This Christmas event is for young people from DCF, Florida Coalition for Children, Florida Foster / Adoptive Parent Association and other child welfare programs that meet the needs of the most vulnerable and overlooked children in our society. 100% of your donations go to sponsor a child.

I don t want to leave. This is my first time ever having this much fun and I m happy I gave myself to Jesus. I love camp Anderson. Please don t make me leave, I love it here and my eyes have been opened to the lord. I really love this place.


I want to tell the Camp Anderson staff that I have had so much fun here! I thought that this would not be fun but I was so wrong. While I was here, I gave my heart to God and they prayed with me and helped me change my life.


I love this camp so much. It felt like I was already at home. I have met a lot of people and loved them the first time I saw them. People came to know me and loved to be around me. I honestly wanna cry but Im gonna be strong! Everyone I have seen here are my real brothers and sisters. I Love Yall!


I had the best two days of my life here. I got do stuff that I have never done before. I felt like I fit in with everybody cuz we are all going through stuff. I got to meet a lot of amazing people. I made a lot of friends and I got to learn the main reason to keep living even though its hard. And Just cuz you go through bad stuff it doesn t define how your gonna be in the future. I wish and hope that we can come back one day.


All of the staff have made me feel loved like I was their family. I feel like I have family now to turn to when I need them. When Kevin preaches it makes me feel like he is actually talking to me and helping me learn from my mistakes.


I thank God for bringing Jesus in my life. Thank God for DJ, Adam, Dustin, Zach and other staff members making me a better man, helping me to read the Bible everyday, and pray to Jesus. Learn how to make new friends, and pray and introduce people to Jesus.


I have enjoyed this blastastic time wiith Christmas at Camp Anderson. It makes me cry just to leave and write this but I am happy I have met every member of Camp Anderson staff and campers. It was you guys that made me understand Jesus Christ. I will do my best to embrace my inner light . Mr. KevinÂ’s speeches always touch my heart and makes me cry with joy and makes me fell good about myself. The people that I met here are the best things that have happened to me! I Love every one of you at Camp Anderson!


To everybody I just wanted to say that I love you all and I appreciate everything you guys have done for me. I know that you guys know that I have been through some hard times but you and Jesus have helped me so much. I Love you so much. I donÂ’t want to ever leave.


I enjoyed Christmas at Camp Anderson because I made a decision to follow Christ so that He can help me and be in my heart. This was the best best 3 days of my life. It made my heart 3 times bigger. I love every single one of you here and I wish to come back some day.


You have allowed me to pray and ask Jesus to love, forgive, reward and cherish me for the rest of my life. I just started reading my Bible. My first and favorite versed is John 3:12 Thanks for Everything.


WindďŹ re

Ladies Retreat

Spirit of God, Light a Fire in My Soul!

Pam Jenkins

Founder Jabbok Ministries

Kevin Hornsby

Touching Hearts Ministries

Starla Harbin

Worship Leader Northeast Church

April 27-29 May 4-6, 2018

Camp Pastor at Camp Anderson

Martha Wilson

Save these dates!

I always knew about God, but now I know God! I am now experiencing a more intimate relationship with God and it is absolutely amazing and I now have peace about my past. Thank you to everyone at Camp Anderson for having a part in changing my life forever! Jamie Davis

Roscella Plowder

Where do I start? I have never experienced anything like this. I have never been to a ladies retreat or to camp as a kid. This blew away all my expectations. I must say that my heart really opened up with PamÂ’s testimony and I realized that I am not alone in my struggles. Thank you for this life-changing, unforgettable experience. I don't what to leave!

Krystal Adams

This weekend God has done so much for me. When I came here I was full of stuff and problems and now that stuff is and those problems are gone and I am free, free free! Thank you God for everything you have done for me. Thank you Camp Anderson for a God filled weekend, it was awesome!

This Windfire retreat has given me just that, fresh wind and fresh fire. Christ has renewed my strength! The Holy Spirit has convicted me of things that I have to change when I go home. He has SAVED me! My hearts desire is to serve my Lord and Savior and in turn serve my husband and Children. My Savior has not only forgiven me, but He has washed me and cleansed me! Thank you guys for your obedience and servants hearts. What and incredible place this is. Jessica Coleman


Ladies Retreat

at Camp Anderson

April 27-29 and May 4-6, 2018 Ladies of all Ages Registration and details at : Contact with Questions: Shelby Hornsby Camp Address: 536 NE 168th Ave. Old Town FL. 32680

$79 Includes Everything, Lodging, Food Activities, Sessions, Materials and t-shirt. $59 If you do not need overnight Lodging. asdfasdfasdfasf

*If you are financially challenged but would like to participate, sponsorships are available online at Click on “Windfire”

Windfire Ladies Retreat is wonderful time of friendship, fellowship, fun, and Spiritual renewal for ladies of all ages. The location is right on the banks of the Suwannee River and provides a setting that is unmatched in beauty. The facilities are rustic yet modern with comfortable beds, air conditioned rooms and endless hot water. The Speakers are incredible, gifted Godly leaders that will encourage and challenge ladies. You may want to be involved in the array of fun activities like Riverboat Cruises, Kayak Excursions, Cupcake Decorating, Crafts and Beauty Secrets or you may just want relax by the pool, find an Adarondack chair by the river or sip a cup of coffee in our coffee shop. Regardless on your needs, this Ladies Retreat is tailored for you!

Retreat Schedule Friday

Registration Check-In Evening Meal Session 1 [Pastor Kevin Hornsby]


‘God and I’ Quiet Time Breakfast Co ee & Donuts Riverboat Cruise Session 2 [Martha Wilson] Activity Session 2 Lunch Activity Session 3 Prepare for Dinner / Rest Evening Meal Session 3 [Pam Jenkins]


‘God and I’ Quiet Time Breakfast Session 4 [Pam Jenkins] Rest & relaxation / Free time Lunch Riverboat Cruise / Free time Pack & depart for home

3pm - 6pm 6pm - 7pm 7:30pm - 9pm 7am - 8am 8am - 9am 8am - 9am 9am - 11am 11am - 1pm 1pm - 2pm 2pm - 4pm 5pm - 6pm 6pm - 7pm 7:30pm - 9pm 7am - 8am 8am - 9am 9am - 11am 11am - 12pm 12pm - 1pm 1pm - 3pm 3pm - 5pm

R.V. Brown Evangelist

Kevin Hornsby

Roy Mack

Camp Pastor Camp Anderson

Senior Pastor Grace Fellowship

March 2-4 March March 23-25, 23-25, 2018 March

Camp Anderson, Old Town FL Contact: Contact: William William Bloodworth Bloodworth 770-598-6896 770-598-6896

But I, when I am lifted up from the earth. will draw all men to myself. -Jesus

God has spoken to me in a very real way this weekend. I have attended a number of Promise Keeper meetings with 70,000+ men in years past and have attended 4 Grid Iron meetings in the past few years with 3000+, but I have never felt GodÂ’s spirit in a place like I have felt @ Camp Anderson. God is all over this camp and I am so grateful that I had this opportunity. I am leaving here changed! Thanke you Jesus

Dennis Stastka I walked away from Christ at 14 yrs old. Since then life has been troublesome, full of turmoil and chaos. I attend celebrate recovery weekly and am beginning to mend my life. This weekend has been instrumental in re-focasing my attention on God and my family. I have two children 7 and 8 and they need a man of God to guide them! I am that man wil ing to die to self to show them the way to the Cross.

Rich Ansel I am telling you, if He can save a soul like me, anything is possible. The Lord has brought me back home. There is no other place I would rather be. Thank you Camp Anderson for coming to this town. Thank you RV, Pastor Roy and worship team. Thank you DJ. All the glory to God all mighty.

Aaron Kelly I was ready to leave my wife and kids right before this trip. I had relapsed on heroin and was at the end of my self, broken and depressed. I almost didnÂ’t come but after leaving this camp, I am new man. I wil go home and love on my wife and kids, stay clean from drugs and never look back. Thank You. Mike Augustine

Dear Camp Anderson, It has been a wonderful time being a part of this. I wish that I could just live here. You guys helped me answer my calling to ministry. I was very blessed being with wonderful people like you.

Kogge Bless

This visit has changed my life. I have never felt more alive in my entire life. God has blessed me with His presence. IÂ’ve never been happier to know that after all the sin that I have caused is now forgiven and my life is changed to be a better man, husband and father. Thank you!

Scott Criddle

I accepted Christ in my heart and got baptized at the camp. God spoke to me and I had to call my mom and make things right, I was scared but God helped me.


God has spoken to me. He got the chains off of me and let me get saved. He has spoken to me and I got Baptized. He has made me a better person here at Camp Anderson.


God has touched my heart this week. God helped me forgive the ones in my life that have doen bad things to me.


God has forgiven me for all my sins. He has turned my life around and I am now going down the right road.

Gabriella Yall have inspired me to believe in God. I am happy that I am saved and how that I am in the hands of God. I am now happy to be alive.


Annual Spartan Race

Before I came to this camp, I felt drenched in sins. Some that I committed and some that other people have done to me. Now I am saved by Jesus.

Paris Camp was Amazing! God took away the hatred that was in my heart. Thank yall for everything you do here. God gave me some Amazing Godly friends who care about me and listen to me.


Camp was awesome, I met great new people that helped me get saved and changed my way of life and what I do. I thank everyone at camp for what yall have done for me.

Kyle This camp is amazing. God is helping me make better decisions He is also helping me with my behavior. I praise Him and I will always be with Him.

Josh This week God has guided me to freedom and happiness. I didnÂ’t speak to anybody about it but I went off on my own and prayed to God and He helped me and guided me. Camp Anderson was a good experience.


Before I came to camp, I felt like something was missing in my life. I felt sad and hopeless and I felt like it was impossible to overcome my problems. Coming to camp has given me faith in God and has given my life meaning as a follower of Jesus.


I never believed in Jesus before, but now I am a follower of Christ and I got baptized in the river. I will never go back.


I have become a believer and it has made me so happy!

Serina God changed my life by showing me and allowing me to come here. I love it here and the people who work here and the staff.


I accepted Jesus Christ into my heart and soul and had a truckload of fun!


God allowed me to put my shame and guilt of sin under the blood. He allowed me to say ‘I forgive you’ to my father Jay and mother Glynda because they could not care for me.. I got rid of stongholds and found salvation and forgave my parents.

Steven God and me love each other now and I worship Him.


Last night I was saved by Jesus Christ and it is truely the greatest decision I have ever made. I am so thankful for this camp, the staff and Pastor Kevin for giving me this opportunity to find God.


God has given me eternal life and freed me from my sin and anger. Thank you for letting me come to this camp.


This week has been incredible. I have always thought of myself as a Christian but this week I realized that I was not a follower of Jesus. I accepted Jesus Christ as my savior and I got baptized this week. I forgave everyone that has hurt me and I confessed my sins and I know that this is just the beginning of my new life.


We originally came to Camp Anderson because of the a rac ve price. With such a large group of students needing financial support, we saw the cost and immediately called to find out more. We are constantly looking for affordable camps and retreats for our students. If the price was all we found, I wouldn’t be wri ng this le er. W hat we found was a staff that is commi ed to the call of Christ . We found the whole staff to be supp or ve, helpful, loving and altogether Christ-centered. In the first few minutes at Camp Anderson we knew our heart and desire to see God change lives was the same as Camp Anderson’s. It was truly refreshing just being around them! We felt like we had know n them forever. Our desire during the weekend was to see our students have an opportunity to encounter God. Just like any typical youth pastor, I was fearful that we had worked so hard to raise the money, organize the trip , and convince these students to come and at the end of it all they would walk away s ll not truly knowing the Lord or seeing Him move in their lives. Thankfully, we serve a God who does not move based off of how we perform or how hard we work, but solely out of love for the lost and broken. Out of the 82 students we brought to Camp Anderson, 40 of them have no family in our church or any kind of church background. Many of these students live in the poorest communi es and housing projects in our city. On a weekly basis we walk with them through devasta ng situa ons such as abuse, neglect, hunger, anger issues and abandonment. We brought them to Camp Anderson in faith believing that if we could just separate them from the struggles of their lives and homes for a few days that maybe they would encounter the love of the Heavenly Father and be filled with the power they need to face every day. During our first service, Pastor Kevin broug ht a powerful salva on message and I honestly ques oned how many of our students would respond. I was absolutely astonished when over 60% of our students stood to their feet and walked to the back of the room to learn more about Christ. I found myself just standing in awe watching our youth leaders lead our students to the Lord. Many students stayed talking and praying with a leader well a er the service had ended. By the second night we watched students have their emo ons healed, boldness to pray with one another, and even physically healed. I saw students taking on challenges they had never considered when the majority of their life is filled with failure and disappointment. As a youth pastor, this is such a big deal because we see a future for our students and we believe in offering a better future through Christ. They will forever link this exci ng weekend with the Lord; hearing His voice, feeling His convic on, encountering His love, understanding His truth. This retreat was not just a flas h in the pan; this is an eternal investment even though we may never see the true fruit for even 10 years. Wednesday a er the retreat we allowed students to stand on stage and tell everyone what God did in their lives over the weekend at Camp Anderson. We had so many wan ng to speak that we were not able to finish on me. Parents were standing in the back of the room listening to what God did in their child’s life through Camp Anderson. A er an hour and a half of unity and celebra on, we closed the night. I sat in awe of what I heard and experienced that night; it has now become one of my favorite memories in ministry. The Sunday a er retreat we had more students in our morning worship service than ever and the student a endance on Wednesdays had been high since the Fall Retreat. Thank you, Camp Anderson, for providing a place where the lost and broken can come and find healing. Thank you for opening your doors and keeping the cost low so youth pastors like me can afford to bring students. Thank you for not just being a “campground,” but for using your facili es to fulfill the mission of Christ. We WILL be coming back to Camp Anderson. We look forward to our friendship with this staff for years to come. Commi ed to the Call,

Brooke Pitman 1701N. East Avenue * Panama City, FL * Church Phone: (850) 769 -3558 * Fax: 769-1306

When I came here, I realized that everything that I have been doing is wrong. God has helped me though a lot this week. When I felt like taking my life, God helped me not to do it. I have given myself fully to God now. He has changed my life and put me on track. When I feel alone and donÂ’t have anyone to talk to, I talk to God and He helps me!


In just two nights here at the camp, my whole life has changed.

Clay God has shown me the love of Jesus this week. I have dedicated my life to Christ and I know that He has a plan for my life.

Evan I have loved every day that I have been at Camp. Camp Anderson is an adventure that God has led me to and I am so glad that I have been able to connect with Him. Thank you for helping me connect with God.


I have met many wonderful people that have shown me the benefits of God and helped me connect with Him.



“Be strong and of good courage, and do it; do not fear nor be dismayed, for the Lord God, my God, will be with you. He will not leave you nor forsake you, until you have finished all the work for the service of the house of the Lord.� 1 Chronicles 28:20

Master Plan

Vision To build a Christian youth camp ministry in which thousands of young people will come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ that will make a difference in our community and in our nation.

Project #


Sponsor Orphan/Foster Kids

This year we are raising funds to sponsor over 1,500 young people to come to summer camp & weekend retreats from several ‘at risk’ organizations including the Department of Children and Families (DCF), Florida Coalition for Children, Florida Foster and Adoptive Parent Association, The Potters House and other orphanage and foster care organizations. Many of these young people have lost hope and suffer from abandonment, neglect and abuse. Camp Anderson provides a unique and extraordinary opportunity to make a difference in their lives. While at Camp Anderson, these young people are loved unconditionally, and they experience God in a powerful and life changing way. We have received hundreds of letters from these teens, their caseworkers and family members giving testimony of renewed hope and course correction in these vulnerable lives. Our records indicate that approximately 50% of these kids experience break though decisions for Christ while here at camp. Please go to and click on “Sponsor a Child”. You will see the faces of hundreds of ‘at risk’ students that are seeking sponsorship from the Child welfare system. We are asking Churches, Businesses and individuals to sponsor at least one child. The cost is $275 and will give the young person a free week at summer camp, including transportation as needed and a choice of one other weekend event from the list below. If you cannot afford the one time payment of $275, you can option to sponsor a child for $23 per month on a reoccurring payment. Please join us as we seek to reach the most vulnerable in our society with the healing power of the Gospel.

Sponsorship & Volunteer Opportunities 1. Christmas at Camp Anderson December 29-31 Christmas can be one of the most traumatic times of the year for a young person that does not have a loving family experience. This event is styled to match a loving family Christmas, complete with personalized gi s, stockings and family Christmas meals. You can show an under privileged young person the true meaning of Christmas with your sponsorship or gi purchase.

Christmas at Camp Anderson

Weekend Camp Jan. 14-16, 2017

2. Camp of Champions January 12-15

Camp of Champions is an annual camp held on Martin Luther King Jr. weekend, January 12-15 specifically for the kids in the Child Welfare system. Camp Anderson underwrites the cost of this event and solicits sponsorships from churches, businesses and individuals to sponsor students for this long weekend camp. You can sponsor and volunteer at

3. Suwannee Wilderness Adventure see website for dates Suwannee Wilderness Adventure is a small wilderness kayaking and camping excursion for young men that is designed to provide the fatherly influence that at risk male teens desperately need. You can be a ‘father to the fatherless’ by sponsoring a young man or you can volunteer to ‘rough it’ for a week end and make a real di erence in a young mans life!

Weekend Camp Jan. 14-16, 2017

at camp anderson

4. ‘Rock the River’ Music & Leadership Camp April 5-8

Rock the River is a ‘fine arts’ type music and leadership camp to discover and develop the God given talents of at risk young people that are o en overlooked. This camp weekend will be the culmination of a larger statewide Florida Coalition for Children well being program. We are seeking every opportunity to be the loving mentors that God has called us to be. Please go on-line to sponsor kids for this event.

5. ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ Spring Break Outreach March 12-16 Rumble in the Jungle is a week long Spring Break camp that will bring child welfare students and community church youth groups together. Great speakers, excellent live music and epic activities. Sponsorships Available. See details and register at:

Rumble in the Jungle

Total Sponsorship Needs for the year including Summer Camp $206,250

Project #


Donate Bibles to ‘at risk kids’

God’s Word changes lives! We understand the eternal value of making sure that the needy teenagers that come to Camp Anderson have a copy of God’s Word. These Bibles are complete with Old and New Testaments and are customized with a stamp of the Camp Anderson logo on the cover. These Bibles are special and young people cherish them for a lifetime.

Bibles for Orphan, Fostercare and ‘at risk’ kids. 1000 Bibles $7.75 ea. ........................................................................................$7,750 These are quality full sized Bibles with Old and New Testament and ‘Camp Anderson’ logo stamps on the cover. These are ‘keep sake’ Bibles that these young people will cherish for a lifetime. You can donate Bibles at click on ‘Sponsor a Child/Donation’.

Project #


‘Wet Willie’ Waterslide

Wet Willie Water slide Removal and reinstallation of access tower $22,000 Water slide and installation $30,000 Total Cost for Waterslide.........................................................................................$52,000

I was saved this week. Pastor KevinÂ’s messages made me feel on fire for God. Thank you all.


This camp has changed my life. I will never forget this place. I had to do some house cleaning this week. I gave up all my music. I got rid of all my Satanic and worldly songs. Thank you all so much!

Jacob When I come here I feel more and more loved. I got saved and baptized here. I am so proud to call the Camp Anderson staff my family in Christ. I love you guys more that you could imagine.

Maryclair God gave me love and courage while I was here at Camp Anderson. My time here was awesome.

Killian This camp is like no other camp it is much different. God is really and truly here and in all of the staff. He was really working on me and I got rid of my phone last night because if was holding me back for following Him.


Camp Anderson is forever grateful to our sponsors. Your contributions are making a difference in thousands of ‘at risk’ children’s lives. Anderson Columbia

International Group Bread of the Mighty Food Bank William and Elizabeth McCranie Cross City First Baptist Church In God We Trust Foundation Jenkins Painting Inc. A.J. DeMoya Foundation Gator Gas Sellers,Taylor & Morrison, PA Grace Fellowship Church Tri County Men’s Ministry See and Sponsor a Child at

Go therefore and make disciples of a nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the SonCamp and theChild Holy Spirit.Outreach Ma . 28:19 Summer Welfare Retreats - Jesus