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Digital Love

Webcam models. This project looks at the idea of self expression within the online digital world. I looked at webcam models because they take this idea of forming a digital identity to an extreme, often having large fan bases and performing to hundreds or thousands of people through there online persona. With the rise of technology and especially online communications and social networking within in my lifetime how we express ourselves online has become ever more important. Digital networks give us the ability to create different personas or extend the our physical one to a almost infinitely larger audience. As this has become a ever more common phenomenon I wanted to explore people who take this online identity to an extreme and use it as a source of income. These models can earn anything from an average of around $40,000 per year and potentially become celebrities within the world which there digital selves inhabit and lead completely ordinary lives outside of these performance sites. With the ever increasing use of digital personas this book looks at people and places that exploit this new trend and make there income from it.

All Images Š William Ashton.

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<div class=”details”> <div class=”title”> <a href= “/deepbass94/”> deepbass94</a> <span class=”age genderm”>19</span> </div> <ul class=”subject”> <li>deepbass94&#39;s room</li> </ul> <ul class=”sub-info”> <li class=”location”>Wigan, United Kingdom</li> <li class=”cams”>6 mins, 60 viewers</li> </ul> </div> </li>

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Š William Ashton.

Digital Love  
Digital Love  

This project looks at the idea of self expression within the online digital world. I looked at webcam models because they take this idea of...