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William Thomas Ardolino

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Febuary 10 , 2013

To whom it may concern, Growing up near the ocean has instilled a deep pp passion n fforr tthe coast within my so soul. o Going to school ou inland has only clarified how important being n near e the eo ocean ce ea is to me. To be able bl to ble o apply my knowledge and skills to help people, with a similarr passion, p sio , create c a sense of place ce e through hr h design, is something I am very interested in. I believe that I could contribute a great deal to yyour services. I believe a position within ith th n yyour firm will provide me with very useful and enlightening knowledge no and experience. My salary requirements are negotiable, but I need a position that will support my Loan requirements requ u and allow sufficient funds for savings, cost of living, and taxes. I am asking $58,240 a year, a o or $28 an hour. Please feel free to contact me by phone or email. I am more readily available during day light hours. I am aggressively approaching the occupation market at this time, applying for positions which I feel will be most advantageous for my career. Thank you for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely,

William Thomas Ardolino


Ncaa Men’s Lacrosse Team Member (2007- 2011), 3rd Degree Member The Knights of Columbus


Michael J. Gatmaitan, Assoc. AIA, LEED AP Project Workflow Coordinator

Judith Meany, Ph.D., FAICP Professor of Practice Director Real Estate Development Conc.

William Thomas Ardolino

Education E Master of Architecture (M.Arch) M The Catholic University of America, Washington DC T

Mayy 20 2013 0

Real Estate Development Concentration

Bachelors of Science in Architecture (B.S. Arch) B h) h) The Catholic University of America, Washington DC T C

May 2011

Honors: Catholic University Scholarship Landmark Conference Honor Roll

Associates in Applied Science of A Architectural Engineering Technology (A.A.S. A A AET) E

January 2009

Suny Alfred State College, Alfred NY S Honors: 2 Njcaa Athletic Letters; 2nd Team All-Conference

Contact Information (631) 291-0455 mAr Ard 77 B Breston sst Dr. East Shirley irl rley N NY, 11967

Experience E Relevant Coursework:

IIntern Architect; The Catholic University of America

Project Management Site Design Summer Foreign Studies 2011

Facilities Planning and Construction F Sorting through old documentation Measuring and recording dimensions Assist in producing any documents specified

Computer Skills:

Office Assistant;The Catholic University of America O

Microsoft: Word, Excel, Power Point; Autodesk: Revit Arch,Autocad; Google: Earth, Sketch-Up; Adobe:Photoshop,Indesign,Illustrator.

Special Skills:

Model Making, Mechanical/ Computer Drafting, Designing, Sketching, Problem Solving, Urban design, Photography, Field Sketching, Familiar with Italian Language

School of Architecture And Planning S Transfer and answer: calls and questions Sort and file official documents Assist in maintaining an organized and efficient work environment Assistant Residential Appliance Repair A Hamptons Appliance H Record documentation/ Assist in daily Commute Work within and tour through high-end residential houses Assist in diagnosis/repair of various appliances

February 2012-December 2012 Washington DC

Fall 2010-May 2011 Washington DC

June 2011-Present East End Long Island

Site Design 6 Wall Sections 7 Field Sketching 8 Model Making 9


Table of Contents

Town House Design 10 Urban Design 11 Location Diagram 12 Mechanical Drafting 13


A Tale Abou t Me

What makes a man is the very environment in which he must survive. Adaption is what makes the human the strongest species on planet Earth. The environment I grew up in was a small town with a large population on the south side of Long Island, Shirley. My father worked hard as a carpenter to support my family, while my mother was a stay at home mom for a good portion of my childhood. Growing up I was very active in athletics. I learned early that i had a gift for mathematics and enjoyed gym. As I matured, I began to learn more about my family and my curiosity with the built world. My past relatives were sculptors, and did some incredible work, like the clock above grand central station, and the hands on the Lincoln memorial in DC. Being the son of a carpenter introduced me to many construction and building projects. In high school I took Architectural classes and began to train in AutoCAD. There were a couple of nights where I stayed up all night, in order to complete the drawings for my Architectural class, upon finishing the drawing I came to a conclusion: “I could do this for the rest of my life.” I attended Alfred State University to complete my associate’s degree, and then moved on to Catholic University to complete my Bachelors and Masters. I played and participated in lacrosse all my life and would further my experience on the Men’s Lacrosse team at each school. I enjoy participating within the lacrosse Community still to this day,as well as, expanding my knowledge about architecture.

Site Design

Masters Thesis Catholic University May 2013


Revit Autocad Illustrator Photoshop

Community Garden Market

“Defining a Connection between people and food.� This thesis States that the study of Agricultural methods and corresponding architectural elements can provide modern cities, towns, and villages with a place to locate fresh grown produce; in order to, provide an alternative to the current agricultural system, improve a local source of grow knowledge, and bring people closer to healthier options of food.

**Drawing not to scale

Wall Sections Strobel Supply Warehouse/Office

Commercial Building Commercial buildings was a course dedicated to the Construction Document Alfred State university phase of the Design procedure. the wall sections included in this excerpt from May 2009 the Complete set of documents is the most detailed and important drawings AutoCad illustrating the center section through a warehouse located upstate New York. Hence the depth foundation wall accommodates a lower frost line.


**Drawing not to scale

Field Sketching

Sourthern Italy Catholic University June 12, 2011


Pencil Ruler

Palermo, Italy

View of Cathedral Piazza “Revealing the emotion of space.� After the 5th week in Italy, Field Sketching, we were assigned to illustrate a part of our tour through Palermo. In choosing an element within the journey, I chose to illustrate the Piazza adjacent the Cathedral along via Vittorio Emanuele, and the significance of its location from port to the Palazzo dei Normanni. The path which the pope and monarch took from the water to the palace was defined by a small, narrow straight street. Each opening along the street represents a hierarchal space, for which the processional would stop, in order to accommodate space; as if, the added volume of space represents nobility and wealth. The small space behind the church extends the two spaces and provides the church with a sense of separation from the common volume and a connection to the mold which is state and power.

Model Making

Structures 2 Catholic University April 2010


AutoCad Laser Cutter Glue

Stanstead Airport,London

Norman Foster “Reconstructing a vital structure.”

After understanding the simpler mathematics of point loads, moment and sheer forces, as well as the lateral loads weighing on structures, the course work also included the demonstration and the analysis of structure through the building of a physical model. As part of the assignment, we were to select a unique structural system and rebuild the members which hold the most structural load. My choice of Norman Foster’s airport in London is a simple, yet complex repetitive structure. The design supports the loads of the roof and floor, as well as, seconds as a mechanical and utility core.


The objective of this assignment was to design a stick of townhouses and reinterpret them into a new residential development to be built in replacement of an old coal burning factory. The design of the townhouse introduced the studio to standard residential dimensions versus commercial standards we had been studying for the majority of architecture school. It also updated our design skills in how to incorporate modern design of development. These homes were to accommodate a single family, work/ live, new family, or even a younger generation demographic.

North Alexandria, Virginia

“Transforming an old coal burning facility into a townhouse community.�

Town House Design

Real Estate Development 002 Catholic University May 2012 Revit Architecture

**Drawing not to scale

A site located in North Bethesda, I was to design a small portion, 23 acres, of a much larger Planned Unit Development (PUD). Our program included a substantial amount of office space, residential, retail and an additional civic center with nearby hotel. The civic center was to include a black box and auditorium, with an attached plaza. The plaza would contain a multi-functional ice rink. My concept inherited a grand avenue to direct traffic both pedestrian and vehicular through the center of the development. The buildings surrounding the Civic center were to create a bowl like affect, causing any noise created from a congregation in the plaza to be easily heard 11 from surrounding buildings/balconies.

North mid Pike Development North Bethesda, Maryland “Creating an Urban Bowl.�

Urban Design

Real Estate Development 001 Catholic University December 12, 2011 AutoCAD Revit Architecture

**Drawing not to scale


Location Diagram Houstin, Texas

Real Estate Development 002 ULI Design Competition Catholic University As part of the group work, I was assigned to complete this Location Diagram. This was November 2011 my better drawing which was mine and mine alone. A very important diagram when Adobe Photoshop developing a Layout of drawings. I used the graphics of the adobe suite to illustrate Adobe Illustrator the location. Understanding place as part of a whole and how one arrives in a place is Google Earth critical when defining a project because it is often the foundation of its design.


Early College Technical Drawings and rendering is one of the reasons why I decided on Architecture. It is my opinion that the first steps are just as important as your last. Although, our journey through any project is measured by the sum of a whole, the first steps are often the hardest, and as a result, are often extremely important to the quality of the last. So as a conclusion to my portfolio of work to date, I end with where I started. With a ruler, pencil, triangles, ink, markers, and colored pencils. This illustrates a band stand on the south side of the main entrance to Alfred University.

Alfred University Band Stand

“Defining an iconic entrance experince.�

Mechanical Drafting Architectural Design I Alfred State University October 2008 Rapidograph Pens Prisma Colored pencils

**Drawing not to scale

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